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krissy, you had one job. What’s t uh, I don’t know, sam. Is there something maybe you want to tell me?

[ Door opens ] Hey, uh… the party’s over? So I just found out that you two have been holding out on us. Hi to you, too. Hi. Um, we have? Mm-hmm. Most definitely. Krissy… you are about to do something ethically gray, but morally justifiable, aren’t you? There’s nothing gray about my ethics. I’m simply gonna pose a question, that’s all. So, yes to the morally justified part. Look, I know how hard you fight for those that you feel have been wronged… is that a bad thing? No, it’s not a bad thing. But there are times when your efforts venture into overstepping. Yes. Hi. I’d like to speak to dean jeffries in the journalism department. Thank you. It’s just a wonder I haven’t caught this bug from one of my students yet. Dad? Chase? T.J. Morning, chase. Are you here to see your brother? Finn’s off this morning. I tweaked a muscle in my shoulder, and I came to get it checked out. How about you? What are you doing here? Oh, pfft. It’s nothing to worry about, dr. Ashford, can you help my son? I’ll find the exam room on my own. Exam room? What, are you sick? You think there’s tension between us because of chase? Are you ins–

[ Clears throat ] You’re way off base, sasha. That has nothing to do with what’s going on here. Then you admit that there is something? Confusing, isn’t it? Very. I know. All this stuff. Okay. Well, okay. So the baby’s here, obviously, right? Right. You pull these straps, one arm through here, one arm through here. Okay. And this comes out from between the legs and they all click together. Right there in the center? Correct. Okay. You got it. Thank you. You’re welcome.

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] Alright. How do I look? Can I be honest? Sure. Like somebody who’s too young to be a parent.

[ Gasps ] This isn’t real. This isn’t real. This isn’t real.

[ Screams ]

[ Gasping, shuddering ]

You’re next.

You killed me! It’s not my fault.

Liar! Help, please! Help me, please! There’s no one to help you. What do you want? Please. I’ll do anything.


Confess to

what you did to me.


or join me. I’m ready. At least I think I am. Ready as I can be, anyway. I mean, diane filed the petition with the court for me to take custody of my younger brother, which is basically just a formality, since esme is going back to prison and my father is gone. Charlotte texted me to let me know that all the furniture arrived and it’s been set up. I ordered diapers, baby formula, parenting books. Grandmother, I’m really trying here. I know, sweetheart. I know you are. And I couldn’t be more proud of you, really. It’s just that… I don’t know. It’s just that you’re not this baby’s parent. You’re his brother. My father isn’t here, so it’s on me to do right by my baby brother, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing, starting with changing the kid’s name. You don’t like “ace,” huh? No. My brother’s not a playing card. He deserves a strong name. Something that ties him to his future instead of his past. Hmm. I see. Something that maybe severs all ties with his mother? Something feels off between us, brook lynn. So if it isn’t chase, then what is it? Can we just drop this, please? Oh, I think talking things out could really help. Oh, do you, now? Wait. You told maxie what’s wrong but you won’t tell me? Come on, brook lynn. We’re better than this. Nothing is wrong… per se. Look, I might have mentioned to maxie that you and chase have grown closer lately.

[ Sighs ] Maybe this is a conversation we should have in private. Aw, man. Okay, alright, fine. I had some errands I needed to run anyway. Okay, let’s do this.

[ Sighs ] Do we have to? Yes. I was just telling dr. Ashford how shocked I am that I haven’t picked up this bug making the rounds. Now go get that — that shoulder treated, will ya? Any chance you could help with that? Yeah.

