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 I don’t understand that. I thought I was gonna be c e O. I mean, sunny made it sound like it was a done deal. Sunny doesn’t get to decide, but I’m the logical choice. I took over from my brother when he was recovering from being attacked, and I did a damn good job. Uncle Vic even said so, right? Well, up until an hour ago, he was all set to hand you the job, and then he received a very unsettling call from someone.

Who changed his mind? What are you talking about? Who the hell is it? Leo Stark.

Ah, Gwenny. Is this a dream come true or what? Our first issue coming out tomorrow. I am Piloxing and call me over Confident, but I believe that my Lady Whistleblower column where we come, the talk of the town, in no time you think, did I ever tell you that Lady Whistleblower was my nickname in. Although that had nothing to do with gossip or whistles.

QUni, did you hear what I said? He has something about you being a whore at University of something. Well, yeah, I was the gist of it. But I need your full attention and I could tell you’re still thinking about Xanders Twist. You’re so frustrating. You know, because what’s it. What does it mean? Him wanting to define our relationship?

Not now, but after his, his divorce is through. It means that you have to find a way to live in the moment. What if that’s just an excuse? What if his heart will always belong to Sarah? I guarantee you he will come to his senses any minute. Now he’s gonna come walking through that door to declare his luck for you.

That is probably your hot daddy right now.

Hell wrong, daddy.

I don’t understand. How could there be a problem with the divorce? I signed those papers weeks ago, as did Sarah. Exactly. Shouldn’t it have processed by now? Yes, but things didn’t go exactly as planned. Now there’s an issue. Are you telling me that you and Sarah are still very much husband and wife?

You’re you’re pregnant? Yeah. I, um, I wasn’t feeling well, so I had some blood work done and the results just came back in and yeah, I. Um, with child, oh my God. Uh, this, this is amazing. We’re, we’re ha we’re having a baby. We’re having a baby.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Leo Stark is a worthless, conniving, little troll. No arguments here. I mean, why would Uncle Victor ever listen to a word he says, let alone anybody what is it? Because he got a new little media platform, his sleazy gossip column for the Spectator. You guessed it. He called your uncle to comment on a story that he’s running about you tomorrow.

He regaled your uncle with this lurid tale about you having a threesome with two bisexual women. So what we’re all consenting adults. Leo is also alleging that, um, your affair with Allie Horton destroyed her relationship with Chanel Dupree. It wasn’t an affair, it was a drunken one night mistake. No. Is that supposed to make you seem more stable?

Is this serious right now? Who cares about my sex? I could have sex with half of Salem, it would have no bearing on my ability to be a successful c e O. It’s the optics of it. Optics, yes. In this climate, one might read your actions as misogynistic. Oh my. Come on. Nobody loves women more than I do. Okay. It’s your personal life as a liability.

Alex and your uncle is not willing to take that risk. This is wrong. I’m sorry.

Sure. Well then who is it? You said he picked another Kariya soul. Which one is it? How could Sarah and I still be married, aren’t you? Wait, who? Sarah changed her mind. Is she having second thoughts about ending our marriage? As far as I know, Sarah’s been steadfast in her decision to dump you, but then. Why is there a hold up in the divorce?

Me, Sarah and I both did what we needed to do. Why are we still married? . Oh my god. I mean this, my God, a baby. I mean, they, heck, you know that the timing, this couldn’t be anymore Perfect. I, I was just having a conversation with Emily about this last night and she, she kept going on and on about how she wanted a little brother, a little sister, and, you know, I didn’t wanna get her hopes up, at least not, you know, in the near future anyway.


You know, I’m happy.

I mean, is it, is it because you don’t want to be committed to me, and this could change things for us, right? I mean, us having a baby together, we’re not,

we’re not having a baby. Um, I am pregnant, but not with your child. It’s not yours.

Oh, Julie, when did you get back on your cruise? . Oh, just now. Aww. Uh, Doug’s upstairs unpacking and, uh, aloha. Hello? Ha . I thought I would just peruse the spectator and see what I had missed while we were away. You missed quite a bit, so it seems, imagine my surprise when I saw your husband’s farewell article.

