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So Sprinkles or chocolate fudge. What do you think, daddy? What do I think? I think I probably shouldn’t be rewarding you with a treat right now given that you stole my phone and then you skipped school and then we took an Uber to Statesville. You know you scared your dad half to death. But don’t you wanna celebrate that?

I’m okay. Yes, I wanna, I’m very, very happy that you’re okay, sweetie, but I have some really great news to share with you. Actually. What is it? Do you remember? When I told you that, uh, grandma Marano went to heaven, well, it turns out she didn’t go to heaven. After all your mother’s alive,

have you been drinking? No. I’m, I’m totally sober. I saw it with my very own eyes. My God. I mean, how is this even possible? I’m not sure. I mean, the detail’s a little fuzzy, and right now I’m a little blown away. But I mean, Abby does not even begin to describe how I’m feeling, and she’s okay. She wasn’t hurt or anything?

No, she, she’s okay. I mean, she’s been through a lot. She just, she just needs some rest in tlc. But my stepdad, John, he’ll make sure she gets plenty of that. So how’s your spa day? It is divine. Thank you so much in the book. It’s great. Margaret Atwood my favorite. You know that. I do know that. And I also know you have been waiting three months to finish that book.

Well worth the wait. Nice. Now I want you to know. I been leading three months to do this.

Oh my God, Anita. Yeah. Whoopsy yard knocking. Oh, don’t get snarky with me. You could have put the do not disturb sign on the door. I thought you were working. I was. Which is what I need to talk to you about, but no. Yes. Now it’s about Sander.

Is there any way Dr. Greenberg can squeeze us in today? A cancellation at three 30. Oh, perfect. We’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you so much. Right. See you then. Hi. Hey. Um, sorry I couldn’t help but overhearing Dr. Greenberg’s, a friend of Sarah’s. She’s a cardiologist if my memory serves, she is. Yeah. Is everything okay?

It, the appointment isn’t for me, it’s for my mother. She thought she was having a heart attack yesterday. Oh God. Oh, she’s all right. Yeah, she is. Thankfully. Um, it turned out to just be a panic attack. I’m afraid that if mama doesn’t get her stress levels down, she’s gonna stroke out or so. And she’s stressing it because because of that horrible Sloan Peterson and her vendetta against us, that woman has worked.

Mama up into a frenzy. Sloane Peterson. Open up this damn door. Who’s that Paul Price. I know that bellowing anywhere.

What the hell is it that you want?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Sorry, I don’t understand. If this, uh, Sloan, Peterson person did ransack your mother’s office, then why haven’t the. Arrest. Well, they brought her in for questioning and of course she totally denied it and there’s no evidence against her, so, so if there’s no evidence, why you so sure she did it? Well, let’s see.

It happened right after our lawyer got Sloan civil case dismissed, and then Sloan swore revenge on my mom and me. Oh, I see. Yep. And then the. They told her that uh, they’d be keeping an eye on her and that she’d be disbarred if she did anything else destructive. Last something, Elise, you know, maybe she’ll back off now and this will finally be over.

Oh God. How I hope so. This isn’t over, bitch. You are right. This is not because you are done with making these damn threats. Do you hear me? Do you understand me? Not that you deserve it, but I’m gonna offer you a little lawyerly advice free of charge. Usually when people deliver stuff like this, it’s uh, anonymously.

You’d have been better just slipping it under my door or putting it in the mail. So if you insist on doing something like this in person, just make sure there’s not a witness around. What are you rambling on about? You know, damn well it was you who left me this little note, not the other way around. And I’m here to tell you that if you can tell you this vision’s vendetta against me and my daughter, I will ruin you.

What are you telling me, dad? What do you mean Grandma didn’t go to heaven? Because she’s, she’s alive, honey. Cuz it turns out your, your grandma Marlena. She never, she never really died. Oh my God. Brady did I hear that? Did you see that Marlena’s alive?

I felt this was meant to be a relaxing spa day. Well, it’s included in the couple’s package, but if just rather read your book. Oh no, not on your life. Ah,


Excuse me, but I didn’t invite you in just like I didn’t invite you into my office, but you still sneaked your way in there to trash to the place and leave me. This makes you so sure that was from Sloan. Isn’t it obvious Lord, even a blind man can see a stuff like this as a grimy little fingerprints all over it.

