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– Is the opening number ready to go? Hello? Is the audience seated? – Just about. – Ok. Bobbie, can you make sure that everyone’s together for the opening number? – Got it. – Got it. – Hi. Wow. You look great. How exciting. – Yeah. Yeah. I’m sure when this is all over, I’ll feel like it was worth it. – And now? – Well, believe it or not, the llama is one of our more professional artists. – Ugh. – I’m sorry, nina, but we really have things to do. – Save the drama for your llama. Yeah. I just came back here to say, you know, good luck. – Never say that. – Oh, yeah. I mean, break a leg. – You just going to stand there or you going to help me?

[Doorknob rattling] – Don’t you knock? – Where’s the fun in that? – I have to get changed. – Well, don’t let me stop you. – The ride share dropped lucy coe off at marigold and chestnut. We’re checking the houses nearby. – Discreetly? – Of course. – Well, that’s a good enough start. Where lucy is, there shall anna and valentine be, along with the necklace made from the ice princess. And those stones are key to saving the world.

[Shrieking] – Wait, lucy, are you ok? Wait. – The ball is about to begin. – Hi. I’m bobbie spencer. – And I’m maxie jones. And we would like to be the first to say… both: Welcome to the general hospital nurses’ ball.

[Applause] – Thank you. Thank you to all of you for coming out tonight to support hiv and aids research and patient services so that we might soon eradicate this virus and this disease for good.

[Applause] – The nurses’ ball has always been a spectacular event. But this year, we have turned things up a notch in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of general hospital. – As you all know, anything can happen at the nurses’ ball. – And it usually does so expect some surprises. – And let’s get on with the show.

[Bill withers, “lovely day”]

– When I wake up in the morning, love

and the sunlight hurts my eye

and something without warning, love

bears heavy on my mind. – Then I look at you both: And the world’s all right with me – oh just one look at you – and I know it’s gonna be all: A lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely, lovely day

a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

when the day that lies ahead of me

seems impossible to face – when someone else instead of me

always seems to know the way – then I look at you

and the world’s all right with me

yeah both: Just one look at you

and I know it’s gonna be

a lovely day. All: Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day – when the day that lies ahead of me – seems impossible to face – and when someone else instead of me – always seems to know the way all: Then I look at you

and the world’s all right with me


just one look at you

and I know it’s gonna be

a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day

[Cheers and applause]

[Dramatic music]

– Look at this. The sparkle, the luster– – the insurance. – Oh, sasha. You are too good to me. – Where did you get that bracelet? And wow, you’re going to let her wear it? – It’s a loan from gelhorn. Deception just used it in a photo shoot. And I made arrangements for gladys to wear it tonight. – Ok. Ok. – It even comes with its own bodyguard. Oh. But I mean it. I mean it, sasha. The dress, this bracelet– you have really made my first nurses’ ball special. – I am grateful to everyone who helped me while I was struggling. No one has helped me more than you, gladys. – Look at you. You’re not struggling anymore? – I still have my days. But I’m finally ready to get back into the world, jump start my life again. – I guess that means the court will revoke gladys’s guardianship. You’ll be on your own two feet in no time. – This is gorgeous. – Yeah. It is. Gh really goes all out. Who pays for all this? – Oh, the vendors donate all the products and services. And all the money that’s raised goes to a charity that’s devoted to hiv and aids. You know, I’m really impressed that you agreed to perform, though. – Yeah. Yeah, well, you know, every once in a while, I do the right thing. – Hi, elizabeth. You look absolutely stunning. – Thank you. Cleaned up pretty well yourself. Can’t wait for the big duet. And thanks for the save on the red carpet. – Oh, I was just glad I could be there. – Hope you guys enjoy the ball. – Club soda, please. – Can I get a bourbon on the rocks? – Don’T. – But– – don’T. – Blaze, it’s brook lynn. – Come in. – How’s my favorite former songbird? Hey, isn’t this the room where that psycho slashed you? – Yeah. It fills me with nostalgia. Where’s blaze? – Look at her, brookie. Isn’t she just– – just get out. – What? Blaze needed help with her zipper. – Not from you. Ok. I will help blaze with whatever she needs. – I am her manager. – Right now, you are leaving. Now go. What the hell is he doing in here? Blaze, did linc try something? Are you ok? – I’m just so proud of everybody. I’m so proud. And it’s breaking my heart that I can’t be there. – I’m devastated for you. If only our lives didn’t depend on our staying away from the nurses’ ball. – I know. I know that. I know that. You’ve made it very clear. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to go and finish the ball in my room. – Bye, lucy. Oh dear. – I’m sorry. I know this is difficult for you, too. – Mm-hmm. Being there always makes me feel close to robin. But… I understand it jeopardizes everyone’s safety. You think victor’s looking for us? – 100%. – You don’t think he’s just left town? – Victor wants to get his hands on the ice princess necklace. And he’s not going to give up until he finds us. – We checked all the houses in a three block radius. No sign of them. – Yeah, well, of course, lucy coe is savvy enough not to be dropped right outside the house she, anna, and valentine are hiding out in along with my necklace. Widen the search, again discreetly. – Of course. – And when you find the house, no one is to approach without my direct order. – Ok. I’m going to go find tj. – So I couldn’t help but notice your little traffic jam with you, and portia and jordan. – You saw that, huh? – Yeah. How you doing? – You know, you look stunning. – Way to get off the subject. As do you. – Look, nina. Why don’t we make a deal? Neither one of us will ask the other how they’re doing. Just sit back and enjoy the festivities. – Deal. – You are always the prettiest girl at the party. – Thank you very much. And thank you for the refill. – What are you doing? – It’s chief scorpio. I thought we could just make sure that he sees us. – No. No. No. No. – Wait. – No. We don’t want to seek out the cops. – We don’t? – We just want to give them the opportunity to notice us. – Ok. How do we do that? – It’s very easy. We act like we’re having fun. – Ha. Like that? – Perfect. – Ok. – Can I get a club soda please? Thank you. – Hi. – Hi. What? Stop it. – Stop what? – Looking at me like I’m, um– – beautiful. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I’m still kicking myself for letting sydney val jean tell you how beautiful you look before I could. – Well, you got there eventually. – For the record, the only reason I hesitated was because I was speechless. I should have offered to escort you here tonight so that I could arrive with you on my arm. – As an accessory? – No. No. You’re no one’s accessory. But I thought that you might want to arrive with me because– well, just because. And I should have asked. – Why didn’t you?

