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Andrew. Hi Paul. If you’re looking for my dad, uh, he, he’s just left for the airport a few hours ago. Excuse me. Up with your uncle Steve. Yeah, I figured

so. What are you doing here?

I came to see you,

so, uh, vacuuming. Yeah, of course.

I think it worked.

I think you got it, man.

Hello ladies. Welcome back to the Land of the Living.

No. Freaking way.

Night. Night. Golden girl.

Is that you? Yeah. Uh, long time. No see.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Hey mom, it’s me. Um, can you gimme a call back when you get this? I, uh, what I’d like to hear from? Hello, am I glad to see you. Hey. Ugh. Long day. What was it ever? I’m just leading the courthouse. The jury wanted to stay and deliberate so they could come up with a verdict tonight, which they did. You, okay? Uh, yeah.

I just, I’m, I’m worried about my mom, why I can’t seem to reach her. I called her a bunch of times. I left a message and she hasn’t returned. I just tried again and went straight to voicemail. I’m sure she’s just, Yeah, I hope that’s all it is. Hope Brady. What the hell are you doing here? The same thing you are, I assume.

Looking for Megan Hathaway.

I just can’t believe this. Your life. Yep. How? I mean, it’s just, it’s so wonderful. But how

Megan, the prisons, right? I mean, So we assumed that she wanted the prisons because she wanted her father back, but she wanted you, she wanted to bring you back. Mm-hmm. , she succeeded. Look at me. So you’ve been in presentation the whole time? Yeah. You’ve been here while, I’m so sorry. I, I, but I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled because I ran into you.

She had me imprisoned here too. Really? Yeah. That’s just me. Marlena, your sister. Oh, Kayla. Yeah. Kayla. Kayla. Kayla’s here. And Marlena. I mean, it’s all, I have no idea why she did it, but Megan had all three of us here on ice against Star Wheels.

Oh, no,

I’m sorry. Are you going somewhere? I still can’t believe you’re alive. You know, wait to Kayla sees you. She’s gonna just die. She’s, but you know, she’s, of course she already did die, right? So did I. So did Marlene. It’s all. It’s crazy. Yeah. Look, we have to find them. We have to free them. And then all four of us are gonna get the hell out of here.

Right? Come on. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. Um, we can’t do that.

My dad ran outta here pretty fast when he got that call. Yeah,

he said that Steve had a potential lead on the location of Megan Hathaway. I’m guessing that you gave that to him,

like I’m not asking you to tell me where she is. I just wanna know if you think they have a shot of finding her. Well, come on, man. I mean, we’re talking about the woman that murdered my stepmother. Your, your aunt and, and uncle. Your uncle Roman’s wife. I know, but it’s not my case. And even if it were, I’m not allowed to discuss anything related to top secret information.

Yeah, I get it, Paul. Believe me, I care about this too. It’s personal for both of us, for our families. And while I’m not allowed to disclose anything about the investigation, I can assure you that the ISA is doing everything in its power to get justice for these women. Do you trust me on that?

Good. Because I’d really like to talk about something other than Intel such. us.

I didn’t think, there wasn’t us . I mean, I was just telling my dad that you and I stopped talking to each other. Not that we, you know, had a falling out or anything. I mean, you know, I was just us living on opposite sides of the country. Trying to build a relationship like that is, it’s pretty difficult. And, you know, top of that to my, my coaching schedule and your caseload and, and we just didn’t seem to figure out logistics.

I know, I remember. They, the thing is I’ve missed you.

I missed you too.

Well, did something happen? I mean, do you have some reason to believe your mom’s in trouble? No. No, it’s nothing like that. I’m just frustrated that I can’t get ahold of her. Um, you know, I want coming up there on the Megan Hathaway case. Yeah. Her possible connection to my mother’s death. God, I just can’t believe that this woman that I, I’ve never met, that everyone thought died like 40 years ago.

Come in and upend all of our lives and just cause so much sorrow for so many people. And for what? Some ancient grudge. Yeah. Well, I mean, she’s stepping out the mirror’s daughter. Resurrection and vengeance is what that family does best. Yeah. Taking wives away from their husbands and mothers away from their daughters is just, Hey, you know that Megan’s not gonna get away with this.

Especially a black patch on a case. Yeah, I know. That does make me feel better knowing that my dad and Steve are out searching for that murderous bitch.

This is, uh, John, look at you, girl. Oh, Steve. Steve, I’m good to see you. I can’t believe you guys. I can’t believe you’re here. No. Well, we. , we heard that this is where Megan Hathaway was hiding out. Yeah. That she came here after Caracas last July. Yeah. But the ISA only recently discovered that and they’ve kept a top secret.

