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Can’t believe he’s still sleeping. I mean, neither. I mean, with all that commotion, Getting off the ball, checking in the hotel. I thought for sure little man was gonna wake up screaming his head off. Yeah. Well you think that after 285 days at sea you’d be just as happy as we are to be back on Sara Pharma in the US

is your mommy right? Little man? You happy to be home?

Listen, I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta get. Yeah. No, I know. I know you. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. Harris. How would it help it? Here Paris. Wake up Paris.

And then there were two saw since Kate. Instead, which of you will be my next Guinea pig?

John, I need you to meet me at the airfield right now. I just talked to Hope. I have a possible location on Megan Hathaway.

You seem eng. What are you looking at? False notes on me. Why isn’t it just a page after page of scientific mumbo jumbo? No. What kind of thought provoking is observations of my past. Well, your past is long gone. We need to focus on your future. Our future together. Look, I’ll get rid of that. You don’t need anymore.

No, that’s fine. Fine. Now that I’ve finished it, it’s uh, you know, on the hard drive, won’t forget it, a bit about how I saved your life now, the bit about who I was, what I wanted, who my father is.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Your lack of introspection has always been one of your most attractive features. Look, forget the file.

Is that an order? It’s just a suggestion. Knowing how you feel about orders would’ve been counterproductive if made to issue one, right? Because you’re always looking out for me, all in my best interest, given the lengths that I have gone to, to rescue you and protect you. I don’t understand how you could possibly be questioning my motives.

Really. Let me think about that. Um, you order me to kill, to kill, I, I don’t know. I might. I think you have a more sinister agenda. That wasn’t an order, that was also a suggestion, a friendly suggestion. I, I didn’t want you and I to have any distractions. Right? Kind of like a do not disturb, shine, a permanent do not disturb a.

That vial has made you very negative and oppositional.

I was just hoping that we could talk. Oh, well, good. Because there’s something. I would like to talk about, what is it? I’m leaving

as beautiful as Turks and Caicos was. I’m actually really happy to be back home, although I guess we’re not technically home yet. Oh, not unless you have property on the waterfront of Annapolis, Maryland that I don’t know about. No. . I’m pretty sure our boat is about as much waterfront as I can handle.

Mm-hmm. Um, , but actually while we are in the us I was thinking, what if we make a little pit stop? Oh, let me guess. You want to go back to Salem? Mm-hmm. . We can fly out and we can see Sean and my grandparents. I mean, you read Grandma Julie’s last email, she basically threatened us with bodily harm if we didn’t bring him home for his first birthday.

Yeah, I think her exact words were that if I don’t see my great grandson soon, Doug and I will be water skiing to meet you. . Yes. And as much as I would literally love to see that, I think a two hour flight would just be easier for all of us. So what do you say you wanna bring Bill back home and show him what he’s been missing?

It would be really great to see everybody again. Mm-hmm. , and obviously they’d fall all over Bo. Mm-hmm.


it’s not gonna be the same without Dr. Evans being there.

Should I flip a coin? Ah, not possible. No currency on this island.

Any mini mining mo catch a doctor. How does the rest of it go? Ah, no matter I’ll improvise. A chief of staff is good for a laugh, but to shrink, we really make you sink. Out goes by o you. Hmm.

So hope’s efforts paid off. Huh? She got here is to give up Megan’s location. Yeah, well, took quite a bit of effort and an assist from the isa, but he was finally able to remember some kind of facility in the Mediterranean where Rolf and Megan first programmed it. Hmm. Better. He remembered Z, an nautical chart on the wall, and he recalled the latitude and longitude markers.

Hope looked up the coordinates. She sent me this.

So what are you thinking? Partner? Megan’s location can be somewhere on this map. After Megan fled Caracas, it’s very possible she hole up in this location.

