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Tucker: Well, this is a sight to behold. Jeremy stark. How are you?

Jeremy: How are you?

Tucker: So, you’re, uh — you’re out of the clink and back at the scene of the crime, huh?

Jeremy: [ Chuckles ] Tucker McCall, we finally meet face-to-face.

Tucker: Yeah.

Jeremy: That makes my return to genoa city worthwhile. And for the record, I was just telling, uh, Phyllis here tCat there was a crime committed, but certainly not by me.

Tucker: Ah. I see. So, the ex-con’s good name has been besmirched. Hideous injustice.

Jeremy: You’re a funny guy.

Tucker: It’s interesting to see you two commiserating. Strange bedfellows. Although I think it does make a bit of cosmic sense.

Phyllis: Okay, I didn’t invite him over here.

Tucker: Uh-huh. Yeah, I know you. Whatever he was saying to you made a big impression.

[Chuckles] Anyway, nice to meet you.

Jeremy: Yeah. See you around.

Tucker: Have fun.

[ **************************

Ashley: Exactly. And, actually, it’s gonna revolutionize our approach to our anti-aging products.

Allie: Absolutely. And you know what the best part is? Someone has to go in and make the product in the lab.

Ashley: That’s us!

Allie: That’s us!

[Laughs] So, uh, lately, I have been experimenting with essential oils and botanicals. And, um, last week there was a little bit of a product instability.

Ashley: Oh, no. What blew up?

Allie: How’d you know?

Ashley: Wait, what?

Allie: Oh, right! Of course. Dumb question.

Ashley: I’ve definitely had my fair share of r&d mishaps. I mean, you know what they say, right? I mean, it takes a lot of eggs to make an omelet.

Allie: Yeah. Well, the problem occurs when that egg ends up on the ceiling instead of the floor.

Ashley: I know!

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