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[ Gasps ] There they are!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Victor! Nikki! Over here! Over here!

Let me get a picture!

Nikki: Hello!

Mr. Newman!

Nikki: Thank you. Thank you for coming out to celebrate genoa city’s bicentennial. It’s wonderful to see so many old friends.

Victor, are you excited for the gala?

Victor: Oh, I can’t stand it. It’s gonna be a hell of a party.

[ Laughter ] Alright? Okay, my sweetheart, shall we go?

Nikki: Yes.

Victor: Thank you for coming.

Nikki: We’ll see you later.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Who else is gonna be here?! Just a little bit of tea! Just a little something!

One more question!

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I still have a few things to finish up before the guests arrive. And you have to go over your speech for later. You can do it right at the bar. I have been told that it is well stocked with your favorite tequila.

Victor: Baby, I am so impressed. How did you pull this off?

Nikki: Believe me, I had plenty of help. Feels good to throw a big party again, though, doesn’t it?

Victor: I’m looking forward to celebrate with the entire town.

Nikki: Mm.

Victor: And I have a feeling this will be one of the most memorable evenings in genoa city history.

Nikki: I just hope that people will manage to set aside their petty differences for one night.

Victor: Oh, yeah. They will. For about 10 minutes. And then, my dear, all hell will break loose.

Nikki: Don’t say that.

Victor: No, I was just kidding.

Tucker: Guess who it is.

Ashley: I have no idea.

Tucker: It’s me, tucker.

Ashley: [ Gasps ] Wow!

Tucker: God, you look absolutely stunning.

Ashley: Thanks. What are you doing here?

Tucker: Your chariot awaits.

Ashley: Oh, you mean your old pickup.

Tucker: Mm-hmm. And I can’t wait to hear what the valet at the athletic club has to say about it. Would you care to be there to hear it for yourself?

Ashley: What are you getting at?

Tucker: You’re not too perceptive, are you?

Ashley: Oh, I see. You’re asking me on a date.

[ Laughing ] Oh. Right.

Tucker: Unless you’ve got plans for tonight?

Ashley: I do have plans. I’m going to the gala…

Tucker: Hmm.

Ashley: …By myself.

Tucker: Well, it’d be a lot more fun if you went by yourself with me.

Ashley: Mm…

Abby: Amanda. Uh…

[ Chuckles nervously ] Hi. It’s so good to see you.

Amanda: You look surprised. Did you forget I was here for the arbitration?

Abby: No, it’s just, um, well, I haven’t seen you since —

Amanda: Since I walked in on you and devon half-naked in my living room?

Abby: Is there any way that we could talk? I mean, do you have a minute?

Amanda: I really need to get going.

Abby: Amanda, please. Um, look, there’s something that I’ve been wanting to say to you, and I just — I haven’t had the chance.

Amanda: Like what?

Abby: I’m sorry.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Nate: Everything alright?

Devon: Yeah, I’m fine.

Nate: So, uh, how’s the arbitration going?

Devon: You don’t need to act like you care.

Nate: Come on, devon. I care.

Devon: No, you don’T. You don’t care. This is your way of dealing with your guilt.

Nate: Yes, I still have some guilt. That is true. But I’m also concerned.

[ Sighs ] Look, I hate seeing you and lily at each other’s throats like this. And, honestly, I thought you would have figured things out by now.

Devon: Yeah, I thought we would, too, but we didn’T.

Nate: It’s not too late. You can still turn things around.

Jill: You know, I really thought that my decision not to take chancellor-winters public would make all the difference, that devon would just drop the lawsuit then and there. And after that, let the healing begin.

Lily: No, he didn’t even consider it. He just rejected it.

Jill: Yeah, I know. But I haven’t given up hope yet. You know, maybe once he gets a chance to sit with the idea for a while, he’ll come around.

Lily: Yeah, well, look, you did take me by surprise, too. I mean, you didn’t even say why you changed your mind about the ipo and you want devon to stay at the company.

Jill: Didn’t I?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Okay, what are you not telling us?

Jill: [ Clicks tongue ] (Sniffs)

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[ Lock whirs, disengages ]

[ Door opens ]

Sally: I am so glad you’re here. I am starting to get nervous.