Ah, Dr. Johnson, welcome back to Len of the Living yet again. Let go of me. Let go. Don’t try to. You’re coming out as the effects of a very strong sedative. Your limbs won’t be fully functioning for some time yet. Ah, I know she’s still sleeping, but we won’t be needing her participation as I’ve determined that today is your lucky day,

Well, not as a case. Maybe what he, what do you mean lucky? I have developed a miraculous new. One that, if not for the irrational influence of politics would be certain to win a Nobel Prize. But so I have no doubt of my genius. I’m afraid I cannot prove its effectiveness without a human trial. Human trial.

Your friend, Kate, first to be the first subject, but she destroyed my initial badge. Megan had no choice but to eliminate.

We both know how much Marlena did for you, for us, actually, and it’s gonna be so strange to go back to Salem without her there. I think it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be more than strange. It’s just, it’s terribly sad. And you’re on Kayla and Kate. Oh my God, it all just seems so unreal. You know, when we were gone for so long, I mean, we missed all the funerals.

I think maybe that’s why I’m having a hard time believing that Dr. Evans is really gone. I never got the chance to say goodbye to her. And I mean, even if I did, I don’t even know what I would’ve said, Sierra. I mean, how do you thank somebody for literally saving your life? You would’ve found the words, babe.

You always do. Yeah. Well, I don’t know if I’m gonna find the words when I see John, your Uncle Steve, your Uncle Roman. I mean, I, I don’t know. I guess we can just tell him how much we cared about Marlena and about Kayla and Kate and just let them know that our hearts go out to.

You know, I had another dream about Dr. Evans last night. I don’t, I don’t like even remember all the details, but I was with her when she was dying and, uh, all I remember is that I was desperately trying to save her life, like, like she saved mine. And it, it really wasn’t a bad dream, I guess it was a good dream because like I said, I, I can’t remember all the details.

I just remember. She opened her eyes,

she smiled at me and uh, I knew she was gonna survive.

Hated waking up from that train. I know you did.

You know, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have, you wouldn’t have bow.

Well, Marlena saw the man that you are, she saw the person that you really are, and at least she got to meet though, and she got to hold him and she saw how happy we are,

and that was because of her.

Ben? Yeah, I am. I suddenly have this feeling like we’re on, on the boat again, like we’re on the water. It’s, it’s normal. Yeah. Trust me, I don’t feel that great either. And I don’t think we got our, our land legs back yet. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That must be it. It’s just, um, it kinda feels like rocking and swaying and it’s making me really dizzy.

They’re probably just gonna eat something. No, I don’t think that’s what I need. Are you sure? Mm. Because you know this hotel is an amazing restaurant. Mm-hmm. , I’ll just want a room service. They have some amazing seafood. They got these clam cakes and these fried clams that are supposed to be unbelievable.

Was there something I said,

Hey, hi.

How are you feeling?

Not sure what happened. You collapsed. I was really worried. The treatment had caused some kind of permanent damage, but the doctor, um, looked you over and assured me it was just a delayed reaction. He wants to keep an eye on you for a little while, make sure it doesn’t happen again. But really he didn’t think, he didn’t think you had anything to worry about.

You’re okay. That’s good to know.

Thank you for staying. Of course. I stayed. You scared.

You scared me. You were so pale Harris lying there on the floor. I feel better now, obviously. Yeah. Thank God obviously. I, I am a little thirsty. Yeah, of course. Treatment was so hard to watch. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to actually experience it.

Thanks. But Harris, you came through those co. John and Steve have pinpointed the location of the lab as we speak right now, and then you should get going. I know how important it’s for you to find Megan. No, I’m, I’m not going anywhere.

What do you mean you’re leaving? What are you talking about, Ben, in this hell hole for months. So I’m getting out. You’ve been here for years and that’s why you’re still. . Is that not good enough for you? Couldn’t. It’s a cell, so I gotta get back out there. Out where? Huh? Where are you going? I don’t know, but I’m not gonna find what I’m looking for.

Stuck in here. And what is that? I have given you everything that you could possibly want. That’s just the thing. I don’t know what I want hope. All I know is I have a lot of questions like about who I am, so I just gotta get out there so I can find myself. Such a cliche. You have to find yourself. Do not mock me.