[ Beeper sounding ] I have to see a patient real quick, but why don’t you check in at the nurses’ station and I’ll get you set up? Sounds good. It was nice running into you, professor chase. Same here. What? Is there a reason you won’t tell me why you’re here? Are you calling his boss? I’ll be nice. Where are you going? I’m gonna go powder my nose and pretend I’m not hearing this. Hi. Dean jeffries. My name is alexis davis, and I’m editor-in-chief of the invader. Yes, thank you for taking my call. I wanted to talk to you about one of your professors, gregory chase. He works in both the history and the journalism department. I’m — I’m sorry. Can you repeat that? Are… are you sure? No, nothing else. Thank you for your time. Y– mm –is that what I think it is? It’s a pregnancy test. Oh, my god. Have — have you not told him yet? Is that yours? It’s not what you think. Okay. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. Well, someone should probably say something. Hey, what’s going on? Uh, I found this. Oh. I’m so sorry, sam. I was looking for the dessert, and I must have opened up the wrong bag. Do we need to go somewhere and talk? Um, actually… it’s my bag. So that means… that the pregnancy test isn’t sam’S. It’s mine. Is it over? Yes. Well, I assume you gave dean jeffries a piece of your mind. So when does gregory start at the invader? Honey, are you okay? Gregory doesn’t work at pcu anymore.

dean jeffries told me that gregory has not worked for or taught a class at pcu all semester. I don’t understand. Neither do I. Even his sons think he’s working at the university. So he’s keeping things even from them? It doesn’t make any sense. I know him. Maybe not as well as you thought. We have become very good friends, actually. And do you know when you were stabbed, he didn’t leave the hospital, even after I insisted that he go? Well, that was — that was very kind of him, but, honey, what kind of a friendship do you think you’re building if apparently he can’t even be honest with you? Normally, I would agree with you on this, but there is something else at play here.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, honey, I have to deal with this. Go. Tread carefully with gregory. No more investing in this friendship until you have fully evaluated the situation. Oh, I’m going to evaluate this, alright. I’ve been getting these migraines and I thought I’d run out of my medication. Couldn’t you just call a pharmacy? You have to get an examination to refill the prescription. Then I just remembered I have a — I have a refill at home. Now, tell me about your shoulder. I just went too hard at the gym. Should have laid off the heavy bag. That doesn’t sound like you. You’re usually good at pacing yourself. I guess I got a lot going on. I’m trying to get my badge back, obviously, but there’s this thing with brook lynn — oh, I should have known. There’s only one person who gets you all worked up. No, no, she didn’t do anything this time. She doesn’t have to. Even after all these months since you broke up, you still haven’t made peace with how you feel about her. Look, sasha, we’re good, okay? But we’re obviously not. If I have any issues, they’re mine, and I’ll deal with them myself. Look, it’s not healthy to bottle up your feelings. Trust me, if anyone would know, it would be me. I’m not bottling anything up. I don’t want to talk about this with you. Can’t you respect that? I can, but whatever this is, it’s becoming a problem. Our friendship is important to me. It’s important to me, too. And beyond that, we work together, so at the very least, let’s figure this out so it doesn’t impact our professional relationship. Well, that’s one less thing we have to worry about. I’m quitting. Can you blame me for wanting to keep my brother away from esme? She is unfit to be a mother. She will use that baby the same way that she used me. You’re hurt, spencer, and you have every right to be, I mean, after the way esme manipulated you. But remember, she was doing that under ryan’s orders and before she’d lost her memory. So… so… the esme that I have witnessed over the past few days seems to genuinely care about that baby. And, honey, you know what it’s like to grow up without a mother. Do you really want that for your baby brother? If she regains her memory, do you remember what kind of person she was? Yes, I do. I am on your side, spencer. Thank you. 100%. And the baby’s side. So I’m saying I don’t think it’s wise to completely alienate esme. I think it would be better if you could get her to want your support. Okay, let’s say that esme never regains her memory. What kind of mother is she gonna be without a past? I do not want my baby brother anywhere near esme, period. Spencer, my boy! Where is this newest cassadine heir? Oh, I cannot wait to meet him. I didn’t kill you. What happened to you was an accident. It wasn’t supposed to go like that.

[ Echoing ] But it did!