So how’d you find it outta Shane? Well, we didn’t, but the person we did pry it out of took a little convincing, especially considering what Megan did to us last summer. Yeah. See, the agency thought that maybe we were still under her control, but we’re definitely. But I got a question for you. How did you find out where to look for Megan?

You know, luckily she didn’t mess with my head. So the agency didn’t have the same concerns really. Well that, uh, Intel is still highly classified. I mean, you couldn’t just walk in and get that information unless you got it from Shane. Well, let’s, let’s just say I still have a few friends in high place.

That’s why don’t we? But hey guys, I. No matter how we all got here, I’m so happy to see you both right back at you. Hope we opened that door. The last thing we expected to see was a friendly face, especially one as pretty as you . Steve, you look like you were ready for a fight. , I had one way or another, we’re gonna take half the way down and if it’s gonna be the hard way, so be after what she did to you.

I don’t blame you. That woman deserves what’s coming her way. Well, The fact is it isn’t just about what she did to us.

We should have known that you were gonna show up. I mean, how would we think we were gonna wake up from the dead without you? How indeed you may express your thanks at any time. Don’t hold your breath. So now you’re in league with Megan Hathaway. Hmm. Oh, surely that doesn’t surprise. Well bit you would take directions from somebody who was evil and unhinged.

No, it does not surprise me. I serve as a pleasure as a Demer family. Aunt Megan is a dememer. She’s a daughter of a man who caused pain and suffering to everybody he ever met. Untrue certain. Dara has a legend lost to us far too soon. It is now my duty, honor and privilege to carry on some issues of his progeny.

I shall. Her wish, as they say, is my command. Look, we don’t really have time to wait, okay? No. Oh, did you? Did you hear what I said? Kayla and Marlena, they’re both here somewhere, so Yeah, I heard you, but we can’t leave. If you are worried about Megan, there’s no problem there. She’s incapacitated. What do you mean?

I mean that she had me tied up. She was trying to inject me with some kind of drug, so I punched her in the jaw and I knocked her out. But she could come too anytime. So we need to go Where, where did this happen? Right on the other side of this door, right before I ran into to you. So the love of God.

Let’s get out of here. Um, sorry, but we have to go that way. No. No, we don’t. It’s way too risky. Nope. Don’t have a choice.

I know it didn’t turn out so well for us the last time. Ended up devolving into a bunch of texts about when we could possibly meet up and all the times that we couldn’t. Right. But even when we lost touch, I, I couldn’t stop thinking about last summer meeting you for the first time traveling around the world together, trying to find your dad.

Yeah. It’s not often a, on our first date where we end up in a shared hotel room in Hong Kong. , I’ve never been happier to return someone’s gym clothes , when she could probably tell Yeah. When we kissed . Yeah. Yeah. I, I could,

you know, I thought about that kiss many times. You know, it felt like, uh, it felt like the start of something. Sometimes when I’m sitting at my desk working late, I think about that moment and now I wish we could go back to him.

Maybe we could,

have you heard anything from your dad since you left? No, not yet, but I’m sure I’ll call when there’s an update. Well, knowing your dad and my uncle. Your phone’s gonna be ringing real soon. There aren’t two people on this planet more motivated to find Megan. Yeah, I wish I could do what they’re doing and just throw myself into the search and then give myself away to take my mind off all this grief, you know, in a way that’s productive.

But you know, even if they do find Megan and she does end up behind bars forever, it doesn’t really change anything for me. What do you mean? I mean, no matter how much Megan pays or Orpheus pays, I don’t get what I want. More time. My mom. Where the hell is Megan? And what has she done with Kate? Such anger.

You’re damn right. We’re angry and we’re worried about our friend. You didn’t be really. Why is that? Because she’s been given a great honor. Thanks to her contribution, I will be able to determine if my scientific genius has been successful yet again. And what contribution is that? Well, due to our doctors as well.

Certainly you are familiar with the concept of a test subject. Yeah. But in legitimate medicine, a test subject, volunteers. I’m pretty certain that Kate did not volunteer to help you. Well, actually she was fortunate enough to be chosen. As I said, it is a rare and coveted opportunity. What? Kate will be the very first recipient of my new.

What serum is that?

You think Megan’s the one who stole the orchid? Yes, and it was the only thing that could have occurred. Kayla, Marlene and Kate Hathaway is responsible for their deaths. What I.

Oh, dear God, I’m so sorry.

I’m, I’m in shock. I’m so sorry. I,

I can’t even imagine what you’ve both been going through. I make behind it

all these years, she’s still causing so much destruction and pain to the people I love. I’m. Well, she’s obviously just as vindictive and deranged as she ever was. It all started with her obsession with Bo. You know,

here’s the thing. All the doors in this place, they flock automatically. It’s, it’s like this. You go into a room or whatever and door closes behind you, and it’s locked. Okay. Well, I was just able to let myself out of this room, so, oh, well. When is a door, not a door? When it’s a jar, it must have been open a little bit.

