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Brady and Rachel are at the Brady Pub. Rachel talks about what dessert she wants while Brady brings up how Rachel stole his phone and called an uber to see Kristen in prison, noting that she scared him half to death. Rachel suggests celebrating that she is okay. Brady tells her that he actually has some really great news to share with her. Brady reminds her of when he told her that Marlena went to Heaven. Brady reveals that it tusn out that she didn’t.

Eric informs Sloan that his mother is alive. Sloan doesn’t believe him and asks if he’s been drinking but Eric assures he’s sober and saw Marlena with his own eyes. Sloan is shocked and asks how this is even possible. Eric admits he’s not sure and the details are fuzzy. Eric says he’s blown away. Sloan asks if Marlena is okay and not hurt. Eric confirms she is and just needs to rest after being through a lot.

John checks on Marlena as she reads her book while taking a bubble bath and then they kiss.

Leo goes to he and Gwen’s room at the Salem Inn and walks in on Gwen in bed with Alex. Gwen questions him not knocking while Leo argues that she could’ve put the do not disturb sign on the door. Gwen thought he was working. Leo says he was which is why he needs to talk to her now, because it’s about Xander.

Chanel is in the town square, making a doctor’s appointment on the phone. Xander walks by and overhears her, so he asks if everything is alright. Chanel explains that the appointment is not for her, but for her mother who thought she was having a heart attack yesterday. Xander says he hopes Paulina is alright. Chanel says she is and it turned out to just be a panic attack, but she’s afraid about Paulina not getting her stress levels down. Xander asks why her stress levels are up. Chanel informs him that it’s because of Sloan’s vendetta against them and says that Sloan has worked Paulina up in to a frenzy.

Paulina goes to Sloan’s apartment and knocks on the door, yelling for her to open up the damn door. Sloan answers and asks what the hell she wants. Paulina shows her the note found in her office with pasted letters that reads “This Isn’t Over Bitch”

Xander asks Chanel why Sloan hasn’t been arrested if she ransacked Paulina’s office. Chanel explains that they brought her for questioning but she denied it and there’s no evidence. Xander asks why Chanel is so sure that Sloan did it. Chanel brings up that it happened right after their lawyer got Sloan’s civil case dismissed and then Sloan swore revenge on them. Chanel adds that the police warned Sloan that they would be keeping an eye on her. Xander encourages that maybe she’ll back off and it will finally be over. Chanel says she hopes so.

Paulina tells Sloan that she is done with making threats. Sloan mocks Paulina as if she was delivering the note to her. Paulina argues that Sloan left the note for her, not the other way around. Paulina warns that if Sloan doesn’t drop her vicious vendetta against her and Chanel, she will ruin her.

Rachel questions what Brady means by saying Marlena didn’t go to Heaven. Brady informs her that Marlena is alive and it turns out that she never really died. Chloe walks in and asks if she heard that right that Marlena is alive.

Marlena and John kiss until he falls in to the bathtub with her with his clothes on and they laugh.

Paulina continues to accuse Sloan of trashing her office and leaving her the note. Eric asks what makes her so sure it was Sloan. Paulina calls it obvious. Sloan points out that she has no evidence and denies doing either thing. Eric informs Paulina that he believes Sloan. Paulina calls him a bigger fool than she thought then. Paulina remarks that Eric’s mother would be rolling over in her grave if she heard him defending Sloan. Eric responds that she actually wouldn’t be rolling over in her grave. Paulina argues that she’s known Marlena longer. Eric then clarifies that Marlena is alive.

Marlena and John continue kissing in the bathtub.

Xander tells Chanel that Paulina should be glad that she has her looking out for her. Chanel thanks him for saying that. Xander brings up that Paulina was his mother in law once for about 24 hours. Chanel doesn’t recall there being any love lost between them. Xander admits it wasn’t his finest hour and apologizes for whatever he put her through. Chanel calls it no big deal and acknowledges that he was still in love with Sarah. Chanel tells Xander that she’s sorry that didn’t work out. Xander tells her the same about her and Johnny, then more recently her and Allie. Xander says he was rooting for them and calls them Salem’s favorite bisexuals which makes Chanel laugh. Xander comments that they seemed very happy and in love, so he was surprised when Allie left town so quickly. Chanel reveals that was right after Allie slept with Alex Kiriakis, which shocks Xander.