My death is

on your hands! I didn’t know! Please! Can… can you just leave me alone?


or meet my fate.

I will haunt you forever! No! No, no, no, no, no. Please. Please. Please. Please! You’re right. You’re right. It is my fault, and I will tell you everything.

You’re pregnant? Mm, I don’t know yet. That’s kind of what the test is for. I am so sorry for being so weird about that, but I knew the test wasn’t mine or kristina’S. It had to be molly’s, and I figured that you obviously did not want anyone to know. Yeah. Accurate on all fronts. I can’t imagine what you’re thinking. I’m just thinking I should leave you ladies to sort this out. Thank you, yes. Yeah. And thank you very much, kristina, for that. This is so not my fault. If you wanted to keep it a secret, you wouldn’t have left it in a shopping bag. It’s like you were begging me to find it. Okay, well, you know what? At the time, I was kind of trying to hide it from T.J. You know, I would have said that it was mine, but dante walked in. No, I totally get it. But why are you hiding it from T.J.? Maybe she’s not ready for him to know yet. Okay, but why? Because… I’m not sure how he’ll react. You’re quitting? Sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. But I did mention to you that I am exploring new horizons. Look, chase’s music career is really taking off, and I’m getting a lot of interest from other artists. I guess I just assumed that since you were able to manage chase and work for deception, you would continue doing both. Yeah, well, the balancing act is a lot. And if I’m going to take on new artists, I really need to devote time to them. And it’s hard to do that while you’re building social media campaigns. I wish I could. I was going to tell you and maxie at work. You know, give my notice. Don’t tell her yet, okay? I won’T. Thanks. As long as you’re telling me the truth, and this has nothing to do with me and chase. There’s no future for brook lynn and me. Not after she lied. And yet you’re still working with her. As I recall, someone lectured me about doing the right thing on christmas eve — doing the right thing is finishing what I started. But you still haven’t forgiven brook lynn. Why should I? I just don’t want you to have regrets, to look back one day and realize how much time you wasted hanging on to your anger when maybe… you could work things out with her. So you’re saying I should just let it go?

[ Sighs ] You’re not a hothead, chase. Never have been, even as a kid. But now, all of a sudden, you’re losing control at every turn. Every turn? That’s a stretch. And it always comes back to brook lynn, throwing punches to defend her honor, now throwing them to defend yours. Okay, what’s the point, dad? You’re still in pain because you haven’t resolved your feelings for her. You were happy with brook lynn. Yeah, and she also drove me crazy. Because she challenged you. She’s very different. You’re both different, but you complement each other. And sometimes that can lead to harmony, sometimes discord. Whether the relationship is worth it is up to you.

[ Cellphone chiming ] It’s alexis. I need to go. Take care of those migraines, will you? Take care of that shoulder. Harrison… I’m not telling you what to do.

[ Scoffs ] Sure about that? I’m just suggesting that you try to work out your feelings before you go and hurt yourself again. The baby should be discharged soon, and then I will be taking him home. That is splendid news. Yeah. No word from your father? Well, then, you and I will just have to fill that void, won’t we? Your services won’t be needed. Oh, no? No. I know my son. He won’t abandon his child. I pray you’re right. In the meantime, the remaining cassadines will step up. I’ve already taken the liberty of finding us a new home. You did? Well, you can’t be expected to raise a child under sonny corinthos’ roof. He’s not. My grandsons are both staying with me. Well, that is very generous of you, laura, but your plate is rather full at the moment after taking in charlotte. My grandchildren are my first priority, especially now that they’re missing their fathers. Spencer, see reason. With me, you and your brother will want for nothing. I’ll arrange ’round-the-clock care for the baby. I appreciate it, uncle victor. Everything is already set up at grandmother’s house. If you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to check in and see what’s taking so long. Why are you so hell-bent on keeping me from what’s left of my family? Me? Both spencer and charlotte have wisely chosen to stay away from you. You have no one to blame for that but yourself. I knew you were being framed, and I helped. I was the one who arranged for the tourism drone to be at the waterfront at the right time. Without me, that footage of holly sutton shooting lucy coe would never have been captured. You never would have fled the country. You never would have been in paris… or in that sewer. I am so sorry.

