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Okay. Send him.

Uncle Steve

desk job. Huh? Who’d you piss off? Nice to see you too. I, not to seem too hostile or anything, but what the hell are you doing here? Why do you think I’m. I need your help to find Megan Hathaway,

my dear ladies, your whole family still PS you’re dad, but I don’t want you to sleep your whole life away. Once again, it’s time to wake up. We have so much to do,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey, Robert Lucas. Now I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out why you wanted to see me again.

We can take it by your attitude that this is not a social cult. No, it isn’t. We found out which Demaris told the orchid and. It was step’s. Daughter, why would Kristen take the orchid from herself? Not that daughter. His other daughter made an Hathaway, who’s that? Well, you might have forgotten her because she appeared to die 40 years ago, how Salem offered to appear to die.

Yeah, Larry Wells killed and, uh, stuck her in a hot tub and proceeded to zap it with electricity. It’s pretty thorough. You would think so, but you know how hard it is to kill Dira. And in true Dira form, Stefano took the body and maintained it in life form cryogenic. But now she is very much alive, fully functioning, and totally lethal.

Where is she now? That’s a million dollar question, John. Steve looking and I am here. To find out what you might know.

You know, dad, ah, you need to tell you about this new device that came out with, it’s called a phone. Sorry. Did you show up like this kid? No, it’s fine. It’s a bit surprised. That’s all.

How you doing? About as well as can be expected, I guess.

If it’s hard for me to believe she’s gone, it must be hell for you.

You okay?

Yeah. I forgot how much you love to talk about your feelings. Don’t really see any point in talking about I’m not gonna change anything. Right. Hey, but you know what though? The good thing is, you know, I, I really wanted to stay on in, in Salem after the funeral on. Yeah, well you got a chance to coach Triple A.

You can’t pass that up. So how’s it going up pretty well, actually, here’s the thing, uh, we’re starting a, a home stand. Three games. So don’t you stay around for a couple days, coach my coaching. We’ll see.

Why do I get the feeling that you didn’t come out here to talk about baseball? Because I didn’t. You on a case, Steve and I are you. Look, we ought to sit.

You have to know that finding Ms. Hathaway is one of the agency’s top priorities. Wow. Agency speak, getting real good at that. The thing is, this isn’t my case, but I can’t put you in touch with the agent in charge. Well, if I wanted to talk to the agent in charge, I wouldn’t be in your office. Now, remember when we spoke on the phone a few days ago, I got the distinct feeling that you were giving me the runaround.

So I’m here face to face to get some answers. Steve, it’s not that I won’t answer your questions. I can’t.

Are you awake too? Oh, I was having a nightmare. I think we’re actually living one. Yeah, it trumps it. Megan was holding this captain and we didn’t know why. Well, I don’t think we have time to find out. We need to get outta here. Here I, I’m okay. Why don’t you help Kate? Damn. What is it? She’s gone. How could she be

here? Go. What the hell are you smiling at? I’m happy because phase two. Is finally about to begin.

What? What is going on? Why am I tied up? Where am Marlena and Kayla? Okay, I, who the hell do you think you are? Does it not compute that you are the one who’s tied up? And I am not? That you’re not in a position of power and that I am, perhaps it would be wise of you to at least try not to infuriate me. I didn’t realize you were so fragile.

Not at all. I just think that life is short and we should all try to get along as best we can. Okay. Okay. Remind if I. Uh, would you be so kind as to tell me where Marlena and Kayla are and if they are okay. The doctors, Evans and Johnson are absolutely fine. , see your idea of absolutely fine. And mine are probably not the same.

They ain’t dead. How’s that? Has anyone ever told you that you’re a complete pain in the. Well, your father thought I was absolutely delightful, but then again, he had a sense of humor. , is that what you think it was now? I have something very important to discuss with you. No, I do not wanna talk about anything with you.

You need to get me and Marlena and Kayla back home and to our husbands.

I didn’t even know there was a Megan Hathaway. How, how would I know anything about her? Well, we didn’t know that. We thought maybe your mom had mentioned something when she and uh, Stephanie were married. No, I would’ve remembered. I, I would’ve said so. I would’ve said something as soon as Oria said that, that a DIR stole the orchid who effectively killed my mother.

Yeah, I know that. Look, Lucas we’re, Glassman saw us here. John and Steve are in touch with the isa, but it seems at this point that Megan has just vanished into thin air. Stephanie could do that too, right? Yeah. Well, I think the two of them have lots in common. What I don’t get is why would a woman who’s been, I don’t know, dead for 40 years, why would she come back and try to kill my.

