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Chanel and Talia walk through the town square. Chanel asks how Talia liked her first day as a baker. Talia says she loved it and can’t wait to come back tomorrow. Chanel asks if she’s sure and acknowledges that she had to put the pressure on to see if she could handle it and she did. Chanel calls it a major relief because she had been falling further behind since Allie left. Talia assures she’ll be back tomorrow and they say goodnight. Talia then stops to ask Chanel why Sloan hates her so much.

Rafe goes to the police station and brings Jada a paper of home listings since she said Talia was looking for a place. Jada says he didn’t have to go through the trouble. Rafe notes that one of the workers moonlights as a realtor so it was no trouble. Jada acknowledges that he still went out of his way for her sister. Rafe responds that he actually did it for Jada since he can’t have his detectives being tired. Paulina arrives and questions them standing around shooting the breeze instead of getting Sloan off the streets.

Sloan goes to see Eric at the Brady Pub. Eric says he was going to call to check on her since her trial got thrown out. Sloan responds that if Paulina thinks she’s through with her and Chanel, she’s dreaming. Sloan declares that she will see those two bitches in Hell first.

Gabi comes home to find Li has set up a candle light dinner. Gabi questions what the hell he’s up to now. Li wants to celebrate her triumph. Gabi says he doesn’t have to lay it on so thick. Li encourages her handling the meeting and says they are dying to get in the Gabi Shin business. Gabi guesses it went pretty well. Li encourages that she’s on her way to her second fashion empire and toasts to his beautiful, talented wife.

Nicole joins EJ at the DiMera Mansion. EJ says he’s glad that she’s there and mentions getting word that Gabi is at her apartment with Li. Nicole tells EJ that she anonymously booked a room at the Salem Inn for Gabi and Stefan so everything is set up and they just have to show up. EJ assures they will, so all they need is for Li to catch them in the act. Stefan then walks in and questions who is getting caught in the act.

Chanel tells Talia that it would take awhile to explain why Sloan hates her. Talia apologizes as it’s none of her business but notes that Sloan threatened her today. Chanel doesn’t blame her for being curious and says that Sloan has hated her for a long time. Talia tells her to say no more but Chanel guesses she has to since Talia is going to be working for her and there’s no telling what Sloan will do. Chanel adds that she doesn’t want Talia to get hurt by this. Talia jokes that she’s just the help but realizes Chanel is serious.

Eric tells Sloan that after the civil suit was thrown out, she’s kind of running out of options. Sloan tells her that she’s just frustrated. Sloan says it’s not just about the lawsuit but about them and Eric’s gallery. Sloan complains that she was excited about taking over Sweet Bits and seeing Eric’s gallery there. Sloan says the money from the lawsuit could have renovated it but now it’s all out the window. Eric says it was more her idea than his. Sloan argues that Eric is a talented photographer and deserves it. Sloan can’t believe that Paulina and Chanel got off free while they got nothing. Eric tells her it’s okay and to stop worrying about it. Sloan says he knows her well enough to know that she doesn’t give up that easily and she’s not giving up on him.

Li gives Gabi a glass of champagne but Gabi feels he’s up to something. Li asks if he can’t just be happy for her. Gabi argues that he doesn’t do anything just for her and there’s always something in it for him, so she asks what it is.

EJ tells Stefan that they were just talking about the possibility of Li catching Stefan and Gabi in the act and claims it’s the last thing they want. Stefan questions why they seemed so happy talking about it then. Nicole says it’s because she came through with her promise to get Stefan and Gabi some alone time together. EJ warns that’s not guaranteed, so they will have to be discrete. Stefan questions that they are helping them out. Nicole explains that she took a room out at the Salem Inn under a false name. EJ assures it’s all taken care of while Nicole offers to go back and cancel the room if Stefan has any doubts. Nicole states that it’s up to him.

Paulina complains that she’s at the end of her rope. Rafe doesn’t understand because the judge threw Sloan’s case out so he thought this was over. Paulina asks where Shawn is since he knows everything. Rafe responds that Shawn is on a stakeout tonight while Jada notes that Shawn hasn’t said a word to her about Paulina or Sloan. Rafe notes that their detectives do not conduct private investigations. Paulina explains that she asked Shawn to be discrete and asks if they want to hear about the break-in at her office or Sloan’s crazy threats against them. Paulina wants Sloan to end up in a jail cell.

