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 I am sorry. I don’t remember inviting you to sit here. You didn’t Then why are you here? Well, because US members of the Bad Day Club have to stick together. This Spencer can’t argue with that. You are. Um, Alex, that’s. And you are Gwen.

Well, I would say nice to meet you, but we have so many people in common. It’s almost if we’re old chums. Mm-hmm. . Does feel that way. Huh?

So who puts you in such a rotten mood when your rotten cousin Zander?


sorry. Your talk with Gwen didn’t go so well. Yeah, well, It went about as well as Lincoln’s nights at the theater actually. Sorry. So was it, um, bad business wise or relationship wise? Both. Oh, I’m sorry. Yeah. No, I’ve made Gwen so angry. I don’t think there’s any relationship left. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where’s all this anger coming from?

Okay. I don’t get it. Yeah, neither do I. What do you think Johnny did? What do I think he did? No, I know exactly what he did and he can’t dodge this one cuz I have the receipts.

You had fun at the museum, didn’t you? Oh, I’m not gonna complain about seeing Van Gogh paintings of clothes. Hmm. So much beauty in one place. The art was pretty good too. Are we gonna keep doing this? What compliments. Going into the exhibit was your idea. Remember, after I found you and s Stephan together, I thought you were trying to make amend.

I was trying to make the best of the situation. I didn’t know dinner was gonna be a part of it. What’s wrong with dinner? I’m not hungry. Ah, you said the same thing when I made you ch laquila for breakfast and then you scarf those down. Come on. You love the steak here, just like you love the exhibit. And then what?

By the time our, our six months deal expires, I’m gonna. Just let go of s Stephan and love you again too. Yeah, that’s right. Except, uh, things can happen a lot sooner than that.

Once again to D Mirror,

Oh, soit is so brave that you came over for dinner.

I’m so glad you were able to join us, Mr. Shin. I’m very glad to be here. Yeah, and I know that Shep is making beef Wellington, so I hope I see your liking. Oh, it sounds wonderful. This feels like it’s going to be a night to remember. Couldn’t have said it better myself, brother.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Well, I hope you don’t hold it against me, that Zander and I are related, even though blood is just about the only bond we have, especially after the whole kidnapping mess. I do not wanna talk about that. Fair enough. Besides Zander’s, actual crimes are really the least of my issues with him. Oh yeah. You know, he tried to be good in his own way.

How about you? Did you try to be good? Mostly? How’s that working out for you?

What do you think? Right. So it seems to me that in a weird way, you and Zander are a pretty damn good match, except it’s not the match that he wants, despite the fact that she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Zander will never stop loving Sarah Horton,

you know? Realized I was doing the very thing that I told you I didn’t want to do. Leading G went on. Mm-hmm. So you made her think you were gonna be a couple again? Only cuz I believed it. I mean, I really did think that, you know, once I saw the final divorce decree in my hands, I would finally accept that Sarah and I are over for good.

I don’t think it works that way. No. The feelings didn’t miraculously disappear. I can’t lie to going about that. Even if Sarah hates me, she doesn’t hate you. She’s just done with you. Now you’ve got to get over her. Are you gonna end up alone?

You know, you really need to work on listening when people. Like, like I am not in love with you. Or six months or six years he and I are not happening. Hmm. I heard you say those things and yet they’re not sinking in because you keep talking about winning me back and you’re starting to sound delusional.

I like to call it hopeful. Okay. Well, you can call it whatever you’d like. It’s still a pine tree only because you’re treating it like it’s some kind of chore because it is. It doesn’t have to be Daddy. This quality time we’re spending. Look at it like I’m doing you a favor. A favor. Yeah. Yeah. The more time you spend with me, the less time you spend fighting your temptation to be with Stephan.

Or even worse, giving in. So you’re helping me out. If you cave, you force me to invoke. Cause 2.6 of our deal and you lose out all my damer shares is one night of nostalgia. Was Stephan really worth that?

So I found this startup in South Africa. They’re making incredible breakthroughs on clean energy. They are hungry for investors. I’m intrigued. I must have missed a memo on this one. Oh, I was gonna brief you in the morning, get your sign off. You know, I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding. Yeah, of course.

Sorry, I, I’m sure you were caught off guard just as I was caught off guard when you told me that Mr. Shin was joining us for dinner tonight. So guess we’re even, I’m going to check in on how, see how those appetizers are coming. Nicole, would you like to join me? I know you had a request for the chef. Oh, yes.

Right. Thank you for reminding me. Of course.

