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You want me to call off the plan? Really? This whole thing was your idea. You wanted Orpheus to pay for killing my mom. I did. You did. What happened? Why are you backing out your mother? She told me I had to call off. Wait a minute. Wait a minute now I’m really lost you. What? Your mother spoke to me. What do you mean?

Like you saw her, she appeared to you? No, well, technically she didn’t speak to me. Her earned good.

So Kate. Hmm. Do you only Grace Roman with your wisdom? Is that it? No sage advice for me.

Well, maybe if I use you like a Magic eight ball,

will I get everything I want from my birthday this year?

I suppose it only works for the widow air. Anyway, just please keep watching out over Roman and let him get to Statesville in time. In time. For what?

What do you mean who’s responsible for the deaths of her wives? Don’t listen to this liar. He’s just trying to delay the inevitable. What’s your hurry? You killed my wife. The sooner I send you to hell, the better. Aren’t you? The least bit curious? What if you’re wrong? What if I’m not lying? It’s once I’m gone.

You’ll never find out who’s really to blame for this.

Hello? I. You ladies were ready. Did you expect us to answer? I suppose it was all on the rhetorical side. Nevertheless, that time has come eternal hell. Fire isn’t gonna wait forever. Laci. It’s right there in the title. Eternal. So very clever. Very, very clever though. Hi, not the Fool who turned down the get out of hell.

Free card. Am I? We already told you. We are sticking together. It’s all of us or none of us. How noble. I’m sure that will help you where you’re going. Now, if you please right this way, ladies. Oh, and do be careful. The first step is a bitch over my dead body.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives

coming. Geez. Hold your, uh, Chanel. Um, did you forget your keys? No, I came to bring it back actually, and to get the last of my things. Hi. Um, okay.

Oh, is, is this it? You packed it up already? No, um, actually, That’s my stuff. I’m moving to New Zealand

Paul, how lovely to see you again. Um, wasn’t that just the saddest funeral? I mean, all funerals are sad of course, but, uh, well, most are anyway, but to lose. And say goodbye to Kate and Kayla and Marlena all at the same time. Yes. Yes. What a terrible loss. So three, three wonderful women gone much too soon, and I don’t know how Roman got through it first.

He’s always been such a strong man, even when we were first married. Oh, you do know. He and I were, anyway, I guess that’s what I. First attracted me to him. . Yeah. Well, um, I don’t doubt that, but as much as I would like to hear about the early days of your marriage, um, I think you’re trying to change the subject on me.

Isn’t that right? I, well, what do you mean? Oh, what I walked in, it sounded like you were talking to a dead woman

over your dead body. Okay. I’m so sorry. That ship has already sailed okay. Away from us. That with sixth century bc, old glowy eyes is not gonna be happy. And I told you that we’re not going. We may have agreed not to send to Marlena to hell, but that doesn’t mean that three of us are going. Unfortunately.

That’s exactly what it means. And I have the paperwork to prove it. Stay away from us. Where are you? Do we can fight. I can hear you. There are three of us. There’s one of you. What are we gonna fight him with? We don’t have any. I, I mean, I’m not a bare, bare knuckle boxer, you know, I mean, I, we don’t even have any weapons.

Oh. Oh, happy now. I am actually. Okay. Like I said, over our dead. Okay, you want to do this? Let’s do it. Who’s really to blame for this? We’re looking right at ’em. You, you effectively killed our wives. You want to revenge on us? And you took it out on them. Well, you got me there, partner. I did do that. So end of story, Paul, that you didn’t let me finish.

I did poison your wives. I admitted that freely. But as I tried to explain to your co-conspirator Lucas, after the woman got sick, who were treated, they survived, and how is any of that relevant? Oh, you mean because of their relapse? Well, it’s relevant because had someone not stolen the orchid, they would’ve survived that too.

So if you really wanna punish the person who’s ultimately responsible for the death of your wives, then I’ll tell you who the orchid thief is and you’ll take it from there. This ridiculous. All of a sudden, you know who the Orchid Thief was, and you’re gonna tell us Sure. If you’re interested, then I’m not dead.

New Zealand, you’re moving there as in, you’re going to actually live there? Yeah, hang am. Uh, Henry’s already with Will and Sunny at their place, so I’m just getting some of my stuff together. When is your. tonight. Tonight, yeah. It’s when Will and Sunny were traveling and I wanted to go with them. You know they can help me with Henry.

You’re not saying anything. I should just, why are you doing this Horton? I think you can figure it out. You weren’t going to forgive me and get back together. So you move to another hemisphere. The way I see it, there’s nothing here for me. Like you said, we’re over and I don’t imagine that you would wanna be shoulder to shoulder working next to me at the bakery every day after what I did.