– So when you told sydney val jean that we were just friends– – I mean you said the same thing. We were on live tv with like a microphone in our face. And I–what we were going to say? – Did you mean it? – Did you? – Trina. You look–you look amazing. – Thank you, mr. Corinthos. You look very stylish yourself. – Thank you. – Can I have a second with my nephew? – Actually, trina and I, we were just– – getting a drink. But mine just came so I’ll let y’all talk. – All right. Can I ask you a question? And I need you to answer honestly. – All right. – Where is victor? – Gladys. – What do you want? – Where you heading? – As if it’s any of your business. I’m headed to the ladies room. – Yeah? Sure you’re not heading to a pawn shop to see how much you can get for that bracelet? – This bracelet is on loan from the jewelers. It’s not mine. – Yeah. Brando’s garage wasn’t yours either and you sold that. – I had expected uncle victor to be in attendance tonight but so far I haven’t seen him. – When’s the last time you talked to victor? – A few hours ago. – Where? – Uncle sonny, what’s going on? – Did he tell you he checked out of the metro court? – What? No. – Did he say anything about leaving town? – Not a word. – What you got? – It’s a piano. I found it in the attic. Tidied it up a bit. I think it may have been morgan’s or michael’S. – It’s a very baby grand. What do you intend to do with that? – We can’t be at the nurses’ ball this year. I thought we could have our own. – Oh. Ok. Well, lucy has a dress. You have a piano. What do I get? – Well, you get a song, darling. – You going to sing for me? – From a tiny piano on the floor, to you, the one that I adore.

[Soft music]