Did you hear Stephan back there? Obviously he’s trying to win shin’s favor. He called us Eva. Something tells me you don’t see it the same way. Mm. He will be after the drugs kick in and he makes a fool of him. Which might be any minute now

finding the deal in South Africa will be a big win for Jamira. You, Cindy, on top of things, you sound surprised. Well, to be honest, I had a conversation earlier with your brother. Hmm. About, uh, he worries that you were still feeling the effects of what Dr. Rolf put you through. Hmm.

I appreciate my brother’s concern for my wellbeing, but I can assure you I’m perfectly fine. Hmm.

Ah geez.

Maybe Xander will come around. Hm. My God. Do you know how many times I’ve told myself that? Never know. Feelings are weird. Feelings are weird. Wow. That should be on a refrigerator magnet. Dude. easy. I just mean, you know, sometimes they can take a little while to sort him out. Do you know what he said to me?

He said that once he sees the divorce decree, reality will set in. And I’m guessing that’s not what happened. No. Reality did set in, it just settled in for me, not him. And he told you what? That he didn’t want to be with you? He said he still loves Sarah and he doesn’t know if you’ll ever her get over her

when? I’m sorry that he hurt you. I, I don’t even, geez, do you know what the worst part is though? Was he was trying not to hurt me. He.

He said it’s not fair to lead me on when he knows that he’s still got feelings for so often. Alright, well I think that’s honorable. I guess. God’s honorable. Come on, honorable my ass. I am the best thing that has ever happened to that man and he will never know God. Who do you have to shout to get another refill around here?

Hello? Oh, hey, hey, hey. X round’s on me. I got it. Thanks. God’s sake. Listen to me. I’m just going on and on and on about myself. I haven’t even asked you why you are here, why you are so miserable as go on. Then what’s her name? . Good guess. And yes, I did ruin things with the best woman I’ve ever met in my life, but that’s not the reason why I’m here tonight.

Mm-hmm. and Royal, you. I am here tonight because of Sarah Horton’s mother.

Mm-hmm. . Why am I telling Sarah’s mother all ? Maybe because you expect me to get in touch with her and let her know that you still love her. No, I mean, unless you want to. I told you before, I wish the two of you had worked this out, but I’ve learned my. I mean, I, I made my feelings clear to Sarah and, and I told her that this time I’m gonna stay out of it.

I understand that I’ve lost Sarah and now I’ve driven Gwen away too. Seems I can’t help but hurt the women in my life. Mm. Well it seems to be a lot of that going around.

Okay. Someone tell me what this is about. I’m sure it’s nothing. Yeah, of course. Well, it says Johnny won’t tell you. I will. You see, he came asking for my help for some lab results for his father. I told him there’s nothing I could do, so he stole my id, impersonated me and stole those results from the lab.

That’s how you got those results? Yeah. He put my good name and reputation at risk all because he and his family always think they’re above the.

I know how much he admired my father. He was a flawed and complicated man, but his drive and determination was unmatched , and he never ever let someone get the better of him, which is why I’m trying to follow in his footsteps.

Look at him over there, droning on trying to impression. Doesn’t he know droning is your specialty? . Stefan will get what’s coming to him soon enough. I love a good tour wreck dinner party. Mm-hmm. . Let’s join them. See how things are progressing. Whoa, whoa. You okay? All good.

Good job buddy. I seven believe that you’re drunk, but maybe tone it down Well, shin’s looking okay. Is it a little warm in here? I just me,

I’m glad you were raised his dinner party, ej. It’s given me a chance to, uh, stress the importance of rising up our stock price. Of course, it’s all he’s thinking about. I can vouch for that. Okay. EJ is the first to admit that this stock slide was due to an unfortunate mistake. But believe me when I say that, he’s doing everything in his power to make sure it never happens again.

Isn’t that right? Ej? Uh, of course. And he’s using this opportunity to make changes within the company. That’s why I’ve developed a new program to teach all DER employees media strategies as we navigate this new environment. And I know EJ is fully on board. See, when I, I’m sorry I’m not finished. When one employee is able to cause this big a crisis by opening his mouth, that tells me that the culture needs to be changed.

And I can assure you that we are going to change that culture. Stop talking.

Mr. Shim heard you the first time. For God’s sake, the man is old, not deaf.

So, uh, if you’re distancing yourself from Gwen, does that mean you’re quitting the spectator? No, Gwen certainly doesn’t want me there, but you own half of. Yeah, but it’s, it’s Gwen’s legacy, not mine. So you’re unemployed again. We’ll see. Don’t worry. I’ll find some non-legal way to fill my own. Well, then maybe you could fill in Harry Titan.

