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 Hello. How’d you like your first day as a baker? I loved it. I can’t wait to be back tomorrow. You sure about that? I know I kind of put the pressure on, but I had to see if you could handle it. and you did. Which is a major relief for me because I have been falling further and further behind since Allie left.

Well, I’ll be back tomorrow. You can count on it. Great. Well, good night. Night. Hey, can I ask you something about running a bakery? That lawyer, why does she hate you so much?

Real estate listings. Frita, you said she was looking for a place. Oh, you didn’t have to go through all this Trouble. Wasn’t any trouble. one of our uniforms. Moonlight as a realtor. Well, you still went out of your way for my sister. Well, actually I did it for you. Really? You did say that sharing a bed with your sister was killing your back and, uh, I can’t have my detectives being tired.

Thank you. Mm-hmm. . You’re standing around shooting the breeze. Why aren’t you getting Sloane Feed in off the streets.

Hey, Sloane. Hey, I’m glad I made it here before you locked. I am too. Um, I was gonna call and find out how you were doing. Oh yeah. Because, uh, Peterson versus Price and Dupre case got thrown out. Oh, you’ve been banking everything on that wrongful death. If Paul Price and her little slut daughter really think I’m through with them, they’re dreaming.

I’ll see those two bitches in hell first.

Okay. What the hell are you up to now? Welcome home dear. How was your day? I asked you a question. I had to celebrate your triumph, didn’t I? Well, you don’t have to lay it on so thick. I’m not exaggerating. You handled those Saxton people like the pro you are. They’re dying to be in the Gabby Shin business now.

I don’t blame him. Yeah, I guess I went pretty well, I would say. So. You’re on your way to starting your second fashion empire. To my beautiful, talented wife.

Ah, good. You are here. I just heard from the man I have tailing Gabby Anne. She’s back at the apartment. Lee, did you manage to book the room for the two of them at the end? Well, it took a little doing to keep it anonymous, but uh, yes I did and uh, I let myself in and gave it my own personal. Gabby and Stephan’s Love Shack is ready to rock and roll.

You just have to show up. Oh, I’m sure they will make sure of that. Now, all we need is for Lee to catch them in the act. Who’s getting caught in the act?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

It would take a while to explain why Sloan hates me. I’m sorry. It’s none of my business. It’s just she threatened you today. Yeah. And I don’t blame you for being curious Sloan, she’s hated me for a long time. Say no more. Why? I guess I kind of have to, you’re gonna be working for me, and there is no telling what that woman is capable of.

So, um, yeah, I, I don’t want you to get hurt by this me, I’m just,

You aren’t laughing. No, I’m not. This is serious song. Hey, British police, they’re not pressing charges in the judge. He threw out the civil suit. You’re kind of running outta options, aren’t you? Just pay no attention to me. I get this way when I’m frustrated. It’s not just about the lawsuit for Paulina and Chanel, it’s about us too.

Your gallery. I’m always excited about taking over sweet bits and seeing it there. The money we would’ve made from the lawsuit, we could have renovated it. And now it just says everything’s thrown out the window. Hey, now on the gallery was more your idea than it was mine. Now you are a talented photographer.

Only you deserve it.

I just can’t believe that. Paulina, sorry. And she now got off spot free. And we got what? We got nothing. It’s okay. Just stop worrying. You know me well enough to know that I don’t, just without that easy, and I’m not giving up on you

to you, my love.

Huh? You don’t like champagne? I. I just don’t love feeling like you’re up to something. Can’t I just be happy for you? No, you don’t do anything just for me. There’s always something in it for you. So what is it? Is it my deal with Saxtons or is it the fact that you set it up and now I owe you? You, Paul and I were talking about the possibility of me catching you in the act with Gabby.

The very last thing. Any of us here? And why you two seem so happy talking about it? Well, if we seem happy, it’s because I came through with my promise to help you and Gabby be alone together, but that is not guaranteed. So you two will have to be discreet. So you’re helping us out. Mm-hmm. . By taking a room at the Salem man under a false name, manage that.