Cheating on you with Alex. Worst mistake of my life and being here in Salem, that’s just gonna remind me. Constantly

If you are not a full alley, no. Yes, I am to ruin the best relationship I’ve ever had. I’ve made a mess of things here in Salem, so I think it’s best if I make a go of it somewhere else.

You got me . Um, I was talking to Kate.

Um, and honestly it’s, it’s not the first conversation I’ve had with an urn. . I got very comfortable having one way conversations with. My Tony when I thought I’d lost him forever. Huh. But it wasn’t even him in the urn after all. lucky for both of us. Hmm. Yeah. Um, I think I may have heard something about that, but I just heard you talking to, to Kate about Roman and it sounded like the.

Two of you were, were worried about him, something about hoping he gets to Statesville into life. Well, you heard quite a bit, didn’t you? Oh, oh, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t mean the eaves drop. I mean, look, you don’t have to explain anything to me. No, no, no. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s, it’s, um, Kate. I was worried about Lucas.

She’s concerned about his sobriety in prison. So, uh, she, uh, convinced Roman to go there and see if there’s some sort of intervention he can do to try to keep Lucas from falling off the wagon.

Be kidding me. You heard all this from her? Yes. Well, I told her I like talking to her. I can understand that. You like talking to her. I get that. Maybe. Maybe you talking to her ashes, but her talking back to you. What are you doing? Are you drunk? You hitting the sauce on me now. Silver is a judge. Well then you never met the judges since me.

I know what I heard. Lucas, my wife, your mom is trying to save me from doing something I can’t come back from. Not to mention I got her son involved in this mess too, and that’s why she reached out to me from beyond the grave to stop us and make it a tragic mistake. One we are sure to regret for the rest of our lives.

John, are we going through with this or not? John here seems interested in what I have to say and with good reason. Steve, as much as you may hate me for poisoning your wife, you know, it wasn’t a, a death sentence. All three women could have lived had they received another dose of the antidote, a dose that was denied them when the orchid that could have saved them disappeared.

Therefore, whoever absconded with it is just as guilty as I am and just as deserving of your wrath. More so as I see it.

Do you really think you can stop me with those pathetic bits of crock. Do you forget where you are? Who I work for.

As I said, the deal is done. There’s no use fighting this ladies, but you forced my hand. If you won’t come of your own volition. I’ll just have to give you a little push. Oh, what’s happening? I don’t know. I, I, I can’t stop it. Uh, what is he doing to us? What must be done? Fight it. Try to fight. I can’t. Thank you for choosing us as your escort to the nether world.

We do hope you’ve enjoyed your voyage through the hereafter. We’d really appreciate if you gave us a positive review and rated us five pentagrams. And please mention me by, I’ve been Nick, thank you and enjoy where you,

of course, it would be hard to see you every day at the bakery, so yeah, it, it is probably best that we don’t work together. But Horton not working in the same shop and living 8,000 miles apart are two very different things. After what I did, I just assumed that, I assumed what? That I’d never wanna see you again.

I don’t know. I just thought that, I just thought we were done. Like I said, done as a couple. Yeah. We won’t be living together or working together anymore, but Horton. You can’t honestly think that I would just write you off forever. You mean too much to me and Yes. Yes. I am upset. Obviously, you hurt me and, and I know that I made the right decision about us and our relationship.

But horse, I still love you. I always will.

If, if this is what you think is best for you, and I, I, I don’t wanna stand in your way either. So if this is what you want and if this is what’s best for you and Henry, then you should definitely go.

I am gonna miss you. I’m gonna miss the hell outta you. You’re my best friend.

I’m gonna miss you. Two, three.

What the hell are you doing here? Damara, Stephan Stephan’s Alive. This is the other one. Hmm? Yes, the other one in the flesh, so to speak though, I prefer to be called Jake. Unfortunately, Jake took a little field trip from the Good Place. Oh wait, so this two big gangster and the man who cheated on me with Gabby, you mean He made it into heaven.

It’s nice to see you, Kate. Yeah, well I wish I could see the same.

Alright, fine. Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say my mom is talking to you. Um, it doesn’t matter anymore because we can’t get ahold of John and Steve. They’re not answering their phones, and you can’t just storm the infirmary anytime You want those guards, they know the rules. They’re gonna enforce everything.

I know that, but that’s why we did this. That’s why we came up with the rules for me to fall off the wagon. Okay. What? Whoa, wait a minute. That’s it. What? What’s it? Make this happen now. What are you talking about right now? Right now, pretend you are three cheats to the wind.

What the hell, John? You can’t actually be taking this lunatic at his word. That orchid came up missing partner if he knows who to. He doesn’t. He doesn’t know anything except he doesn’t want to die. He’s stalling. Let me ask you something. How could he know unless he was pulling the strings, if I may? No, you may not partner.

