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Kate: Where is the Bo that that I knew that was a rebel, that would’ve come in here and would’ve blown up this whole lab and taken off on his motorcycle without ever bothering to look back at the flames? I mean, I mean, how many times did you take down Megan’s old man? That Bo Brady did not follow orders, hated anyone to tell him what to do. That Bo Brady right now would think that you’re disgusting that you’re doing something just because someone ordered you to do it. That someone, my, the likes of Megan’s Hathaway.

Bo: How about this? I want you dead.

Kate: Do you? Do you really? Because if you do, pull that trigger,

Rolf: What a spectacular rat, Skippy, look at your shining fur, sparkling eyes. That serum is working its magic on you. My little beauty,  Kate Roberts could have sit from the fountain of youth as well, but she chose to be difficult and now she’s dead. It looks as though Megan has put our two remaining guests back to sleep in order to avoid another escape attempt, and we can’t afford to lose any more lab rats before the serum is ready for testing.  No offense and so happens. I’ve manufactured a new batch in record time. You’ve been an excellent test subject. Now to see how the humans do

Hum it Harris, take a deep breath. That works. It’s not working. I can’t remember anything from the day Megan took me to the day. The day I woken the crap. It’s okay. It’s all right. Just, hey, just give it time. It’s alright. Megan, sub drive to you to years of wine control. You’ve been working with Kimberly for less than 24 hours, maybe this is a part of my brain that doesn’t wanna be reprogrammed.

You want your life back. Yes, I do want my life back.

I wanna find Megan

and I wanna bring her.

For your sake

from mine. Oh, there you are, right. Good news, miss sve. I’ve finished making a new batches of serum and I’ve tested it on my little friend Skippy here. How is he? She, when she’s never looked better racing around her cage like a young pup. Why don’t you look pleased? Because the serum won’t do me any good if I’ve already lost Bo, and that will all be your fault.

My fault. What did I do? You said he was beat forever. Loyal and true to me. He has been. No, he has not. Last night after I ordered him to kill Kate. Wait, are you saying he didn’t go through visit? We heard the gunshot. Well, yes. Yes. He killed Kate. But then he went rogue. He said it was the last order of mine that he was gonna follow, and he locked himself in the other lab and won’t speak to me.

And how could you have let this happen?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

It’s interesting.

Interesting. That’s all you have to say for yourself. You told me the BO would be eating outta the palm of my hand and he was until he wasn’t. Bo Brady, as you know, is an uncommonly strong-willed individual. I suspect it’s one of the reasons you fell in love with him in the first. And it’s also the reason you needed the serum to turn back time and they can fall back in love with you.

You promised. I promised nothing. Ms. Ve, as I’ve told you, I can mold people’s minds, their thought center some extent, their desires. But I can’t change who they are at the core. They will be who they’ve always been.

Parents, Carolyn Brady, and Victor Kitty. I like the kind of man you are though. You’ve got pride. You can hold your head up high and stare any man right in the eye. Proud to have you for a son. Hope you know that.

Good morning, Ms. Brady, commander Michaels. I’m Dr. Frankel. I’m a psychiatrist for the is. Where? Where? Where’s Kimberly Donovan? Dr. Donovan called me in to consult on your case. Oh, okay. And what is your assessment? Unfortunately, it appears the changes to your brain chemistry are deeply embedded. Dr. Donovan and I both agreed traditional psychotherapy may not be enough to retrieve your memories.


now what? One option is E C T E C T Shark therapy. Historically, it’s been prescribed to treat resistant depression, but it’s also used in conditioning and therefore reconditioning. So So you, you wouldn’t Is that my brain? I wouldn’t put it like that, but yes. And you think this could get Megan’s programming out of his head?

I can’t guarantee it. And I must warn you, there are many potential side effects such as. Headaches, confusion, memory loss. In very rare cases, it can even be fatal.

I don’t care. I want to do it now. Let’s do it today. Oh, sure. About this? Yeah, sure. In that case, I’ll need you to sign this consent form.

You can take time deciding on this. We can talk it over with Kimberly. You don’t have to sign it right now. I can’t move this way anymore.

Let’s just do it now.