I am not mocking you. But I just think that when people feel that they have to find themselves, that that is just a bit ridiculous, frankly, self indulgent. Not to mention the fact that you hardly have to travel anywhere to know what you want in life. Haven’t you ever heard the expression wherever you go, there you are.

Well, I don’t want to be here. Hey, I just gotta, I gotta get out there, find some place where I can think and breathe. Maybe see the sky. Good.

Just have to leave here so I can figure things out for myself though. I can tell you anything you wanna know. No, you can’t. I’m the only one who can answer these questions, so I’m leaving here. I’m afraid I cannot let you do that.

Are you okay? Well, yeah, I am now. Please the love of God. Don’t mention food again, so, okay. Really. See, I can’t believe this right now. We just traveled the world in a boat. We get back to land and you get seasick. I am not seasick. Well then, what is it? Get a little bug down on the Caribbean or something.

You don’t feel hot. Maybe we should postpone going to Salem. Get you a doctor. No, no, I, I didn’t get a bug. I did not come down with the flu. Huh? Then what’s wrong?

Okay. So, um, I didn’t wanna say anything until I knew I was sure, but about a week ago I realized that I was late.

What are you saying? Yeah, I, I am, I, uh, I think I might be pregnant.

What do you mean? Don’t you wanna find Megan? What if you collapsed again? You just said the doctor said I was gonna be fine. Paris. What you just did, what you’ve been through obviously took a tremendous toll. You were in a lot of pain. Even the doctor wanted to stop, but you insisted she keep going. Okay.

Don’t, don’t, don’t make me out to be some kind of hero, okay? I did it because, I don’t want Megan to get away with it. She brainwashed me. She used me to hurt people. I wanna bring her down as much as you do. Oh, I don’t know about that. I mean, I definitely wanna bring her down, but I didn’t nearly get myself killed in the process.

Well, if it will gimme my life back, it was worth it. And the first time, this is the first time in a, in a long time, I feel like that actually might happen. Have you thought about what you might wanna do with that life? Honestly, I don’t know. Navy’s my life. I mean, I like to get my career back, but considering how I was compromised, I don’t think the feeling would be mutual.

Well, maybe an arrangement could be made. I know you’re close with the ISA director, but I don’t know if even you could pull those strings. I wouldn’t mind trying. I appreciate that. But here’s what I do know.

I’d like to spend more time with you.

So this is the chart that Michaels remember seeing in the room where he was brainwashed. What’s the number of this notable? Map 26 4. It might be too much to hope for, but I betcha. Somewhere on this map is the lab’s location. So all these little dots right here, these indicate islands in the Mediterranean, right?

Yeah. And that island chain contains about 30 islands. 30. Yeah. Man, we gotta narrow that down. Partner. Well, hey, cross reference. These chain of islands with any of D’S properties.

Okay. No. It doesn’t look like Stephano bought any property in this region. It’s not. Couldn’t be that simple. Great. So now we’re looking for a needle in two haystacks. Well, wait a minute. Maybe we can eliminate some of these right off.

All right. This whole group right here, it’d be almost impossible to approach because they’re all surrounded by Rocky Schoz. All right, good to know. All right, we’ll toss those out. What about, what about this group over here still leaves that wherever this lab is, it has to be housed in a fairly large facility.

Most of these islands couldn’t support that. In fact,

there’s only one that has any infrastructure that size. What kind of infrastructure

will that be? A military base.

Megan eliminated her. Are you, are you saying that Yes, Kate is dead and the takeaway is that it’s not a good idea to resist? Well, anything. Now moving right along. After Kate destroyed my initial batch, I went back to the drawing pat and actually improved it so soon. I’m sure you’ll be asking for another dose because this is going to give you quite a refresher.

And what is it that that’s going to refresh? All of you. My serum is a literal fountain of youth. Rev is intended. It’ll turn back the clock. Make you young again, but I don’t want that. Oh, no . Well, you certainly are in the minority. Most people would spend the fortune to go back in time, and as I say, youth is wasted on the young.