Nick: [ Chuckles ] You? Nervous?

Sally: Well, I’ve just never been to a masked ball before.

Nick: It’s great. Think of it as, like, trick or treating for adults, and instead of little chocolate candies, you’re gonna get champagne and finger foods. I thought you were excited.

Sally: I was. But now I can hear all the traffic outside and I can see the lights at the athletic club and — this is a really big deal.

Nick: Yeah, it is. My mom’s in charge. Nikki newman doesn’t throw small parties.

Sally: Right. Yes. And that sounds amazing, and I — [ Sighs ] I want to go. I do. It’s just, I’m in my second trimester now, and… I’m starting to show.

[ Chuckles ]

Nick: You are?

Sally: Kind of, yes. I just tried on my dress, which I had fitted just a month ago. You can see my baby bump.

Nick: I bet it looks great.

Sally: [ Sighs ] I just don’t want my appearance to be the topic of conversation tonight. People are gonna notice and they’re gonna talk about it and then they’re gonna talk about us and maybe adam and the paternity issues. When does it stop?

Nick: Nobody’s gonna do that, alright? You’re not gonna walk in and everybody’s gonna go, “that woman must be pregnant.” There’s gonna too much going on. In fact, they’re gonna be whipping their heads back and forth, going, “who is that beautiful woman?”

Sally: Well, thank you. I feel a little better. How do you always know the right thing to say?

Nick: I mean, I saved the best part for last.

Sally: What is that?

Nick: I didn’t tell you what I really think.

Sally: And that is…?

Nick: I think this baby bump…

Sally: [ Laughs ]

Nick: …Makes you sexy as hell.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Nick: I’m not worried about adam making inroads with sally, if you’re asking if I’m jealous. But I am worried that he’s going to cause sally a bunch of stress that she and the baby just don’t need.

Victoria: Well, just do your best to protect her. Make sure you keep your guard up.

Nick: I will. I would tell you to do the same, but I know your guard is always up when it comes to adam. And just so you know, adam did confirm dad’s plan.

Victoria: And what plan is that?

Nick: Once newman enterprises acquires mccall unlimited, adam’s gonna be placed in charge.

Victoria: That is never gonna happen.

Nick: Look, vick, I know fighting with dad is like a newman family staple, but i really think you should consider staying out of this one. Dad wants to bring adam closer to the family, and you know how he is. He’s not gonna quit until he gets what he wants.

Victoria: Well, then I guess he’s just gonna have to find another way to get what he wants.

Nick: By letting adam run mccall, it keeps him out of our business and lets him focus on something else.

Victoria: But then adam wins.

Nick: Who cares, vick? Let him, if it keeps him out of our hair.

Victoria: My plan is to fold mccall into newman, and I’m not gonna let dad and adam derail that.

Nick: Newman doesn’t need mccall. We’ve made a bunch of great acquisitions. The company is doing great. Let’s just focus on what we have. Let adam and dad go off and do whatever they want away from us.

Victoria: Look, nicholas, i understand where you’re caution is coming from, but I am not gonna pass on this phenomenal opportunity so that dad can use mccall to lure adam back into the family, which is only gonna make him more beholden to dad, like some emotional hostage. It’s bad business. It’s miserable parenting. You and I — we’ve seen this movie before. We know that it ends in disaster for both of them.

Nick: So, now you’re worried about adam’s emotional well-being?

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Ohh. Taking a more casual approach to the night’s festivities?

Victoria: Well, don’t you look dapper.

Adam: Oh, well, thank you so much. Should be quite a party.

Victoria: I hope so. We could use the night out to blow off some steam. We’ve been very, very busy at newman. I assume that you’ve been busy, too…

Adam: Mm.

Victoria: …Whatever it is you’re doing these days.

Adam: [ Laughs ] Um…biding my time.

Victoria: Oh, right. That’s a pretty phrase for “unemployed,” isn’t it?

Adam: Eh, it might be, but I’m waiting on something very interesting.

Victoria: Really? I wonder what that could be. I really hope that you don’t have your heart set on mccall unlimited.