Gwen and Alex get out of bed and get dressed. Gwen apologizes to Alex and hopes he’s not upset. Alex says he has to get to work anyway. Leo tells Alex not to leave on his account but Alex says that’s exactly what he’s doing. Leo takes a photo of Alex, so he warns him to keep it out of his gossip column. Leo says he will keep it in his private collection while Gwen adds that she’ll make sure the photo never sees the light of day. Gwen says she’ll see Alex later as he kisses her goodbye and then exits. Leo excitedly asks Gwen if she and Alex are back in the saddle. Gwen asks what Leo had to tell her about Xander. Leo sits with her and says it’s harsh news so he won’t enjoy this. Leo then informs Gwen that he thinks Xander is hooking up with Chloe.

Chloe excitedly hugs Brady and says Marlena being alive is the most exciting news. Brady says he was just telling Rachel how much they have to celebrate. Chloe says he must be so relieved along with John, Eric, and Belle. Chloe hugs Brady again and says she’s so happy for him and his family. Brady agrees with celebrating and has Chloe join their table but Rachel says over her dead body.

Gwen questions Leo about Xander and Chloe. Leo says he saw them outside the Pub together earlier which Gwen mocks. Leo admits he didn’t catch them in bed together but says it looked pretty intimate to him. Leo then reveals the photo he took of Xander and Chloe hugging.

Brady tells Rachel that she will have to share but Chloe says it’s fine. Chloe suggests they each get their own ice cream sundae. Brady says that sounds perfect but Rachel says it doesn’t to her. Rachel declares that she doesn’t mind sharing with Brady, but it’s Chloe that she doesn’t want to share with.

Xander questions Chanel about Alex being the reason she and Allie broke up. Chanel admits she forgot Alex was Xander’s cousin and apologizes. Xander says he should be apologizing and calls Alex a narcissistic man whore who can’t keep his hands off other people’s people. Xander continues to complain about Alex. Chanel says she had no idea he hated Alex so much. Xander asks what’s not to hate and remarks that Alex has only been back in town for a couple months and his conquests already outnumber his. Chanel guesses that’s not counting her. Xander asks if she’s serious. Chanel admits she was curious and that Alex definitely lives up to the hype. Xander says she’s not helping, so she apologizes. Chanel asks why Xander is taking this personal. Xander responds that it his personal because Alex’s latest conquest is Gwen. Xander complains that Alex moved in on Gwen when she was at her most vulnerable and he just loves rubbing it in his face at every opportunity. Alex then walks by and says another opportunity has presented itself. Xander stands up and warns Alex to be careful unless he wants a matching black eye.

John and Marlena lay in bed together. Marlena is on the phone with her daughter Carrie and says it’s so good to talk to her. Marlena tells her to tell Austin how sorry they are about Kate and that she’ll call him in a few days. Marlena says she loves her and hangs up. Marlena tells John how good it was to hear Carrie’s voice. John knows she’s thinking about Kate now. Marlena says Kayla too and she hopes this business with Thomas Banks pans out. John says to let him worry about that as he has no idea that Hope and Steve will find Kayla. Marlena says it’s so good to be home, almost like this whole thing never happened as it’s so hard to believe all of it. Marlena just wishes that Belle and Eric could sort out their issues. John acknowledges that they are still at each other’s throats. Marlena says they were getting along so well. John feels Eric’s just been in a bad way since thinking they lost Marlena along with ending things with Nicole. John hopes now that Marlena is back, things will turn around for Eric. Marlena hopes so too but wonders what caused this whole thing and if it’s about when Eric took a swing at Shawn. John explains that it was about the situation between Sloan and Paulina. John talks about Belle getting Sloan’s civil suit thrown out which Marlena argues is Belle’s job. John points out that Eric didn’t see it that way since he’s still in a relationship with Sloan. Marlena questions that still going on. John confirms that’s why Eric and Belle are on opposite sides, but now that the lawsuit is dead, he hopes they can move on.

