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Li and Gabi have breakfast at their apartment. Li says he’ll do anything to get in her good graces and he’s a patient man. Gabi tells him to cut down on the fattening breakfasts. Li reminds her that he does have other talents. Gabi says she’s going to get going. Li asks where she’s going. Gabi remarks that he can just track her phone. Li comments on her not wanting to keep Stefan waiting.

EJ sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion as Stefan walks in and says he heard him talking to the portrait of Stefano when he walked in. Stefan asks if EJ was asking for more words of wisdom on how to screw him over. EJ tells him he can’t play the martyr. Stefan claims to not know what he’s talking about. EJ brings up when he told Stefan that he knew what Kristen and Dr. Rolf had done to him and kept quiet then how Stefan thanked him and assured he could get past it if EJ made him his partner in running the company. EJ points out that he upheld his half of the bargain while Stefan responded by drugging him. Stefan says after they made that agreement, he had time to think about all the months that EJ watched him make a fool of himself over Chloe and break Gabi’s heart and how he knew why but kept quiet. EJ responds that Stefan got back at him by making him look like a fool in front of Wei Shin last night. EJ states that every word Stefan said before that about forgiveness and working together was a lie. EJ declares this is war, which Stefan agrees with.

At the Spectator Office, Gwen reveals to Xander that she spent last night with Alex Kiriakis. Xander knows he hurt her and she wants to get back at him, but suggests she come up with something he might actually believe. Gwen laughs at Xander thinking she’s lying. Xander says there’s no love lost between he and Alex, so Gwen is just trying to stick it to him. Gwen responds that Alex did stick it to her all night long.

Leo questions Alex as to how he ruined his career. Alex responds that he knows exactly what he did. Alex says because of Leo and his stupid little column, he didn’t become CEO of Titan. Alex warns Leo about what he does to guys like him and says when he’s through with him, he won’t be able to whistle anything.

Li asks Gabi if she wants to see the contract she signed with the clause on how their deal is off if cheats on him. Li asks if it’s really worth losing her chance to run DiMera. Gabi assures that she knows she agreed to the terms and that she won’t be sleeping with Stefan or anyone else until this farce of a marriage is over. Gabi points out that she and Stefan waiting four long years, so they can wait another six months, especially if it means they will be running DiMera together. Li notes that she sounds more determined than ever. Gabi tells him to get out of her way and goes to leave right as Johnny arrives. Gabi questions what he’s doing here.

EJ tells Stefan that he thought they drew a line in the past to forge a new relationship but guesses Stefan never had any intention of doing that. EJ realizes Stefan was counting on EJ to trust him long enough for him to strike. Stefan argues that if he knew EJ had been brainwashed and he kept his mouth shut, EJ wouldn’t believe him if he said things would be different. EJ agrees and remarks that they are both Stefano’s son. EJ credits Stefan for drugging him and says he had no idea what was happening but Stefan tells him not to be so modest and that he knew exactly what was going on, so he flipped the script, just like a move on the chess board. Stefan declares now it’s his turn to play.

Xander questions Gwen seeking out his cousin to get revenge on him for not being over Sarah. Gwen argues that Alex being related to him had nothing to do with what happened. Gwen says they met, had a few too many, and then she asked him to come home with her. Xander sarcastically calls that classy and argues that Alex is just using her. Xander complains that Alex has shagged half the girls in town, so she’s just another notch in his bedpost. Gwen mocks the idea that she should go cry and tells him not to confuse her with Sarah, which Xander assures will never happen. Gwen tells Xander that she and Alex really hit it off and were in bed all night so she never even thought about him. Xander argues that she pulls this tough act when she doesn’t have anything else. Xander tells Gwen that Alex is a player and always has been, so he doesn’t want to see him hurt her. Gwen remarks that Xander has no problem hurting her himself.

Leo tells Alex that all he did was ask Victor for a quote for his column and he had no idea he was thinking of naming Alex CEO. Alex argues that Victor is the most powerful guy in town and Leo pranced in to tell him how he got it on with two women. Alex asks how Leo thought that would turn out for him and that Victor gave the job to his wife. Leo mentions that Chad told him and he couldn’t believe it as he thought Maggie’s skillset was baking cookies and butting in to other peoples’ business. Alex responds that now she can add running a major corporation to the list. Leo asks if it would change things if he told him he was very sorry. Leo admits he wanted his very first column to be clickbait. Alex responds that Leo’s lucky he’s not using him as bait. Leo asks if that means he’s no longer feeling homicidal. Alex warns Leo to keep his name out of his mouth and his column and maybe he’ll let him live.