Adam: Why? You think that devon’s gonna buy it?

Victoria: No. No, we have our sights set on the company. It’s gonna be newman property soon.

Adam: Good. I am glad to hear it.

Victoria: I don’t know why. Because even if newman does acquire it, you definitely will not be the one in charge.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I was just about to say the exact same thing to you.

Devon: Are you, like, an expert mediator now? ‘Cause it seems to be all you’re trying to do these days.

Nate: Come on, devon. I never claimed to be an expert. But I do have something I’d like to say, and I’d appreciate it if you’d listen.

Devon: Okay. Let’s hear what you have to say.

Nate: I’d like to tell you that the highlight of my brief, tumultuous time at chancellor winters was watching you and lily work together. Man, your bond was so strong and full of love. You don’t see that between brothers and sisters these days. Look, I am sorry for my role in your conflict. I betrayed you and lily. And I know you don’t want me to say neil’s name around you.

Devon: Yeah, I meant that.

Nate: Fine. Think of him. Think of how he would feel about this rift. Would he want to help rebuild your relationship with lily? Well, he’s not here. So, if there’s anything I can do to help, I would love to know. That is the least I owe you and lily.

Devon: Okay, well, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. So, thanks.

[ Keys jangle ]

[ Door closes ]

Abby: This is a long time coming, and I am so sorry for the pain that I caused you. Look, I understand that a betrayal is a betrayal and it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t intentional and we never meant for this to happen. It was just — it came out of emotion, and I — we don’t even know where it came from.

Amanda: Okay, you can stop. I don’t need to hear this. I really don’t care.

Abby: I doubt that.

Amanda: Well, it’s true. But you’re right. “Not caring” — it didn’t happen overnight. It took time. I replayed that day over and over, you scrambling to find your shirt, devon stammering to explain. I was hurt, I was angry, but i could not — i did not let it dictate my life. I have too much to focus on. My job, my family. My mom needs my love and support back home. So, I have so much going on that I don’t have time to worry about you and devon.

Abby: I’m sure that’s true. But why did you come back here then? You had to have known that you were gonna go head-to-head with devon. I mean, are you trying to punish him?

Amanda: No, no, it is not like that at all.

Abby: Amanda, please listen to me. Devon is struggling to keep his connection with neil, and it is vital that he keeps that connection — and his company. Please don’t punish him for a mistake that he and I both made.


macular degeneration

Jack: Please tell me you are not thinking of bringing tucker to this party tonight.

Ashley: It’s really none of your business, jack.

Jack: It is genoa city’s bicentennial celebration. For a good number of those years, the abbotts have been a respected and admired family in this community. This is an important night for us, ash. And you’re bringing him?

Tucker: Uh, I understand your concerns, jack, but I have had all my shots and I’m housebroken, mostly.

Jack: This is outrageous.

Ashley: Ugh, so predictable, jack, that you would have a problem with me going to this gala with tucker. Not that I’ve agreed to go to this gala with you.

Jack: It is a slap in the face for all the abbotts who have come before us.

Ashley: Would you just give it a rest? I sincerely doubt that our ancestors have an issue with me going to the gala with this miscreant.

Jack: When are you gonna get it through your head you don’t have to give this man another moment of your attention?

Ashley: It’s a date.

Tucker: Fantastic.

Jack: You should know something. Mamie is here. She’s going to be at the gala. When you see her, don’t have him with you. I’d like it to be a pleasant homecoming for her.

Ashley: I can’t wait.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ]

Tucker: Hey, kyle. And summer. Wow. You look lovely.

Summer: Uh, thank you?

Tucker: See ya.

[ Door closes ]

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Uh, what did we miss?

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Abby: You know how much devon loved neil and how much hamilton-winters means to him. And fighting with lily and jill — it’s just tragic.

Amanda: Yeah, it most definitely is.

Abby: And part of me feels like, deep down, you know how wrong this is and that maybe there’s a way that you can help resolve this, a way that could work out for everyone.

Amanda: It never works out for everyone, abby. Lily reached out to me and hired me to win this case. That is what I am obligated to do. It’s nothing personal, abby. I’m not seeking revenge. I wouldn’t do that. I’m a lawyer — and a damn good one. I don’t waste my time on cases I can’t win.

