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After Belle and Eric leave the house, John tells Marlena that it was a relief to see Belle and Eric getting along and not going at each others’ throat. Marlena says it is for the time being. John responds that he thought it would take a miracle for that to happen and Marlena is that miracle. Marlena admits she would’ve liked more time with them. John thinks they didn’t want to overwhelm her. Marlena says that’s kind but they’ve been apart for so long that she doesn’t want to let them go. John understands after everything she’s been through but assures that she will be surrounded by people who love her 24/7. John tells Marlena that he’s never letting her out of his sight and kisses her. John adds that he’s never letting her go.

Harris questions Andrew saying he’s going to be a free man. Andrew reiterates that it will depend on doctors evaluations but from what he’s seen, it’s obvious that he was not in his right mind when he committed crimes and was acting under Megan Hathaway’s command which means she is the one that the ISA will want to keep prisoner, not Harris. Andrew adds that he has every confidence that as soon as the doctors okay it, he will be released from their custody. Harris responds that he’s not sure that’s a good idea.

Hope asks Megan who took Kayla.

Stephanie answers her phone call from Kayla and questions if it’s really her. Kayla confirms that it is as Stephanie starts to cry.

Marlena and John talk about the book Marlena was reading before she got sick and how she looked forward to finishing it when she came home, and now she can. Marlena talks about missing having a good book and reading in the bath. Marlena feels bad that Kayla is still missing. John encourages that Steve won’t rest until he finds her and brings her home. John reminds Marlena to take care of herself. Marlena tells John that she loves him and missed him so much. John promises there will be no more missing between them again as those days are over. Marlena says she will hold him to that as they kiss.

Megan tells Hope that she will tell her the name of the man who took Kayla and it’s a name that Hope and Steve are both very familiar with. Megan says that Steve is well acquainted with this man and Hope knows him even better. Hope tells Megan to get to the point. Megan responds that the man they are looking for is unusually skilled at avoiding being captured and he used to be one of her most loyal henchmen..

Kayla knows Stephanie is shocked but assures that she is alive. Stephanie says she knows and thanks God. Stephanie keeps thinking she’s dreaming but Kayla tells her that she’s not. Kayla asks how Stephanie knew she was alive. Stephanie informs her that Steve told her as he just found out. Kayla questions how he found out. Stephanie explains that Steve and John went to the island where Megan was holding her and they found Marlena and brought her home. Stephanie adds that they tried to find Kayla as well but Megan told them that Kayla had been taken off the island by some henchman. Kayla confirms that is true but reveals that it wasn’t just some random henchman, it was her uncle Bo.

Hope asks Megan again for the name of the henchman she supposedly knows so well. Megan then claims that it was Thomas Banks which Steve questions. Megan reminds Steve of their last run in with Thomas and how he almost killed Hope in Montreal. Megan laughs at the fact that if Thomas succeeded, Hope would be dead. Megan adds that Thomas would have succeeded if Sister Mary Moira hadn’t shown up, but since she did, Harris took the bullet for Hope and survived.

Andrew tells Harris that he knows this has all been terrible to deal with and he can’t imagine what it’s been like to be brainwashed by Megan. Andrew states that if Harris is worried about being a general threat to the public, they won’t release him if his tests show that he’s still under Megan’s influence. Harris responds that was only part of his concern as it’s not what he might still do that he’s worried about, but the things he’s already done.

Stephanie questions what Kayla said as the connection is dropping and asks who the henchman was. Kayla repeats that it’s her brother Bo, Stephanie’s uncle, but the connection goes bad and Stephanie says there’s lots of static. Stephanie asks Kayla where she is. Kayla reveals to her that she’s in Greece. Stephanie asks for the name of the city but Kayla doesn’t know and says it’s Victor’s childhood home.

Brady goes to John’s and is shocked to see Marlena is alive. Brady can’t believe it while Marlena tries to explain but Brady starts to argue with her as he believes she is Hattie Adams. John comes in and reveals to Brady that it is Marlena, she’s safe and sound and he’s eternally grateful. Brady is shocked and hugs Marlena, asking how.

