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Eric brings Sloan breakfast in bed and says it was her first time staying at his place, so he wanted to do something special for her. Sloan calls that sweet and kisses him. Sloan says she does have one important question and asks if last night was the best sex of his life.

EJ wakes up in bed with a headache. Nicole brings him a glass of his mom’s special hangover cure.

Stefan is on the phone with Wei in the living room, apologizing for EJ’s behavior and agreeing that it’s totally unacceptable. Stefan asks if he’s given any more thought to relieving EJ of his duties. Stefan says to let him know once he’s made up his mind and hangs up. Johnny then walks in to the room.

Xander goes to the Spectator office where he finds Leo asleep at his desk. Xander questions why he’s sleeping in the office. Leo responds that he couldn’t sleep in his room because he was giving Xander and Gwen their privacy. Xander questions what he’s talking about.

Gwen wakes up in bed complaining of how much they drank last night. Gwen is then shocked to see Alex in bed next to her and questions what he’s doing in her bed. Alex responds that he won’t be offended that she forgot his name but he will be if she forgot their night of passion which Gwen questions and can’t believe it.

Eric thinks Sloan is taking Leo’s gossip column a little too seriously. Sloan tells him to just humor her and asks if last night was the best of his life. Eric calls it great so Sloan takes that as not the best. Eric says he doesn’t kiss and tell. Sloan remarks that he would if she was the best, so clearly she’s not. Eric tells her not to make this a competition and to admit they have an amazing time together. Sloan feels that not’s enough since Nicole pointed out that Leo wrote that Eric was the best sex of Sloan’s life while he never said that she was the best sex of Eric’s life. Sloan then claims that she never said that and that Leo made it up. Eric asks if she’s questioning the integrity of Leo’s “Lady Whistleblower” column. Sloan says since Eric is being evasive and coy, she demands another shot. Sloan declares that no matter how many times it takes, she’s going to prove Nicole wrong as they kiss and move on to the bed.

Nicole reminds EJ of how he made her drink this when she had a hangover and points out that it does work. EJ stops her and argues that he wasn’t hungover, he was drugged by his brother. Nicole points out that they don’t know that for sure and it could’ve been an accident. EJ assures that he switched the cups correctly, so Stefan must have switched them back. Nicole guesses Stefan knows he’s on to him then. EJ has no doubt since Johnny gave him the heads up and Stefan took full advantage.

Johnny questions Stefan trying to get EJ fired and if that’s his goal. Stefan argues that is EJ’s goal since he was a total disaster last night. Johnny calls Stefan a two face traitor and declares that it’s because he was drugging him.

Leo tells Xander not to be coy with him since when he got back to the room last night, he saw the “do not disturb” sign on the door, so he assumed that Xander took his advice and got back with Gwen so he didn’t want to interrupt their steamy reunion. Xander informs Leo that there was no reunion as they didn’t get back together. Leo notes that Xander is officially divorced from Sarah now so he questions why not make it officially official with Gwen. Xander admits he’s still in love with Sarah, so he can’t fully commit to Gwen. Leo hopes he didn’t say that to Gwen. Xander says he did because he had to be honest which Leo disagrees with. Xander questions the point of lying to her. Leo argues that it would’ve been to protect Gwen’s feelings and calls him an insensitive jerk. Leo worries that Gwen must be in agony now with her heart shattered. Xander says he feels terrible but he cares too much about Gwen to lead her on when she deserves better than that. Leo agrees and declares that he’s going to comfort Gwen and let her know that she’s too special to waste her time on Xander. Leo then stops and questions why the do not disturb sign was on the door if they weren’t having sexy time last night.

Gwen says she remembers now and it’s all coming back to her. Gwen recalls she and Alex running in to each other at the small bar and getting drunk because Xander couldn’t get over Sarah. Alex adds that he lost his job. Gwen remembers that Maggie stole his job and then they came here for a night cap. Alex adds that they had wild, hot, passionate, no holds barred sex. Gwen complains that her head is pounding. Alex thinks this was a first for him to be with a British woman. Gwen says she’s American so Alex questions her accent. Alex decides it doesn’t matter and all that matters is that she really turns him on. Alex starts kissing Gwen but she says this can’t happen again and calls it a terrible mistake.

Leo asks Xander again why the do not disturb sign was on the door. Xander supposes Gwen wanted to be left alone. Leo worries that Gwen was crying her eyes out all night long. Leo blames Xander for being honest and treating her like second fiddle to Sarah. Leo adds that now that even though Sarah left town to get away from him, he still treats Gwen like an afterthought as if she doesn’t live up to his standards which he calls completely absurd. Leo decides he’s going to see Gwen in person to stop her from doing something she might regret. Leo then storms out of the office.

