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[ Dramatic music ]

Taylor: I, this is– this is such a good thing. It really is. I mean, not just for the company, but for thomas, his healing. Your healing. All of you.

Steffy: That’s what I’m hoping. If you’re okay with it.

Thomas: So, what do you think, hope? Willing to take me back as lead designer for your line?

Steffy: Hope, thomas, the way you two collaborate, it can’t be duplicated. That’s been made abundantly clear. I’m ready to forgive my brother and work with him again, but I won’t force you to do it. It’s your call. But without thomas, there’s no hope for the future.

Liam: Well, tell me what to do here, dad, because, uh… kind of at a loss. I don’t know how to help you, I don’t know– I mean, like, what– what is this? Is this you? Is this you just, like, lashing out, or– or what?

Bill: Me? No. But the rest of you sure are.

Liam: Huh? No, we’re not lashing out, we’re trying to save you from yourself.

Bill: Who says I need saving?

Liam: Who says that– ah, well I don’t know, considering you’re dating sheila carter, I’d say just about everybody in your life who cares about you, and probably some who don’T. What the hell is going on? How is this happening? How?

Sheila: Oh, you– you didn’t ask me–

Deacon: Yeah, no, yeah. Please. Come– come in. I just was under the impression we weren’t gonna see each other anymore. So, what brings the lady of spencer manor to my humble abode?

Sheila: Uh, you know, actually, I was– I was trying to come up with a good excuse on the way over here. Something that sounded believable, but the truth is there is no reason. Other than I needed to.

Deacon: Needed.

Sheila: Yes. I need you.

Bill: I’m fine. I like the direction I’m going.

Liam: What direction is that? Psychoville? Self-destruction junction? Dad, dad, there– there are plenty of women out there that are available that are not, you know, murderers.

Bill: Women like who? Like katie? Like brooke? Women who want to change me and reject me if I don’t?

Liam: Look, all right, yeah. I know. I know, but… for someone like you, that hurts. Maybe there’s someone we can find for you to talk to–

Bill: I found someone.

Liam: Not sheila!

Bill: I hope she feels the same way about me.

Sheila: I miss you. Being close to you.

Deacon: You said goodbye to me, sheila. You said it was too risky being near me.

Sheila: And it is. Oh, but more and more, I think it’s worth the risk.

Hope: I would do just about anything to save my line, but– I’m sorry, I– I’m– I’m confused, because I was going to consider thomas before, remember? But you– you talked me out of it.

Steffy: Yes, but the wounds were still so fresh then. We weren’t ready to work with thomas. We were keeping him at arms’ length. Justifiably. But he’s making changes. Changes for the better. I am confident he could resurrect your line, confident he could turn those numbers around, but only if you’re okay with it. So, what do you say? Are you willing to work with thomas again? Hi, I’m jill and I’ve lost 56 pounds on golo.

Liam: I want to believe that you’re still in there somewhere. That fiery, arrogant ass that we all love.

Bill: I’ve been here the whole time.

Liam: Rea– okay, fine. Here. Here. Prove it. Prove it! Call the police, right now. Put sheila behind bars.

Bill: Sheila stays free. With me.

Liam: How do you think there’s a future here, dad? How? What are you– what are you gonna do? You two gonna settle down?

Bill: I don’t know what the future holds, liam.

Liam: Okay, all right, okay. Let me try this. Let me try this. How do you know she’s not playing you? Can you really be certain that you’re not being messed with?

Deacon: Sheila, if spencer ever caught us, if he found out that there was something that had gone on between us, that we still had feelings for each other… well, you know what would happen. It’d be goodbye freedom, hello prison. But the fact that you’re not saying anything tells me that I’m right.

Sheila: You’re right.

Deacon: Oh. You do still have feelings for me. And they gotta be a hell of a lot stronger than anything you have with spencer.

[ Sheila sighing ] I mean, come on. How could some instant romance with spencer compare? Please, one night chit-chatting on a beach and what, suddenly you and spencer–

Sheila: There is no comparison.

Deacon: So, what are you telling me? This– this epic romance with you and spencer is…

Sheila: Living with bill spencer is driving me crazy.

[ Deacon laughing ]

Thomas: I know this isn’t easy for you, hope. I will respect any decision you make. Even if that means ending hope for the future all together.

Hope: Thomas, how many times can I allow you to set me up to be disappointed, to be hurt?

Thomas: I’m sorry. Look, during this time, it’s been really painful for me. And almost excruciating. I’ve realized that I– I’m that type of person, I need to work, right? I need some kind of adrenaline rush in my life, and what bigger rush could there be than me coming back and help save hope for the future? Look, I– I can’t take back what I did, and I’m so sorry for it, but I can move forward as a person, I can ask you for forgiveness. More than that, I can earn your forgiveness. Please, hope. Let me earn it. Let me come back to hope for the future.

Steffy: Maybe we should give them some time alone.

Taylor: I think so, too.

Steffy: Yeah, right.

Thomas: Thank you for believing in me.

Steffy: Thank you for showing me that I can. Let’s go.

Thomas: I’ll do whatever it takes, hope. I will win back your respect and your trust. I will do whatever it takes. Suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night?

Taylor: I think hope is gonna say yes! Don’t you?

Steffy: Uh, if she wants her line to continue, she’ll have to.

Taylor: Ugh, that’s my girl. I am so glad you did this!

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s the right move for forrester. And I know dad would agree. Hope for the future just isn’t sustainable right now.

Taylor: But you’re not just doing this because it’s good business sense. You’re doing this for the good of our family! And I know this isn’t easy on you. You know, what thomas did, how it all came out.