[ Crying ] Please. Please don’t hurt me. Please.

[ Electronic crackle ] Anna: I think we’ve got enough, don’t you?

[ Gasps ] Wh–

[ Gasps ] This disguise is so convincing, it’s scary. It’s very scary.

If pcu hadn’t gotten in the way of you taking the job at the invader, would you have accepted it? I’d have liked nothing more.

[ Knock on door ] I came as soon as I could. What’s so urgent? It’s so good to see you. You know, unless you’re sick. No, I just hurt my shoulder. I’m waiting for an mri. Oh. Must have been working out pretty hard to injure yourself. Any, uh… specific reason why? Just wasn’t my smartest moment, that’s all. Yup. Yup. Love does that to the best of us. What? I mean, that’s why you were throwing weights around, right? Trying to impress the new woman in your life? I would never let what’s going on between you and chase influence my professional decisions, okay? Chase and I broke up. I just want him and you to be happy. And if that’s together… yay. Thank you. But there is no “me and chase.” We’re friends, and I’m still grieving brando. Sasha, it’s okay. You can grieve and move on at the same time. I seen the way you and chase are together. What you’ve seen is chase being the awesome guy that he is, supporting a friend in need. As for moving on… I hope to one day, believe me. But you’re not there yet. The only romance chase and i ever had was staged. He’s just being there for me like he always has — as a friend. That’s it. Well, for the record, there are more people in your corner just chase. You have me, too. This is a trick? What the hell is wrong with you? What’s wrong with us? You want to talk about tricks? After framing me for shooting lucy? Thanks for the confession, by the way. That has made our job a lot easier. Did you get everything? Oh, yeah. Every last word.

I knew you were being framed,

and I helped.

I was the one who arranged

for the tourism drone

to be at the waterfront

at the right time.

Without me, that footage of

holly sutton shooting lucy coe would never have been captured. Good thing new york is a one-party consent state. Which you know all about, given your impressive political career. Short, but impressive. I was coerced. It will never hold up in a court of law. Do you want to take that chance? I mean, yes, you might be right that this would be deemed inadmissible in court, but we could still leak it to your constituents. I feel like the good citizens of this great city need to know what their public servants are up to. How long do you think it’ll take before she’s removed from office? Oh, I don’t know. Not too long, probably. You can kiss your political aspirations goodbye. Not to mention your freedom. There’s no need for that. No? I will see to it that your name is cleared. Really? Thank you, eileen. But I want so much more than that. Everything I have ever done has been for the sake and benefit of my family.

[ Laughs ] Oh, and what do you find so funny? What are you laughing at?

[ Laughing ] I don’t know. I guess, I don’t know, all of it, maybe. All of it.

[ Laughing ] You chased your own son away, for god’s sakes, with all of your schemes, and now charlotte is left without a father. To her benefit? I don’t think so. Not a day goes by when I don’t ache for my son. I’d do anything I could to bring valentin back. And nikolas? I won’t rest until I find him and reunite him with his children. Oh, so you don’t know where he is? You didn’t help him to sneak off? Well, of course I didn’T.

[ Scoffs ] Funny again. Okay. You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe you. Do you really think I would keep nikolas away from his newborn son? Oh, I absolutely do. I’m not buying this family man routine of yours at all, because, I mean, come on, we both know that the only person you’ve ever really cared about is yourself. That is simply not true. My family means everything in the world to me, and I’ve almost lost all of them. That’s because you put your lust for power ahead of all else. But don’t worry. You know what, victor? Your day is coming, sooner than you think, maybe, and… the fallout is going to be glorious. What the hell are you talking about?