Chanel tells Talia about how she had an affair with a professor who turned out to be Sloan’s father. Chanel says she’s not proud of it and should’ve walked out when he first came on to her but she didn’t. Chanel adds that Sloan’s mother found out and messaged her while pretending to be him to get her to meet her on the roof. Chanel says once up there, she confronted her and threatened her and it all happened so fast. Chanel says she came at her, so she tried to push her away but she lost her balance, fell, and died. Chanel continues that Sloan is sure it wasn’t an accident and that she pushed her mother while her father made her think she’s right. Chanel adds that Sloan’s father ended up drinking himself to death but he left Sloan a letter, saying she pushed her mother off the roof. Chanel explains that Paulina came to her rescue and managed to get things kept quiet while the death of Sloan’s mother was ruled an accident. Chanel thought the whole thing was over until Sloan got her father’s letter and tried blackmailing her then having her sent back to London for a trial but it was too late for the charges, so she tried to sue her for wrongful death but the judge refused the case. Talia questions Sloan not getting the message. Chanel says she never will. Talia realizes now why Sloan acted that way this morning. Chanel acknowledges that she’s the bad guy in this situation as if she didn’t get involved with Sloan’s father, then her mother wouldn’t have died that way. Talia argues that he was the adult in the situation so she shouldn’t feel bad about any of this. Chanel responds that two people are dead and their psychopath daughter is obsessed with making her pay, so this isn’t going away anytime soon. Chanel adds that she understands if Talia is having second thoughts about taking this job. Talia assures that she’s not and says she spent the whole day baking which was the most refreshing and rewarding thing she’s felt in a long time. Talia assures she will be back tomorrow. Chanel says that’s great as she wipes tears from her eyes. Talia appreciates her honesty and says she just feels bad because she hasn’t been so honest with her.

Li tells Gabi that he’s being honest and is capable of being happy for her without trying to get something for himself. Li admits he hopes this opportunity changes how she feels about him but says he’s always pulling for her and he wants to watch her show the world her drive, intelligence, and creative talent. Li asks if Gabi is excited about the meeting as he is, even if he’s the one who made it happen.

Stefan complains about the Salem Inn being right off the town square where everyone goes, so he questions how they are supposed to get in there without being seen. Stefan asks if they are supposed to show up in the middle of the night or in disguise. Nicole assures the front desk has been taken care of while EJ adds that the room will be paid for by DiMera Enterprises. Nicole notes that Stefan and Gabi will have access to a back entrance if he’s interested. Stefan says it’s not Li that he’s worried about but Gabi has everything to lose and all she has to do is adhere to Li’s contract for five months and then his shares will belong to her. Nicole argues that five months is a long time to wait for a couple who have waited to be together as long as Stefan and Gabi have. Stefan says that may be true, but if Li catches them then Gabi gets nothing. EJ credits them having self control. Stefan asks if he’s trying to wear him down. EJ claims he wants to prove that he’s on his side now and knows that will be hard to prove after what he kept from him. EJ knows the time he spent under Dr. Rolf’s spell was time he lost with Gabi, so he wants to make that up to him. Stefan admits how badly he wants to take him up on it. EJ understands his objections to the plan and suggests trying to solve those problems. EJ tells Stefan that if he just says the word, Nicole will get in touch with Gabi to get her to the Salem Inn safely while they will figure out the most secure way for him to join her. EJ adds that no one will do anything until Stefan says the word. Stefan then tells them to go for it, so Nicole exits. EJ encourages that Stefan is doing the right thing. Stefan says he hopes so.

Sloan tells Eric that he should ask Roman about showing his pictures at the Pub and then he can sell directly to the customers which she has been seeing restaurants do. Eric says pricey restaurants do while his customers come for clam chowder. Eric adds that if he did that, Roman would have to be involved and then it wouldn’t be his gallery. Sloan remarks that the gallery’s not happening now anyway. Eric questions her worrying about him after the disappointment she’s had today. Sloan asks if Eric doesn’t know how much he means to her and how important he is. Sloan adds that if it wasn’t for him, she would spend 24 hours a day obsessing over Chanel and Paulina. Eric encourages her to try to let it go but Sloan says she can’t. Sloan knows that makes her complicated to deal with. Eric says he can do complicated as they kiss.