Alex questions Gwen calling last night a mistake. Gwen points out that they are practically strangers and only knew each other for a few hours but just jumped right in to bed with each other. Alex blows it off as a one night stand. Gwen reminds him that she’s in love with another man. Alex states that Xander is still in love with Sarah, so Gwen used him to get back at Xander. Gwen admits she did and apologizes. Alex tells her not to be sorry and says he’s not, noting that he’s still trying to get over Stephanie and she’s with Chad, so he has no reason to feel guilty either. Alex tells Gwen that they are both single, consenting adults so what they did is perfectly normal and acceptable. Gwen agrees and says she doesn’t owe Xander anything. Alex tells her that they are free to have all the earth shattering sex they want with no regrets. Gwen agrees that it was pretty great. Alex thinks it deserves an encore as he kisses Gwen.

Stefan reminds Johnny that he tipped him off that someone was drugging him and now he’s accusing him of drugging EJ, so he questions which one it is. Johnny suggests maybe both. Stefan claims to be confused but Johnny says he’s not. Johnny tells Stefan not to try to manipulate him, reminding him that he’s a DiMera too. Johnny says after he tipped him off, he decided to get back at EJ and switch the cups on him, causing EJ to get drugged. Stefan responds that it all depends on if EJ was drugging him and asks if he’s telling him that his own brother has been plotting against him.

Nicole fills EJ in on how he called Wei old, talked about Johnny being possessed by the Devil, and then shoved Stefan. Nicole calls it hard to watch. EJ feels he will have to do major damage control now. EJ says with Wei, he’ll just express great attrition but Stefan is a whole other story. Nicole thinks there’s only one move to make with Stefan since he now knows EJ is on to him, so this is all pointless. Nicole tells EJ that it’s time for him to confront Stefan once and for all.

Sloan and Eric lay in bed together. Sloan decides she’s not going to care about Nicole or the gossip column anymore because she realizes it’s incredibly demeaning to compare with his exes when she knows she’s the best sex he’s ever had. Eric admires her self confidence while Sloan admires his impressive staying power. Sloan adds that he might have earned a pass on her retainer fee but says she’ll still charge his defense. Sloan mentions that she thinks the case will be over pretty quickly since both charges resulted from Eric pretending to be her paralegal, so she can just make those charges go away by not cooperating. Eric brings up the kidnapping charge being left. Sloan thinks she can cut a deal with Melinda Trask. Sloan then gets a text from Melinda and tells Eric that it’s bad news.

Brady and Belle eat together at the Brady Pub. Brady thanks her again for taking his case as he knows it’s going to be a lot of extra work for her. Belle thinks it’s best for her to be busy right now. Brady knows how close Belle was with Marlena and says he misses her every day. Brady adds that he thinks Marlena would be upset with the rift Belle is having with Eric right now. Belle says she just wants to eat breakfast right now. Brady says he gets her and Sami as that’s almost normal, but she and Eric have always gotten along. Belle says that was before Eric became a moody jerk. Brady thinks he’s just going through a tough time. Belle insists on not representing Eric. Brady then reveals that Eric already has a lawyer. Belle can’t believe it’s Sloan, who she calls a horrible, heartless bitch.

Sloan reveals that Eric is being charged with attempted murder since apparently that Stefan’s heart stopped while Dr. Rolf was zapping him. Eric argues that he wasn’t even there during that. Sloan says the list goes on with charges. Eric thought she said this would be easy and questions how this is even possible. Sloan reveals that it may be because of something she said.

EJ agrees with Nicole that it’s time to bring this fight out in the open. Nicole knows it’s going to get ugly because they live under the same roof. EJ says Stefan can do his worst as he’s not afraid of him but he just doesn’t want Nicole being pulled in to it. Nicole tells him not to worry about her as she can hold her own. EJ guesses there is no sense in putting this off any longer so he’ll let her know how it goes. Nicole stops him and says he needs to take a shower first to clear his mind. EJ agrees and invites her to join him as they kiss.

Stefan asks Johnny if his own brother is plotting against him. Johnny tells Stefan that he sees through him and that he’s just playing the victim. Stefan argues that he is the victim since the cup that EJ drugged was meant for him. Johnny questions him admitting to switching the cups. Stefan asks what he was supposed to do and says he was giving EJ a taste of his own medicine. Johnny doesn’t know what’s going on but says they need to figure it out since they are brothers and shouldn’t be trying to tear each other apart. Stefan questions if Johnny really thinks he should be lecturing him on brotherly love. Johnny asks what that is supposed to mean. Stefan brings up reading in the gossip column that Johnny almost slept with his twin sister’s girlfriend which led to the demise of their relationship. Johnny calls that different and argues that it’s not what happened as he declares that Allie and Chanel broke up because Allie decided to have a one night stand with Alex Kiriakis.