Virtual chess. Huh? At which, uh, your son, Theo is virtually unbeatable. It’s infuriating, right? Well, it’s definitely humbly, yes. You know, I almost beat him in a game the other day. Almost beat a key word. Well, stay at it. He’s bound to make a mistake someday. Sure. If you say so.

You know, when I think about all the worries Alexia and I had, that he would never work or live independently, and now sometimes I wish he were a little bit less independent. Yeah, I hear you. I, um, I say that about Toms and Charlotte all the time. They’re, they’re growing up so. And that will only speed up as they get older.

Theo was about Thomas’s age when you lost Lexi, right? Yes, he was. How did he react when, when you started to, um, to move on? Move on. You mean dating? Yeah. You know, Thomas and Charlotte, they adore Stephanie. And, and they’re, they’re happy that she and I are, are together, but it’s just what worries me is

worries me is, um, Dino, if it doesn’t work out and, and they’re already so attached, Chad, Dino, goodness, none of us know for sure what the future holds. I mean, my advice is take it one day at a. Enjoy what you and Stephanie have together and stop. Stop with the what ifs. . Your children are strong and you know, whatever happens down the road, it’s, but having Stephanie in their lives right now is a good thing, I think.

I think you are right. Very good. And no more what ifs. Good. I’m gonna hold you to that and segueing to, uh, a work relationship between you and Stephanie, which is also very good. I mean, Pauline is very impressed with the two of you, and you’ve helped her, you’ve helped her out of a lot of ugly gyms. Yeah.

Well, you know, we, we had that, that big screw up, uh, a few months back. We’re just grateful that she gave us a second shot. You know, Paul, she wants what she wants and, well, you know the, what’s the thing about business? It can get a little Missy.

Dear God, somebody broke in here and trashed the place. I’m not so sure about that. This place doesn’t look trash to you. No. I mean about the breaking in part. When we got here, the door was locked. Right? You, you used your key. Yes. No. So if someone picks a lock, it disables the mechanism. I learned that from my dad.

So whoever got in, got in some other way. I don’t care how they got in. All I care about is who did it, and I know exactly who it was.

I am going to turn up the voltage

stop. You’re hurting him. Lower the voltage.

Keep going, I can kick it.

Commander Harris Michaels was a strong-willed man who also fancied himself to be a hero, but he always did exactly as I ordered him too. Not always, he wouldn’t shoot hope on a vetting day. You don’t have to remind me. What is it with these men in Hope Williams? Brady? She’s like catnip. What is it that they see in her beauty brains bravery.

Ah, sorry. You asked the question, but the point is Bo doesn’t see anything in her anymore. How can you be so sure about that? He’s broken free of my. How do you know that your programming hasn’t failed entirely? How can you be sure that he hasn’t fallen for her? Again,

hope Williams Brady Pose Liaison. That drug is one true love bow and hope we’re a romance for the ages, but through the. The relationship has hardly been smooth sailing. I don’t give up easily. Fancy face. Neither do I, Brady. Forget it. Just listen. No, I’m not going stop it.

No, Paul, you can knock yourself out trying, but it’s never gonna work. You can’t change the past, Paul, you’re right. So I can take a long, healthy look at the future. We don’t have a future anymore.

We’ll see about that.

You know who did this to your office? Well, of course, Sloane Peterson. Who else? You have proof or you’re just guessing? Come on, Stephanie. Ever since Bell got her case against me and Chanel thrown out Sloane, she’s made some big vows. She’s going to get her revenge some way, some. Well, I mean, trashing your office is upsetting, but it doesn’t seem like Sloane’s mo.

Well, maybe she’s trying to find dirt to use against me. I don’t know. The woman is unhinged. I guess that’s possible. It’s not only possible. It is what? It’s what happened? Oh, no, she’s not gonna get away with this. Wait, where are you going? Where do you think I’m going over there to ring her scr little neck.

You know, I can’t promise that things with Paul won’t get messy. In fact, I can more easily promise that they will , but I’m glad she has you and Stephanie on her side. Me too. Hey, hey, Hey, Chad. Steve throwing around. I know he, he left a while ago. What’s going on? Oh, got, uh, some news about the hunt for Megan Hathaway.