Can’t believe you let mebadger you into drinking. What? It’s not like I chugged the whole bottle. Thank you. And we don’t even know if I’m pregnant yet. But you might be. I mean, I could be an aunt again. This is great. Is it? Of course it is. I don’t know why you don’t think T.J. Will react well. I said that I don’t know

how he’ll react, not that I think he’ll react badly. I don’t even know what you mean. You guys have been together for 10 years. Maybe — maybe she’s just not ready to say anything to him yet. No. But you’ve talked about it. Wait, you’ve nev er talkedabout having kids? Like, ever? Well, I mean, in the abstract, maybe. But, you know, like, once we were established in our careers, and that day is not here yet. T.J. Won’t care. He’s gonna freak. If I am pregnant — and honestly, I don’t know, krissy. I mean, I know that T.J. Wants to be a really hands-on father, but that’s going to be really hard with the hours that he works at the hospital. And it’s not like I am any less busy. And this is exactly why we wanted to wait. Hey. Everything is gonna be okay, because we’re going to take this one step at a time. Don’t worry about it now. Okay. Please do not say anything to anyone. Yeah. Only mom. Kristina! I’m kidding. Okay, not mom and not T.J., Please. We will not say anything to anyone. Right, krissy? Why does everyone assume I’m the weak link? Well… okay, fine. I will keep my mouth shut. And I’ll make sure I tell dante, so we’re all on the same page. Thank you. Well, there’s no time like the present. I’m having an issue, and I could use your input. Alright. Some of it’s clear, some of it’s obscure, and I’m just having a little trouble sorting it out. Let’s hear it. I think it actually might be better if you read it. We want to turn it into an editorial, and I think maybe it might be a bit one-sided. So if you want to just take a look at it and let me know what you think. Absolutely. I live for this. Don’t worry. There won’t be any awkwardness from me. I mean, sure, I’m friends with brook lynn, but I’m also friends with sasha, so… wait… you think I’m seeing sasha? Aren’t you? No. Oh. Now there is awkwardness. No, I’m not dating anybody. What gave you the impression that I was? Nothing. I just noticed that you and sasha have been spending a lot of time together lately. Did she say something to you? Sasha? No. But, you know, I was just at kelly’s with brook lynn. Of course. And she might have mentioned that there was something between you and sasha, and then sasha showed up to confront brook lynn about the tension between the two of them. And clearly, I connected dots that should never have been connected, so I’m sorry. I have obviously stirred some things up. It’s okay. Break-ups can be confusing.

[ Sighs ] Don’t I know it? Is that why you’re here? Trying to find austin? Yeah. I haven’t spoken with him since the hook attack, and I just wanna make sure he’s okay. But you’ve been debating whether or not it’s your place? Wouldn’t it be great if when relationships ended, all the feelings just went up in smoke? Yeah. Yeah, it would. I’m really glad we talked this out. Oh, me too.

[ Groans ] What? Now I have to tell maxie she was right. She’s insufferable. Maybe she’ll surprise you. Yeah, probably not.