Alex and Gwen have another round of sex. Alex asks if she’s still having regrets. Alex suggests a round three and kisses her but Gwen says she can’t as she has to get to work. Gwen decides she will take a shower. Alex wants to get in with her but Gwen says no as she’s in a hurry. Alex decides he will make a cup of coffee then as Gwen heads to the shower. Leo then comes home, worrying about Gwen but walks in to find Alex naked and making coffee. Alex puts his underwear on and asks if Leo is okay. Leo says he just needs to catch his breath and asks what Alex is doing here. Alex says it’s not his place. Leo starts saying that his wish must have come true and starts flirting with him but Alex stops him and says that he’s not here because of him. Leo asks why he’s here naked then. Alex reminds him of who else is staying in this room. Gwen then comes out of the shower and Leo is shocked.

Belle doesn’t get it as she thought Sloan dumped Eric because she was pissed at him for getting Dr. Rolf out of jail. Brady says apparently she forgave him. Belle thought they were done with Sloan and doesn’t understand how she and Eric got together in the first place, questioning what Eric sees in her. Brady admits that she’s kind of hot. Belle complains that he’s such a man. Brady jokes that he’s been called worse. Belle argues that he can’t actually think Sloan is good for Eric. Brady assures that he doesn’t at all, but acknowledges that Sloan has been there for him when things went south. Brady adds that with his history with Kristen, he’s in no position to judge. Belle calls Sloan a nightmare and hopes that Eric at least keeps it professional this time.

Eric doesn’t get how this could be Sloan’s fault when Melinda threw the book at him. Sloan reveals that it may be because she told her to which Eric questions. Sloan explains that it was before she agreed to take his case and she was still angry with him, but she didn’t know she had such influence over Melinda. Eric blames the stupid gossip column while Sloan blames Eric’s stupid actions. Eric tells Sloan to talk Melinda out of it then. Sloan points out that Melinda has already gone to the press with it so she’s not going to back out. Eric guesses he’s screwed then but Sloan says not necessarily.

Johnny admits to Stefan that he and Allie had some real knockdown drag outs but at the end of the day, they love each other. Johnny can’t believe he has to say this, but you don’t drug your sibling to sabotage their career. Stefan knows he means well but says it’s between he and EJ. Johnny argues that it’s affecting the whole family and the company, pointing out that the stocks are down and Wei Shin is unhappy so the whole thing is a mess. Stefan says he will get it under control. Johnny says not while at war with EJ. Johnny suggests going to get EJ right now so they can hash this out now. Stefan then gets a call from Sloan, who asks if they can have a little chat.

Gwen tells Alex that she’s all done in the shower so he can take his. Alex thanks her and says there’s something seriously wrong with her friend. Alex kisses her on the cheek and then heads to the shower. Leo questions Gwen, who confirms that she and Alex had sex twice. Leo is excited for her but then says he was worried sick about her since he ran in to Xander at the office, who told him what happened so he raced over here, thinking that she would be holed up and licking her wounds but it turns out she was licking something else entirely. Gwen jokingly tells him not to be so filthy. Leo points out that she bagged two of the hottest guys in Salem in Xander and Alex. Leo calls her a queen and jokes that he both hates and respects her at the same time. Leo adds that he got a sneak peek at Alex’s main attraction which he calls epic. Gwen agrees, so Leo asks her to give him all the details.

Nicole offers to go with EJ to confront Stefan since he’s less likely to kill him with her there. EJ argues that this is not her fight but Nicole feels it is since she was Stefan’s unintended victim. Nicole adds that they are seeing each other again which makes them a team. Nicole says for them to go kick his brother’s ass. Nicole kisses EJ and then they exit the bedroom together.

Johnny pours himself a cup of coffee but then stops and says better safe than sorry as he puts it down. EJ and Nicole walk in to the living room and greet him. Johnny asks how EJ is feeling. EJ says he’s better and thanks him. EJ thanks Johnny for helping him out last night and getting him out before he made an even bigger fool of himself in front of Wei Shin. Johnny says it’s probably no surprise to him that Stefan is pushing for Wei to fire EJ. EJ confirms it’s not and asks where his backstabbing brother is. Johnny informs EJ that he just missed him. Johnny hopes EJ is not mad at him for warning Stefan, but points out that it’s like Stefan said he was just giving EJ a taste of his own medicine. EJ responds that Johnny doesn’t understand as he didn’t start the whole drugging business, Stefan did.