Do you even have one shred of evidence? Of course not. Just like you have zero evidence that I’m the one who vandalized your office because I didn’t do either one of those things. Oh, yeah, yeah. And I got a bridge in Brooklyn. I’d like to sell you also Obama, just to point out. But, um, there’s a column missing between over and Bitch, you see.

And I would just never make such a punctuation trap. Oh god sake. Ms. Price. Sloan informed me that she wasn’t anywhere near your office when it was broken into it, and I believe her. Oh, really? Well then you are a bigger fool than I thought. And you know, but let me tell you, Eric Grady, Ooh, your mother would be rolling over how grave she could hear how you defending this woman, not to mention whatever else had you doing with her.

Actually, she, she wouldn’t be rolling over in her grave. What I’ve known Marlan since before. You were a twinkle in your father’s eye, and I assure you she would not approve of this for one second. No. No. You don’t understand. She wouldn’t be rolling over in her grave because she’s not in her grief. She’s alive.

My gosh, are you hungry? Sorry, I don’t know the answer to this one, but I’m learning heart speeding check and all the other important parts are working just fine. Oh, sorry. I’m not sorry at all. Okay, well then if you’re not sorry. I’m not sorry either.

Your mother should be glad that she has you looking out for her. I mean, I do hope she’ll be all right. Thanks. It’s nice of you to say, well, Paulina was my mother-in-law. Yeah. For about 24 hours. But during that 24 hours, I don’t recall any love loss between the two. Or the two of us for that night, not mine.

Finest hour. Right. Apologize again for whatever I put you through. Mm. It was no big deal. And for you, well, you were still in love with Sarah. Mm. I’m sorry. Things didn’t work out. Likewise for you enjoying tomorrow and more recently, his twin sister. You know, I was rooting for you guys. Salem’s favorite bisexuals.

I didn’t know there wasn’t contest. I just mean that, I don’t know. You guys seem very happy, very much in love. I’m surprised to hear that she left Ham so suddenly. Yep. Right after she slept with Alex, Kiki.

Oh God. I’m sorry. I hope you’re not upset. No, no. I needed to get to work anyway. Please don’t leave on my. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Neil, do you wanna just take a picture? It will last longer. You know you have a point, dude. I swear to God if that ends up on any little gossip columns, Leo, I swear to God, I would never think about sharing this gym with the world.

No. That is from my private collection. You know what? In fact, I am going to fast track this guy right to the top of the heap. Yeah, I will make sure that that photo never, ever sees the light of day. Okay, we’ll see you soon. Definitely.

So you and Alex are back in the proverbial saddle. Okay. Look, focus. Mattie, you said you had something to tell me about Zander. Oh yes, right. Gwe Gwe. Gwe quick. Oh, sometimes besties have to deliver harsh news. And as much as I love gossip, I also love you. So I will not enjoy imparting this time. How about skipping the theatrics and telling me fine.

Ugh. I think Xander’s hooking up with Chloe Lane.

Oh my God, for Brady. This is the most amazing news I know. I know. I was just telling her that we, we have so much to celebrate. Oh, he sure do. Oh my. You must be so relieved. And your dad, and your brother, and your sister. I’m just so happy for you and your family. Thanks, Chloe. Thanks. We do. We have a lot to celebrate.

Please sit. You know what we need to do? We need to get all the toppings. All the toppings, like chocolate chips, strawberries, fudge, the whole thing. We’ll get free scoops three. How’s that sound over my dead body?

Zander and Chloe. Yep. Saw them together earlier. Defined together. They’re outside the Brady Pub. Oh yes, the Brady Pub. Salem’s most romantic spot. Tell me where they’re sitting there, ogling each other while taking in the sweet aroma of chowder and Jeep beer. Okay, so I didn’t catch them in bed together, but it looked pretty intimate to me.

It’s fine. Intimate? No, they were, oh God, no. I don’t wanna see a demonstration. Demonstration. I took a photo.

Rachel, what have I told you about sharing? Hm. You can’t finish three scoops by yourself anyway. It’s fine. It fine. Brady? Uh, listen, Rachel, if I remember correctly, you don’t like strawberries on your sundaes and sharing ice cream can be kind of annoying. Am I right? So how about we order three sundaes, one for each of us?