The point is, it’s all set, everything is tickety boo. But if you have doubts of any kind, yeah, I’ll go back to the Salem man and tell him I changed my mind right now. But Steph in it’s, it’s up to you.

I’m at the. Do you hear what I’m trying to say? I hear you, but I don’t understand. Cause I thought the judge threw out Sloan’s case. Isn’t this over? I wish on Brady. He knows everything. Sean pulled his stake out tonight and he hasn’t said a word to me about you or Sloan. He hasn’t said anything to me either.

Listen, our detectives are not in the habit of conducting private investigation. That’s not what this is. Okay, well then why don’t you tell me what it is. I talked to Sean Brady today and I asked him to be discre. Looks like he took me a little too seriously, but, well, what do you wanna hear about first?

The break-in at my office or Sloane’s. Crazy threats against Jane, Janelle, and me. Well, I don’t care where I saw it first. As long as it ends up with that Luna check in a jail self.

So this professor that you had an affair with turned out to be Sloan’s father, I’m not proud of any. I should have just walked out of his office the second he came onto me, but I didn’t.

Anyway, Sloan’s mother, she found out about us and one day she pretended to be him and she tricked me into meeting up with her on the roof. And when I got there, she confronted me and threatened me. And what did you. It, it all happened so fast. She came at me and I, I, I tried to, to push her away and then she lost her balance and fell.

She died. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, anyway, uh, Sloan is convinced that it wasn’t an accident. She’s sure. I pushed her mother and her father made her think that she’s right. The man that you had I affair with wound, wound up drinking himself to death. God, I, he left someone a letter telling her that, um, that he knew that I pushed her mother off of that roof.

My God, this is, and then my mom came running to the rescue right after Sloan’s mother died. She managed to keep the whole thing quiet and the mother’s death was ruled an accident, and I, I thought the whole thing was over. But then Sloane got her father’s letter and then she, uh, she tried blackmailing me and then, and that didn’t work.

She tried to have me sent back to London for a trial, and then when the police said that it was too late to bring up charges against me, she. She tried to sue me for wrongful death, and then the judge refused to take the case and she still didn’t get the message. She’ll never get it. Wow. So that’s why she acted that way this morning.

I know I’m the bad guy in this situation. If I had just told her father that I wasn’t interested, then her mother wouldn’t have died the way that she did. Yeah. But the professor was the adult. In this situation, you shouldn’t feel bad about any of this. Two people are dead and their psychopath daughter is obsessed with making me pay.

This isn’t going away Anytime.

If you’re having second thoughts about taking this drop, I understand. No. Look, I spent all day baking today and it was the most refreshing and rewarding feeling I felt in a very long time. So trust me, I’ll be back. Well, great. That’s great. As long as you know the score. No, I really appreciate your honesty.

It just makes me feel bad. Why?

I haven’t been so honest with you.

I’m being honest, Gabby. I am capable of being happy for you without trying to get something for myself. Since one, I admit, I’m hoping that this opportunity changes the way you feel about me. I’ve never denied that. That’s what I. But there is something else motivating me. I’m pulling for you, Mrs. Shin.

Always. I wanna watch you show the world your drive, your intelligence, your creative talent. You went into that meeting today and took no prisoners. Tell me you’re as excited about that as.

Even if I’m the one who made it happen,

the sail. Really? The sailor man? Yes. The one that’s right off Wharton Town Square, the one that everybody in their mother in this town goes to. Oh, Steph. Not everyone. Okay. But they do get their fair share of foot traffic. So how do you suggest we show up and get into that building site on. Show up in the middle of the night.

Do we show up in disguise? Do has the entire front desk staff been paid off? I’ve already arranged things with the manager. The room will be paid full through a subsidiary of Dera Enterprises. Mm-hmm. . And you and Gabby will have access to a back entrance and we’ll fill you in on the rest if you’re interested.

It seems my brother isn’t ready to accept your generosity. Nicole, do you? . Look, aj, it’s not Lee that I’m worried about. He doesn’t scare me one bit, but Gabby has everything to lose here and it’s not like these circumstances are gonna go on forever. All Gabby has to do is adhere to Lee’s conditions for the next five months and his shares of the company become hers five months.

