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Hello. So it’s the first time you stay over at my place, so I thought I would do something special for you, Eric. Thank you. So sweet. Hmm, . Mm.

You’re welcome. But I do have one very important question for you. First. Yeah. Shoot. Mm. Was last night the best sex of your life?


uh oh. Elvis has not left the bedroom. Oh, hilarious. How are you feeling? Oh, I feel like I’ve been punched in their head a hundred times. That good, huh? Mm. Well, I brought you this, Harold whipped it up for you. It’s your mimas special hangover here your, well, once again, I want to apologize for my brother’s behavior.

Oh, I, I agree, Mr. Shin. Totally unacceptable. So, uh hmm. Have you given any more thought as to whether you’re gonna relieve EJ of his duties? Okay. All right. Well, uh, Once you’ve made up your mind to remove him, uh, we let you know. Thanks, . Wow. Wow. You really are an ass.

Leo. Who’s that? It’s me. It’s Andy. Where are you? I’m standing right in front of you. Oh my God, my eyes. I can’t see. I can’t see this. This can’t be happening. This is just an old wife’s tale. Have I actually gone blind from constant? You better not be making yourself go blind in the office. Oh. Oh, thank God.

Thank God. I thought I’d never get to see that wonderful bone structure that chiseled physique ever again. Why are you sleeping in the office? Well, I couldn’t very well sleep in my room. Now, could I? Why not? Hello? I was giving you and Gwenny your privacy. What are you talking?

Oh, stop.

Oh, oh, oh Mercy. How much did we drink last night? Mad. Should I be jealous? How the bloody hell are you doing in my bed? Don’t worry. I’m not offended that you forgot my name happens to the best of us. I’m Alex by the way, but I will be offended if you tell me that you forgot our night and passion. I Nice.

Of what?

Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my son.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I think that you were taking Leo’s gossip column a little too seriously, please, Eric? No, just Shumer me. Okay. Was last night, was it the best of your life? I told you it was great. Remember? But not the best. I don’t kiss and tell. Mm-hmm. . You would if I were the best, which I’m clearly not. Don’t make this a competition.

Okay? Hmm. Just admit that we have an amazing time together. That’s not enough. Hmm. Could you see, as Nicole Gleefully pointed out, Leo said that you’re the best sex of my life. What he didn’t say was that I was the best sex of yours. And for the record, I never said that. Okay. What? He totally made that.

You’re questioning the integrity of Lady Whistleblower. Are you answering my question with the question? No, I’m lightening the mood. Hmm. What was your question again? . Okay. Well, since you’re being so annoyingly evasive in coy mm-hmm. , I demand another shot. Another shot. Hmm. Yeah, that’s right. Because see, no matter how many times it takes, I’m gonna prove Nicole Walker, mom.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Please do.

As you may recall, you’ve made me drink this concoction when I had a hangover not so long ago. Oh, how cruel of me. Oh, come on. Right. It’s tough going, but it. Open up, choo. No, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. Please, please, please. And I’m not hungover. I’m struck by my brother. You know that? No, no. I don’t know that. Not for sure.

I mean, it could have been an accident and maybe you mixed up the cups. I’m positive I switched the cops correctly after Stephan s strike. Martin. He must have, he must have switched them back. Well then if that’s the case, Stephan must know you’re onto him. I have no doubt about that. John Roman gave him a pretty big headss up and Stefan took full advantage of it.

So you’re trying to get my dad fired, right? That that’s your goal. That’s father’s goal. Hmm. What the hell does that mean? You saw for yourself, Johnny, he was a total disaster last night. Yeah. Yeah. Because you’re a two-faced trader. It’s because you drugged him.

Don’t play coy with me, Mr. Stud McMuffin. When I got back to the room last night, the Do Not disturb sign was on the door. So I assume you took my advice, got back together with Gwen. I didn’t wanna interrupt your steamy reunion. There was no reunion, Leo. Gwen and I didn’t get back together, but you’re officially divorced from Sarah.

Now why not make it officially official with Gwen? Cause I’m. I’m still in love with Sarah and can’t fully commit to Gwen. Can I please tell me, you didn’t say that to her? Of course I did. I mean, I have to be honest. No, you don’t. You big dummy. Ah, always. Brains or bra? Never both. What would be the point in life to her?

The point in line would’ve been to protect her feelings. You insensitive jerk. My God. Gwenny must be in agony right now. Her heart’s shattered into a million pieces and I feel terrible that. I care too much about Gwen to lead her on Leo. She deserves better than that. You’re damn right. She does. And now I am going to comfort my friend, let her know that she’s too special and wonderful to waste her time on the likes of you, your big, insensitive shallow meaning.