Even when the darkest clouds are in the sky

all your best intentions quickly gone awry

you can trust in me to be your alibi

if you believe in love


when you press your face against my window pane


I can offer shelter from the pouring rain


sit beside the fire

I’ll get you warm again

if you believe in love


nights are getting colder

dreams keep getting older

options disappearing by the day


nothing lasts forever

broken pieces can fit together

and I’ll be volunteering, come what may


surely nothing ever goes as we have planned


I can handle anything

just take my hand

and if you have to leave me, I will understand

but I believe in love

– Hi. – You look amazing. – Thanks. – We shouldn’t be seen together. – Well, we’re not together. We’re just two people waiting for the bartender. – Could be a while. – Yeah, well, um, I’ll have to say something to management. – Here’s to you, tj. You were great up there. – Cheers to that. – Are you on call? – No. Why? – Well, that’s not your usual beverage. Either of you. – Molly and I are abstaining from alcohol. – Ok, any particular reason? – We’re trying to get pregnant. – [Gasps] Are you going to give me a grandchild? – That is the plan. – Aw. – [Chuckles] – Did you lose something? – My mother-in-law. – First of all, jackass, how I handle my business is none of yours, so stay out of it. – I’ll stay out of it if you tell sasha the truth. – And if I don’t? – I’ll tell sasha that you can’t stay away from the poker tables, and you’re using her assets to settle your debts. – Finn, what exactly happened between you and elizabeth at cameron’s goodbye party? Hello? Why are you ignoring me? – What’s going on with you? – What’s going on with me? What’s going on with you? – Wait, wait. Yeah? – Earplugs. Really? – Yeah, I’m listening to a message from violet. What are you sneaking up on me like that for? – I want to get in your business. – Didn’t I tell you not to? – I just want to know. You and elizabeth, you guys seem pretty, you know. – Hey, wait, wait, wait. Ok, go ahead now. – Good talk. – Yeah.

[Piano music]

– Thanks. I’ll be fine. – Are you sure? Because that didn’t– – brook lynn, I’m handling linc. – But I can help. – Let me accompany you to any and all meetings with linc, especially the ones that are not public. – Well, I appreciate that. I do, but linc is my manager. How would that work? – Well, you and chase are collaborating, and I’m chase’s manager. So I have a legit interest. – That’s a stretch. – It’s better than going it alone. What do you say? – I’ll think about it.

[Knocking] – Hey, it’s me. – Come in. – What are–uh, is everything ok? – Yeah, fine. Excuse me a second. I need to make a call. – She was obviously upset. – Blaze will be fine. Just leave her alone. – Do you want her to live her life the way that you do? Everyone for themselves? – Have you gained access to the backstage area? Then I take it it’s done. Good. Now it’s just a matter of time. – You sent ambrose to the metro court? – He’s on a special errand. When I leave port charles, I’m taking someone with me.

[Applause] – Hi, me again. I would like to introduce nurse elizabeth baldwin.

[Applause] – Thank you, maxie. Many of you know, a few days ago, we lost a beloved member of our gh family, nurse epiphany johnson. Epiphany did everything with her heart and soul. She was most passionate about nursing, healing people, saving them when she could. But she also had a gift for music, a gift she shared with us through her many spectacular performances right here at the nurses’ ball. So tonight, we dedicate this ball to our friend. Epiphany, we love you. We miss you. You will never ever be forgotten.

[Somber music]

bute to epiphany, huh? – Losing epiphany was a blow. I mean, she could put anybody in her place– jason, me, even carly. I’m gonna miss her. – Yeah, I know. Look, you’re going through a lot right now, and to lose a friend on top of it– – don’t worry about me. I’m–I’m good. – Ok, but I said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m your son, all right? And I’m here for you. – And one more thing. We need to be extra careful that people are not walking off with their body mics. Tackle them if you have to. – On it. – Thank you. – Thirsty? – Oh my gosh, thank you so much. – I’m a nurse. I live to hydrate. I have to say, maxie, I think you’re doing a wonderful job with– – wait a minute. There were three chainsaws there just a second ago. Now there are only two.

[Chainsaw buzzing] Oh, no. – Did you hear that? – Thank you. – I have written several songs for you. I can’t believe I got to sing you one. – How do you do that? – What? – You kind of make earnest appreciation very sexy. – Well, considering who I’m appreciating, I think the question answers itself.

[Phone chimes] – Hang on. Oh, it’s sonny. He said spencer saw victor at the metro court, and he didn’t– he checked out. – Knock, knock. Is it safe? – Yes, yes. Come on in. – Um, I, uh– I just have to tell you that– I wasn’t overhearing on purpose, but your song was absolutely beautiful. – Oh. – So I didn’t want my extreme need for snacks to somehow disturb an intimate moment. – Thank you. – Yeah. – How’s it all going? Maxie following your micromanaging? – Yeah, yeah. Uh, so far, so good. I mean, of course, you should have seen the chaos this afternoon. I mean, it was madness. An army is only so good as their general. – What chaos, lucy? – How would you know what’s happening at the metro court? – Maybe, just maybe, I did a little bit more than text maxie. – I’m not an everyone for themselves kind of person. I don’t want to be alone, but sometimes life just works out that way, obviously. – I’m sorry. – I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry I ever signed that nda with linc to get my songs back. I knew it was the wrong move, but I was selfish. So I did it anyway. I let you down. Actually, the worst part is I let down all the women who will have to deal with linc, but I let you down, too. That’s what hurts me the most. – What hurts me the most is that you let yourself down. – Thanks for waiting. Chase, I think we should run through our steps one more time. – Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. – Let me know if you need anything before you go on. – Trina, there you are. – Here I am. – I–I’m sorry that we got interrupted before. I was going to bring up our kiss. So I take it that that’s something that we’re both in favor of doing again? – Yes. – That’s great. Great choice. Um– – [Chuckles] – Yeah, me too. Ok, so for clarity’s sake– – oh, I–I love clarity. – Right, yeah, clarity is the best. Ok, um, so for clarity’s sake, that would mean that we– that would mean that you and I are… together. – Yes. Together. – Trina! – Damn it, joss, you have the worst timing. I– – ok. What are you doing? We have to get backstage. We’re almost up. – Ok. – Ok. – To be continued. – Definitely.