Steffy: I wasn’t sure I’d be able to forgive him.

Taylor: But you did.

Steffy: I want to believe that he intends to do better.

Taylor: Of course, he intends to do better. And because of you, my brilliant daughter, I think he actually will.

Hope: I have no doubt that you want to win back my trust and my respect. I mean, thomas, I have been rooting for you, wanting that to happen.

Thomas: Well, that’s promising.

Hope: But there’s a difference between wanting it to happen, and it being an actual reality. I mean, look, I– I was not expecting this when I walked in today, I mean I– I knew that hope for the future was underperforming, but this.

Thomas: Neither– neither did I, hope. I had no idea that steffy was gonna ask me to come back and work for the line.

Hope: Save the line. Without you, she’s going to cancel it.

Thomas: It doesn’t have to be that way. I– is there any way that this can happen? Can you work with me again? Come on, hope. We’re amazing together. Your vision, my designs? I mean, we’re the– we’re the future dream team of forrester! That’s what the press called us! You’re not gonna let that die. Come on. Look, obviously it is your decision, but please, let me help guide the line. Let’s keep hope for the future alive.

Bill: You think sheila’s messing with me.

Liam: She got you to bribe a judge, which, okay, all right, not so far out of your wheelhouse, but this was– this was in service of blackmailing steffy. Dad, I kn– there’s somebody out there for you, dad. We– we– we could– we’ll find you a nice, dirty librarian, you know? Somebody who is kinky, but not a murderer!

Bill: When I come home from work, sheila has a whiskey in hand. She listens to me. I open up with her. And I hope she’ll continue to do the same with me. I’ll be good to sheila as long as sheila is good to me.

Deacon: Wow, I just– I– I don’t– I don’t believe that– I mean, yes, I believe it. I– I mean, I never bought it, okay? I never bought it, but I just– sheila, you have no idea what I’ve been going through! I have been confused and twisted up, just– just trying to figure out what interests you have in a world-class jackass like spencer!

Sheila: Okay, stop. Don’t be rude.

Deacon: You just got them telling me that the guy drives you crazy!

Sheila: Yeah, well, you’d be going crazy too! On– on– on paper, I mean, we look great together. But all of a sudden, he has become so emotionally aware. I– he– he’s telling me everything about himself, and he– and he keeps asking me to do the same thing. He’s telling me to tell him about my feelings, to– to tell him about my past, and okay, okay. I am– I am really happy that he’s getting something from me that he hasn’t from any other woman, but seriously?

Deacon: I–

Sheila: He wants to know each and every thought that I have?

Deacon: I– I’m just tryin’ to wrap my head around the fact that that meathead actually has feelings. I mean, hats off to you, ’cause you’ve apparently tamed the beast. I mean, I– I– I bought this, okay? I bought that– that this thing was legit, that you and spencer were hot and heavy.

Sheila: We are. He says he’s never been with a woman like me.

Deacon: Sure he hasn’T. And what about you? Aren’t you just a little attracted to him?

Sheila: Every time I’m with him, I close my eyes and I think of you. Scout is protected by simparica trio,

Taylor: Thomas is so lucky to have you as his sister.

Steffy: How many times have I told him that? Now I think he’s finally believing it.

Taylor: You know what? I think it’s finally starting to sink in. Thank you for finding the love. For believing in your brother.

Steffy: We just need hope to do that, too.

Hope: I– I need time. To think about this. I mean, maybe there’s another way, another designer.

Thomas: You heard steffy. She’ll get rid of the line, ‘kay? Unless I come back as lead designer. Look, I made a mistake, I did something I regret, but I won’t be that person again.

Hope: My gosh, thomas, you say that, but how many more times can I–

Thomas: I– look, I– I– bel– I promise, I promise, hope. I know, I know that you’ve heard this over and over again, and I am so sorry for that, but I will come back and be a better person. The type of person that you can actually respect, and the type of person that my son can look up to.

Hope: Thomas. I want that for you. More than anything, but I’m tired. I’m tired of believing that you’re capable enough–

Thomas: Just believe it. Believe it! Hey. No more lies, no more schemes. Just a man doing his best to be the best version of himself that he possibly can. Please, hope. Let me come back and work for the line. Can we do this together?

Liam: As long as she’s good to you. Okay, so y– so you acknowledge, there could be an end to this.

Bill: Of course.

Liam: But then again, dad, if it ends, this is sheila carter we’re talkin’ about, so it means it ends badly for you.

Bill: She’s enjoying the freedom I’ve provided.

Liam: Which means she would be a fool to betray you. All right, if you found out that she was messing with you, in– in any way…

Bill: She’ll pay. And pay dearly.

Deacon: So you’re telling me that, uh… you think about me when you two are…

Sheila: I do. I think of your lips on mine. And your touch. Turns you on.

Deacon: Yeah. But I’m guessing that maybe spencer ignores some things.

Sheila: Oh, bill ignores a lot, to be honest. He is nowhere as adventurous as you are.

Deacon: Okay, all right. Spare me the details.

Sheila: I can’t believe this. I can’t believe that I finally said this out loud. I have been wanting to tell you this for so long, deacon. I would– what it’s like living with him.

Deacon: It sounds like some kind of cheesy reality show, you know? My billionaire roommate from hell. But sheila, you gotta remember, he holds the ticket to your freedom.

Sheila: Yeah, I know. That’s why I’ve gotta keep this up, I’ve– I’ve got to make this work. But if I’m going to, if I’m going to survive this relationship with bill… there’s something that I need from you.

Deacon: Anything.

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