Yeah, but that’s a long time to wait for a couple who’s wanted to be together as, as long as you and Gabby have. That may be true, but if Lee catches us in that room, Gabby gets nothing. You are giving yourself and Gabby a great deal of credit for self-control. You try and wear me down. No, no. I’m trying to prove to you that I’m on your side.

Now look, I know that’s going to be hard to convince. Especially after what I, what I kept from you. I know that the time spent under Dr. Ross Spell is time lost with Gabby. It’s the reason Gabby married Lee, and I wanna make that up to you.

You have no idea how badly I’m gonna take you up on this. Me just a thought being with Gabby. Look, I understand your objections to the plan soon, shouldn’t we try and solve those problems? Look, all it takes is for you to say the word, and Nicole will leave right now and get in touch with Gabby. She’ll fill her in on the plan and get her into the in safely.

You and I will stay here and try and figure out the most secure way for you to.

But no one is doing anything until you say the word.

Go for it. Okay.

You’re doing the right thing. God, I hope so.

You know what you should ask your father about showing your pictures. . Why? Because then you could just sell directly to the customers. I’m seeing a lot of restaurants do it. Yeah. Pricey restaurants maybe. But my customers come for club chatter. Hmm. Not to mention, then I have to talk to my dad about this whole idea, and then he’d be involved, and then it wouldn’t be my gallery.

Well, I mean, gallery’s probably not happening anyway now. Hey, a disappointment today and you’re worried about me. Do you not know how much you mean to me? How important you are? Eric, if it wasn’t for you, I would spend 24 hours a day just obsessing over Chanel, Dupree and Paulina Price. Well then try not to and let it go.

I can’t.

I know that makes me complicated to, uh, deal with I can do complicated.


So, after you and Stephanie found out that your office had been trashed, I called Sean and. And told him to arrest Sloan, but he didn’t. Well cuz there weren’t any witnesses. , can we not get hung up on the details? I know who did it. Same person who painted murderer on the window of the bakery. It, it, it’s Sloane Peterson’s Mo.

There’s something called a burden of proof, so we have to have proof before we can charge Sloane Peterson. So the law protects her and leaves Chanel and me to fend for ourself. We just can’t press any charges. Based on your theories alone. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Chanel’s helper at the bakery. She was there when Sloane went off on her this morning.

She was, yeah. I, I just remember. That helper is my sister. Okay. Well that gives us something to go on. Oh, yeah. I, I can prove that Sloan blackmailed me. I can prove that she tried to haul Chanel and me into court and call us murderers. Neither one of those things worked out for her and she’s, she’s going rogue.

I’m just scared to death of what she’s gonna do next. She threatened you directly. Didn’t I say that? No, you didn’t. Well, she did. She got right up in my face, says she doesn’t care what a court of Lord says. Please, please. I’m, I’m, I’m asking for your help. I’ve been, I’ve been trying to take care of Chanel since this tragedy happened.

I’m just, I’m just afraid that she’s in more danger now than ever. You, you need to step up now. I’m, I’m scared for my baby’s life.

A. , you are a doctor? Mm-hmm. what? Like you have a PhD or something? No, an md. Oh, oh, so you’re like a doctor. Doctor? Yeah. Okay. Well, uh, good for you. Uh, but would you mind telling me why a doctor wanna work in a bakery?

So, I became a doctor because my father was one. . And then once I realized I was really good at science, I wanted to follow in his footsteps, he was my hero. So I finished med school and started my internship and I started wondering like, why am I not excited about what I’m doing? You did say today was one of the most rewarding days you’d had in a long time.

Yeah, and it. I love baking and when I saw your sign in the window, I felt like that was fate stepping in and nudging me. I had to apply. So this was just like a spur of the moment thing. Exactly. But your application, all your experience at that famous New York bakery, they didn’t exactly employ me. You were an intern.

No, but I went every day if it counts. So you were conning me? No, not exactly. Okay. Look, I would buy something like a croissant and then I would take it home and I would reverse engineer it to see why they made it so light and flaky, which I figured out by the way that means anything. But no, I was not honest on my application.