Right. Yeah. Doing what? Taking off for Alex. I wouldn’t complain.

So Maggie got the job that you were expecting at Titan? I would say deserving, but yes, ooi. Do you have a problem answering to strong women? I love strong women. Gender is not the problem here. Gwenny. That job should be mine. I should be the one on the front page of the Spectator with my plans of laying out the future of this company.

So why isn’t it you?

Because my Uncle Vic, not a near full of some gossip about my extracurricular activities. Hmm.

Wow. Oh dear. That’s funny, huh? Yeah, it’s um, lady Whistleblower. Oh, lady Whistleblower. You know all about that, huh?

Yeah. I’m really sorry to tell you that I am the new editor at The Spectator, and Leo is my gossip column expert. Oh. Great. Come on. I mean, what’s the big deal? Anyway, you are

handsome and you are quite charming and you are rich. I mean, why shouldn’t you have a wrong with two beautiful, young, willing women? Yeah, I do like the way you think, but my Uncle Vic, he’s. It was little old school.

Yeah. Is Maggie really the like the best for the job there? I mean, she’s nice enough, but does Victor think that she’s CEO O material finally. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Do you know how many times I tried sounding the alarm about this in an ad? Just gets shut down with this extreme prejudice. And now honestly Gwen, I’m just trying not to blow my inheritance.

Well, if you want that pot at the end of the rainbow, I think you’re gonna have to be a good little soldier. And you’re gonna have to follow Auntie Maggie’s orders, aren’t you? Mm. That’s the deal. Well, I think it sounds good. Just don’t cause trouble. You get to live a fabulous life and he had to sha whomever you like.

So kind of wish you told me that. Y.

When I asked you how you got those lab results, you said you have your ways, well, I guess his ways are identity theft. Johnny, you don’t have to believe me now. You can just talk to the lab director who called me while I was at the nurses station looking for my lost badge. What exactly did he say? Oh, he figured out that someone unauthorized used to get those reports.

Were he gonna say something, John? What? What can I say? Yes, yes. I use Trips Badge to get those results. Yes. Wow. You know, that’s illegal, right? I needed answers. Wendy and I are trying to help someone, Wendy and I, are you actually throwing her under the bus? That’s not what I was doing. Then why did you lie to me about how you got those results?

Because he knew how you would react, and he’s too much of a coward, to be honest.

What, what? I admit they make good steak here. What do you, what do you want from them? I was just remembering the last meal we shared here. What about it? You got a little carried away, ordered the most expensive bottle of wine on the list, and then when we were. We heard another. Hmm. And then later when we went home, stop.

Stop, stop. What? That wasn’t a good night because I seem to remember it being one of the best nights of my life. I mean, a night that lasted all the way through till morning. By the way, I never felt closer to you. To anyone can tell by the way your cheeks are flush. You remember? I know what you’re doing.

Well, is it working

Mr. Shin? I, I am so sorry for that outburst. I blame myself for what happened with the stock, obviously, and it’s frustrating. Understandable. And, and once he gets the prices up, the frustration will be gone. Ah, as will I. Yes. Well,

Uh, uh, dinner should be ready. Uh, let’s eat, shall we? Yes.

I know you’re supposed to act impaired, but, you know, uh, maybe not. Try not to insult shin. I, I didn’t mean to say that. I, I don’t know what’s happening. Stefan was getting under my skin and just slipped out. Oh, you look sweaty. I’m tall here. No, it’s not. Are you sure that you swed the correct drinks with s Stephan?

Of course. Oh, because Stephan’s the someone who’s acting fine and you’re acting off, I’m fine. The drug shall kick in for Stephan any minute. We will go and sit down and have dinner with Mr. Shin and Stephan will prove that he is unfit by going face first into his bowl of soup.

So Alex totally undercut your authority and he still has a job. I let him off with a warning. Let me, he was, he was only being passionate about something that he believes in. Still almighty, you can’t have insubordination in your ranks. The truth is that I didn’t wanna become c e O and fire the only other kek in the company on my first day.

That would’ve be a bad look. Ugh. I wish I had the KIS I could count on.

I wasn’t just gonna. Auntie Mag, shut the door on Bella. So I back channelled my concerns to my uncle. All right, . So, um, let me get this straight. You. The, um, you said the boss, your, your boss, the big boss, made a decision. A bad one, . And you went, you went behind her back to her husband . Wow. I mean, when you put it like that, uh, I guess I’m not a.

Team player. Name one person in your family who is, what you thinking of? One in particular. You are like that. You more just go after what you want. Consequences be damned. Oh, huh. What about you? How are you raised?