Just wanted to give him an update. Well, I’d like to get an update myself. Uh, I can’t say I’m looking forward to meeting my long law sister unless she’s in police custody. When I do. If Bo’s feelings for Hope had returned, he wouldn’t be haul up in Z of the lab. He’d be tearing his way out of this place.

Nothing could stop him from getting home to her. He doesn’t even know where he is. It wouldn’t matter if he was on the moon, he’d find his way back to her, but he owes his life to you. That gives you considerable power in this situ. Until last night, he had done everything that I asked him to. He, he stole the orchid from Salem.

He, he killed Kate. I don’t understand what’s changed. So suddenly we have to remember he’s been through a great deal of trauma. We don’t know, has a brain tumor altered his mental status? He doesn’t have a brain tumor anymore. Again, thanks to me. I got those prisms, I revived him. I kidnapped numerous people.

I’ve been living off the grid for decades and I’ve sacrificed. Everything for one reason and one reason only to get Bo back, and I am not going to lose him. Now.

Bo Brady’s stubborn streak will be the biggest obstacle to overcome, as he will most certainly be resistant to treatment. His love for hope is embedded at the most elemental level and thus difficult to erase completely. My best strategy is to exploit the cracks in a very foundation of their relationship.

Well, are you back for good or are you going back to I’ve gotta go to Victor’s place. That’s what you want. Tell you what I want. I want you to, oh, don’t, I can’t, don’t even have. If you walk off that door pole, I don’t want you to ever come back again. Oh, come. I mean, boat. We have to go through. You go out that door and our marriage is finished.

Yeah. Uh, makes sense. I guess this is it, isn’t it? No, there’s something else I want to say too.

I do love you.

And that is never going to change no matter what happens. I love you. Just remember that. Okay,


Goodbye, Paul. Bo has loved other women, including Ms. Hathaway if only goes according to plan. He will love her once.

I remember,

so Michael’s agreed to track down Megan, are you sure it’s not some kind of trick? Well, the thing is, Kimberly is treating him and she believes he’s sincere. She says that whatever feelings he has for hope have broken through Megan’s brainwash. I hate to say it about my own sister. I, I hope she fries for what she did.

Well, we’re working on that. Does Stephanie know about the latest developments? No, actually not. Uh, but she would like to be in the loop. Do me a favor if you see her before I do, would you mind filling her in? Sure. I’m sorry. If you were worried about her last. Stephanie’s a grown woman, you know, and if I haven’t made it clear before, I’m glad that she has her support, especially now.

Thank you for saying that. We’re going through a tough time and we’re helping each other the best that we can. Well, they have a great relationship work-wise, and Paul just. SJ P R’S contract. That’s great. Stephanie must be so happy about that. Yeah, she’s actually signing the contract right now, and I, I, I supposed to have heard from her by now.

Um, I’m gonna just go and make sure everything’s okay. Ms. Price. You can’t just go over there and confront Sloan. Why the hell Matt? Because she could be dangerous. We should call the police. You know that if I called the police that gossip, manga lady, lawn mower, whistleblower, whatever. She’ll publish another clickbait column about the latest scandal to plague Paulina Price.

But how is it a scandal that someone trashed your office? I just told you to put out a press release insisting that no one gets away with crossing me. This will make me look like some sort of pathetic victim, or at least a magnet for disaster. It is not your fault that someone broke in and aha. So you agree she broke in?

Why don’t, why don’t you let me handle the. Starting with pointing out that strangling someone is not the most strategic move. Mm. Well, yeah. Alright. Alright. Bye. I’ll give you that. I’ll tell you what though. I know someone who can handle this discreetly. If you’ll let me give him a call.

It comes down to the age old. Nature versus Nurture. Bo was raised as a Brady to be a solid and decent member of the community, but by blood, he’s Victor Kitty’s son

in all my life. I wanted a son, somebody I could share my work with, share my life with somebody to pass my dream onto. I have that now. Couldn’t ask for a better son than you, Bo. I mean, I look at you and I see me now. I take that back. I have, I look at you and I see the good parts of me.

That explains why he was the black sheep of the Brady Clan. I intend to tap into his dark side, something he shares with Ms. Hathaway. There must be something that you can do, give Bo’s brain a tumor or something. He’s not a mo. You know what I mean? I need you to ensure that he is hopelessly devoted to only me.