Yeah, sounds like. So does that mean that I’m fired?

You have to trust Nicole. She’s thought of everything. No, I’m not thinking about her. Thinking about Gabby. I mean, I could be with her for the first time. Forever roll’s. Finally outta my head. I know what I want, what I’ve always wanted, and I was this close to get him to tell Gabby that. And, but he’d already gotten another sign.

The papers. Yes. I know tonight is supposed to change all of that. This is what you, Gabby deserve. It is, but what if she hates the. Why would she,

you think she’s automatically gonna trust Nicole? Why not? Why would she? Nicole married Rafe and then dumped him. Gabby loves her brother. She’s probably gonna throw Nicole out. I mean, this whole idea could be dead in the water before it even begins.

I am not gonna lie. I’m super stoked about this deal. I mean, I fought it all the way because it was your idea. I know I was there. You can’t blame me. I didn’t even know I wanted this deal so bad. I only figured it out when, when I was talking to those execs today, they were eating out of the palm in my hand.

They were so excited. I, I, I have to say thank you. You were the one that got me into that room and you knew what I needed. I’m. Even if I had an ulterior motive, even if you did wonder who that could be.

Hi. Oh, um, is this a bad time?

Are you two going to help me? You are not. You do have a legitimate complaint finally, but there is not a whole lot of corroborating evidence. Are you turning me down? No. Seriously. No, we are not. We’re not. There is no harm in bringing Ms. Peterson in for questioning. Oh, what does that mean? Well, it means we’ll ask the questions cuz you better have some damn convincing answers.

Ooh, this soft space by the river looks really interesting. No, it’s on the fifth floor. I mean, how would people find it? Okay, that’s a good point. Well, what about the storefront here? This is a great location. No, it used to be an ice cream parlor. It would cost too much money to. Are you always such a downer like you’re getting on my nerves?

I’ll try to be more positive. Please do

You feeling better? Yeah, I am.

I dunno why I agreed to do this in the first. And Gabby is gonna become suspicious. The moment of Nicole shows up at her door, I’m gonna give her a heads up. What if FL is with her when she gets your text? The whole plan will go up in spoke.

So either way I lose. No, I anticipated this. Use this phone whenever you contact Gabby to catch up. Adam Burner. Mm-hmm. . Even if Lee sees the text, he won’t know it’s from you. He really did think of everything. As I said before, I’m on your side. No, Stefan, I want this for you.

What are you doing here? I came to talk to Gabby, so I heard you had a meeting with Saxtons today about a new product line. Work gets around fast. Well, I’m here to pitch you to come over to Basic Black instead, you wanna go into business with me? Mm-hmm. Basic Block is owned by Damara Enterprises. I can’t see EJ standing I by while you cut a deal with.

Yeah, me neither. Well, EJ doesn’t have a say in this Brady, and I have carte blanche to run basic lack hour way. I might believe that if I didn’t know that you and EJ are having an affair, ej, and I know how to separate business from our personal life. Oh, come on Gabby. Don’t let my relationship with EJ make you miss out on a great opportunity.

Why don’t we grab a drink and we’ll talk it over? Don’t be taken in. It’s almost like you heard about Gabby’s meeting with Saxtons and rushed over here just to keep from being scooped. You’re too late. By the way, I am familiar with basic Black’s operating budget, and you can’t match Saxon’s offer. You really want me to believe that they gave her a firm offer already.

What’s the text? Nothing important. You know what? Um, one drink is gonna be pretty quick. I wanna hear what Nicole has to say.

That place in New York, it’s more than just a bakery. It’s a patisserie, right? Did you copy the tart to tan? Mm-hmm. . It’s just a fancy apple. , no problem. Chocolate financier. Okay. I had a problem nailing that one. Does that mean that I’m fired? I hate to break it to you, but you are way too talented to let that.

And you got guts. Sal, you are stuck with me and sweet bits. Thank you, . Oh, thank goodness you’re still here. Did something happen? I just came from the police department. Why it? It’s okay. I’ve already told her about Sloan. Except for what? To my office. Your office. What happened to your office? It was trashed.