What are you planning to do? I just told you I’m going to make you young in Newby. Although you certainly are still very beautiful and desirable, could you, could you just stay on topic? What if that serum doesn’t work? I’m afraid it won’t be pretty, but I have every confidence that won’t be the case I had.

My results were astounding when I tested it on a Guinea pig for actually a spectacular lab rat. I named Skippy, but Megan will only be satisfied when I prove to her that the human subject can survive the I. It’s for five, which I’m sure you do. And once I patents his formula, you like a bigger fortune. So Megan wants to recapture her youth.

Most of us do. With a rare exception of you apparently. Except in Megan’s case, it isn’t nearly vanity. It’s in the hopes of recapturing a lost love. I’m done following your orders. I’m leaving. No, don’t, don’t be happy, Bo. I, I just. That you can’t leave now bra. He’s just finished a new batch of his serum.

Don’t you see this serum is going to give us back all of those years that were stolen from us all of the years that we were apart. Don’t you want a chance to live the life that we, we were meant to live, that we would’ve lived if my mother hadn’t interfered and kept us apart? No, no. There’s. I am not going back to that.

I have to look forward to my future with me. Here with me. You’re not going to decide that for me. You in great. Megan. Megan. Look, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me, for what you’re asking of me. I’m sorry. Sorry. I cannot give,

of course. I understand.

What about you? Just stay tonight and we can have one last dinner and then we can save a property pie. You can leave in the morning. No. Best for both of us. If I leave now,

well then I’m afraid I do have one last order for you,

so be a man about it.

There’s a military base on the island. Hmm, let me think about this. Not a bad place to look for a lab considering Harris was ex-Navy. So what do you think might have been stationed there? Well, maybe at one time. Place is deserted now. Yeah, it’s abandoned for how long? Let’s see.

Well, we’re definitely active in the fifties. Oh. As a research facility. We just found our needle in the haystack. I’m gonna talk to the pilot and see if we can put this plane down. Outta the way runway on Island 26th. If Hathaway is there, we need to be a little bit of surprise cause we don’t know what the hell we’re gonna walk into.

Megan is hoping to recapture a lost love more than just hoping. She is determined. But the only love of hers I know about is my brother Bo, and he’s dead.

Oh my God. Is Paul alive? Is that it? Is? Is he the one that was in that chamber? Would you think that just because, who else would Megan want to revive? I mean, she already said it wasn’t Stefano. I mean, it would have to be somebody that she would move heaven and earth to bring back. Oh my dear Dr. Johnson, you do have a vile imagination.

Oh God.

Okay. What’s in there this time? A little insurance. I cannot let you walk out that door. I am not gonna let you inject me with that fountain of you serum. Oh, that’s not what that is. I’ve told you that Ralph needs to test that still. This is just a. Yeah, well, not gonna happen. I just thought you would be a little bit more pliable for all.

That’s all. Don’t do this. Why are you doing this? You see? He’s just going to give you a slight attitude adjustment, and when he’s done, you and I will be on the same page. Let’s say you’ll have realized what we had and what we can still. No, don’t want any part of it. You will. You will. When he is finished, you’ll want me as much as I want you.

You know, that year we were together mean, we just wasted so much of it. We were acting like we were a couple and we were just, just playing a big game. But now that I’ve been,

we’ve been given another chance.

I want to, I want to get to know the real you.

I want you to get to know the real me.

I mean, it’s, you know, that’s what I want, and I totally understand. If you don’t, if you don’t feel the same way.

I know, I,

I know I put you through hell. I terrorized your family.

You probably, you probably want nothing to do with me.

I still can’t believe how quickly you got to and from the drugstore. I mean, you must’ve been like sprinting the entire time. Obviously I was sprinting. You just told me you might be pregnant when you wanna sit down and just wait for the truth. I mean, how long does this thing take? Two minutes. Two minutes?

I got two minutes. Two minutes. Uhhuh. Okay. Hey, Ben. Yes. Are you nervous? No. No, no. I’m excited. Uhuh, are you Uhuh? No, I’m, I’m, I’m just, I’m still a little queasy. Okay. Queasy. Queasy, right? Women get queasy. Why is that? Why, why, why, why do you pregnant? Women get queasy. You know what? I don’t think all pregnant women do.