Belle gets Melinda’s message about going for attempted murder which upsets Brady, who argues that he wasn’t trying to murder Stefan, he was trying to help him. Eric and Sloan come downstairs. Sloan guesses they got the message from Melinda which Brady calls pretty ridiculous. Belle points out that Sloan missed a button on her top and mutters so much for keeping it professional. Eric assumes that Brady told Belle that he hired Sloan. Belle calls it one bad decision after another. Eric argues that Sloan is an excellent attorney and Belle gave him no choice. Belle admits it would be best for them to work together. Belle acknowledges that she and Sloan don’t get along but they do have a common goal in keeping Eric and Brady out of prison. Belle suggests they go around Melinda and call Stefan. Sloan then reveals that she already did as Stefan then arrives at the Pub.

Gwen starts telling Leo about how the night started but Leo says that’s not what he wants to hear. Leo says nobody cares about the setup and wants a vivid picture of Alex in bed. Gwen starts but gets interrupted by her phone. Gwen says there’s an emergency with an advertiser so she has to get to work. Gwen asks Leo to tell Alex that she had to run. Leo complains that she better give him the details later and says it will be great for his gossip column but Gwen warns him against doing that. Gwen then exits the room.

Johnny goes over that Stefan spiked EJ’s drink, EJ switched it, and then Stefan switched it back. Nicole says it’s been going on for too long. EJ explains that technically he never drugged Stefan and that Stefan had drugged himself. Johnny questions why Stefan is doing all of this in the first place. EJ suspects that Stefan holds a grudge against him for not telling him about the brainwashing. Johnny says that’s great and now they can just call it even. EJ admits he was coming to confront him but guesses he missed his chance. Nicole decides she should get to work then. Johnny mentions that he was heading out too and offers Nicole a ride which she accepts. Nicole tells EJ that she will see him tonight and exits with Johnny.

Stefan sits down with Sloan and Belle while Brady and Eric step aside. Sloan thanks Stefan for meeting them. Belle notes that she was just telling Sloan that they have a common goal. Stefan guesses that’s getting her brothers off the hook for what they did to him. Sloan realizes their methods were wreckless. Stefan complains that they kidnapped him, knocked him out, and tied him to a bed so a madman could experiment on him. Sloan points out that in the end, the experiment was a success and he’s back to the man he was. Stefan calls it still a hell of a risk that they took without his consent. Brady remarks that he’s one to talk about consent. Belle tells him to let them handle this. Sloan admits what their clients did was extreme but repeats that in the end, it all worked out for the best. Sloan asks Stefan to please not press charges. Stefan responds that as much as he hates to admit it, in the end, they did him a favor. Stefan tells them to consider the charges dropped. Brady and Eric come back over and thank Stefan. Stefan tells them to thank their lawyers and then exits the Pub. Belle and Sloan then agree that they still can’t stand each other.

Gwen goes to the Spectator office where Xander says he didn’t think she was coming in today. Gwen says she heard there was a problem with an advertiser. Xander says he was about to take care of it but Gwen says she’s here now, so she can. Xander adds that he’s happy to cover it if she wants to take the day off. Gwen questions why she would do that. Xander tells her that she doesn’t have to put up a front with him and mentions that Leo was just here, so he feels terrible that she spent the night all alone crying in her room. Gwen then reveals to Xander that she wasn’t alone as she was busy hitting the sheets with his cousin, Alex.

Alex comes out of the shower and asks where Gwen is. Leo responds that she had to go to work so it’s just them. Alex says that’s good because he wanted a moment alone with him. Leo excitedly says he did too but Alex says he has a bone to pick with the guy who ruined his career.

Brady sits back down with Belle and tells her that breakfast is on him after she just saved his life. Belle is thankful that Stefan was willing to listen to reason. Brady remarks that Belle and Sloan make a pretty good team so maybe they should put a firm together. Belle asks who would then represent her when she throws Sloan out the woman. Belle assures there will be no more teaming up with Sloan as she still loathes her and wishes Eric would stay away from her.

Johnny and Nicole walk through the town square. Nicole apologizes for lying to Johnny and Wendy about what was going on. Johnny jokes that she’s not the first person to keep a secret for EJ. Johnny acknowledges Nicole and EJ are getting pretty close, so he asks if that means she’s over Eric. Nicole then sees Eric and Sloan walking through the town square together in the distance. Nicole tells Johnny that she’s getting there.

EJ sits in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that he’s sure he doesn’t approve of all this in-fighting but whether he likes it or not, there’s going to be a reckoning between he and Stefan. Stefan then comes home and enters the room.

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