My mom didn’t even know her. I’m telling you, I’m telling you. When my mom was married to Stefano, I never once heard either of ’em say the the name Megan Mali. I don’t think Kate was a real target from what I configured. The bitch was after Kayla and Myla.

You think Kate really found a way out here and left us behind? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that she looked after number one. No. No, it wouldn’t. If Kate found a way out of here, she must have done it with some planning. Don’t you think that Megan wouldn’t have security cameras everywhere? Who knows?

Locked? Of course it is. But if Kate got out of here, she would not have locked the door behind. So Megan must have done that. Yeah. I’m getting really tired of this. Megan Hathaway. Yeah. Yeah. She kept talking about her plan. I, I wonder if maybe Kate was part of that plan. Oh, we have gotta find a way out of here.

Are you gonna.

Another cryogenic cylinder.

So who the hell was in here?

So you think Andrew can help you track down Megan Hathaway? Oh, that’s what we’re hoping. So he didn’t mention anything to you off the cuff about her? No. You want a beer? I’m gonna have a beer. Don’t take this personally here. He’s not trying to shut you out. ISA agents can’t really bring their work home with him.

Hell, it’s not like that. Yeah. And what’s it like? Nothing. Yeah. Angie and I aren’t really talking to each other about. And that’s it.

If you have any idea where Megan Hathaway is, which I think you do, I don’t understand why you won’t tell me. You and John don’t have clearance. We don’t have clearance. Do you have any idea how long John and I have been doing the agency’s dirty work? Just ask your father how many times we put our lives on the line and then tell me we don’t have clearance.

I don’t have to ask my father. I grew up on the. And everyone here knows and respects your history. Oh, my history. Listen now we’re trying to find the woman responsible for the death of our wives, and you tell me we don’t have clearance. Why the hell not? Because there’s a concern that you and John have been compromised.

And it’s not like Andrew and I had a falling out. Hmm. You just said that you and Andrew aren’t talking to each other. About anything, so, so how is that not a falling out? No, I mean that we didn’t get in a big fight or anything and it wasn’t that we didn’t get along. We did, we’re getting along. That sounds pretty tepid.

So in other words, what? No heat. Dad. Oh dad, what? Come on. You told me when you two in Hong Kong, there was a lot of chemistry there. So what happened? He comes here to visit. What? The movie doesn’t live up to the preview. Okay. What happened was, we had a great time together and we thought we could make it work, but then reality checked in.

He lives in dc I live here. He’s got a demanding job. I’m transitioning to become a coach. You know, long distance relationships, they involve, well, a lot of logistics. I see. And it’s, it’s too hard for a couple middle-aged farts to make adjustments, not middle-aged Well, you know, the way he could’ve fooled.

Come on, you got a secret agent, you’ve got a superstar athlete, and you two act like a couple of insurance adjusters. So you know, you, you’re fine. You, you sit here, you sit here all alone, and you just keep convincing yourself that logistics are too complicated to be with someone who could actually make you happy.

How do you really feel about it?

Compromise. Huh? What the hell’s that supposed to? It means the last summer in Hong Kong, you were Megan Hathaway’s hired muscle. We weren’t hired, we were brainwashed, and it was pretty effective. You held a whole room hostage. You put a gun to Wendy Shin’s head. We were under Megan Hathaway’s. Control. And how does anyone know that you’re not now?

Oh, you think John and I are sleeper? I don’t, but some very important people in the organization have reservations, so now my partner and I are in the impossible position of having to prove a negative. You said you don’t believe it. Why? Because I was there when Paul broke through to John and broke Megan’s spell.

While I understand your desire to get back to Salem and your dreary little lives, I’m afraid I can’t accommodate you. As I said, phase two is about to begin and your participation is non-negotiable.

what does that even. I didn’t even know there was a phase one and now apparently it’s all over. You don’t need to know you. Marlena and Kayla are just chest pieces on the board pawns in someone else’s game. Okay, I so are Roman, John and Steve. Are they paws as well? Is that why they believe we’re all dead?

They believe you’re all dead because someone took the only thing that could have saved your.

Damn look, actually I think it’s quite beautiful.

So was Kayla and Marlene who put the kibosh? When Megan’s big plant Katie had nothing to do with she telling me my mom died for no good reason. Yeah, it feels that way and that’s why we have to find Megan to make her pay for what she did. It’s not gonna bring my mom back. You think? I don’t know. I’m sorry.