Rafe asks Paulina about finding her office trashed. Paulina explains that she called Shawn and told him to arrest Sloan. Rafe points out that there weren’t any witnesses. Paulina insists that she knows it was Sloan. Jada talks about not having any proof in order to charge her. Paulina questions the law protecting Sloan while leaving her and Chanel to fend for themselves. Jada repeats that they can’t press charges based on her theories. Paulina remembers that Talia was there when Sloan went off on Chanel this morning. Rafe says that gives them something to go on. Paulina argues that she can prove Sloan blackmailed her and tried to haul them in to court but neither one worked out for her, so she’s going rogue. Paulina says she’s scared of what Sloan will do next. Rafe asks if Sloan threatened her directly. Paulina states that she did and got in her face, saying she didn’t care what the court of law says. Paulina asks for their help and says she’s been trying to take care of Chanel but she’s afraid that Chanel is in more danger now than ever, so they need to step up now because she’s scared for her daughter’s life.

Talia reveals to Chanel that she’s a doctor which surprises her. Chanel questions why a doctor would want to work at a bakery. Talia explains that she became a doctor because her father was one and once she realized she was good at science, she wanted to follow in his footsteps because he was her hero. Talia talks about finishing med school and wondering why she wasn’t excited about what she was doing. Chanel notes her saying today was rewarding. Talia says she loves baking and felt like it was fate for her to apply. Chanel brings up that Talia listed working at a famous New York restaurant on her application. Talia admits she was not employed there so Chanel questions if she was conning her. Talia tries to explain but admits that she was not honest on her application. Talia then asks if that means she’s fired.

EJ encourages Stefan to trust Nicole because she’s thought of everything. Stefan responds that he’s thinking of Gabi. Stefan says he could be with Gabi for the first time in forever and now Dr. Rolf is out of his head, so he knows what he’s always wanted and he was this close to telling Gabi but she already signed Li’s papers. EJ tells Stefan that tonight is supposed to change all that as this is what he and Gabi deserve. Stefan asks what if Gabi hates the plan. EJ asks why she would. Stefan questions EJ thinking Gabi will automatically trust Nicole. EJ asks why not. Stefan reminds EJ that Nicole married Rafe and then dumped him and Gabi loves her brother, so she might throw Nicole out and then this whole idea would be dead in the water before it even begins.

Gabi admits to Li that she’s super stoked about this deal and that she fought it because it was Li’s idea. Gabi talks about not even realizing she wanted it until the executives were eating out of her hand and so excited. Gabi thanks Li for getting her in the room and giving her what she needed, so she is grateful, even if he had an ulterior motive. Nicole then shows up at the door and asks if it’s a bad time.

Paulina asks if Rafe and Jada are going to help her or not. Jada acknowledges that Paulina has a valid complaint but notes there’s not a lot of evidence. Paulina questions if they are turning her down. Rafe assures that they are not and there is no harm in bringing Sloan in for questioning. Rafe warns that Sloan better have some damn convincing answers.

Eric and Sloan look at listings for a space for Eric’s gallery. Eric turns down the first few so Sloan complains about him being a downer. Eric agrees to try to be more positive and asks if she’s feeling better. Sloan admits that she is.

Stefan doesn’t know why he agreed to do this and worries that Gabi will be suspicious the moment that Nicole shows up at her door. Stefan wants to give her a heads up but EJ warns that if Li is with Gabi when she gets his text, then the whole plan will go up in smoke. Stefan guesses he’d lose either way. EJ then reveals he anticipated this, so he presents Stefan with a burner phone so if Li sees any text, he won’t know it’s from him. Stefan acknowledges that he really did think of everything. EJ repeats that he’s on his side now and he wants this for him.

Li questions what Nicole is doing there. Nicole says she came to talk to Gabi and mentions hearing that she was pitching a new fashion line. Gabi remarks that word travels fast. Nicole claims she’s here to convince Gabi to come over to Basic Black instead. Gabi questions her wanting to go in to business with her. Li points out that Basic Black is owned by DiMera Enterprises, so he can’t see EJ just standing by while she cuts a deal with Gabi. Gabi agrees. Nicole states that EJ doesn’t have a say as she and Brady run Basic Black their way. Gabi says she would believe that if she didn’t know that she and EJ were having an affair. Nicole responds that she and EJ know how to separate business from their personal life. Nicole tells Gabi not to let her relationship with EJ make her miss out on a great opportunity. Nicole invites Gabi out for a drink so they can talk it over. Li tells Gabi not to be taken in and comments that it’s almost like Nicole heard about Gabi’s meeting and rushed over to avoid getting scooped. Li tells Nicole that she’s too late and that he’s familiar with Basic Black’s operating budget and knows they can’t match the offer. Nicole doesn’t believe Gabi already got a firm offer. Gabi gets a text from Stefan’s burner telling her to listen to Nicole. Li questions what the text was but Gabi claims it was nothing important. Gabi decides one drink will be quick and she wants to hear what Nicole has to say.