Abby: Amanda —

Amanda: I’m through here. Your little plea on devon’s behalf, it’s touching, but why don’t you just let the grown-ups figure this out? I have no interest in speaking to you about this or anything else ever again.

Abby: [ Sighs heavily ]

Lily: I mean, jill, I —

[ Sighs ] I don’t understand. You seemed so determined to take the company public. You ignored all of devon’s protests, and then you just change your mind and you want to keep it private?

Jill: Yeah, but, lily, you need to leave room for yourself to maneuver. You can’t lock yourself into a position. A strong leader has to be able to change her mind.

Lily: Yeah. I mean, usually when a legal battle starts, you know, but we were winning the case and you still just want to reverse the course?

Jill: Well, that is very true. Okay. But the arbitration brought to light just how contentious things were between you and devon. And, ohh, I hated that.

Lily: And that’s what changed your perspective.

Jill: [ Sighs ] Ah, I got to get going to get ready for the gala.

Lily: [ Scoffs ]

Jill: I will see you at the club, sweetie.

Lily: Okay, wait. Jill, I’m sorry. I need to understand. What made you change your mind today?

Jill: There are a lot of old friends in town for the celebration, and I spoke to one of them. And he reminded me what katherine would want and how she would feel about devon’s role in the company. So, I got some very sage advice

and an alternative.

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Michael: Good evening, newmans! How are we tonight?

Nikki: Hey, michael.

Michael: Working hard, I see.

Victor: Well, I’ll be damned. Mr. Michael baldwin. Well, my beautiful wife is working. I am celebrating.

Michael: [ Laughs ]

Nikki: Well, michael is on the beverage committee, so you have him to thank for your celebrating.

Victor: Thank you, old boy.

Michael: I aim to please.

Victor: Where’s your better half?

Michael: Ohh. Lauren was not satisfied with looking merely spectacular. She is striving for perfection on this big occasion.

Nikki: Ah, well, I am certain she will succeed. So, is everything good to go?

Michael: So far. I’ve checked with the catering. Things are moving ahead as planned. It is gonna be a marvelous night. I am so excited about revealing the lounge and our little surprise.

Nikki: Yes.

Victor: It will be spectacular. I promise you.

Michael: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: Hey, I don’t know what you heard about the mccall acquisition, but, uh, regardless, it’s not gonna end well for you. You’re not gonna control tucker’s company.

Victoria: [ Breathes deeply ] Okay, let me just try to follow your logic for a minute. Newman enterprises is going to acquire mccall unlimited. Oh, that’s right. I’m in charge of newman. Therefore, I’m not in charge of mccall. I’m sorry, but there seem to be some flaws in your argument.

Adam: No, I think the flaw’s in your premise — that you actually control newman.

Victoria: You know, I’m aware of dad’s offer to you to be in control of mccall, but you do realize that it was just a gesture, right? It’s like when a girl can’t get a date to the prom and her cousin has to step in and help her out of pity.

Adam: Wait. I’m the teenage girl who can’t get a date in that scenario? Is that what you’re saying?

Victoria: There is no way in hell I’m gonna stand by and watch while dad gives away a $1-billion company so his poor little baby boy can get a pat on the back.

Adam: Has it ever occurred to you that I am qualified to run that company?

Victoria: No, it hasn’t occurred to me.

Adam: Well, I am. And you are deluded if you think victor isn’t going to see his plan through.

Victoria: And you are deluded if you think that dad is gonna help you this time.

Adam: Do you know what your problem is, victoria?

Victoria: Please tell me.

Adam: You overestimate your own abilities so badly that you are oblivious to other people’s strengths. It’s probably one of the reasons dad’s gonna put me in charge of mccall — ’cause you don’t know what you’re doing.

Nate: Hey. Hey. You are way out of line, adam. (Vo) nature valley has helped restore access to national park trails

Kyle: I don’t understand. Why was ashley with tucker mccall?

Jack: You really want to know?

Kyle: Actually, no. I think I’m going to stay out of it.

Summer: I think that that is a great choice. Let’s just focus on this party and the things that matter.