Wendy goes to the hospital and brings Tripp coffee and breakfast, noting that she knows he left without because he usually makes the coffee. Tripp admits he overslept as he thanks her and says she didn’t have to do that. Wendy feels she did and she’s sorry that he got in trouble. Tripp assures that was not her fault. Tripp states that if anyone should feel guilty, it’s Johnny, who needs to learn to mind his own damn business.

Li questions Johnny being there early when he and Gabi were just having breakfast. Johnny says he can come back later but Gabi tells him not to worry as breakfast is over. Johnny tells them that he just came to see Wendy but Gabi says she was up pretty early and thinks she was heading to the office. Li reveals that Wendy actually told him that she was going to the hospital because she had to talk to Tripp. Li guesses they have gotten pretty close since Tripp moved in.

EJ tells Stefan that he found out he was drugging him and asks if he just expected him to forgive and forget. Stefan wonders what Stefano would say if he found out that EJ fell in with a creep like Li Shin against his own brother. EJ responds that if he ever met Stefano, he wouldn’t ask that question. Stefan says his mother told him a lot about him. EJ asks how Vivian is and if she’s occupying her time in prison. Stefan brings up that Vivian told him that Stefano put family above all else. EJ questions where Stefan’s family values were when he seduced Chad’s wife. Stefan asks if he really wants to go there. EJ points out that they weren’t married when he had his affair with Abigail and she was also in her right mind then. Stefan tells EJ that he’s not proud of what happened with he and Abigail. EJ relates to regretting your actions. Stefan asks if EJ regrets what he did to he and Gabi. EJ says absolutely not as he thought Dr. Rolf and Li did him a favor. Stefan says he has a lot of nerve saying that. EJ warns that Gabi will do anything for power. Stefan argues that EJ resents Gabi because she made herself in business from the bottom while EJ was born on third base and walks around like he hit a triple. EJ says it will be amusing to watch from the sidelines if Stefan and Gabi manage to take over DiMera Enterprises. EJ wonders how long it would take before Gabi starts viewing Stefan as the obstacle to her success. Stefan states that they’ve already fought that war and they realized their love is what matters most and they will run Stefano’s company the way they want. Stefan declares that the only obstacle in the way is EJ.

Xander tells Gwen that he told her how sorry he is for how he treated her. Gwen complains that she’s heard it all before and he just wants her to do whatever he wants while he secretly pines over Sarah. Gwen tells Xander that she’s over wanting him. Xander asks if her night with Alex convinced her of that. Gwen questions why Xander is still here since he said she should be running the paper. Gwen then asks if that was just another lie.

Alex gets dressed and says that Maggie wants him in the office by noon. Alex reminds Leo that he hates his guts. Leo thought they were over that. Leo tells Alex that he came up with some questions for him while he was in the shower. Leo wants to ask Alex about his budding romance with Gwen.

Gwen asks Xander if he even remembers saying that she should run the Spectator. Xander argues that he still has half interest and plans to protect it. Gwen argues that he can do that without breathing down her neck and adds that from now on, he doesn’t get to ask her what she does in her off hours. Xander complains that he came to work while Gwen started talking about last night. Gwen says that’s only because he assumed she was weeping over him all night. Xander says this is getting them nowhere which Gwen agrees with. Xander decides he’ll work from his hotel room and hopes next time they see each other, they can be civilized. Gwen shouts that it would be a refreshing change for him as Xander storms out of the office.

Johnny guesses he will try to catch up with Wendy. Li advises him to let Wendy call him because it seemed like she had something very important to talk to Tripp about. Gabi questions if she told him that. Li says he picked up on it. Gabi tells Johnny not to listen to Li and to go find Wendy if he wants to. Johnny says he’ll see them later and exits the apartment. Gabi questions why Li is giving Johnny such a hard time. Li responds that he doesn’t trust Johnny and calls him a bad influence on Wendy. Gabi remarks that Johnny influenced her to go to Jakarta and find out what Li and Dr. Rolf were doing to Stefan. Li argues that it’s not just that, but that he’s pursuing Wendy while still involved with his ex wife. Gabi insists that Johnny and Chanel are just friendly exes and there is nothing wrong with that. Li states that he still doesn’t trust him. Gabi questions Li having the nerve to judge someone on being trustworthy. Li calls it his duty to look out for his sister. Gabi says that Wendy can look out for herself. Gabi jokes that Li could just call up Dr. Rolf and have him brainwash Wendy out of caring about Johnny. Li stops Gabi and says he has something for her that she’s going to absolutely love.