[Applause] – I am very proud to introduce the next act. I’ve known one of these young performers since the day she was born, but they are both, in every way, exceptional. So may I present to you trina robinson and my very own granddaughter, josslyn jacks.

[Cheers and applause]

[Pop music]

– Take a se at right overthere, sat on the stairs – stay or leave

the cabinets are bare, and I’m unaware

of just how we got into this mess

got so aggressive – I know we meant all good intentions – so pull me closer

why don’t you pull me close

why don’t you come on over

I can’t just let you go

oh, baby

why don’t you just meet me in the middle

I’m losing my mind just a little

so why don’t you just meet me in the middle

baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle

I’m losing my mind just a little

so why don’t you just meet me in the middle – in the middle – take a step back for a minute into the kitchen – floors are wet

and taps are still running

dishes are broken – how did we get into this mess – got so aggressive – I know we meant all good intentions – so pull me closer

why don’t you pull me close

why don’t you come on over

I just can’t let you go both: Oh, baby

why don’t you just meet me in the middle

I’m losing my mind just a little

so why don’t you just meet me in the middle – in the middle – looking at you, I can’t lie

just pouring out admissions – regardless of my objection, mm-hmm

and it’s not about my pride – I need you on my skin

just come over, pull me in

just–oh, baby – why don’t you just meet me in the middle

I’m losing my mind just a little – so why don’t you just meet me in the middle

in the middle

no, no, no both: Baby, why don’t you just meet me in the middle – oh, yeah both: I’m losing my mind just a little

so why don’t you just meet me in the middle

in the middle – baby – why don’t you just meet me in the middle, baby both: I’m losing my mind just a little

so why don’t you just meet me in the middle


in the middle, middle

[Cheers and applause] – Ambrose is in position at the metro court. – Minerva is in a house with valentin and lucy holed up. – Instruct them to surround the house. We’ll take it on my signal. – Rules of engagement? – I need my son and anna devane alive. Lucy coe is just a nuisance. Eliminate her. – Trina was so wonderful. – She was! So proud of her. – Making any progress with her? – Um, just a little bit. – She’ll come around. – No, she will. She will eventually, because I’m never going to give up on my daughter. – Honey, you were fantastic. – Oh, thank you. We were, weren’t we? – Well, good for you, because false modesty always makes me want to grind my teeth. Anyway, I have to go. I have to get back to my hosting duties. – Ok, we’ll see you out there. – Josslyn, you are a star.

[Chuckles] – She’s right, you know. – Excuse me? – I know talent. And you definitely have it. In my hands, you could go all the way to the top. – Uh, I could see that maxie was in way over her head, so I knew that I had to act. So, yes, I went to the metro court, but guess what? I promise, nobody recognized me. Nobody. – No, wait, wait. You went to the metro court. – Uh, yeah. Just the lobby. No–no further. I got there, solved that problem. Then I made it back here quick as a little bunny. – Lucy, how did you get there? – Don’t worry. I did not obviously give the car service my exact address. – I left. I walked a half a mile down, and then coming back, I had them drop me at the far corner, like way down the street. Way down the street. Everything’s fine. – We have to leave now.

– So your act is on soon. – [Chuckles] – Are you ready for the spotlight? – Please, me and the spotlight are old friends. – What are you kids talking about? – Old friends. – Trina! You were incredible! You were amazing! You are so much better than josslyn.

[Laughter] – You’re being biased. – No, not at all. – Trina! You and josslyn were so amazing. – Thank you. Thank you. – I was just saying the same thing. – Ok, all right. Where’s joss? – Thank you, but I’m not really interested in a music career. – Oh, come on. Don’t say no to something before you hear all the reasons to say yes. – Excellent. Thank you. Now. – Come on, let’s go. – Well, obviously I’m going. – Your trip to the metro court has cost us our location, so victor can find us easily. – I don’t want to go. I do not want to go because the nurses’ ball isn’t even at the break yet. – Lucy, if we don’t get going now, we are dead for real this time. Got it? – Can I just get some snacks? – Just put it– – hurry up! – Put it down. Come. Come. – Valentine! Move! Move!


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