Diane: Like the fact that you two look amazing.

Summer: Thank you, diane.

Jack: You look pretty amazing yourself.

Diane: Mm! It’s going to be a wonderful night.

Kyle: Hey, where’s traci? She wasn’t upstairs.

Jack: She and mamie are gonna meet us at the club. But while we have the two of you alone, there’s something we’d like to run by you.

Kyle: What’s that?

Jack: Well, you know our news.

Summer: Yes. The two of you are getting married. Congratulations again.

Kyle: And we wish you all the happiness in the world.

Diane: Thank you, kyle.

Jack: Yes. Thank you. That’s very thoughtful.

Diane: And with that in mind, we’d like to announce our engagement tonight.

Summer: [ Inhales sharply ] Tonight?

Kyle: At the gala?

Jack: We want all of genoa city to know.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Abby: Hi.

Devon: Hey, pretty lady.

Abby: Hey.

Devon: How you doing? One more, please.

Abby: Mm. How’d today go?

Devon: Um… [ Chuckles ] The arbitration did not go well.

Abby: Okay, but, I mean, it’s not over yet. There’s still a chance things could turn around.

Devon: Yeah. Maybe. But I didn’t keep my cool the way I wanted to, and i definitely let amanda get to me. And now christine thinks that our argument is not landing.

Abby: Well, it’s not over yet. You have to remember that.

Devon: Do you want to hear the biggest shock of the day?

Abby: Tell me.

Devon: So, jill shows up and interrupts the whole thing and asks to speak with me and lily in private.

Abby: Sounds dramatic.

Devon: Right? Then she tells us that she’s prepared to kill the whole idea of the ipo and keep the company private.

Abby: She said that?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: That’s amazing. I mean, I can’t believe it.

Devon: I can’t, either. I’m still trying to process it.

Abby: But this is good, isn’t it? I mean, this could change everything, right?

Victoria: You don’t have to worry about my brother, nate. He’s harmless.

Nate: I didn’t care for what he was saying.

Victoria: Well, it’s alright because nobody listens to him anyway. I can handle him. It’s fine.

Nate: I know you can. I just felt he needed to be called out for his behavior.

Adam: This is…interesting.

Victoria: What is?

Adam: Well, nate either feels very strongly about the mccall acquisition or he feels very strongly about defending his boss.

Nate: Hmm. Why can’t it be both?

Victoria: He’s the head of newman media. He should be concerned about both.

Adam: Well, yeah, but, i mean, so much passion? I always took you for a level-headed guy. But it’s good you two are on the same page. That’s really good. Maybe we could talk about this later at the gala.

[ Fingers snap ] Are you going?

Victoria: You know I am.

Adam: Is elena going, or are you two going together as, like, a work thing?

Nate: Elena is obviously going.

Adam: Obviously, she’s going.

Victoria: You know, adam, i don’t know what you’re trying to stir up right now, but playtime is over.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: I have to get ready.

Nate: I’ll walk you out.

Adam: Wait, nate, you forgot to order actual coffee. Save me a dance!

Sharon: Dare I ask what that was about?

Adam: Uh, you would probably not be as entertained as I was.

Sharon: Oh. Well, then I’m not sorry i missed it.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Sharon, wait a second. Um…who are you going to the gala with?

Sharon: Uh, me, myself and I, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Adam: Well, that’s great. Because I have an idea.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nikki: Ah. I am done. Everything is set.

Michael: Whoo-hoo!

Nikki: I’m just going to enjoy the rest of the evening. The guests will be arriving any minute. So…

Victor: What, my baby?

Nikki: …From this moment on…

Victor: Yes?

Nikki: …Your only focus is to celebrate genoa city with all of our friends.

Victor: Okay.

Michael: Hear, hear. Now, I suggest we go inspect the lounge to make sure it’s ready.

Nikki: Oh, good idea.

Michael: Yeah.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: Darling, come with us, please, and let the party begin!

Victor: Yes!

Tucker! Tucker! Ashley!

Ashley abbott! Ashley abbott, are you and tucker mccall a couple again?