What are you trying to tell me? That, that we’re not gonna be able to get out of here? No, we just, we have to go back in there and get Megan’s. Okay, fine. Let’s just do it. Okay.

Well, there she is, right where I left her. What’d you do to her? Exactly what I told you. I knocked her out. Let’s get those keys and get out of here,

Megan. Hey, wake up. Okay. Just nevermind her. Just get the. Good job. She’s out cold. Yeah, it is good. So good. Get look at her pocket, Megan. Oh, look at her pocket. Let I, I’ll do it. Stay where you are. You said that we needed to get the keys to escape, so let’s just shut up and stay where you are. Hey Megan again.

Can you hear me? Hey, time to wake.

What happened? Hmm? You got cold caught.

Oh, you all right?

I think so. No thanks to her. Yeah, I think she’s figuring out that she got played

I don’t have to tell you what it’s like doing it. No, no you don’t. Not that I wouldn’t get how terribly difficult this is for you anyway, but um, I mean, having gone through this with my dad, I know how much you still miss him. You know, he’d be really proud of you, of everything you’ve accomplished. I mean, you dedicated your entire life to protecting people and not just family and friends, but everybody.

You honor him every day by doing that. I know there, I can’t help but think about all the things that he’s missed out. I mean like another chance with my mom seeing Claire grow up, not being able to spend time with Sierra and her new baby, all the family milestones, birthdays, holidays, and all the ones yet to come.

Yeah, they should both be with us. Your dad and my mom. There’s a day that goes by that I don’t think about him, but. I made peace with the fact that he’s gone. And I think that a big part of being able to do that is that, is that I understand it. I mean, yeah, his death was terrible and it was tragic, but, but it made sense.

And what happened with your mom? It made no sense at all. I’m so sorry, bill. I would do anything to give you more time with your mom. And I would give anything to be able to help you with this pain.

What serum are you talking about? The details are not for me to disclose. Well then who should we ask? You should direct any inquiries regarding the serum to Madame Hask. But trust me when I tell you, it could be life changing or not. Just for her. What is that supposed to mean? Most people get over their high school sweethearts, not her.

Megan never did. So this all goes back to Megan and Bo going steady in high school. Yeah. She thought that Bo had broken up with her and he thought that she had done the same to him, but in fact, neither were true. So what happened? Megan’s mother, she caused the breakup. She manipulated both of them. And when Megan found out she lost it, she, she’s, something broke inside of her.

That’s when she became obsessed with ball and desperate, really desperate to get him back. Are you sure you’re all. Yeah, I’m, I’m fine, but would you just mind helping me out?


Back in business.

Look at her like a deer in the headlights. Stunned silence. No, she wouldn’t shut up earlier to hold it. Hold it.

You’re not going anywhere.

What’s wrong? Um, nothing. Nothing. I, I’m just wondering, maybe, maybe this is, maybe this is not a good idea. Do you not want to No, no. I, I do. I I definitely do. But i’s just like what we just talked about, you know, we tried this before and it didn’t work out. I dunno, maybe we’re just setting ourselves up for more disappointment.

I see your point. Well, I, I, I, it’s like we really had, I mean, we really do. We have such a strong connection and, and I would love to see where that takes us. But the last time around, I mean, finding time for each other was such an impossibility. I don’t know, maybe, maybe we should just be smarter if we just cut our, cut our losses now.

Mm. And before we get in too deep. Probably right? I mean, we live so far apart. Our lives are so busy. I mean, there’s a really good chance that this won’t work, but there’s a chance that it might, it’s a chance I’d like to take. Would you.

So your serum is meant to be life changing and not just for Megan. So who else’s life is it going to change? So many questions. And did the answers have anything to do with that? Is Marlina Wright is it also gonna change the life of whoever the former occupant of that tube? Ah, yes. Well, my earliest prototypes, the technology was far more limited back then on, yet it was a very successful project.

Successful how I was able to keep the subject in a cryogenic state for nearly a decade. A decade. Who was it? Who was your subject?

Put down the gun. You’re not going anywhere. Come up. We’re both going somewhere. We’re leaving. Push me. You’ll regret it. I wouldn’t test him if I were you. Look, I, I don’t know what she put you through. Look, clearly you have been through something and you don’t even know what you’re saying. You. You have to trust me.

Okay? I’m on your side. Let me help you. Please

go. We’re not strangers. Okay. We’re, we’ve known each other for years. We’re a family. I was married to Victor. You were married to my daughter. Bo doesn’t need a history lesson, so stop babbling so that we can pick it up where we left off before you so rudely assaulted me and. Phase two will finally begin.