You have handed the newspaper over to Zander and Gwen. We did come see. Well then. I guess my next question has to be, have you lost your mind? Keys to the spectator main door editor’s desk printing room. Finally, we have to prep our entire first issue from home. Dear, what, normally, I don’t mind working remotely in my PJ’s, but as you can tell, things will cramped in these parts.

I see. I assume there is room for me to have my own office complete with an ergonomic chair and my own cappuccino. You can’t possibly think I care about anything you just said. I’m just trying to make polite conversation. You’ve handed over the keys. You can leave anytime you like. I leave that, but I speak to Gwen, my daughter and I have some unfinished business.

I think you’re gonna enjoy working under the new person that your Uncle Vic has chosen to be. C e o. Please do not tell me it’s Joseph or. I love my brothers to death, but that was pretty much a multi-car pile up in Arizona. I can’t stomach reporting to either of them. It’s not the twins, is it my dad? No.

And much to your uncle And my dismay. Justin’s desire to run the company fizzled out years ago. He apparently likes being a lawyer. Uh, go figure. Yeah, I, I, I don’t, I don’t understand. I don’t get it. Uh, who’s left? . Oh my God. Please do not tell me that Uncle Victor rehired. Xander. I realized this morning that I hadn’t received the final decree on your divorce from the court, so I checked in and lo and behold, the courts had no record of it.

What. How is that possible? Well, apparently one of the clerks misplaced the paperwork and it never got filed. It’s the first time in all my years that I remember this happening. So what do we do now? Well, I printed the papers once again, and so if you and Sarah just sign these, I will personally make sure that the paperwork is properly process.

And then, and then my marriage will officially be over.

So the, the baby is, the baby’s not mine.

You and I slept together the night before Valentine’s Day, and according to the tests I am. Further along than that. So the timing doesn’t work.

I guess I just, I just assumed that I’m idiot. Just rattling on and on, like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are not an idiot. You got carried away. Yeah, . That’s because I did.

If I’m not the father, does that mean

it does

Xander’s the father, I’m pregnant with his baby.

The last I heard. Jack had disowned Gwen because she refused to testify against Xander. Well, yes, that’s true. And, but he did end his friendship with Xander. Okay. Okay. Is handing him off the spectator supposed to be a farewell gift. I mean, what? Well, why, why is he rewarding with Unhand and punishing with the other?

You don’t understand. He, he didn’t have a choice. What do you. I, I mean that Xandra and Gwen blackmailed him into turning over the paper. I don’t see how that’s possible.

Oh my God. This is about you running down Gwen, with your car, isn’t it?

So what is. Unfinished business that you speak of, we have between us. Then you can run the paper now any way you wish. You are the freedom. Just like I did. Just know that Jennifer and I spent decades building trust for the public. I would hate to see that all wasted by turning the paper into a cheap tabloid.

Oh please, everybody knows tabloid cell. Nobody was reading your stuffy old newspaper. Oops.

I will do my best to live up to the standard that you and Jennifer said, and not because you just asked me, but because I believe in it too. I’m glad to hear that, and despite everything, there is a part of me that is grateful. Still my children is looking after something that has meant so much to me. You disowned her, Jack.

You don’t get to play daddy now. She is still my daughter,

I promise. I will take good care of the paper.

Ah, very well. I suppose we should let you know,

Jennifer and I are both leaving town tonight

and you’re sure that the baby is, and. So many men, do you think I’ve suffered with ? I didn’t. I didn’t mean it like that. I, I guess I’m just surprised you how long as the two of you have been broken up for a while. Yeah. Apparently one of the last times we were together, we conceived a baby. He’s probably celebrating his fake job at the redneck corporation’s.

What do know.

I, I don’t know. I mean, obviously I wasn’t expecting this when I signed those divorce papers. I thought that Xander would be out of my life forever, and this was supposed to be a fresh start. Well, um, if it’s a fresh start, you’re looking for. I think I might have one for you. What are you talking about?

It’s actually the reason I came to see you in the first place. There is a job opening at my hospital in Chicago. I thought you’d be perfect for it. So I talked to you after the chief of staff. You did? Mm-hmm. . And the job is yours. If you want it, you’re.

Sarah hasn’t signed yet. No, she doesn’t know about the paperwork issue. I came to you first. Okay. I’ll, um, I’ll let you know once I signed. Why don’t you just sign them right now while I’m here? Oh, I, I just wanted to look them over. You always taught me never sign anything unless I fully vetted it first.