And then we can use the serum and we can turn back time and we can go back to the good old days before Hope Williams came along, ruin and be fake with the giant buttons. Kill shoes is, are you all right?

Yeah, I think so. What do you remember?

Is it working off? Do you have control facilities? With Megan, it was like, it was like a lab and there was this guy with a white pony. Dr. Bra. Yes. Yes. That, that, that’s it. That’s his name. They put electrodes on my head like this. What else did you see?

There was this, there was a tube light container in the lab. When he was upright, he was human sized. Two for a person? Yes. And there was someone inside, who was it? Four in the tube.

Damn it. If only we had some other leads on Megan, we wouldn’t be totally at the mercy of this. Harris Michaels, I just thought of that woman at Homicidal bench walking around. It just burns me.

What? Why are you looking at me like that, Stevens? It’s just like you’re, you’re letting this quest take over your life. Okay. I know what you’re gonna say. I say This is no way to deal with my. But lemme tell you something, man. This is the only thing getting me outta bed in the morning. It helps me avoid thinking about life without Kayla.

I just can’t think about it, buddy. You know, you have to eventually. They just know that you, your friends, are there for you, whatever you need.

Who were you calling?

What the hell happened here? Exactly what it looks like. Someone tore the place up. Are you all right? She’s fine. So am I. If, uh, Do you see who did it? No. We walked in and found it this way. I assume the police have been called. Uh, not yet. We haven’t called them. Why not? Because I want this handled with the utmost discussion, and I’m about to do just that as long as Paulina agrees with my plan.

This person you saw on the tube, did you have any idea who it could have?

The glass was obscured by fog. I couldn’t see their face. Is there anything else you remember from the room? Anything at all

or something? Something on the wall? Some. Some sort of chart. Maybe a nautical map.

Do you think you could identify it? I remember seeing coordinates

make a backslab that map could lead you. Right. Tour. And whoever else she might be keeping there.

Where is the boat that I knew that was a rebel that would’ve come in here and would’ve blown up this whole last. I like the kind of man you are though. Couldn’t ask for a better son than you taken off on his motorcycle without ever bothering to look back at the flame. How proud I son. It’s fancy

you. Having you for a son has changed my life. Bob, man, look at you and I see me now I take that back. I. I look at you and I see the good parts of me, you honest, and look at me. So you’re not happy to see me.



Marvel Thought you would be so good at thinking.

We had a lot of wonderful moments here, didn’t we?

Yeah, I think I can remember a few. Where is the boat that, that I knew that was a rebel that would’ve come in here and would’ve blown up this whole lap and taken off on his motorcycle without ever bothering to look back at the.

I guess that answers my question. One question is that whether or not you want me here after that kiss, I know you too.

It’s fancy. Please don’t leave me.

If you want me to perform a tuneup on bo, you’ll need to either be cooperative or coerced. Yes, I have a plan A and a plan B. Why does that not surprise me? You just keep working on the serum.

What are you looking for?

Got it. If I should return,

and this is exactly how you found it, if it is, thanks again for coming so fast. Yeah, of course. You see anything? Hello? Yeah. No sign. A forced entry. Paulina, are you sure that, uh, nothing appears to be missing? No, but we already knew this. Oh, I’m just asking, does this all seem weird to you? Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s unusual.

Pollina. Are you sure that nobody happened to have gotten a hold of a spare key? Are you saying, this is my fault? Hey, I’m just covering all my bases here. I wanna get a forensic unit in here and. Desperate press. No, no, no. You don’t need to bother with that. I can tell you who’s guilty. So go do your job at arrest Sloan Peterson.

So what do you intend to do with Megan when you find her? Well, it’s probably best. You don’t hear the answer to that, Mr. Mayor.

It’s hope. Hey, hope. What’d you? We may have a general location. Okay. Text me what you got. You got it? As soon as I get off. Okay, we’ll check it out. I’m gonna call John. We’ll hop on a plane and we’ll meet you there. Okay, great. See you soon. Listen, I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta get going. Yeah. No, I know. I know you.

Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris, Harris.

There’s a side of BO that was drawn to Megan, the side that craves danger, excitement, life on the wild side under the right circum. She might once again welcome her with open arms.

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