Ashley: Now, you know you’re just gonna write whatever you want to write anyway. I’m here to celebrate 200 years of genoa city.

[ Light laughter ]

Tucker: And [Clears throat] I’m just the chauffeur, but i definitely have the hots for her.

[ Laughter ]

Ashley: You’re too much.

Tucker: You love it.

Ashley: Well, right. Bye.

Ashley, over here, over here, over here!

Devon: If jill would have said this weeks ago, then maybe we could have worked something out. But I just — thank you.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: I don’t see how keeping the company private is gonna do any good ’cause I don’t know how I’d ever be able to trust them to keep their word.

Abby: But it has to give you some hope that maybe you can work things out, especially with lily?

Devon: Esp– no, not especially with lilly. She’s the one who’s gone after me the most in all this. And then she went and hired amanda.

Abby: Oh. Speaking of amanda, um, I ran into her tonight.

Devon: What happened?

Abby: We talked, and, um… I mean, she was very calm. She never raised her voice or anything. I mean, I wouldn’t blame her if she hated me, but, um, she didn’t let me have it or anything like that.

Devon: That’s good.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: That’s one bright spot in this day.

Abby: Well, there is one more bright spot — because the gala is tonight.

Devon: Oh, gosh. Yeah. I don’t — I don’t feel like going to that. I just want to stay home and have a peaceful night.

Abby: Oh, come on. You have to go. It’s very important.

Devon: Why? What’s important?

Abby: Well, just to get your mind off of things just for a few hours.

Devon: That’s not — that’s not gonna happen.

Abby: Okay. [ Sighs ] Look, I wasn’t supposed to say anything, but there is something very special happening tonight.

Devon: What do you mean, special? You gonna give me a hint?

Abby: You just — you have to trust me. You’re gonna want to be there.

Sally: I could stay like this forever. But we can’T.

Nick: Mm.

Sally: We have to get ready for the party of the year.

Nick: Well, you sound a lot less nervous. Does that mean we’re going?

Sally: Yes, we are going. You calmed my nerves. Good job. You reminded me that with you on my side, there’s nothing that can bring me down.

Adam: I, uh — I was gonna go solo. But, I mean, why don’t we go together, sharon?

Sharon: You want to go with me?

Adam: It would be nice to go with one of the few people in this town whose company i actually enjoy.

Sharon: I think you just want someone to complain to when you see sally and nick there together.

Adam: Look, I’ve accepted that they are together. And it does sting a little. But if I was with you, at least I would have fun. What do you say?

Sharon: You know what? I’m in. I could use some arm candy.

Adam: Excellent. Hey, it’s gonna be fun. You made my night. Hi, I’m katie, I’ve lost 110 pounds

Summer: I wasn’t expecting that.

Kyle: Me either. What a surprise. Why are you making the announcement at such a huge party?

Jack: Efficiency. Everyone will be there. We can tell them all in one fell swoop.

Diane: And, besides, we can’t keep it to ourselves much longer. We want the whole world to know.

Summer: Not just a — a little longer, though? Like, 24 hours maybe?

Diane: Summer, we realize there’s going to be some negative reactions, but we are not going to worry about that.

Jack: Are you worried how your mother is going to react?

Summer: Aren’t you? She’s not gonna take this news well.

[ Sighs ] But, you know, after the way she conspired with stark and lied to me about it, I guess i shouldn’t really care about her hurt feelings. You know what? If you two want to shout your engagement from the rooftops, you have every right to do so.

Kyle: I agree. You shouldn’t have to hide your happiness. I say go for it.

Jack: Thank you. And we shall.

Diane: Your support means everything to us.

Summer: Uh, kyle, we promised harrison that we’d read to him before we go.

Kyle: Right. Excuse us. We have to go tuck our boy in.

Jack: Give him our love.

Kyle: We will. And you should go ahead without us. We may be a while.

[ Chuckles ]

Diane: [ Sighs ] Are you ready? It’s going to be a big night.

Jack: Actually, there’s something we have to do first.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]


Ooh, look over there!

Abby abbott!

Aw, come on, abby! Pose for us!

Abby: [ Chuckles ]



Any comments about tonight’s festivities, devon?