How does that sound? See, that sounds perfect, right? It doesn’t to me. I’ve got this for you on six. I don’t mind sharing with daddy. It’s you I don’t wanna share with,

so it was my cousin Alex. He was the reason you and Ali broke up. Oh right. I forgot. He’s your cousin. I keep on forgetting that everyone in this town is related. Sorry. No, you apologize. And I should be saying sorry to you for my lecturers kin info, a narcissistic manhole. He can’t keep his hands off other people’s people.

He’s such a preening, homering son of, whoa, whoa. I had no idea you hated him so much. Well’s not to hate. He’s only been back in Salem a few months and his conquest already outnumbered mine, at least the ones I know about. Probably not counting me. You’re not serious. I was curious and he definitely lives up to the hype, not helping.

Sorry, but you seem to be taking this personally. Why? Because of his personal, his latest conquest is Gwen. Oh, Gwen Riz, whatever your you’re, you’re at. Yeah. Gwen Riz check. Yeah. Alex moved on on her when she was at her most vulnerable and now God, he just loves rubbing in my face at every opportunity. And what do you know?

Another opportunity presents itself. Be careful of how you mate. Plus you want me to give you a match in black eye.

Carrie, so good to talk to you, honey, please. Please tell Austin how, sir, I’m sorry. We are back.

And you and I I will, um, I’ll give him, call myself in a few days. Okay. I love you too. Hi, sweet.

Wow. So good to hear Carrie’s voice. Yeah, I. But now you’re thinking about Kate, aren’t you? And Kayla too. I hope this whole business with banks pan out. You just let me worry about that for both of us. Okay. Hope and Steve will find her. No doubt in my mind. I hope you’re right. Oh, it is. Good to be home. Hmm.

It’s almost like this whole thing never even happened. You know? It’s, it’s so hard to believe all of it. I just wish that Bell and Eric could straighten out their issues. Yeah. They’re still at each other’s throats. It’s the shame because they were getting along so well, you know, but Eric, he’s, he’s been in a bad way ever.

We lost you and, and since he and Nicole ended things. But you know what? I think now that you’re back, I’m hoping things will turn around for him. I hope so too. But what, what caused this whole thing I, this, is this about when Eric took a swing at Sean? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This, this whole thing is about the situation between Sloan, Peterson and Paul.

When the criminal trial against Paul and Chanel fell apart, Sloan filed a civil suit, bell stepped in and got the whole thing dismissed. That’s Bell’s job. Well, yeah, but Eric didn’t see it that way though. And since Eric is still in a relationship with Sloan, what? Wait, wait. That’s still going on still, which is why he and Bill are on opposite sides.

But now the lawsuit’s dead, so I’m hoping maybe the two of them can just move on. Mar is Alive. Oh my, oh my. Yet again. Someone gets a reprieve from death in the great city of Salem. Praise the Lord. Oh, well now maybe she can talk some sense into you and get you away from this. Viper says, the woman with a venomous tongue, look, as much as I enjoy being insulted in my home, get the hell out gladly.

But I’m not done with you, Ms. Th not by a long shot. And to quote my least favorite person, this isn’t over.

Since you’re not backing down, I have to assume that you do want me to dot your other eye for you. For what? What happens between Gwen and me is none of your damn business. I’m making it my business, Alex. Cause I know you’re just gonna hurt her. And I actually care about her. Is that why you called her your sloppy seconds?

The last time I saw you? I mean, that was very respectful. Oh, what do you know? By respecting women, you’re a serial bed hop, unlike you. Look, you’re not good enough for Gwen. Not by a long shot. I’m, I’m not gonna stand by while you take advantage of it. Oh, she didn’t seem very taken advantage of just now as I left her bed after making love to her for the third time today.

That’s Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, guys, let’s not do this, okay? Just stop it, okay? Please just stop. Thank you. Chanel being the voice of a reason. Yeah. I just don’t wanna be caught in the middle of some stupid fight in the middle of the square. But don’t you for one second, think that I am on your side. Alex Riak is because I am not.

It’s all we Were friends. Friends. Do friends sleep with each other’s girlfriends behind their backs. Okay. Chanel, and as I told you, I’m sincerely sorry for everything that happened with I, I really am. And you don’t deserve that. Yeah. You deserve better. Yeah. You damn right. I. And I promise you, I’ll do everything in my power to repair our friendship, but this whole thing with Gwen is completely different.