Thank you. I can assure you the organ thief was acting alone. Good to know. So who did it? Just tell us once your friend puts down the syringe, Enough is enough. A guard could walk through that door any minute if we’re gonna finish the job we came here to do and make this worm pay for what he did to our wives.

We have to do it now.

You got everything. I think so. Uh, wait. Look’s what I found while I was packing. Remember these ? Oh my God. . Yeah. We took these at that photo booth, at that club in London at the little Scarlet Door. Yeah. Yeah. We used to hang out there all the time. Stay out all night dancing, watch the sun come up, and then we’d go get breakfast at that, uh, hole in the wall.

Uh, what was it called? . Oh, the Red Lion? Yes. Yeah, the Red Lion. And then for breakfast we always ordered bangers and mash, and then for dessert, sticky toffy, bang . Those were some of the best days and nights of my life. Me too, for sure.

You should have this. No, no, they’re yours. No, they’re. Our pictures, our memories.

Thank you H. Of course. And who knows, maybe someday in time we’ll be like that again.

Forget it. Forget it. I can’t do it. Okay. It’s not gonna work. Why not? Why not? You tell the guard you’re feeling lousy. Again, slow your words stumble around a little bit. He’ll take you right to the infirm. Can’t do that. The doctor already discharged me. The guards know that. What if I act drunk? Now they’re gonna be like, what are you the boy who cried drunk?

Damn it. Damn it. You’re right. Yeah. Uh, I think we’ve got probably all the mileage we can get out that bottle of liquor, right? I mean, there’s gotta be another way for me to get back to the infirmary and I am damn well to find it. I have. Okay,

look, I may have made my fair share of mistakes during my life, but the ultimate scorekeeper decided that the good outweighed the bad. So now I wear white. Isn’t that nice? Yeah. He plays for the angels. Now, I am an angel, which means that you have no jurisdiction here, none of your business. So please go.

Sorry, Nick, but you. And I cannot let you take these ladies to hell under false pretenses. False pretenses. Listen, jakey, all right. I might have used some trickery to obtain them, but those signatures are valid whether you like it or not. Those signatures might be genuine. As genuine as those $2 bills, you pawned off on ’em.

But we both know Nikki, this isn’t about the contract.

So Kate told Roman she was worried about lupus. Well, she’s, she’s very protective of him, of all her children. Hmm. Well, I can’t say that I blame her . I don’t think there will ever be a time that I do not worry about my, my kids or try to protect them. , even from the Great Beyond

um, your phone, I, it’s in your purse. Oh, right. Silly me.

Ooh, it’s from Statesville. I hope that doesn’t mean. Hello? Hello? Yes, I will accept this call. And it’s Lucas. Oh Lucas. Thank God. Oh, um, did Roman get to you in time? Roman wanted me to call you? He, uh, he thought you might be worried. What? Did he manage to stop John and Steve from killing Orpheus? He hasn’t yet, but he’s gonna try.

Come on John. If we’re gonna do this, we have to do it now. We good in here Once. We can easily do it again. I’ve always had faith in you. Hey, shut up. He hasn’t decided yet. If it helps, John, I never said this was a standing offer, neither did we. So if you want us to spare your life, you’re gonna convince us right now.

But that him tell us real well, how could I possibly do that? That’s not our problem. If you weren’t in on steel light Orchard, how do you know who did it? I did a little digging. Look, I. You want to punish everyone involved, including me. Hey, , I’m incarcerated. Uh, this is quite the punishment. Trust me. On the other hand, the other party’s out there moving it up free is a bird.

And nothing happened. Oh, for God sake. Hey, I’m not saving. Myla doesn’t deserve to pay you, but someone else stole that work. So do they. Well, he can’t tell us anything. This is nothing but self-preservation. I admire your confidence, Steve, but if I were you, I would ponder this a moment If I die. You’ll never know.

I can live with that.

Sorry, Steve, I can’t let you do this.

I don’t get it. You don’t get what? I’ll give it up. Emma, I heard your conversation just now. I have very keen ears and what I do not get is why. Why would Roman try to save that piece of dirt office? That basket is responsible for the death of three wonderful women, and in my book, he be getting just what he deserves.

If they send him to that afterlife too, where he would surely burn in hell. Well, Roman felt that same way. But someone got him to change his mind.

Roman, this is insane. You wanna call this whole thing off because you heard Kate whispering from an urn from beyond the grave. Look, I get it. Okay. I don’t know if I’d believe it if that didn’t happen to me, but I witnessed it. Steve, I heard her Thursday. How is the old bird settling in?