Like my mom, when she was pregnant with Sean, she didn’t really get nauseous at all. And as far as the reasoning, I literally have no idea. But there must be some evolutionary reason for it, right? Yes. Yes. So, yeah, evolution. What does that say, Ben? Yes. Are you, um, are you this nervous because you think this is a good thing or it’s a bad thing?

I mean, we, we really didn’t plan for this, right? And, and Bo is not even a year old, and this means that we would be on a boat with a toddler and a baby. Yeah. It’s not a good thing. What? It’s a great thing. We don’t even know what’s going on. We don’t even know if you’re pregnant. Um, uh, actually we do, what does it say?

Are you, are we? I am. You are. I am.

Oh my God. Can’t believe it. We’re gonna have a baby. We’re gonna have another baby here. We’re, oh my God. Oh my God. But you’re actually happy about this, right? Like I just told you how great this is, Sarah. I mean, what do you, what do you mean? It’s not like we haven’t talked about having another kid. Yeah, but this just, this is so soon.

It’s not too soon for me. When Is it too soon for you? No, no. I then. You are a great dad. Okay. And, and it’ll be so nice for Bo to have a little sibling. He running around. Gonna be so, God, do you hear that? Oh, you’re gonna be a She a big brother. Oh my god. Big brother. Oh my God, Sean, I have to call Sean. Oh, we just found out about this.

Do you think? We don’t need to tell everybody right now. And we just found out. I’m not gonna tell him about the baby. I’m just gonna tell him that we’re. What about your mom? Oh, do you know what? Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll call and see if she can fly down from Montreal. Hey Sean. Hi. Yeah. Um, I was just calling to let you know that we are back in the States.

Yeah, we just talked a little while ago, but right now we’re in a little motel in, uh, Maryland. Yeah. I was also, um, going to say that uh, we might stop by Salem for a little bit if you’re not busy. Great. . Awesome. Yeah. I miss you so much. Um, I’m gonna call mom and see if maybe she can fly down too. Wait. Mom is where yesterday.

I told you that during our time together, some of the moments we shared were real

and they were, I did feel something for you Harris. Fuck. Okay. I, I wasn’t, I wasn’t sure you meant that, but I was, I was working you, huh. Well, I know how important. It is for you to find Megan and I was your last lead and you know, I think you would say anything to convince me to agree to be Deprogram. Yeah.

I, I don’t think that Romeo and Juliet had these kind of conversations too. Well, I, I don’t think they were secret agents and they weren’t trained to second guess everything and everyone. I completely understand. Are you thinking yesterday that I was working an angle and, um, Even if I was, I’m not right now.

This is just us, you and me, for real.

Well, doesn’t look like we have any kind of a welcoming committee. Oh, according to the military co bases. Gotta be right around here somewhere. Hey, that way out there. Yeah. See that building? Let’s do it. No, it it, it’s not. Bo died in hope’s arms, and you died in Steve’s and my lady died in John’s. Are you telling me the truth?

I was alive. I’m not telling you anything. Enough chocolates. Try this out. Shirley,

Megan stuff. Damn it, Bob, I don’t wanna hurt you. Why are you doing this? Don’t you want us to be together? Everything that I’ve done for you, I’ve, I’ve cured your brain tumor. I, I brought you back to life and this is the way that you’re thinking What we had ended years ago, we were never meant to be together.

So, And you gonna go be with hope, because I am not gonna let that happen. I let that

You need to find yourself another Guinea pig. In fact, why don’t you give yourself the serum? How are you doing? Sedative, you shouldn’t have the strength. You should’ve given me a bigger joke,

tenacious, greedy. Come back here, come.

The place is a maze. We’ll cover more ground if we split up. So you go that way.

Go here.

Do you really mean that?

Mm-hmm. , I need to trust you. We’d have to take it one step at a time. Take it slow.

What the hell is going on here?

What the.

Thanks for the.

I’m gonna go into my future on my own.

Kayla: Bo!

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