I’m not breaking up any happy homes. Her and Zander aren’t together. This guy doesn’t even water. He just doesn’t want anybody else to have her. No, I don’t want you to have her. It’s a big difference. Look, you already broke. The girl’s heart wants cause. Hmm. So if you really care about her the way you say you do, you need to get out of her life and you need to let her be happy with somebody else.

I don’t see where the big deal is. Chloe was probably just grateful that Zander pulled that hurtful article you wrote about, oh, honey, I know that’s what you want to believe, but does that look like a platonic hug to you? Yes. Look at that body language. Well, if they haven’t slept together yet, they have certainly rounded third base.

And haven’t you wondered why Xander pulled an article that was guaranteed click bait? Probably because it was click bait 2020. I know that the truth hurts, but you have to face the facts so you can heal and move on. Ah, for sake. And the facts are that Xander’s next conquest is that boring songbird with the big eyes.

No, you are wrong. She is not Xander’s next conquest because A, she’s not his type, and B, her big eyes are only for Brady Black. Everybody knows that. Oh, come on. You don’t see those two working out. She called his kid a monster. And yes, Xander pulled the article. So maybe Brady doesn’t know that she said that yet, but trust me on this from my own vast life experience, once you hate the offspring and the offspring hate you, the relationship is.

Rachel, that’s enough. Do you remember mommy’s letter? Do you remember? You’re supposed to be nice to Chloe and you’re supposed to give her a chance. Mommy only wrote that letter cuz you made her, she told you no, but you just did.

Listen, Rachel, I, I understand why you want your mommy and daddy to live together. When I was your age, all I wanted was to have a mommy and daddy who lived together and loved me with all their hearts. But you do have a mommy and daddy who love you so, so much, and you’re really lucky cuz you have other people who love you.

You have your, your grandparents, your aunt, your uncles, your cousins, and me. You are you crossing your fingers behind your back. No, definitely not Now. Listen’s, sweetheart. We used to be really close at one point, and I want that for us again. In fact, I. I kind of got you a little something. Let’s call it a peace offering

Stickers. Yeah. To add your collection. I remember how proud of it you. I was, and then I grew out of it.

Rachel. Rachel, I don’t take Rachel Black. You lie. You don’t love me. You hate me as much as I hate you. Fine. You’re right. I do hate you.

I don’t think that that’s true, Mattie, that if the offspring and the partner hates each other that it can’t work out. I mean, My mother didn’t give a damn about all the blokes that she slept with that I hated. And believe me, I hated every single one of them. Did she ever marry any of them and live happily ever after?

No, but not for a lack of trying. See, you just proved my point. Yeah. Pretty sure that that was all on my mum though. Anyway, look, it’s not worth arguing over. I’m gonna. I’m gonna get something to eat. I’m gonna go to the office. All right? I will stay put and work on my story about Xander and Chloe’s Grand Romance.

You’re gonna be wasting your time. I’m not printing that story, Mattie. Oh, come on, Gwenny. Don’t be bitter. This just means that your plan is working. Xander is so jealous of you and Alex that he’s throwing himself at Chloe to make you jealous. I am not miss her. I am being a good friend to you because if you print that, I’m just gonna fire you.

Not if my other boss overrules. He made a unilateral decision to kill my last column. You can make a unilateral decision to run this one. I mean, it is your family paper after all. Why are you so determined to run this? Because I have nothing else. My deadline is in a few hours. Too bad. Winnie. Come on. You are reaching for a story when there isn’t one.

Just I don’t want Chloe Lane suing me. Right. So just think of something else to write. Like what? Oh my God, this is Salem. Okay. People come back from the dead. They get possessed from the devil. Come back as twins. I’m sure you’ll think of something.

Rachel, I, I am so sorry. I never meant to say that too late. You already did, Rachel. We are, uh, we’re gonna go home. Okay. We’ll, we’ll do Sundays another time to grab your bag. Bye. Honestly, grandma my way, Brady, I can’t tell you. I’m sorry. I am. That’s okay. We’ll talk about it later. Let’s.

Can you believe that woman harassing me in my own house? I mean, I should call the cops on her. That’s an option. Yeah. Well, it wouldn’t do any good. Commissioner Hernandez and Detective Hunter have made it pretty clear that they are Team Paul. I mean, support the murderous daughter and the bribe passing mother, you know, and let the victim just be victimized even more.