I know this has been hard for you too. How are you doing? Want me to lie to you? Tell you I’m doing okay. I can see you’re not okay. I want you to tell me the truth. Well, I got lots of people looking out for me. Abe came over the other day and, uh, told me how he fell when he lost Lexi, and how he thought he’d never fall in love.

I knew I meant well, but, uh, all does. Lets, uh, remind me how much time your mom and I wasted and how damn happy we were when we got back together. And now I have to face the fact that I will never see her again. And I am very sure that John and Steve feel exactly the same way.

Look, it’s power down and the locks have been released. There’s no one in there. Now. Whoever was in there, Megan had to have let them go. Well, I’m no expert, but it looks like that is a lot older than these are. Then you heard what Megan said. She never throws anything away. She also told Steve and John that she was cryogenically frozen after she was supposedly.

So maybe that’s where she was stashed. And what about the prisms? She said she wanted those to help cure someone. She cared about someone we all thought was dead. And who was it who was in the tube? Oh God. I think I know.

I know it’s not exactly the same, and I know I don’t have any right telling you this right now, but the way you feel about my mom is exactly the way I feel about Sammy. Sammy’s not good. Yeah, I know, but I’m pretty much as good as dead to her. She’ll never forgive me. I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved her, and I’ll never have a chance to get her back.

I, I know I blew that. You’re not always wrong, and I know she’ll never forgive me, and I know you’ll never forgive me. That’s why I’m really appreciative that you come here and you talk to me and you tell me what’s going on. I know that I don’t deserve it.

Well, you know what? You won’t get a big argument from me on that, but the thing is, You’re Kate son. She did forgive you and she did love you. And I am thinking, Lucas, that in a way you and I talking to each other this way is a good way to honor your mom’s memory. So that’s the orchid. The orchid. When I got you here, you were all at death’s store.

How else do you think I was able to revive you? I had to use the orchid to count of the effects of the toxin that Orpheus gave you. Kind of weird thinking about your life being dependent. A flower. I had someone prepare and administer the necessary second. That is why you’re still here.

This flower’s healing power. It’s not restricted to what ailed the three of you. I took it because I needed to remedy my own condition. And that of someone who is very dear to me,

Ste. You think it was Ste? Well, what if Megan was just keeping him on ice and now she has the three prisms and, and she’s thinking that what the Phoenix may rise. Well, you know what? I have a second thought. Even if that man’s body was able to be preserved, he would just be a shell, his, his spirit, his soul, as if he had one.

You know, he did have one, but it was evil and destructive, and it was taken from his body in the form of a microchip, and it was put in Steve’s head, and then I was able to remove it. And then Chad and. Burned it. Okay. Then Stefano is gone. Stefano is dead. He has to be,

my wife is dead and John’s wife is dead because of Megan. Now, how could you people think that we’d be helping her? I told. I don’t think that, and I know how much you loved on Kayla. I did too. I don’t want justice for her as much as you do. Don’t talk to me about justice. My Kayla is gone and the agency has decided that we can’t be trusted with clearance and you are gonna play it to the agency.

Okay, that’s fine. We’re gonna keep looking for her and we’re gonna find her. Whether you help us or not

good, you just get back to your busy work

and say hello to your dad for me. Uncle Steve,

I just pulled up our file on Megan Hathaway because I have clearance. I can view it whenever I want. I’m just not at liberty to share it with you. But what I can do is offer you a cup of government issue, coffee, and it’s a coffee station at the end of the hall. Would you like a cup of coffee and take me maybe three, four minutes?

Yeah, I’d like a cup of coffee. Thank you. It’s the least I can do.

You. Sorry kid, I didn’t mean that. Shouldn’t have said anything. It’s really none of my business.

Saved by the bell. I gotta take this.

Yeah. What’s up? I might have a possible location on Megan Hathaway. It’s a long shot, but right now it’s our only shot. So how fast can you get to the airport? You know, I don’t think we have to worry too much about who was in that tube, because right now I think that Megan has Kate, and if that’s. I think things are gonna start changing pretty fast around here, and we better be getting out while we still can.

Agreed. We need to find a way through that door from the look of it. We’re not gonna break it down. I think that we just have to start getting smart about this.

I, I, I could give you a ride to the airport. Oh, I’m fine, thanks. Or you could get two tickets to wherever it is you’re going. You know that place? That’s your only shot. Just a figure of speech. Oh, come on dad. We were just in a heated discussion about my failed love life and how I’m basically screwing life up in general, and then Steve calls and what You’re outta here.