Stephanie tries to get through to Kayla and asks again what town in Greece she is. Kayla tries repeating that it’s where Victor is from but Bo comes back in and grabs the phone from her. Bo remarks that he wishes she hadn’t done that.

Harris tells Andrew that what he’s been doing the past few years and the crimes he committed including kidnapping and assault. Harris screams that he killed two men. Harris explains that it was in Greece while tracking down the prisms, he shot two men in cold blood and watched them fall overboard to their deaths. Harris declares that he is a killer and asks if he should have to answer for that. Andrew understands he wants to take responsibility for what he’s done and admits that he’s had to do things he’s uncomfortable with as an ISA agent, so he can relate. Harris asks if he’s ever had to kill somebody. Andrew agrees that those men did not deserve to die but argues that they were Megan’s victims just as much as Harris is. Andrew declares that what he did before doesn’t matter as he still has a future and a lot to live for, including Hope. Andrew notes that it seemed like there was a connection between Harris and Hope. Harris admits he told her that and that he wanted a chance to see what they could have together. Harris remarks that he’s not sure he can measure up to Hope’s late husband, Andrew’s uncle Bo.

Megan tells Hope and Steve that she had such high hopes for Harris but he’s been such a disappointment. Hope wants to focus on now and asks if Thomas took Kayla because Megan ordered him to. Megan responds that she had nothing to do with Kayla’s disappearance. Steve questions why they should believe her. Megan insists that she’s telling the truth that Thomas went rogue. Steve asks why. Megan claims to have no idea and that she only knows he owes her everything including his life but that doesn’t matter to him. Megan says she gave him the perfect life and was going to give him the perfect future. Megan cries that she sacrificed everything for him but he does what he wants, when he wants, and doesn’t care who he hurts. Hope questions why this upsets her so much.

John tells Brady to breathe as Marlena brings him a glass of water. Brady still can’t believe Marlena is alive and really here. John is sorry for the shock and says he left him a message that they had incredible news and he should’ve been clearer. Brady says it’s on him since Rachel borrowed his phone and it’s a long story but she probably deleted the message. John understands that nothing could have prepared him for this. Brady says he’s still trying to wrap his head around it and that it was easier to believe that Hattie Adams had resurfaced more than Marlena being here. Brady apologizes for thinking she was Hattie but Marlena calls it completely understandable. Brady calls Marlena the heart and soul of John’s life and says it was hard for all of them, but especially John. Brady tells Marlena that he’s sorry for what she’s gone through. Marlena admits it was frightening but she kept going because of the love of her family. Marlena adds that she couldn’t have gotten through it without Kate and Kayla. Brady questions Megan having them held captive all this time and questions where Kayla and Kate are.

Stephanie’s call with Kayla drops and she tells Chad about it and that Kayla is somewhere in Greece. Chad says that makes sense because Megan has a lab somewhere in the Mediterranean. Stephanie cries that she needs Kayla to call back as Chad hugs her.

Bo is disappointed as he thought he could trust Kayla. Kayla argues that she doesn’t understand why he’s doing this. Bo says he’s trying to make a new start and he can’t do that if he’s connected to the people from his past. Bo sees that Kayla called a Salem area code and guesses she was talking to Steve. Kayla tells him that it was his niece, Stephanie, and tries to get Bo to remember his family.

Andrew tells Harris that he didn’t know his uncle Bo that well. Harris is sure he heard about the great love between Bo and Hope. Andrew confirms that people talked about it like it was legendary. Harris guesses he’s right then that he can’t compete with that. Andrew doesn’t believe that. Andrew says Hope will always hold Bo in her heart, but sadly uncle Bo is dead so Andrew questions who Harris is competing with.

Hope can’t figure out why Megan seems genuinely upset that Thomas ran out on her. Megan argues that she just expects loyalty but that’s in short supply. Megan claims that she told them who took Kayla, so that’s her end of the bargain and asks to get her transfer underway. Megan reiterates that she has no idea where Kayla was taken because Thomas turned out to have a mind of his own, unlike some. Hope tells Steve that Megan is obviously not going to tell them anymore today so it’s best they start focusing on bringing Thomas Banks in. Steve warns Megan that she better be telling the truth and she better pray they find Kayla safe and sound, because if anything happens to Kayla, he’s holding Megan personally responsible. Steve and Hope then exit.