So, uh, yeah, I’ll spend some time with these and get back to you. Bye. Sit yourself.

Look, I know Xander used to be in charge, but that was a disaster, was it not? I mean, the guy is a loser. I you, nobody else will even hire him. The last company he worked for, he like made up himself. Do you wanna talk about optics? Calm down. It’s not z. But who is it? Um, Brady, Sean, Sierra. It’s not any of those people you would’ve forgotten.

A very important member of this family. Who else is there? Me.

You gonna be CEO, won? Come on, be. Oh no. And why can’t I be? What experience do you have running a business? Well, I have owned several very successful restaurants over the years. Tuscany, she rouge. Yeah. Running a restaurant is a little bit different than running a multinational corporation. I understand that.

But I’ve also been married to your uncle for over a decade. and you don’t think I picked up a thing or two. Now I know I have a lot to learn, but that’s where you come in. Me. Mm-hmm. , I’m hoping you’re gonna be my number two in command to bring me up to speed to offer counsel whenever needed. I hope you are interested.

You knew about the accident. She threw it in my face last Christmas Eve. We were having an argument about her figgy pudding and she said, I should be respecting her because she’s the person who kept you out of prison. She told you all that on Christmas Eve? Oh, I didn’t believe it at first. Of course. Then I remember that you had been taking pills and driving.

It just fell into place. You never said anything to me, darling. I knew you would come to me if you needed to. Oh, sweetheart. It must have been just terrible for you. I didn’t remember it after it happened, but when I did, the guilt was over. I offered to turn myself in, Jack. He wouldn’t hear of it. Well, it, it’s not as though you did it on purpose, did you?

No. No, of course not. So Glenn is just patting herself on the back for not blackmailing you. Then she turns around and forces you to give. Beloved paper. Well, I guess it was just a matter of time. Hmm.

I won’t stand for it. She’s not getting away with it. Where, where are you? Where are you going? Oh, I’m gonna find Gwen, get in my car and finish the job.

You and Jennifer, you are headed back to Boston tonight. We still have another paper to run.

Yeah, of course. Well, in that case, I’m sorry that things ended up this way. So am I. You made your choices and I made mine, and now we have to find a way to live with them. I dunno what else to do. You gave me an ultimatum. And you decided that your loyalty to Zander was more important than your loyalty to me.

Hang on now. That is not fair. Maybe not. And maybe Gwen did make the right choice the very least. It finally put an end to the horrible cycle of me being disappointed in her and her being disappointed in.

We can’t be disappointed in each other if we’re nodding each other’s lives. Right. Right.

I just, I want you to know, I love that you came into my life. I. I love you. I always will love you. I just hope it’ll be easier for us to love each other with a little distance between us.

I hope so too, and I hope that you find the love that you,

the happiness that you always wanted, I said, certainly mean that.

I love you too.

No, you’re. It sounds like the perfect job for me. Right. And the salary is more than what I’m making here. Mm-hmm. . So is that a yes? I just, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea What? That You’ll move back to Chicago and we’ll suddenly become a couple again. I saw how excited you got when you thought we were having a baby.

Look, I get it. You’re not looking for a relationship right. . Totally understand. I just put in this good word for you cuz I thought it would be a great opportunity. Well, I believe you and I, I do appreciate you recommending me. It’s just, wow, things are complicated now. Right. So you and Xander are obviously not a couple anymore, but I’m assuming that he’s gonna want to be a part of his child’s life.

So does that mean. Staying here in sound. I mean, how you gonna break the news to him that you’re having his baby?

Hello, sir.

Yeah. Well, auntie Maggie suggested that I call you Uncle Vic to confirm with you that I heard this news correctly. Yeah, right. Well, obviously I’m a little disappointed, but, okay. Okay. Alright. Yeah, you don’t need to raise your voice. I hear you fine. Yes, I understand why you didn’t choose me to take over right.

Now. I get it. Okay. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yeah, I will give Maggie your love. I will Uncle Vic have a safe trip back. All right. Okay. Take care. He sends his love. So I gathered. Well, now that you’ve heard the news from your uncle, I was, I’m hoping that it’ll be a little easier to accept or maybe not.