Wait a minute, if you can. Gwenny Warren, having sexy time last night. Why was the do not disturb sign on the door?

Oh, oh God. Oh, I, I remember. I remember now. I, oh, it’s all coming back to me. Yeah. Apparently I preceded my legend.

We, um, we, what did we, we ran into the, um, we ran into each other at small bar and we got completely bollocked, didn’t we? Because that Oh, bloody oneand. Can’t get over Sarah Horton. And, um, and, um, you, uh, I lost my job. Right. Yeah. Maggie, the tyrant, she stole your job. Hmm. And then we, we came back here and had a nightcap and we had.

Wild. Hot, passionate, no holds barred. Oh, no, no, no, no. Too many adjectives. My head’s pounding sex. We had sex and you know what? I think this was a first for me. Uh, at first, yes. A first with a British woman. Are you a beautiful, sexy, stunning British woman? Yeah. Well then technically I am an American. And what’s with the heart accent?

Uh, well, what does it matter? It doesn’t matter at all. All it matters is that you really, really, I’m really turned me on. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That’s fine. No, this cannot happen again. This has been a terrible, terrible mistake.

Well, why was there a do not disturb sign on the door if there was nothing to disturb? I suppose because Gwen wanted to be left alone. Poor. Thanks. She was probably crying her eyes out all night time to think of it. I did hear mother damn you Zander cook. I was trying to be honest with you. Yeah. So you keep saying what do you think you deserve a medal for being honest.

When the entire time you’ve known Gwen, you’ve treated her like she’s a second fiddle to that skinny snooty Sarah Horton. And now even though skinny snooty woman has given you the Hepo left town to get away from you, you still treat Gwen like she’s a damn afterthought. Like, like she can never measure up to your standards, which is completely absurd given that you are a total swine with the soul the size of a pee.

You know what? I’m not gonna call her. I’m going to go see my bestie in person and stop her from doing something she might regret.

Last a mistake. Now wait a second. When, look, we, we are practically. Aren’t we? And we just knew each other a few hours and we just jumped right into bed with each other. Okay. So you never had a one night stand before? Yeah. Yes. I’ve had my wild days, of course, but God, now I’m in love with another man. Right.

Xander, who is still in love with Sarah Horton. So you used me to get back at him? Oh, I did not.

Yes I did. Hm. I’m sorry. Don’t be. I’m not at all besides, I’m still trying to get over Stephanie Johnson. She’s with Chad, so I have no reason to feel guilty either. Neither do you. We are both single and, oh God. Don’t say ready to mingle. I hate that. I would never say that. What I was gonna say is that we are both consenting adults and what we did is perfectly normal.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re right. I don’t, I don’t owe zand or anything. Exactly. So we are free to have all the earth shattering sex we want with no regrets.

Pretty great, wasn’t it? Definitely. In fact, I think it deserves an encore.

Hang on a second. Last night you tipped me off that somebody was drugging me and now you’re accusing me of drugging my brother, which is it, honey, I’m guessing. I’m confused. No, you’re not. Don’t try to manipulate me. I’m a der too. Remember you got me there After I tipped you off last night, you decided you wanted to get back at my dad’s, so you pulled the old switcheroo.

Causing him to ingest the drug that was meant for you. Go ahead. Tell me I’m wrong. Mm. Well that all depends on what, if it was in fact your father who was drugging me. Is that what you’re telling me, John? John? That my own brother’s been plotting against me.

So I not only called shin old, but then I proceeded to talk about how my son was possessed by the devil. Mm-hmm. . And then you topped it off by shoving Stephan. Ah, damnit. It was pretty hard to watch. Yes, I’m sure. And now I have to do major damage control. How are you gonna do that? Well, with way I can just express great contrition and turn on the charm.

It’s Stephen. Stephan is a whole other story.

I, I think there’s only one move to make where Stefan’s concerned, and that is well after Johnny tried to do the right thing, your brother now knows you’re onto him. So all this subterfuge is, is pointless. He. It is time for you to confront Stephan once and for all.

Okay, so I’ve decided not to worry about Nicole or that stupid gossip column anymore, really? Mm. What changed your mind? Well, while we were just enjoying each other just now, I realize it’s incredibly demeaning for me to compete with the Navy. I mean, I know I’m the best sex you’ve ever had. I don’t need to hear it from you.