Roman, listen, maybe you’re confused. Maybe it was your guilty conscience playing tricks on you. I mean, you were against this from the beginning. Thank you, Roman. Yeah, but I did come around Steve. It was Kate. I know my wife’s voice when I hurt. You know what? This sounds almost as crazy. Is when you told me yourself, you saw Kayla.

Okay. What? Wait a minute. You saw Kayla? I did. I saw her. She came to me. It wasn’t a voice from an urn. Totally different John. Nothing from Doc. Shut your filthy mouth. Forget about him. Man. It’s hard. I know. Let’s still focused here. Eye on the prize, which is, or Ortiz says he knows who stole that.

Oh, he said he’s gonna tell us if we agree not to kill over.

Only problem is we just lost our leverage.

You are not talking about the. And what are you talking about? Okay, hold on. Now, how did Nick get our souls under false pretense? He’s just trying to give you false hope and it’s not gonna work. So why are you interfering simple? I don’t like you. I haven’t liked you since the Halloween before last when you kidnap me from the police station and dragged me to the cemetery.

Good times. Not for me, a sick bastard. You tried to bury me alive. Well, I wasn’t exactly acting alone was I marlina? I don’t. I hold you and you alone responsible. You shoved me into your own coffin and tried to dig me an early grave. Well, it wasn’t that early as it turned out. You like early nonetheless, just like you’re trying to do to these three ladies.

What do you mean by early pay? No attention to the moron in white. Okay, yes. Maybe these three suffered an untimely death when they were given a toxin by Orpheus, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re going to. Untimely, huh? Yes. Untimely. Yes. So please just move along. Can’t let you do that, Nick, because both you and I know these three ladies aren’t really dead.

Thank you. Of course

you better send me, uh, postcards and let me know if you need any koalas or kangaroos. , that’s Australia, but New Zealand has Kiwis and Hobbits. Okay. Will you let me know if you need any of those? Oh, you’ll be the first one. Oh,

so, uh,

I guess this is it. Can I? Of course you can.


All right, gentlemen. What Now we go. We honor our wives memories by living good lives, and we leave this sick monster right here, caged up like the animal he is.

Gentlemen, before you go,

allow me to offer you an olive branch. Why would you do. Isn’t it obvious you spared my life?

So to prove to you that I’m not the monster you think I am, you’re gonna tell us who stole the orchid. I said, I’m not a monster. I didn’t say I was a saint. Let’s get outta here, suit yourself. So, but if you’ll stick around. A moment. I’m willing to offer you a clue.

Jake, what are you saying? What do you mean you’re not dead? I told you he’s, he’s, he’s not making any sense. All right. Of course, they’re dead. Marlena and Kayla were buried, uh, this morning and, and Kate was, was burned to ashes days ago. Well, maybe somebody’s body was burned to ashes in that crematorium, but it wasn’t Kate’s.

Those aren’t Kate’s ashes in that arm. Just like those aren’t Marlena and Kayla’s bodies in those graves. What are you talking about? But if our, if our bodies aren’t in the graves, then. Are you saying that we’re still alive? That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Please tell me we didn’t lose money. Dupre tell me, we at least broke even. We made a profit, a big one. Look, oh my God. We ate that much on our first day, . Hey, I don’t know what I do about you Horton.

I’m so wrecked. I can hardly stand. But that’s, that’s what we do for each other. That’s what we’ve always done since London. When the world gets one of us down, we hold each other up. You and me against the world. But you’re my best friend, Chanel, and we know everything about each other. We obviously have feelings for each other, so I don’t know, now that we’re both single, maybe this is our chance to give us a shot, you know, see if we have a future as there’s a couple.

Yeah, unless that sounds crazy. Oh, it definitely sounds. But I absolutely love it.

I love you so much. I love you too.

Honey, what is it? What is this about

leaving sale? Oh, oh my baby girl. Come here. I’m old, baby. Come here. Come to mama. Come to mama. I’m all honey.

So Kate. No matter what happens, you did try your darnedest. I just hope that Roman got to Statesville in time to stop Steve and John from uh, you know, I’m not gonna say it cuz you never know who’s listening.

And anyway, for now, I guess you and I just have to keep the faith.

Hmm. You gotta be kidding me. After all that Kristen was robbed by. That’s right. Seems fitting, doesn’t it? But which one? That’s still a mystery. Well, same old life. Wouldn’t give us everything, but at least we know now. But Dara stole the yorke

that that doesn’t make any sense. No kidding. I, I mean, if we’re still alive, then what the hell are we doing here with the minion? The minion took advantage of a bad situation. He plucked you from your bodies and tried to steal your souls. Damn you Jake. Ah, Nick, I’m sorry, but that’s your fate, not mine.

Just like it’s not yours. You ladies don’t belong here. Well, that’s obvious, but, but move. Our bodies weren’t barrier cremated. Where are they? Where are we?

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