Devon: Uh, absolutely. Absolutely. It’s a big night, and I am very proud to be here representing my grandmother, katherine chancellor, and my father, neil winters, two people that were very loved here in genoa city.

Adam: And as a member of the newman and abbott families, I’m so happy to be here, and we are so excited to celebrate this community.

Devon: Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Oh, okay.

Hey, how about a group photo?

Devon: Uh…

Lily: Of course. Absolutely.

Devon: Yeah, let’s do it.


Devon: Let’s do it.

Jill: [ Sighs ] Everybody just keep smiling.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Jill: Let’s get along just for tonight.

Devon: Yeah. See you in there. Yeah.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Jill: [ Sighs ] Here, sweetie. Alright, don’t let that bother you.

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Jill: I know. I know. Keep that smile plastered on your face. Oh! It’s gonna be one of those nights.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Abby: [ Sighs ] I cannot believe we ran into lily before we even stepped inside — and in front of photographers.

Devon: Yeah. It was bound to happen at some point, so at least we got it out of the way.

Abby: That’s a positive way to look at it.

Devon: Well, I said I was gonna try and enjoy myself, so I’m not gonna let running into her ruin the evening.

Abby: Well, this should help get the party started.

Devon: What’s this? Yeah.

Abby: Thank you so much.

Devon: Thank you very much.

Abby: Cheers.

Devon: Cheers. Mmm.

Abby: Mmm.

Devon: Yeah, no, I think this is gonna be an amazing night, especially when I find out what this surprise is you’re keeping from me.

Abby: You will not be disappointed.

Devon: No?

Abby: Mnh-mnh.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Daniel: I can’t believe devon didn’t come back after jill offered to keep chancellor-winters private. I mean, it’s like he doesn’t want a solution. How are you holding up?

Lily: Honestly, I’m fine. I’m not gonna let my brother ruin our evening. And, besides, don’t worry about it. You had a great day with chelsea, so let’s just — let’s celebrate.

Daniel: I like that idea. Let’s celebrate. Let’s get a drink. Um, “cham-pag-nay”?

Lily: Yes, “cham-pag-nay.”

Daniel: “Cham-pag-nay.” Hi. Uh, could I get, uh, two glasses of your finest champagne? When aspen dental told me that my dentures were ready,

Ashley: I just don’t get it, tucker. Why do we have to wear these masks?

Tucker: Because nikki insisted.

Ashley: Right. But, you know…

Tucker: I should be in a clown mask, though, don’t you think?

Ashley: [ Laughs ]

Tucker: You know, the worst part about these masks is that i can’t see your face.

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: And that’s the only reason I came here — your face.

Ashley: Cheers.

Victor: Well, well, well.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: Good evening.

Tucker: Good evening, victor. Well, you have impeccable timing.

Victor: I hope I’m interrupting something.

Tucker: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: I have a question for you, ashley. I understand you bought tucker’s debt. Did you do that to piss him off? And yet here you are as his date. Hard to fathom somehow.

Jill: Aww! Eat your hearts out, boys!


Jill: Oh! Nick newman. I guess I have to give up the spotlight now, don’t I? Mwah.

Nick: You look beautiful.

Jill: Well, thank you very much. How are you doing?

Sally: Good.

Nick: Good.

Jill: Oh, good. Well, just keep smiling and giving the vultures what they want. It’s a lot easier that way.

Nick: Yes, ma’am.

Jill: Bye!

Nick: We’ll see you in there.

Oh, anything to say about tonight, nick?

Nick: Uh, sally and I are honored to be here. We both love genoa city and love that it’s our home.

A newman over here!

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

Diane: Is this what you wanted?

Jack: Please allow me to do the honors.

Diane: Okay. Ooh.

[ Sighs ] Jack, I will cherish you and this symbol of your love for the rest of my life.

Jack: I cannot wait to make this announcement to the world. Once everyone knows, we can finally have the happiness we both deserve.

Diane: Aww.

Jeremy: Phyllis! It’s time.

Phyllis: Yeah. How do I look?

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Unforgettable. Now, are you ready?

Phyllis: Let’s go. Yeah. Let’s go. It’s time to make things right.

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