Auntie Mag, I love you and I think you are an amazing person. What.

Nevermind. No, go ahead. Say what you want me to say. No, it’s just that you hunt Maggie. You bake lemon bars, you collect porcelain figurines, you volunteer at hospitals, and a, all of those things are very important and special, but none of which have anything in common with being a titan of industry. Alex May not have occurred to you, but I have defined people’s expectations my entire life.

Do you know where I spent my childhood? No. I grew up on a small farm in Brookville, and when my parents passed away, I was pretty young. Everyone said I should sell the farm, but I, I refused because it was our family’s legacy. I had no idea what I was gonna do at first when I stuck. And it turned out to be a success, so that’s why I believe, no, actually I know that if I put my mind to it, I can be a very successful c e o.

Richard said I, I have great instincts.

Do you have killer instincts? Well, how is this for killer instincts? You’re fired.

Yes. You are not going after Gwen. Why not? Somebody has to teach her a lesson. It’s not worth going to prison over. Look, Julie, I love that you wanna help us and I hate that we have to give Gwen the paper, but. Jack and I have decided to cut our losses and move on.

You know, this is all Jack’s fault. None of this would’ve happened if he just kept it in his pants. Oh, Julie, how I’ve missed you.

Something wonky with your food. Ooh, if we find a hair in here, we can get the home meal for free.

I’m worried. I’ve made a huge mistake. I told you to go with the fish. No, I’m, I’m talking about this whole situation there. What I father said he was right. I chose Zander over him and, and for. I mean, I, I don’t even know where we stand with each other. Hey, like I said earlier, that big lug loves you. I’m certain of it that makes one of us, Sonny have faith.

You and Sandy will be together as soon as those divorce papers come through. It should be any day now. I wouldn’t count.

What are you doing here? Well, I needed to talk to you about something and I know his named Amko said that you’re in this room. I see. Am I interrupting something? I, I was consulting Rex on a case. Don’t you have a moment to chat alone? It’s uh, it’s quite important. Yeah. We’re kind of in the middle of something right now, so it’s okay.

Rex. We’ll talk later. You sure? Yeah.

I’ll, um, I’ll be outside if you need me.

Listen, I, I know that things got heated between us earlier and I, I just try, I don’t feel like fighting. I don’t wanna fight. That’s not why I’m here. Why are you here? Justin came to see me after you left, said our divorce didn’t go through. No, I filed the papers weeks ago. Oh no. Yeah, I guess some clumsy clerk lost them.

Fair? Not Justin printed out more. Oh, okay. Before we sign them out. I wanted to ask you something. What is it? Is this really truly what you want? We’ve been over this. Oh, I know. I know. I don’t, I wasn’t thinking of revisiting it either, but I mean now it just feels like, I don’t know, maybe a little sign from the universe that maybe we should give our manager another.

What’d you think?

You’re firing me af after all that, what? What happened to me? Teaching you more about the business? What happened? Relax, Alex. I was kidding. . You were kidding. It was a joke. and a pretty good one too. You should have seen the look on your face. It was priceless. . Haha. Ah. Oh. Lighten up. Will you? Mm mm . Oh, this is just, this is just really unexpected.

Yeah, I know. Mm. I realized that, but it’s okay. Mm. I know. I’m not your conventional. You have doubts and you won’t be the only one, but, but this is my family too, and I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Titan on top. Yeah. Yeah. And auntie, I know how smart you are. You are. You’re a smart woman, truly.

But what are you gonna do when you gotta go up against something or somebody? Ruthless. Like a, like an EJ damara. Well, we’ll find out, won’t we? Alex? Listen, I’ve heard your concerns. I hope I’ve addressed them to your satisfaction, but we really do need to move on. There’s lots to be done and I need to know that I have the support of my right hand man.

So, are you on board or not?

So how’d it go with Gwen? I, I gave her the keys to the spectator and advice on how to run it. I’m sure that went over well, actually, she was surprisingly receptive. Oh, Jack. She’s playing some sort of an. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. She was experiencing some sentiment. I told her that, that Jennifer and I are leaving town tonight.

