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Audra: Where are you?

Tucker: Waiting for someone?

Audra: I am, but I don’t think Brad Pitt’s going to make it. So, you’ll have to do.

Tucker: Well, look at us. Here we are out in public. Does it feel strange seeing me this way after months of pretending I don’t exist?

Audra: Doesn’t feel stranger than most of our interactions.

Tucker: She’s feeling saucy tonight.

Audra: You know, this actually feels nice. Just two friends having dinner.
This is what normal people do.

Tucker: Oh, if you say so. I wouldn’t know.

Audra: [Chuckles]

Tucker: God, you’re beautiful. It’s lovely to see you. I… I always find our interactions very stimulating.

Audra: Well, what can I say? I am utterly incapable of being boring.


Kyle: It is not my intention to just buy you gifts and expect forgiveness. I need to put in the work. I understand that. But I need you to understand that comparing me to my mother isn’t fair.

Summer: How is it not fair?

Kyle: This was a one-off attempt to help Jabot by getting rid of Adam. I felt like I had to be deceitful to execute the plan. But look, I’m not proud of it. And it’s not going to happen again because it’s not who I am.
Summer: You lied to me and you continued lying to me even after you had the opportunity to come clean. You chose. You actively chose to deceive me. That is what hurts the most.

Kyle: Look, I thought I was doing the right thing.

Summer: Did you? Because I kind of feel like if you thought that this deal was the right move, you wouldn’t have kept it a secret. No, you knew that it was wrong, and you just wanted to do it anyway.

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