So if you didn’t take Sloan’s threats seriously this morning, you better start doing it now. That crazy woman, she’s still trying to get us, and now she doesn’t care what the law says. You have to be ready for anything.

So we have two possible places we are looking at tomorrow. We’re really doing this. Yeah. Yeah, we are. You know, I never would’ve crossed my mind open a gallery if it hadn’t been for you. We’re really excited.

Why do I go back to my place and celebrate and dinner? We can pretend to look at takeout menus for like five minutes,

but um, let’s get out of here because I’ve never been so excited to not eat in my life.

Yes, thank you.

I don’t like this. Gabby, what if Saxons finds out you’re taking other meetings? She has every right to, plus it’ll drive her price up. I stuck my neck out to make Saxon’s commit on paper if they think you’re playing them. Gabby, what’s wrong with getting the best possible deal? And don’t you want that? Of course I do.

What about dinner? We’ll just keep it warm and we can have it later. Yeah.

Uh, this isn’t about a fashion deal, is it? There’s no fool in you. Now I am here because of, of. I just got an anonymous text and I think it was him. It said, listen to Nicole. What? What is this, Martin? You’re doing the right thing. I will tell you everything in the car. Ah, this is taking forever.

Nicole has Gabby with her and they’re on the way to the end, and so am I.

What if Lee’s having me filed? No, don’t worry about that. My people are better than his people and they’ve been alerted. Now there’s a car waiting for you outside with the keys and that. Leave your car here. Okay, we’ll real quick, wait, wait, wait. What? It’s interview a little while before, uh, Nicole and Gabby get to the end.

Let’s drink a small toast.


to an event for leaving to you and Nicole, thank you for making this happen now. Thanks. Necessary entirely un.

Yeah, I’m outta here. Good luck.

But I’m afraid that has just run out, bro.

I cannot believe Sloan trashed her office. She’s off the rails. That one I had a hard time convincing your sister and Ray Hernandez of that. But finally, I, I got him to see the light. Oh, Sloan went through my office looking for something to use against us. She probably did it right before she came back here.

Who, what did Ray say he was gonna do? Said he was gonna run her in for questioning. If your sister winds up putting Sloan in the cell, tell us, she has my permission to just throw away the key. We were just leaving. You’ll have to make other plans. Is this about what happened with s. I thought we were done and when he dropped the charges, this isn’t about you, so it’s maimed why We’ll discuss this at headquarters.

We have a few questions we’d like to ask you.

Put the rose pedals on the bed, me and uh, there’s the champagne in the bucket and bath bubbles by the tub. He really went all out. And Stephen’s on his way here. Yeah, I mean, he’s, he’s definitely coming. Oh, okay. Why, why do you look so skeptical? I’m just, I’m having a hard time believing that EJ is down with this.

It’s like I told you, EJ feels really bad about keeping Stephan in the dark about what Rolf did, and Stephan will confirm that when he get. What about are you, what, what do you get out of this? What can I say? I’m, I’m a romantic, but there won’t be much romance if I’m still here. So just make me feel comfortable and wait for your guy.

Okay. Wait, wait.

Thank you. Thank you. Uh, Stephanie and I wanna be together so much and, and making it happen for us. You the answer to our prayers.

Well, this is unexpected. I know, but I think you’ll be glad I.

Did I interrupt a celebration? It’s already been interrupted. Say what you came here to say and get outta here before GAVA gets back. How are things going with her? Slowly. That’s not good enough. Excuse me. I meted when I said I wanted to help you reconcile with her. I want Gabby far away from my brother and my family’s fortune as soon as possible.

Hmm. Well, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Hmm. Did Gabby happen to leave with Nicole? You know about her offer from Basic Block. There is no offer, I’m afraid. You’ve been set up, old boy, set up how Stefan and Gabby aren’t together as we. What? You’re lying. I’m not. Can do something about it?

Oh, I can’t believe this is happening. Oh, you gonna let me in? Thank you Nicole. Really EJ too. Yeah, enough. With the thank yous. You two just enjoy each other. Okay. I know you.

And, um, I’ll take care of this on my,


I cannot believe this is happening. Finally. You’re really.

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