I admire yourself, confidence, and I admire you for your impressive staying power.

In fact, I think you might have just earned yourself a pass at my retainer fame. All right, Jenn, generous of you. Oh no. But I’m still charging you for your defense Fair. I don’t know why I can’t afford you right now. Hmm. I wouldn’t worry about stacking up too many hours. I, I think this case is gonna be over pretty quickly.

That, that’s great to hear. It makes you so sure. Wow. A bulk of the charges resulted from you pretending to be my paralegal and as the victim, I can just make those charges go away by not cooperating with the da, which then leaves. The kidnapping charge, not a big thing, right? Well actually I think I can cut a deal with traffic.

Really like

speak of the devil. Well, is it about my case? Oh my God, Eric, it’s bad news.

Thank you again taking my case. I know it’s gonna be a lot of extra work for you. No, well it’s probably a good thing. It’s good for me to be busy, right. Sure it is. I know how close you were. Miss Marlena

think I miss her every day. I also think that she would be really upset with the riff you’re having with your brother Eric, right now. What? I just wanna eat breakfast right now, Brittany. I’m just saying you and Sammy, I get that’s, Normal. Are you and Eric? I mean, you’ve, you’ve always got along well, that was before he became a moody jerk.

I think he’s going through a rough patch and what he needs. A little bit like no, what he needs break. Listen, if this is your lame way of, of trying to get me to represent him answering. No, I’m not. I’m not. No, no. He actually already has a lawyer. What? Who? Oh my God. It’s her. That horrible heartless bitch.

Yes. That horrible heartless bitch is Sloan Peterson. That is his lawyer

charging me with attempted murder. I mean, how is this possible? Apparently Stephan’s heart stopped. Has Ralph was zapping him. I wasn’t zapping him. I wasn’t even here for the. It doesn’t matter. I mean, the laundry list goes on. I mean, she’s really piling on the charges. You said this was gonna be easy. I mean, how is this even possible?

Um, well, well maybe it was because something I said,

you are right. It’s time to bring this fight out in the open. I’m just gonna get pretty ugly, especially since both of you live under the same roof. Now, let’s step Dewey’s Worst. I’m not afraid of him. I just don’t want you being pulled into this mess depot. Oh, don’t worry about me. I can hold my own . Don’t I know it?

Well, I guess there’s no sense in putting this off any longer. I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on a second, sir. We need to take a shower first. It’ll help you clear your mic. Yeah, that’s a great idea. But you know what’s an even better idea? What’s that? Let you join me, you know, for extra clarity.


well, Is my own brother plotting against me thing You think I don’t see right through you. Okay. Quit playing the victim. Here I am the victim. The cup that EJ drank from was meant for me. So you did switch the cups? What the hell was I supposed to do? Johnny? Huh? Let my brother sabotage me in front of way shin.

I was giving him a literal taste of his own medicine. Look, I don’t know what’s going on between you and my dad, but whatever it is, you need to figure it out. Your brothers okay? You shouldn’t be tearing each other apart. You really think you should be lecturing me on Brotherly Love? What’s that supposed to mean?

Didn’t I just read in the gossip section that you almost slept with your twin sister’s girlfriend and that led to the demise of their relationship? All right? It’s a little more complicated than that, and also that’s not what happened. Allie and Chanel didn’t break up because of me. They broke up because Allie decided to have a one night stand with Alex, Kiki.

Ah, well you still having regrets? Ah, I knew that. We can’t have a go at around three. So ? No. No. I can’t. I can’t. I’m, I have to go to work. Oh, I’m gonna hop on the shower. I’m

fine. Mind if I make a cup of coffee? Yeah. Go for it. There’s a little, uh, coffee maker on that table over there.

Poor Gwenny. She’s probably hiding under the covers. Wallowing in her misery. Oh, Leo is here to save the day. Gwe. I spoke to Xander. The man is a total.

You okay there? Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to catch my breath. What are you doing here anyway? I’m not really sure. It’s my place to wait. I know my wish came true. What are you talking about? Yesterday I was at the park and there it was. A bright and shiny penny on the ground. I had to raise some little brats.

Pick it up. Knocked her out of the way. Here you are. Yeah. I’m sorry. I don’t follow. Hello? Find a penny. Pick it up. Then tonight you get to hold on. What’s, hold on. You’re a little late though. It’s morning. But I won’t hold it against you, Leo. Or will I look how, how stupid am I spending the night at the office when I could have been here with you.