Paulina is shocked to learn that Marlena is still alive and argues that maybe now Marlena can talk some sense in to Eric to get him away from Sloan. Sloan tells Paulina to get the hell out of her home. Paulina warns that she’s not done with her by a longshot and quotes the note in saying “This isn’t over, bitch”. Paulina then exits the apartment.

Alex tells Xander that what happens between he and Gwen is none of his business. Xander responds that he’s making it his business because he knows Alex is just going to hurt her, while he actually cares about her. Alex asks if that’s why he called Gwen his sloppy seconds. Xander calls Alex a serial bed hopper and argues that he’s not good enough for Gwen by a long shot, so he’s not going to just stand by and watch him take advantage of her. Alex brings up that he just left Gwen’s bed after making love to her for the third time today. Chanel intervenes and tells them to just stop it. Alex thanks her for being the voice of reason. Chanel says she doesn’t want to get caught in the middle of a fight in the town square but assures Alex that she is not on his side. Alex thought they were friends. Chanel questions if friends sleep with each other’s girlfriends behind their backs. Alex tells Chanel that he’s sincerely sorry for everything that happened with Allie and says she deserves better. Alex promises to do everything he can to repair their friendship but says this thing with Gwen is entirely different because he’s not breaking up any happy homes and she and Xander are not together. Alex argues that Xander doesn’t even want Gwen and just doesn’t want anyone else to have her. Xander says he just doesn’t want Alex to have her. Alex brings up that Xander already broke Gwen’s heart once and says that if he really cares about her, he needs to get out of her life and let her be happy with somebody else.

Gwen tells Leo that Chloe was probably just grateful that Xander pulled his hateful article about her. Leo knows she wants to believe that but he doesn’t think it looks like a platonic hug. Leo implies that Chloe and Xander will sleep together and that’s why Xander pulled his article. Leo tells Gwen to face the facts so she can heal and move on. Leo declares that Chloe will be Xander’s next conquest. Gwen argues that he is wrong because Chloe is not Xander’s type and Chloe only has eyes for Brady. Leo insists that Chloe and Brady won’t work out because Chloe called Brady’s daughter a monster. Leo states that Brady might not know she said it yet, but once you hate the offspring and the offspring hate you, the relationship is doomed.

Brady tells Rachel that’s enough and reminds her about Kristen’s letter, telling her to be nice to Chloe and to give her a chance. Rachel argues that Kristen only wrote that letter because Brady made her. Brady questions Kristen telling her that. Rachel responds that she didn’t, but he just did. Chloe tells Rachel that she understands why she wants her parents to live together. Chloe says that was all she wanted when she was Rachel’s age. Chloe encourages that her parents do love her as well as her grandparents, uncles, cousins, and her too. Rachel asks if Chloe is crossing her fingers behind her back. Chloe shows that she’s definitely not. Chloe reminds Rachel that they used to be really close at one point and she wants that for them again. Chloe reveals that she got her a peace offering of stickers. Rachel responds that she grew out of stickers and tosses them aside. Rachel screams that she doesn’t take bribes and accuses Chloe of lying about loving her. Rachel shouts that Chloe hates her as much as she hates Chloe. Chloe then angrily gives in and admits that she does hate her.

Gwen doesn’t think it’s true that a relationship can’t work out because of the offspring. Gwen relates to hating her mother’s boyfriends. Gwen decides she’s going to get something to eat and then go to the office. Leo says he will stay here and work on his story about Xander and Chloe’s grand romance. Gwen tells him not to waste his time because she’s not printing that story. Leo argues that it just means that Gwen’s plan is working as Xander is so jealous of her and Alex, that he’s throwing himself at Chloe to make her jealous. Gwen says she’s being a good friend to him because if she prints that, Xander will fire him. Leo argues that Xander made a unilateral decision to not print his last article, so she can make a unilateral decision to print this one since it is her family paper after all. Gwen questions why he’s so determined to run this. Leo complains that he has nothing else and his deadline is in two hours. Gwen feels he’s reaching for a story that isn’t there and she doesn’t want Chloe to sue her. Gwen tells Leo to just think of something else to write. Gwen remarks that in Salem, people come back from the dead and get possessed by the Devil, so she’s sure he’ll think of something. Gwen then exits the room.