God, I mean, that’s obviously their mo. And you know what, before you say anything else, I did not send that letter. I just defended you, didn’t I? And I’m very grateful for that. But I saw the look in your face when you read the letter. Even right now, you’re wondering if it was. Aren’t you? No, that’s not fair.

You said you didn’t have anything to do with trashing Paul in his office. That’s enough for me. But, but you did say that you want to take revenge out on her and Chanel? Absolutely I do, and I will trust me, but when I do, it’s not gonna be from some passive aggressive, anonymous little note with letters cut out of a.

When I comfort them feel damned well, no, it’s me.

I’m freaking it up guys. Now I mean it, and I cannot believe I am saying this in 2023, but you don’t get to decide who Gwen wants to be with. That is totally up to her. My point exactly. Alex, shut up. What the hell is going on here? You, you get your grubby little hands off my baby girl. I was, no, my hands were nowhere nearer.

I was just leaving. Me too. Take care, Ms. Price.

What was that all about? Just men being men and reminding me how lucky I am to have other options. But anyway, nevermind that. Um, how are you feeling? You were asleep. What? I left for work this morning and I, I didn’t wanna disturb. Well, I did have a little trouble sleeping, uh, you know, when I came back from my office yesterday and found this

God, Sloane. She’s as pathetic. She is predictable. Oh, I just came from confronting that ambulance chasing fraud, and of course she denied it. But mommy, I know she shouldn’t be confronting anybody. Excuse me. At least not until you have a clean bill of health. And I was going to call you because I just got off the phone and I scheduled an appointment for you with Dr.

Greenberg at University Hospital at three 30. Three 30. I can’t. You can and you will. This is important. Mama. What? So is this. I can’t let that go unanswered. It won’t. I’ll handle it. Chino Chin. I am fine. Really? Really? No. I was having some problems yesterday, but today I’m feeling healthy and strong. Okay, then your appointment should be quick and easy.

Come on, mama. Please, please. Do you want me to have my own panic attacks worrying about you? They are both. Thank you. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And I will be sure to follow up with your driver to make sure that you actually went. Course Uhhuh. I love you, mama. I love you too, baby.

No, no. You know it, it’s okay. Okay. You know the old saying, Hmm. There’s no sense crying. Over spilled whipp cream. Oh, that’s so weak. Thank you. Gimme a second. No, no, no, no. Don’t go. I’m strawberries. I’m pretty over the,


Where’s Grandma? Marlena? I wanna see her. And lady, you’ll see her later. Right? Now you’re going to go to your room. You’re punishing me. Well, Chloe’s the one who said she hates me, honey. She didn’t mean it. Okay. Yes she did. Daddy. So why aren’t you mad at her?

Chloe. Hi. You alright? Aren’t you like you lost your best friend? It’s excuse. I just did you mean? Yeah. I mean, Brady, well, I thought things were looking up for you too, since I killed Leo’s. Well, it turns out that Brady didn’t need to read about me badmouthing his daughter. He heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

I told Rachel that I hated her right in front of him. You did not. I did. Oh, Chloe, I’m so sorry. Ah, she was just being. Awful to me, but still, I can’t believe those words just flew out of my mouth. And now, now there’s nothing I can do to take ’em back. Only consolation. I’m having a terrible day too. My cousin’s still screwing my ex and taking every chance he can to rub my face in.

It sounds like you could use a drink. Who Here? Let’s sit. Are you sure? I want to impose. Honestly, I could use the company. Oh, Chloe, I know that you’ve loved ver Insino cause you can’t have this little terror come between. God. Just, I don’t know how Brady could forgive me after what I said. I ju, I think. I think it might be over.

I mean, how could it not be? Hey, don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay if it’s gonna be okay.

Foil wrapped, teens dropping from the sky. No, that’s too far fetched, even for Salem. Ah, what the hell am I gonna put in my column?

Sheel Dupree Baker extraordinaire. I do my best work when I stressed. Please tell me. You brought me some treat. It’s in a manner of speaking. Hello? Do I have a scoop for you? Lady? Whistleblower.

So do you have any idea who’s threatening Paulina? It’s not you, Eric. A woman like Paulina Price makes enemies before breakfast if the police would just look past what’s right underneath their nose and actually do their job. If they’re not gonna help me, I might as well just do the paperwork and file a restraining order myself.

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