Brady goes over Marlena, Kayla, and Kate surviving the poisoning but Kayla is missing. John notes that Steve is searching as they speak and he won’t rest until he finds her. Brady asks if Kate didn’t make it. Marlena explains that Megan made it clear that there would be consequences for anyone who did not follow her instruction and Kate didn’t. Marlena adds that she was lucky to escape when she did. Brady says they are all very lucky to have Marlena back because they love and need her. Brady doesn’t think they all realized how much they relied on her until she was gone. Brady thinks most of them were falling apart. Marlena declares that it really is all about family. Marlena then asks about her granddaughter. Brady says she’s good and will be very happy to know that Marlena is alive and well. Brady can’t wait to tell her and says he’s going to pick Rachel up from school now. Marlena can’t wait to see her. Brady tells Marlena that he loves her and hugs her as he thanks God that she came back to them.

Andrew tells Harris that he’s going to check to see if the doctors have filed their reports. Andrew adds that no matter what the evaluations say, Harris is not defined by his past. Andrew tells Harris that whenever he has a chance at love, he should take it. Andrew repeats that he’s sure Hope will always hold Bo in her heart, but he’s gone now, so Harris shouldn’t let Bo stand in his way. Andrew then exits the room.

Bo questions what Kayla told Stephanie. Kayla says she told her that she was alive. Bo guesses she told her that she was with him and where they are. Kayla admits that she did but they had a terrible connection so Stephanie didn’t hear what she was saying. Bo hopes she’s telling the truth because they don’t need anyone tracking them down. Kayla argues that they are on a goat farm that Victor couldn’t wait to run away from. Kayla says if even if she could tell someone where it is, there’s a terrible connection and no signal. Bo tells her not to worry because she won’t be making any more phone calls. Bo then heads back to the kitchen.

Stephanie tries calling Kayla back but complains that it’s just ringing and ringing. Stephanie worries that maybe she shouldn’t have called her back since if someone is holding Kayla captive and heard the phone ringing, they’ll know she called someone. Stephanie worries that maybe Kayla hung up before because someone caught her with the phone. Stephanie wonders if they are hurting her. Chad encourages her not to think that way and suggests the call just dropped because of bad connection so maybe she’ll call back. Stephanie complains that she can’t just sit here and do nothing or she’ll go crazy, so she’s calling her dad.

Steve tells Hope that they should check in with Andrew to see if he knows anything about Thomas Banks’ latest moves. Hope tells Steve to go ahead and she’ll catch up with him because she wants to check on Harris. Steve tells Hope to do what she has to do and notes that Thomas has been on the ISA’s radar for quite some time, so he bets Andrew will have solid leads on how to track him down. Hope encourages Steve that Kayla is alive so they are going to find her and bring her home as they hug. Hope then goes to see Harris while Steve gets a call from Stephanie. Stephanie says she needs to talk to him. Steve asks if it can wait because he’s in the middle of trying to track down her mom. Stephanie reveals that she’s calling because she knows where she is.

Marlena reads her book in a bubble bath. John comes in and informs her that he heard from Hope, who says that Megan told them that Thomas Banks has Kayla captive, so it’s just a matter of time before they find Kayla.

Megan talks to herself about how Steve and Hope were so happy to go chasing after Thomas Banks, if only they knew who really took Kayla. Megan remarks that she wasn’t about to give Hope the satisfaction of knowing that her beloved Bo is alive again as she laughs.

Hope goes back to Harris’ room and finds Andrew there. Andrew asks if she got anything out of Megan. Hope says they did but questions what’s going on here since Andrew removed the handcuffs from Harris. Andrew reveals they just got the test results and the doctors are certain that Harris is no longer under control of Megan, so he’s free to go and now that he’s fully in control of his own mind, the path he chooses is up to him.

Steve questions how Stephanie knows where Kayla is. Stephanie explains that Kayla called her but the connection was terrible, so all she knows is that Kayla is in Greece. Steve questions how Kayla ended up there.

Bo sits with Kayla and encourages her to eat because she is going to need her strength for a busy day tomorrow.

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