Chloe apologizes to Rachel and says she never meant to say that. Rachel says it’s too late, she already did. Brady tells Rachel they are going home. Rachel wants to see Marlena anyway. Chloe tries to apologize to Brady. Brady says it’s okay and they’ll talk about it later as he takes Rachel and leaves the Pub.

Sloan complains to Eric about Paulina harassing her in her own home. Sloan says she should call the cops on her but it wouldn’t do any good since Rafe and Jada have made it pretty clear they are on team Paulina. Sloan repeats to Eric that she did not send the letter to Paulina. Eric points out that he just defended her. Sloan feels that he’s still wondering if she did it but Eric says that her saying she didn’t do it is enough for him. Eric then points out that Sloan did say she wants to take out revenge against Chanel and Paulina. Sloan assures that she does, but it won’t be some anonymous letter with cutout letters from a magazine. Sloan declares that when she comes for them, they will damn well know it’s her.

Chanel tells Xander and Alex to break it up. Chanel can’t believe she’s saying this but they don’t get to decide who Gwen wants to be with as that is up to her. Paulina approaches and questions what is going on here. Alex says he was just leaving and walks away. Xander says the same and tells Paulina to take care as he walks off. Paulina questions what that was all about. Chanel calls it just men being men and reminding her how lucky she is that she has other options. Chanel asks how Paulina is feeling. Paulina admits she had a little trouble sleeping after what she found in her office and shows Chanel the note with pasted on letters. Chanel guesses it was Sloan. Paulina calls her pathetic and predictable. Paulina mentions that she just came back from confronting Sloan, who denied it. Chanel worries that she shouldn’t be confronting anybody until she has a clean bill of health. Chanel informs Paulina that she just scheduled her a doctor’s appointment at 3:30 because it’s important. Paulina argues that she can’t let the note go unanswered and insists she’s fine, feeling healthy and strong. Chanel encourages that the appointment will be quick and easy then or else she’ll have her own panic attacks from worrying about her. Paulina reluctantly agrees to go then and walks away. Chanel keeps hold of the note and walks off.

John and Marlena have strawberries and cream in bed until John accidentally spills the bowl of whipped cream. Marlena says she had enough anyway but not enough of him as they kiss.

Brady brings Rachel home. Rachel says she wants to see Marlena. Brady says she will see her later but for now, she’s going to her room. Rachel questions Brady punishing her when Chloe is the one who said she hates her. Brady assures that Chloe didn’t mean it but Rachel says she did and asks why he’s not mad at her.

Xander goes to the Brady Pub and finds Chloe drinking at the bar. Xander asks if she’s alright as she looks like she lost her best friend. Chloe responds that she just did. Xander thought things were looking up for her and Brady since he killed Leo’s story. Chloe informs him that Brady didn’t need to read about her badmouthing his daughter because she told Rachel that she hated her right in front of him. Xander says he’s so sorry. Chloe complains that Rachel was being so awful to her but she can’t believe those words just flew out of her mouth and now there’s nothing she can do to take them back. Alex relates to having a terrible day as well since his cousin is still screwing his ex and taking every chance to rub his face in it. Chloe says it sounds like he could use a drink too and invites him to sit with her. Xander asks if she’s sure as he doesn’t want to impose but Chloe says she could use the company. Xander knows she’s loved Brady since she was a teenager so she can’t let this terror come between them. Chloe cries that she doesn’t know how Brady could forgive her after what she said. Chloe thinks it might be over and questions how it could not be. Xander hugs Chloe and tells her it’s going to be okay as she cries. Gwen then enters the Pub and sees them hugging.

Leo wonders what the hell to put in his column. Chanel then shows up at the door. Leo hopes she brought him some treats from the bakery. Chanel responds that she has a scoop for him and hands him the note.

Eric asks if Sloan has any idea who is targeting Paulina if not her. Sloan responds that a woman like Paulina makes enemies for breakfast and if the police would just do their job. Sloan then picks up her laptop and declares she should just file a restraining order herself. Eric notices that when Sloan picked up her laptop, underneath it was a stack of magazines with a pair of scissors.

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