But what are we waiting for? Here I am. There you are. Oh. Time out, ti time. Time out. Who are you gonna put me in a timeout? Daddy. Not your lucky penny. I’m not here because of you. Well, then why are you here parading around? Stark naked patent pending. Leo, who else is staying in this room? Well Gwenny, but she, oh my gwenny.

You know, I just don’t get it. I thought Sloane dumped Eric because she was super pissed at him for getting raw out of jail. Apparently she, for forgive, Ugh. I just thought we were done with this wretched, bottom feeder. You know, I just don’t understand how Eric and her got together in the first place. I mean, what does he seeing her?

What? She’s kind of hot bell, you know? Oh God, dude, you’re such a man. Yeah, I am. I am. I’ve been called worse, by the way. Yeah. Well, can’t actually think that that woman is good for our brother. Actually, I don’t at all, but, but from his point of view, I think maybe she has been there for him when things went south.

Mm-hmm. . And that’s why he is been such a jerk because she’s been there for him. Look, given my history with Kristen Damara, I’m in no position to judge. Oh, please. Anyone with a brain is in a position to judge that Sloan Peterson is a nightmare. I just hope and pray that. At least keeps it professional this time.

I don’t get it. I mean, how could this be your fault? Trash through the book at me. I know, but maybe, maybe because I told her to you. What? Look, it was before I agreed to take the case, I was still angry with you. You know, I kind of, I went off in front of Trask. I mean, God, who knew I had so much influence over that woman.

This is all because that stupid column. No, this is because of your stupid action. Nathan. You talk her out of it. I don’t know, Eric. I mean, she’s already gone to the press with this. Knowing her. She’s not gonna back out, so then I’m screwed.

Not necessarily.

Okay, look. All right. I’ll be the first to admit, my sister and I have definitely had some real knockdown drag outs, but at the end of the. We love each other, and I, I can’t believe that I’m about to say this out loud that I even have to, but you don’t drug your sibling to sabotage their career. Okay, Johnny?

I know you mean well, but this is between me and your father. Except it’s affecting the whole family, you know? Not to mention the company seen the stock lately. It’s in the dump way. Shin’s unhappy. This whole thing’s a mess. I’ll get it under control. Not a fair war with my dad, but why don’t I just go get him right now.

You guys can hash this thing out here. And now.

Hello, Mr. Damira. Hi, this is Sloan Peterson, counsel for Eric Brady. I was hoping you and I could have a little chat.

I’m all done in there if you’d like to hop in. Thank you. And there is something seriously wrong with your friend.

Did the two of you. My girl get it. Also, I had been worried sick about you. Why? I ran into Xander at the office where I slept last night. Thank you very much. He told me what happened between you two. So I raced over. I thought you’d be hole up in here crying your wi eyes out, licking your wounds. Turns out you’re licking something else entirely.

Filthy. Ah, I’m filthy. I’m filthy. Okay. I’m filthy, but so are you Gwendolyn bagging two of the hottest guys in Salem first Ander. Now Alex, you are a queen. I both hate and respect you at the same time. Huh? You have a But that’s out of the way. I did get a sneak peek at the main attraction, and I have one word.

Epic indeed. Girl. Give me all the deeds and I mean everything.

So, uh, I was thinking maybe I should go with you when you confront Stephan. He’s less likely to kill you with me there, Nicole. This is not your fight. No, it kind of is since not only I was Stephan’s unintended victim, you and I are seeing each other again, which makes us a team. Right? I suppose it does.

Mm-hmm. I know it says. Now let’s go kick your brother’s ass.

You know what better safe than sorry, God, this family. Good morning, son. Good morning. Uh, good morning Nicole. Morning. How you feeling, dad? Better. Thank you. Um, thank you for helping me out last night for getting me outta here before I can make an even bigger fool of myself in front of shin. Yeah, well it’s uh, probably no surprise to you that Uncle Stefan is pushing for him to fire you.

No, it’s not. So where is my backs stabbing brother, you just missed. Oh, well, look, dad, I hope you’re not mad about the warning I gave him. I, but you know, I, I, I know it backfired on you, but like he said, he. Just give your taste of your own medicine. John Roman, you don’t understand this whole drugging business.

I wasn’t the one who started it. It was your Uncle Stephan

attempted. Attempted murder. That’s insane. Well, I think Trask was playing hardball. I wasn’t trying to murder him Bell. I was just trying to help him. For God’s sake, I take it. You got the message from Trask. Yeah. It’s pretty ridiculous. Yeah. You missed a button there, counselor. So much for keeping it professional.