Mostly I raised myself.

By the way, it doesn’t seem like either of us have gotten what we want.

It’s misery.

Where is mine

to misery?

So you wanna get outta here?

Look. I’m sorry. Okay. That I got trip in trouble, but he gave me no choice. Okay. How do you figure, I asked you for your help. He didn’t wanna give it to me, so I borrowed your badge for like 10 minutes. Okay. No, you didn’t borrow trip’s. Badge, you stole it. So what you, you, you think that what my dad is doing to s Stephan is okay, but both things are bad.

Yeah. One’s a hell of a lot worse. You knew this was wrong or you wouldn’t have kept it from me.

You should go, Wendy. No, I’m serious. Johnny, what do we have? If I can’t trust you, I’ll text you tomorrow. Once you’ve had time to think about this, you’ll understand.

Look, I’m sorry. Are you okay? Ali warned me about how impulsive and selfish shawny can be.

I guess I’m still trying to learn what that means.

It’s a great idea to have Harold set us up in here with coffee and desserts. Mr. Shin. Nicole, can I get you coffee? No, thank you. Ah, I’ll pass. Aj, you’re not gonna say no. Only if you join me.

This is one of my favorites. See why it’s one of the only abstracts we own.

And father acquired this squad in Tuscan. I agree. F l had Yes indeed.

Why don’t you show Mr. Shin that incredible sculpture you purchased at the auction? Oh, I would love to. It is so special. Believe it or not, our father actually owned it in the sixties.

You tracked him again and maybe he didn’t get enough in the first trick, but this time, this time, He’s going down.

So you wanna know if your shameless flirting is working. What’s so shameless about it? I was just remembering what it was like to be in bed with you that night and hoping that by the time September rolls around and we’ve made new memories, you’ll be. Stephan, who

I admire your persistence.

What else do you admire about me? Uh, check. Please check. Oh, we can’t leave yet. Why not? I pre-ordered the souffle for dessert. We can get it to go. You want to go back home just like last time?

I am sorry. I know I was hard on Johnny there. No, you had it coming to him. You have every right to be pissed. It was my first day back at the hospital, you know, and I wanted everything to be perfect and just, I dunno. I feel like such a responsibility to honor Kayla’s memory and I’m sure she’d be proud.

I know I’ll never. Go the doctor she was. But that’s important to me that I don’t do anything that’ll stain her reputation or even this point, my dad, while still breathing. Hey you, nothing wrong today.

Thanks. Okay. I’m really sorry Joani put you in this position.

If I known what he was gonna do, I would’ve.

Oh, Stephan, why don’t you share some of the numbers with Mr. Shin for the South Africa project? You sure you want me to do that now? Why not? Oh, Johnny. Hello Uncle Stephan. My son. What a grand addition to the group. I Hey dad, . Oh, have you? Have you two met? You’ve got to meet my boy. Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

In a minute. In a minute. I’m sure you know all about this young man. Way after all. He could be the air to the Damira throne. Well, I am will aware. Hello Johnny. Mr. Shin. Hello. Come on. You can do better than that. Johnny Tuck. Oh, oh, oh. Of course, Mr. Shim is a legendary judge of character and talent, so I’m sure he’ll find Johnny completely amazing when he finally gets his chance.

Huh? Hey, right, and let’s not hold against him. That whole new devil possession thing, wife, you need to go. Now. Why? Because there’s been a mistake. The only mistake I see is two CEOs, okay? That, are you all right? I got this. Ej. Hey, I don’t know what is going on with you, but you need to make an excuse. Go upstairs and lie down cause I’m not tired.

You need to lie down. Before you embarrass yourself any further, embarrass myself. Who the hell do you think you are? Ej, clearly you are messed up. I am not messed up. You are three.

Oh, okay. That was clearly not supposed to happen. Okay. You know what? Ha didn’t sleep much. He was up all night. But I switched it. I, I, I, I know I switched it. Just come with me. Uh, excuse us. CJ just needs to, to freshen up. Johnny. Yeah.

Mr. Shit. I apologize for my brother’s behavior. Honestly, I. No idea what’s going on.

Hi guys. Lee Ding. When trip we interrupting something? Nope. No, we were just uh, talking. Where were you? Two Dinner at the bistro. We brought you some delicious. So, . I drove nice and slow so it wouldn’t collapse. You guys want some? Yeah, that sounds great. I’ll go put it on the plate. Okay. I’m gonna go change.