Stefan tells EJ that he has to think of something nice to do for Johnny because without him, he never would’ve realized that EJ turned the tables and started drugging him. EJ argues that Johnny enjoys trying to aggravate him but he’s still his son. Stefan points out that Johnny has a lot of Brady in him too with the honesty and strong sense of what’s wrong and right. EJ points out that Sami Brady is Johnny’s mother. Stefan guesses it can skip a generation. Stefan states that he and EJ are even now and neither of them want to jeopardize DiMera, so he asks what’s next. EJ supposes that he’ll have to accept that Stefan and Gabi are intent on finding their way back together which means he’ll have to accept running DiMera with the both of them. Stefan asks if he will accept that gracefully. EJ responds that he hears he has six more months before he has to make up his mind about that as they look to the portrait of Stefano.

Tripp finishes his breakfast burrito and tells Wendy that he didn’t realize how hungry he was. They joke together and Wendy helps wipe Tripp’s face off right as Johnny arrives at the hospital and sees them together.

Li gives Gabi a present from her favorite store. Gabi opens it and finds papers inside of a business proposal. Gabi questions what Li did now. Li explains that the owner of the store is looking to partner with a fashion brand for an exclusive collection. Gabi questions if this is a joke and says it’s not funny because she lost to Gabi Chic to EJ and Li couldn’t buy it back. Li says EJ may have taken away her company but he couldn’t take away her talent. Li states that Gabi made a success out of Gabi Chic so she could do the same thing with a new company.

EJ pours drinks for he and Stefan, suggesting they toast to their new era which Stefan accepts. EJ then toasts to family and two prodigal sons joining forces to hold on to an empire.

Alex argues that Leo doesn’t know when to quit and accuses him of just trying to get dirt for his sleazy column. Leo argues that Gwen is not just his friend, but she and Xander own the paper he works for. Leo adds that Gwen would never publish anything from her own life. Leo tells Alex that Gwen is his best friend in the world and he’s already seen one Kiriakis boy use and lose her, so he won’t stand by and watch another one do it. Alex is shocked that Leo actually gives a damn about something other than himself. Leo tells him not to let that get around as he has an image to maintain. Alex assures that his secret is safe with him and so is Gwen, because they are just friends. Alex then says he has to get to work. Leo says he does too so he follows out after Alex.

Johnny approaches Wendy and Tripp. Wendy asks what he’s doing there. Johnny responds that he came to make things right. Tripp questions how he plans to do that. Johnny offers to talk to Tripp’s supervisor and tell them that he’s the one who took his ID and the lab results and that Tripp had nothing to do with it. Tripp tells Johnny to just let it go but Johnny says he can’t do that. Johnny argues that Tripp is a doctor and he got him in trouble and messed with his reputation which was wrong. Tripp says all he got was a slap on the wrist, so it will die down unless Johnny goes to speak with his supervisor which will stir it all up again. Tripp tells Johnny that the best thing he can do for him is to just drop it.

Gabi questions Li thinking she will just drop everything and start a new fashion line with a local department store. Li points out that the CEO of the store is serious about growing their business and Gabi would be perfect for it. Gabi argues about how much work even the pitch would take. Li insists it would be worth it and that they are dying to hear from her. Gabi says she can’t even think of a name for the label right now. Li says he’s been thinking about that and suggests Haus of Shin or Gabi Shin Originals. Gabi stops him so Li agrees to table the discussion for now, but insists it could be a huge opportunity for her. Gabi argues that he thinks he can just dangle something in front of her and she’ll forget about the CEO position at DiMera or Stefan. Gabi tells Li to forget it. Li complains that’s not what he’s doing and he’s on her side. Li reminds her that EJ swindled her out of Gabi Chic and won’t let her near DiMera. Li says he can’t get back what she lost but he can help her reclaim herself as an entrepreneur. Li insists that he believes in her. Li then gets a text and says he has to go. Li asks Gabi to look over the proposal and if it sparks something in her, she already has an in so if she wants to use it, it’s up to her. Li then exits the apartment.

Stefan asks EJ if his text was DiMera business. EJ says in a matter of speaking. Stefan decides he will get to the office as there’s a lot of work to be done now that they are working together. EJ says he won’t be long. Stefan stops and questions EJ sending a text about DiMera business but not telling him what it is and he’s going to be late to the office but not telling him why. EJ assures that he has nothing to worry about from him. Stefan says they’ll see about that and then exits the mansion. EJ approaches the portrait of Stefano and says that Stefan thinks he has his guard up now, but he can still destroy him and he’ll never see the fin break the water because Stefan wasn’t taught by the best like he was.