So I know it’s important. I know it’s urgent and it’s probably dangerous, so let me help you. Let me come with you. No, because Steve and Eric, we just need to do this on our.

All right, but please be careful. I don’t wanna have to fly halfway around the world to save your ass again. I’m never gonna hear the end of that, am I? No.

Listen about before I’m. I’m sorry, I I had no right to talk to you like that. I was really outta line. Do you really think that? I don’t get that. It must be damn frustrating when you’ve lost Marlena and to, to see me all alone and apparently not doing anything about it. But still, it, it’s, it’s none of my business.

You’re my dad. And as much as I hate to admit it, you got a point. So you and I were cool. Okay. You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about. Okay, thanks. I gotta run. Good. Okay. Well, uh, you know, just, just let me know when you’re o when you’re okay. When you have the time. I can’t help. I, I just worry about you.

Good luck this weekend.

Okay, well, I’m gonna check in with, uh, John, Steve, see if they’re having any luck. Just keep me busted first. Hurt while, alright,

so you said that you had to use it to remedy your own condition. Are you sure you really did that? Cause you’re not looking so.

The lighting’s not very good in here. I’m fine. You know, I could have let you die,

You expect me to. Thank you. Uh, oh. Maybe I should have sent you a fruit basket when I get home, but then I’m again, to do that I would need your address, so, so what’s it gonna be? Is it gonna be a cell at Statesville or a padded room at Bayview? You know, you really are a pain in the ass. Which erases any hesitation that I might have had to proceed?

What do you mean I’m going to use you as a Guinea pig? You see, someone has made me a little serum. Only it came with a caveat. What doesn’t make me stronger might in fact kill me, and I don’t see any reason that I should take that risk, not when I have you here to do a trial run on.

This, please. Like a damn labyrinth. Yep. Been switching these hallways for. Almost an hour no sign. Megan Hathaway was ever here. Well, the ISA analyst put the probability at 12%. These aren’t good odds partner. That’s the only lead we got. You know the agency checked it out before, maybe they missed something.

You don’t wanna stop, do you buddy? We’re not gonna stop till we find that woman in Baker Bay.

Guys mock up. You gonna turn, lock pick on you on, man? You said you were bringing yours ia, security confiscated. Oh, okay. So now what do you,

what’s. A nice little cocktail that someone whipped for me. I have it on good authority that you and my dearly departed brother Andre, had an affinity from martinis. Shaken, not injected. You are right. I am not yet fully recovered from being well, you know.

And I’m told that this could be the answer to my prayers. Well then why not use it on yourself rather than waving around near me, because while it may take care of whatever it is that I need, it does come with the one-off chance of an unpleasant side effect. Well, I suggest that you try something homeopathic first, then I’m more inclined to do a trial run on you.

You see, look at the kill you. It could potentially have very extraordinary effects. Something that you’ll thank me for later, and if it does happen to kill you, who knows? Maybe someone will bring you back to life again. Right?

Oh my. And you’ve been at that forever. Maybe we should try something else. Ah, ah, I got it.

You think that’s going to get us out of here? You know, when you pointed to the chamber, it reminded me of a date that I had with Steve where we talked all about how to pick a lock. So I got him to teach me. And you know, it, it’s actually pretty simple if you have a wire. What like a, like a bobby pin? No, no.

Nine times outta 10, those will break. You need something industrial like from a, a heating or cooling unit, like, like this, uh, cryogenic chamber. Well, let’s just hope that Steve taught you. Well, man. Kathy’s not the heating unit around the corner. Nice.

Before you do whatever you’re going to do to me, can I, can I at least say something? Final last words. Make it snappy. It’ll be short. Just a sentence. Okay. What is it? The rope on my hand wasn’t tight. Stop it.

I think it worked.

I think you got it, man. Click.

Oh, I miss you. I haven’t heard your voice in a while, but if there’s a way for you to reach out to me again, I know you’ll make that happen. I love you.

Night. Night, golden Girl.

Andrew. Hi Paul. Well, if you’re looking for my dad, uh, he, he’s just left for the airport a few hours ago. He’s meeting up with your uncle Steve. Yeah, I figured.

So then what are you doing here? I came to see you,

so, uh, yeah. Come in. Ah, yeah, of course.

I think it worked.

I think you got it, man. I heard a click.

Hello ladies. Welcome back to the Land of the Living.

No. Freaking way.

Night. Night. Golden girl.

Is that you? Yeah. Uh, long time. No see.

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