Chanel looks up the New York restaurant and asks Talia about some of the recipes. Talia confirms she knows some of them and then asks again if she’s fired. Chanel responds that she is too talented to let go and she’s got guts, so she’s stuck with her. Talia excitedly hugs her and thanks her. Paulina approaches and informs them that she just came from the police department because her office was trashed. Paulina warns Chanel to take Sloan’s threats seriously because she doesn’t care what the law says, so they have to be ready for anything.

Sloan tells Eric they have two possible locations to look at tomorrow. Eric asks if they are really doing this. Sloan confirms they are. Eric points out that it never would’ve crossed his mind to open a gallery if it wasn’t for her and admits he’s really excited. Sloan suggests they go back to her place to celebrate as they kiss. They get up to go but Rafe and Jada arrive at the Pub.

Li tells Gabi that he doesn’t like this and argues that he stuck his neck out to get her the meeting. Gabi questions what’s wrong with getting the best deal. Li asks about dinner. Gaib tells him to just keep it warm and they can have it later as she exits with Nicole. Li shuts the door in frustration. Gabi asks Nicole if this is not about a fashion deal. Nicole admits she’s here because of Stefan. Gabi mentions getting an anonymous text saying to listen to Nicole and questions what this is. Nicole says she will tell her everything in the car.

Stefan complains that this is taking forever. EJ then gets a text from Nicole that she has Gabi and they are on their way to the Salem Inn. Stefan says so is he then. Stefan asks what if Li is having him followed. EJ tells him not to worry about that as his people are better than Li’s and there’s a car out to pick him up so he won’t be in his car. EJ suggests waiting a little while until Nicole and Gabi get to the Inn and proposes a small toast. EJ pours them drinks and toasts to an eventful evening. Stefan toasts to EJ and Nicole, thanking them for making this happen. EJ says no thanks necessary as they take their drinks. Stefan then says he’s out of here so EJ wishes him luck as he exits. EJ remarks to himself that he’s afraid Stefan’s luck has just run out.

Chanel cannot believe Sloan trashed Paulina’s office. Paulina complains that Sloan is off the rails and she had a hard time convincing Jada and Rafe of that, but she finally got them to see the light. Paulina argues that Sloan went through her office, looking for something to use against them. Chanel asks what Rafe is going to do. Paulina says he’s going to bring her in for questioning. Paulina tells Talia that if Jada winds up putting Sloan in a cell, she can throw away the key.

Sloan says they were just leaving but Jada says they will have to make other plans. Eric asks if this is about what happened with Stefan as he thought they were done when he dropped the charges. Rafe responds that this isn’t about Eric. Sloan questions what they want with her. Rafe says they will discuss it at police headquarters as they have a few questions to ask her.

Nicole brings Gabi to a room at the Salem Inn with rose petals on the bed and champagne in the room. Gabi acknowledges that she really went all out. Nicole assures that Stefan is on his way. Gabi is having a hard time believing that EJ is down with this. Nicole insists that EJ feels bad about keeping Stefan in the dark about what Dr. Rolf did which Stefan can confirm. Gabi questions what Nicole gets out of this. Nicole claims she’s just a romantic but there won’t be much romance if she stays here. Nicole tells Gabi to just get comfortable and wait for her guy. Gabi hugs Nicole and thanks her since she and Stefan wanted to be together so much and she’s like the answer to their prayers.

EJ goes to see Li at his apartment. Li calls it unexpected. EJ thinks he’ll be glad that he popped by. EJ asks if he interrupted a celebration. Li responds that it’s already been interrupted. Li tells EJ to say what he has to say and get out before Gabi comes back. EJ asks how things are going with Gabi. Li says slowly. EJ says that’s not good enough and reminds Li that he meant it when he said he wanted to help him reconcile with Gabi because he wants Gabi far away from Stefan and his family’s fortune as soon as possible. Li says EJ has his work cut out for him. EJ asks if Gabi happened to leave with Nicole. Li questions EJ knowing about her offer from Basic Black. EJ reveals there is no offer and that he’s afraid Li has been setup. Li questions how. EJ then informs him that Stefan and Gabi are together as they speak. Li accuses him of lying but EJ says he’s not and asks if he cares to do something about it.

Stefan arrives at the room at the Salem Inn. Gabi can’t believe this is happening. Stefan thanks Nicole. Nicole tells them to enjoy each other and exits the room, putting the do not disturb sign on the way out. Gabi hugs Stefan and says she can’t believe this is happening. Stefan declares that they are really finally alone and kisses her.

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