Don’t listen to her. Don’t listen to her. We’ll ditch her and we’ll get out of here. We’ll be free and we can go back to our homes and to the people that we love. Bo I find your lack of gratitude. Very disappointing. God, what do you want me to be grateful for? For what you did to me. I saved your life, didn’t I?

And now I’ve chosen you to be the initial recipient of my new serum. Well, I choose not to be the recipient of a pable fatal drug. Okay. Oh, relax. It might not kill you, but it does need to be tested so it stop wasting time and get on with it. Now, where is that vile?

You mean this?

You know, we really don’t give a damn what Megan’s motivation is. We just want to track her down and make her pay. So, looks like you’ve got a headstart on us. Did you find anything poking around here? I have searched every inch of this labyrinth and, uh, there’s no sign of her. So indication where she might have gone, nothing.

Nothing If there’s a affording address, she did not leave it lying around. Damn, damn well, partner. Looks like it might hit a dead end here. Dead end. What are you talking about? There’s no dead end. There’s gotta be a way to figure out where Megan went. Yep.

You are absolutely right. I missed you. Maybe there is.

Thank you for always knowing exactly what to say. No, I, I don’t always. Don’t even think I do most of the time . I just think that I do in this case because you know, I’ve been there and if there’s something that I can tell you, it’s that you’re never gonna stop missing them. But time, time definitely helps, you know, although there are days that I will feel the loss of my dad, so it’s a cute thing.

It’s like, it just happened yesterday. And then there are other days that I remember all the fun times I had with him now that we had, you know, and think about all the funny things that he’d say and times that he’d tell me that he loves me and that he’s proud of me and that definitely it makes things less painful.

Yeah, right. You know, another thing that. Hmm. So when I remind myself just how blessed I am to be able to share my life with someone like you, someone so kind and so wonderful, who I just happen to love with all my heart, I love you with all my heart too, and I need you so much right now. You have me now.

You have me now, and you have me always.

And do you know what else we need to remind ourselves of? Mm-hmm. , not only do we have each other, got an incredible daughter. Yeah. We’ve got a great big family to lean on.

And now

I’m officially off the clock. I said, what do you say? We go home and we lean on each. On the couch. That sounds really good.

That was perfect.

Ah, exactly the words I was looking for. So can we talk about what happens next? Well, I was thinking.

No. No. , no. Do we discuss where we go from here? Yeah. Yeah. We probably should, but not, right? No, I just wanna enjoy this perfect moment with you.

It’s all right. Get it.

Donovan? Yeah. Pat your through

hope. What can I do for you? I need a favor. I need to go to see Harris Michaels.

We know that you kept Stephan Damara on ice for four years, but a decade. That’s quite a feat, don’t you? Thank Marta. Yes, I do. It’s quite remarkable. Mm-hmm. . So the person must have been very important. Yeah. I’m just, I’m just so curious. I can’t stop thinking about who it might be. I can’t stop thinking about it either.

I mean, it could be, but No, that’s silly. Now what are you thinking? Well, I’m just thinking that maybe what if it’s, uh, somebody famous? You mean like a world leader or a rockstar or a Hollywood legend? Maybe an athlete? You know, I did hear a while back that there was a baseball player who was Cryogenically frozen.

Wait a minute, wait a minute, maybe. Maybe we’re on the wrong track. Maybe it’s somebody who was, I don’t know, closer to home, maybe somebody from Salem, somebody that we all. Yeah. What about that Ro? Somebody we all knew. Somebody close to Salem. I didn’t say anything, but nice try. If I went in such a hurry to complete my experiment, I’d stay and applaud your creativity.

We don’t need your applause. We’d just like to know who was in that tube. And we are pretty. Wasn’t Stefano because you took his essence and put it in Steve. Another hugely successful experiment of mine ruined by stefano’s well meaning, but misguided children for a tremendous loss. When Chad and Tony destroys that microchip, you can lament it later.

Just tell us who it was for the last time. Tell us who was in the tub.

Hand it over. Do you really think that you’re gonna be able to make it out of here without Bo shooting you dead? Or perhaps you think that another pathetic speech about how the two of you used to be family is gonna change his mind. Oh, please give it. You heard the man,

whatever kinship the two of you used to have, it’s long over. I’ll stop wasting time and let’s get on with it.


That was stupid. Really not allowing you to make me your personal Guinea pig. I think it was one of my smarter moves. How typically arrogant and ignorant of you. Congratulating yourself when you’ve just made one of the most idiotic decisions ever. How’s that? The only reason that I was keeping you alive was to make sure that that serum worked.

Now that it’s gone, you’re of no further use to me,

no point in drawing this out any. You may as well go ahead and kill her.

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