Oh, tired. Long. Good. Uh, um. Oh, and here we are sitting on your bed. Uh, don’t worry, I’m gonna head to sleep soon. Have a long day too. You know, it, uh, it isn’t that bad for sleeping. It’s that sexually. Pretty comfortable couch. Ah, well, glad you don’t mind. Yeah, yeah. No, no. Um, what I meant was, is, um, you wouldn’t mind me.

Yeah. I was thinking, uh, you know, I’m sure it’s very expensive for you to move back here and quit your job out west, so maybe I can help with that. Oh, pow out. You can save a little money. Crash out here on the couch. Let me have your room. Yeah. The answer is no, Lee. He’s not in. Let him answer. Uh, look, if this living situation’s a little too cozy for you all, uh, I can always go back to my dad’s.

Oh, I love having you here. My brother’s just gonna have to get used to the couch. He made it. Now he gets to lie in it.

Well, it seems you are wrestling with an impossible. And which question is that? Well, on one hand, you could rely on the Keri Aus that went crying to your husband when he didn’t get his way. Any other on the other, you could rely on the Keri Aus that lied to your daughter after he perpetrated an ill-fated kidnapping scheme.

Well, that’s why I’m the c e I get paid to make those tough calls. I suppose that’s true. Mm-hmm. . Well, most people would think it’s an easy call and Alex. May not be a loyal employee, but he’s not a felon. But you are not most people are you Maggie? No, I’m not. I actually think you did a pretty good job when you were in charge, uh, a few years back.

You might be the only one, maybe. So still is fun to imagine. Oh, you and the two of us taking on the corporate world, defying expectations both. No. Victor would never sign off on it. So I’m ceo. Victor doesn’t get a say. Not about Alex. And not about you.

Maddie, are you home? But who’s Maddie? Leo. Where you, what? You live here with Leo Stark. I. The little twrp cost me my spot at running tight. Whoa. And it’s a good thing that that little twerp isn’t here, isn’t it? Oh, it’s a good thing. . Right now I believe we were in search of a nightcap. That’s what we came here for.

Now, is that the only thing you came here for?

This isn’t making sense what is happening to me. Oh, I don’t, oh gosh. I, I don’t know how he managed it, but Steph had must have switched the drinks. How? Why? I don’t know.

This is probably his plan all along. But how did he figure it out? Ah, this might be my fault. What you guys said that Stefan was on drugs and something about that didn’t really sit right. So I got my hands on a copy of the lab reports you had ordered. I found out what was in the vi. I thought you guys were trugging it.

My God. You told him. I know. I didn’t say it was you. Oh God. I.

You know, your brother warned me that you were still feeling the effects of what Dr. Rolf had put you through, but clearly he’s the one we should be worried about. Well, I appreciate your concern for my brother’s wellbeing, but he’s resilient now. You don’t have to defend on family obligation. Our obligation is to the shareholders.

You’re right. Sometimes I’m too loyal for my own good. Uh, may I speak freely? Of course, yes. I have been worried about my brother ever since the death of his mother and something like that. It leaves a mark. Oh, clearly your worries are justified. What can we do about it? He and I are equal. Perhaps not for long.

Where did Trip and Wendy go? They went outside to get some air. Hmm. So they didn’t want tole

a. A. Apparently not. Gabby. That outfit is incredible. Mm. Well it’s not for you. It’s for when my six months of hell are up and I can finally sleep with the man that I love. I see. So this is you torturing me. Yeah. For you torturing me. Mm. Yeah. Museum. Incredible meal. How can you stand it? I can, so I guess all there’s left for me to do is to go back to that big, cozy bed all by myself.

You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you that contract that I signed, I know that I can’t be with Stephan, but, and there’s nothing in there that says I can’t dream about him. Right. Imagining him in that bed with me. Ripping off this outfit, taking me into his arms, making love to me all night long. Okay, well have a good night on the.

Victor can’t stop you from bringing me in to replace Alex. Hmm. Now you just need a good answer for the other 10,473 reasons why it’d be a terrible idea for you to do that. Well, I’ll get to work on that right away. In the meantime, I need to go home. Um, you wanna share an elevator? Absolutely. I just need to do a quick text.

Can you gimme a second? I’ll meet you in the hallway. Hey. Hmm. Thank you for listening to all my stupid Mistakes and standing by me anyway. You are, you’re a very loyal person. Who knows? I may be asking for that loyalty in return. Pretty soon.

Maybe we should just enjoy that drink. Okay. Can’t blame the guy for trying Right.

You, um, can’t blame for trying not one. You okay?


No. No, not. Okay.

Let’s change that up, shall we?

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