I assume Brady mentioned that I hired Sloan. Yeah. One bad decision after another. Sloane’s an excellent attorney and you gave me no other choices. Okay, listen, I don’t wanna fight and I actually do think it would be better for all of us to work together on this. I know you and I don’t really get along, but I think we have a common goal in keeping these two idiots out of prison.

So I think we should do an end run around trash and call Stephan Dira. Gee, what a great idea. I wish I had thought of that. Oh wait, I. Oh, and here he is now.

Okay, well we were there and then we ordered another round and another round, and then we, um, started talking about his work situation. Honey, how is any of this relevant to what I want to hear? I said everything. But what it meant was everything. Like everything. What don’t you wanna know about how we got into bed, honey?

No. No. Boring. Boring. Listen to me carefully. Nobody cares about the setup. Press fast forward. Choose your words wisely and paint me a vivid picture of that God among men and men. Okay, go.

Okay. Um, me see, uh, Well first he uhhuh, . He did this. Oh, I have to get that. Sorry. Hang on. Oh damn. Musts be an emergency with the advertiser. I, I have to go to work. Sorry. I am gonna throttle you. Uh, can you maybe just tell Alex I to run? You better. Give me all the details later. Missy, this is gonna be great for stuff at lady whistleblower column.

Don’t you dare. Or I will make it so that lady is not just a nom.

So, wait, let me get this straight. Stephan spiked your drink and then you switched it with his, and then he switched it back. Oh. This cat and mouse game has been going on for a while. Technically, I never actually drugged Stephan. He drugged himself. He just didn’t know about it. So why? Why is he doing all this in the first place?

I suspect he secretly holds a grudge against me for not telling him about the brain. . Well, that’s great. Now you guys can just be done with it. Call it even. I was planning on confronting him, but I guess I’ve missed my chance. Yeah, well, in that case I should probably get going to work. Oh, I was, uh, I was headed out too.

You need to lift? Yeah, that’d be great. Okay. I’ll see you tonight. Looking forward to it.

Well, if it isn’t the brother’s grim, please uh, have a seat.

I didn’t realize the whole gang was gonna be here. Mr. D. Thank you so much for meeting us. Yes. As I was just telling Ms. Peterson, we have a common goal to get your brothers off the hook for what they did to me. I realized that, um, their methods were reckless. You think they kidnapped me, knocked me out, tied me to a bed so a mad man could experiment on me.

Yes. But in the end, the experiment was a success and you’re back to the man you once were because I was. That was a hell of a risk one that they took without my consent. You wanted to talk about consent? Excuse me, pal. Listen, Brady, let us handle this. Mr. Damara. I admit that our clients were extreme, but everything worked out for the best.

And since the DA doesn’t have a case without your cooperation, we’re asking you if you could please not press charges.

What they did was unconscionable, but as much as I hate to admit it, in the end, they did me a favor. So you’ll talk aask. Consider the charges dropped.


Stephan, thank you. Yeah. Thank you.

Oh, no, I still can’t stand her. Oh.

Oh, I didn’t think you were coming in today. Um, yes. Well, I heard that there was a problem with one of the advertisers. Oh, I was just like to take care of that actually. Yeah. Well, I’m here now so I can take care of it. No, I’m happy to cover it if you wanna take the day off. Why about to do that going? You, you don’t have to put on a front with.

Was just here. I feel terrible that you spent the night in your room all alone. Crying. Crying.

Actually, I wasn’t alone. I was busy hitting the sheets with your cousin, Alex.

Where’s Gwen? You should do go to work. Looks like it’s just you and me. Handsome. Good One of the moment alone with you. Me too. I have a bone to pick with the guy who ruined my career

on. Put that away. Considering you’ve saved my life, sis, practice is on me. Well, thankfully Stephan was willing to listen to the reason Dave and Sloan, you make a pretty good team. Maybe you should, uh, you know, get firm together or something. Then who would represent me when I throw her out the window?

thought about that. No, there will be no teaming up between me and that awful woman whom I still loa with every fiber of my being. Just wish the hell Eric would stay away from her.

Johnny, I’m really sorry about lying to you and Wendy about what was going on. Hey, you’re not the first person who’s ever kept a secret from my dad.

So you and he are, uh, getting pretty close, huh? Ah, yeah, I guess we are. Does that mean you’re over my uncle?

I’m getting there.

I’m certain you don’t approve of all this end fighting father, so whether you like it or not, there is going to be a reckoning between my brother and me.

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