Leo returns to the Spectator’s office as Gwen is on the phone, complaining about Julie’s Place canceling an ad. Gwen hangs up and complains about Leo being late. Leo asks why she’s so stressed. Gwen says she’s trying to publish and edit a digital news source that needs to turn a profit to survive. Leo remarks that it sounds like someone needs another marathon night in the sack with her new boyfriend.

Alex and Xander run in to each other in the town square. Alex tells him to keep walking. Xander tells Alex to stay the hell away from Gwen. Alex asks what he’s going to do about it if he doesn’t. Xander warns that he doesn’t want to find out. Alex questions what’s with him and if it’s that Xander doesn’t want Gwen but no one else can have her. Xander argues that he knows nothing about he and Gwen. Xander warns Alex to stay away from Gwen or he’ll make him pay. Alex asks if he’ll dress up like a clown again and drag him off to Victor’s gardening shed. Alex then remarks that Xander only does that to women who can’t defend themselves. Xander asks how Alex likes working for Maggie. Alex responds that they both can’t stand him. Xander laughs at Alex thinking he had the CEO job. Alex reminds Xander of when he got passed up for Philip. Alex remarks that Philip was Victor’s son while he only kept Xander around out of the goodness of his heart. Xander calls Alex a spoiled, cocky little pissant. Xander warns that he cares a lot about Gwen and he’s seen the way Alex treats women. Alex argues that Gwen doesn’t need him staking his claim to her. Alex adds that Gwen is a grown woman, capable of choosing who she wants to be with. Xander gives Alex one last warning to stay away from Gwen or he will regret it. Xander then walks away.

Gwen tells Leo that he’s as bad as Xander and reveals that she had to tell him that Alex is not the love of her life, but that they just had one night. Leo is excited that Gwen told Xander that she slept with his cousin and asks how he took it. Gwen admits he wasn’t thrilled. Leo calls this perfect since Gwen is in the perfect position to use one Kiriakis to make the other Kiriakis crazy with jealousy. Gwen responds that she’s not interested in making Xander jealous, so Leo suggests they make him suffer.

Johnny tells Tripp that he would feel better if he let him make this up to him, but if he wants him to butt out then he will. Tripp confirms that’s what he wants, so Johnny tells him that he’s just really sorry. Tripp says he has to get back to work and thanks Wendy for breakfast. Tripp then walks away. Johnny remarks that Tripp is definitely not over this and tells Wendy that he’ll be seeing her. Wendy stops him and says she appreciates Johnny trying to make it right with Tripp. Johnny says it’s the least he could do since he was so set on finding out if EJ was drugging Stefan that he took Tripp’s ID without thinking about what it might do to him or what Wendy might think of him. Wendy acknowledges that Johnny admitted he was wrong and was ready to take the blame. Wendy states that most guys wouldn’t do that, so he made her proud.

Gabi reads over the business proposal and states that she could have her very own fashion line again. Stefan shows up at the door and kisses Gabi. Gabi questions if he’s lost his mind doing that when Li could come back any second or could have spies all over the building. Stefan tells her to calm down. Gabi argues that he could have ruined everything they’ve been working for. Stefan assures that he made sure he wasn’t followed and waited until Li left the building. Gabi asks why take the chance. Stefan tells her that something happened with EJ as they had it out and agreed to start working together. Gabi questions if EJ is over Stefan drugging him then. Stefan says no way but EJ started talking about how they should call a truce and band together as brothers to protect DiMera. Gabi says it sounds like a bunch of crap. Stefan agrees but says he agreed to it because EJ needs to believe they are on good terms so that it will be easier to oust him in the long run. Gabi warns him to sleep with one eye open. Stefan assures that he knows what he’s doing and he will end up running his father’s company with the woman of his dreams. They kiss until Gabi says he can’t keep doing this because God knows what else Li could do to him after brainwashing him. Stefan promises that they are going to have everything they want and EJ will never see it coming..

Li goes to visit EJ at the DiMera Mansion. EJ apologizes for making him go around the back but says he couldn’t risk them being seen together and the gossip. EJ offers him coffee but Li says he’d rather have answers. Li says he doesn’t like being summoned, especially by the guy who fired him. EJ says he had no choice but that doesn’t mean they can’t be allies, secretly. Li questions what he’s babbling about and what sort of alliance they could possibly form. EJ responds that he was thinking of helping Li hang on to his wife. Li asks how he intends to do that. EJ says he has no idea and that’s why Li is here, but he thinks they need to come up with a plan for Li to stay married to Gabi, permanently. Li questions what’s in it for EJ. EJ calls it the satisfaction in knowing he finally succeeding in prying Gabi’s fingers off of her brother and off of their family fortune.

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