[ Chuckles ] You know what? Even if I did have feelings for chase, it wouldn’t matter. Why not? Because it’s written all over his face how much you meant to him — how much you probably still do. I don’t think anyone is replacing you in chase’s life anytime soon. Well, you got the past tense right, ’cause chase wants nothing to do with me. And honestly, it’s a relief. Really? Yeah. Took me a minute, but I’m completely over him. Have you recovered from the shock yet? Ahh. Oh, yeah, almost. Yeah. I, um… I told molly that we wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Oh, no, of course not. Her secret is totally safe with me. So. So what? So, uh… when you thought that the pregnancy test was mine, how’d that make you feel? All I’m saying is, sooner or later, your past will catch up with you, and I guess I’m hoping it’s sooner. Oh. Uncle victor. I’ll get that paperwork for you. Thank you. Meet the newest cassadine. Does he have a name? I’m working on it. But in the cassadine tradition, his middle name will be niklosovich, like mine. May I? Yeah, of course. Of course. Ohh. Hey, there, buddy. Hi, there, my sweetness. Oh, my goodness me. Well, hello, there. It’s so nice to meet you. I am your great-uncle victor. Well, technically speaking, I suppose I’m your great-great-uncle victor, but that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Welcome to the family. As you will discover, we are quite a formidable bunch, we cassadines. Although, I do have to admit to you that over recent months, we’ve rather… rather lost our way. But you… oh, you give me hope again. Welcome to the family. Someday, somehow, your daddy is going to come back, and when he does, when we’re whole again, you’ll see how strong this family is when we come together. And you? You, my little one, are our future. And I am going to move heaven and earth to make sure that it is a bright and prosperous one for all of us. Obviously, the mayor is going to ask for your resignation. As she should. But as you know, I have a lot of sway with the D.A., And if you do as we ask and help us to bring victor down —

[ Gasps ] Are you crazy? Help us bring him down. We know you’ve been working with him. It puts you in a unique position to get information for us to put him away for good.

[ Scoffs ] I can’t go against victor. He will kill me if he finds out. Yes, yes. Yes, he will. Because that’s the kind of monster he is, which is why we need you to get the goods on him.

[ Groans ] Right. We know that you sold your soul to the devil, to victor, for your political ambitions, but, you know, I don’t believe you’re as bad as he is. Why didn’t you do the right thing, eileen? It’s too risky. Suit yourself. Once this recording goes public, how do you think victor is going to react? No, there’s got to be some other way. There isn’T. There are only two ways out of this. You’re either with us against victor or you face the consequences of your own actions. What is it gonna be? Family is just very important. She’s my sister and, we depend on each other a lot. She’s the rock of the family. She’s the person who holds everything together. It’s a battle, you know I’m going to be there.

You’re definitely not pregnant, right? No. But would you just answer the question? Okay, look, if you had been pregnant, I would have been super excited, over the moon. Yeah, so would I. But having said that… I don’t know — I look at our life together and I think maybe no more kids. No more. Look at that, so we’re two for two. Go us. Yeah. I really like what we’ve built together, sam. And if something were to happen by accident, then yeah, bring it on. But… why mess with perfection? Ooh, perfection, huh? Yeah. That’s right. Have you seen the playroom lately? Is it a disaster? It is a whole new level of mess. Yeah. But, you know, it’s our mess. Yeah. It is. Stop thinking about logistics and all the reasons why the timing might not be right. What does your heart say? It says that… I really want to have a baby with T.J. Me, too. I mean, not — not me have the baby. I want you to have the baby. Yeah, no, I definitely understood what you meant. Mm. Alright, chase, let’s take a look at…

[ Cellphone rings ] Hi, molly. Hi. Do you have a minute? For you? Always. Okay, good, uh… because there is something that I want to tell you. Was I upset at first? Of course. But now not only do I have zero romantic feelings for chase, I realized that not being in a relationship was the best thing that could have happened to me, because now I can focus all my energy on my management business, you know, without all the distractions. Sounds like you’re in a good place. I really am. Your assessment is spot-on. So it does read as one-sided? I made some notes indicating where the argument needs to be rounded out and where opposing viewpoints could benefit it. Well, thank you for your input, and thank you for coming by on such short notice. Anytime. Not only do I enjoy the work, but you’re a friend. I believe you mean that. I can tell. I do. Then why are you lying to me? Fine. Fine what? I will work with you against victor. Thank you. Thank you for making the right choice. And you understand the consequence of double-crossing us? My confession will be leaked to law enforcement and to the good people of port charles. Victor included. Excellent. We’ll start tonight. Let’s nail victor to the wall. I just need a couple of signatures, then you can take the baby home. Okay. Excuse me. I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans. What do you mean? I’m sorry, spencer, but that baby’s not going anywhere.

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