So soon. I hope you’d stay a little longer. No, we wish that we could, but we have to get back to Boston. There’s a little local paper that is counting on us to help ’em out, but you will be visiting. Soon, please. Of course. Of course he will

Tell Jack in your absence. I will keep my eye on that. Daughter of yours, I expect nothing less. Mm. If she does anything to hurt anybody, I love, she’ll answer to me. Jack. So you are telling me that some twit at the courthouse lost Xander’s divorce papers. Mm-hmm. , he and Sarah will have to refile them. No biggie.

I’m sure this happens all the time. Honestly, I have never seen this happen in all my years, but still I’m sure ts you enough problem to fix. Zandy and Sarah will be divorced in no time. Assuming they don’t change their minds. Okay, counselor, you’re really not helping here. Why wouldn’t they change their.

You’ll have to ask them, but when I stopped by to have Xander sign the new papers, he seemed a little hesitant. Hesitant. You said he wanted to read them over before he’s signing them, but aren’t they? He’s happy. The same as before. They are, which is why I had the distinct feeling he was stalling. Anyway, nice catching up.

Have a lovely evening.

Since when did you start believing in fate and signs from the universe? Oh, I don’t generally, mate. Even Justin said he’s never seen divorce papers go missing like that before. How do I know it wasn’t you? Sarah, this isn’t a scam, but believe me, I was. I was ready to try and move on, but, and now it just feels like we’re given an opportunity to rethink our decision.

My decision. Yes. Well, maybe for some reason that’s bigger than both of us. We’re, they were supposed to stay together. You Right.

Maybe the universe is sending us a message. Do you really believe that?

You could say that? I, I got one right before you walked in. Really? What was it?

Rex recommended me for a job at his hospital in Chicago.

I decided I’m gonna take it.

It’s off in Chicago, so it, it seems that the universe is sending. Us a message and telling us that we did the right thing. It’s going our separate ways.

You actually leaving Salem?

Yeah, I just, I think it’s um, s for everybody involved.

Just hand me those.

I will, uh, I will, I’ll make sure that these get filed properly before I leave.

Glass post is goodbye.

Okay. I guess so.

Sarah, we,

we did have a good runway that lasted, didn’t we?

Yeah, we did.

Good luck in Chicago.

And one sparkling cider for our new c e o. Thank you, Alex. Thank you for agreeing to be my second in command.

Oh, am I arriving just in time to celebrate my son’s new job as c e o. Actually, dad, I didn’t get it. What? Uncle Victor chose somebody. Take over the new position. Who?

Maggie Horton. Kikis, c e o,

the suite of Doug and Julie to give us their lays. Yes. Uh, I don’t know what it represents. Boston and March and all. But, uh, like Julie said, maybe it’s our turn for a little adventure. I know it can’t be easy leaving under these circumstances with the way things are with Glen on the Spectator, I am living with you.

That’s what matters. I love you, Jennifer. I love you too.

We’ll come back here Sunday soon. You welcome will. After all this will always be our home.

Do you think Justin’s right? Do you think son is really having second thoughts about divorcing Sarah? There’s only one way to find out, hey lover. Get your fine ass over here.

What’s going on? Well, you tell us. You heard about the little ssoo down at the courthouse. Oh, you heard about that? Mm-hmm. . Yeah, we did. So what’s the deal? Why haven’t you signed the new papers? It was a matter of fact. I just did. Did you? I did. So did Sarah right in front of me. Okay. Well good. Good cuz I’m tired of you playing games with Gwen’s heart.

What? You shouldn’t have to constantly worry that he’s gonna go back to his ex. That’s not gonna happen. Especially now that Sarah’s leaving time for X bro. Do you cheers? So divorce is finalized. Any connection Sarah and I ever have will be gone for good.

So you’re taking the job. Yeah. And you didn’t tell Xander about the baby? No. No. It’s just a full complication. I just do not need right now out. Look, I’m no fan of Xanders, but are you? About this. I mean, Mimi tried to keep Emily a secret from me, and you saw that turned out and I made a huge, huge mess when I did the same thing to Eric.


I know what I wanna do about the baby, you know, this gives me. An opportunity to think about it without Xander breathing down my neck. Okay, I understand. How did it come to this? A few months ago, he and I were married and happy and in love, and now

I’m leaving town all by myself. He doesn’t know that I’m pregnant with his baby.

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