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Finn: You don’t want to cause a scene and upset douglas even more. I think it’s best you leave.

Thomas: Okay, so I’m his father. He’s living here now. I haven’t been able to see his room or tell him that I love him and you’re asking me to leave?

Finn: Okay, let’s not make a scene, thomas. Douglas doesn’t need that.

Thomas: I agree, but he just moved in, okay? I wanna check on him. I wanna see how he’s doing. You can’t bar me from seeing my own son.

Steffy: No one is saying that. But just because douglas is living here doesn’t mean you have access to him whenever you want.

Thomas: No one is keeping me from douglas. I love him too much.

Brooke: Thank you.

Hollis: You’re welcome.

Brooke: Ah. So, what do you say? Do we dare?

Taylor: Ah, dessert?

Brooke: Something totally decadent.

Taylor: Oh, my god, I’m so full.

Brooke: I’m full too.

Taylor: Okay, I guess I’m always down for a sweet bite, you know?

Brooke: Yeah. Speaking of a sweet bite.

Hollis: Hello, ladies. Deacon had to step out, but he asked me to take extra special care of you. How is everything?

Brooke: Wonderful.

Taylor: Yeah, we’re just trying to figure out if we should go for dessert or not.

Hollis: Well, I always say if you’re not enjoying life, what’s the point?

Brooke: Well, said. See?

Hollis: And for a beautiful woman such as yourself, you should definitely be enjoying life. I’ll go grab some menus.

Brooke: Hm, I don’t know. I– I think I’m gonna pass on dessert.

Taylor: The chocolate cake or the waiter?

Brooke: What? Who?

Taylor: Brooke, he is serving decadence to you. Look.

Brooke: He is also much younger.

Taylor: Yeah, and he’s totally into you, so just saying.

Brooke: He’s probably just doing what deacon told him to do. To take care of us.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Or he’s looking for a really good tip.

Taylor: There’s a joke there. I’m not gonna– I’m not gonna say it.

[ Taylor chuckling ]

[ Brooke laughing ]

Steffy: Thomas, I didn’t ask for any of this. I’m trying my best here. I’m just trying to establish some ground rules for douglas’s sake and believe it or not for yours too.

Thomas: And I appreciate that, but I don’t need my little sister telling me what to do–

Finn: Thomas.

Steffy: It’s not what I’m doing.

Thomas: My point is… the office is one thing. You throwing your weight around there is fine, but not here, not when it comes to my son. Choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine –

Taylor: So, you don’t think the waiter/bartender is hot?

Brooke: I do think the waiter/bartender is hot.

Taylor: Okay.

Brooke: But he probably flirts with every woman who walks in here.

Taylor: Lies, he did not flirt with me, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Brooke: There’s a lot of people that flirt with you. You are gorgeous and you’re successful and you’re– you’re beautiful, you’re understanding and compassionate.

Taylor: Yes, brooke. I am the friend with a good personality, thank you very much.

Brooke: You know what I mean.

Taylor: No, I do, I do and thank you. You, my friend, you are beautiful inside and out. You’ve always been this free spirit, you know? You’ve always followed your heart and at this stage in the game, I think– I think that just might be the road map to happiness.

Brooke: Well, actually it was a road map to a lot of trouble and a lot of heartbreak and ridge was always in the center of that.

Taylor: Yeah, that’s because ridge and heartbreak go hand in hand. Which is why we let go and we are killing the self esteem game.

[ Both chuckling ] Right?

Hollis: So ladies, have we decided? Can I entice you?

Taylor: I don’t know, she might be enticed. Brooke, are you enticed?

Brooke: I, er, I think I’m gonna pass on dessert, but lunch was delicious.

Hollis: Good, that’s what we aim for. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Brooke: Nope, just the check please.

Hollis: You got it.

Taylor: What is your name?

Hollis: Paul hollister, but you can just call me hollis. All my friends do.

Brooke: Deacon doesn’T.

Hollis: Deacon’s more of a boss. I’ll be right back with that check.

Brooke: What?

Taylor: Is there anything else I can do for you? Come on. No, no.

Taylor: Hollis to his friends is totally hitting on you.

Brooke: Don’t be silly.

Taylor: No, I’m not.

Brooke: Yes, you are.

Taylor: [ Deep voice ] You’re a beautiful woman.

Brooke: Stop it. Stop it.

[ Both laughing ]

Thomas: You said douglas is in his room?

Finn: He is. He’s fine.

Thomas: I’d like to see him.

Steffy: Not now. I don’t want him to be stressed out.

Thomas: Just how? How? Talking to his dad, his dad telling him that he loves him. Come on. This isn’t that big of a deal.

Steffy: That’s exactly it. I don’t want to make this a big deal. I’m trying to avoid that.

Thomas: It definitely feels like you’re trying to keep me from him.

Finn: Look, that’s not what this is about.

Steffy: Okay, thomas. Douglas had a really big day. He’s moved from one place to another. He just needs a little space. Maybe if you call the next time, we’ll– we’ll be prepared.

Thomas: Prepared? Seriously? Do you have any idea how painful it is to hear your son say he doesn’t want to live with you? He’s gonna go live with your sister. But, after that I thought, “well, it’s my sister. At least I’ll still be able to be a part of his life.”

Steffy: You are and you always will be. But you created this situation.

Finn: Steffy’s right. Look, you can’t blame her for your poor decisions. She didn’t make you call C.P.S. On yourself. She didn’t force you to use douglas’s app and tell your son to lie.

Steffy: You have no idea how much mom, dad and i wanted to believe that you changed. We were on your side. Just think about all the times I defended you, only to learn what you’ve done.

Thomas: Look, I don’t know how many times I’ve apologized. I am so sorry for what I did. My entire family has ostracized me. You think– you think I like this? I hate how things are.

Steffy: Then don’t make things worse.

Thomas: By what? By asking to see him, tell him that I love him? I’m not asking to take my son with me.

Steffy: I get that, but you showing up like this? This is a really big adjustment for douglas and you need to respect that. I’m sorry, thomas. I hate that you’re in this position, but douglas choosing to live with finn and me, it’s what you did.

Thomas: Mm, and you’re gonna keep reminding me of that and putting up roadblocks so I can’t see him.

Steffy: That’s not what I’m trying to do.

Thomas: Steffy, I love my son and I’m not gonna lose him. Suffering from sinus congestion, especially at night?

Brooke: You are reading into this.

Taylor: Um, because that is what I do. But you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to know when someone is goo goo gaga and young mr. Hollister’s definitely in his feels. Mm-hmm.

Brooke: Okay. Say maybe he was flirting?

Taylor: He was flirting.

Brooke: It’s not like I want a man in my life at this point. And you said you feel the same way. Okay, maybe sometime in the future, we will be in relationships. Right now, our friendship is more than enough.

Taylor: Fine.

Brooke: Fine?

Taylor: No, I’m kidding. Yes. I agree, a little bit. I mean, he’s really cute. Come on. Okay.

Steffy: Look, I realize douglas’s decision to live with me is upsetting.

Thomas: Yeah, it was painful. To hear he doesn’t want to live with me, that he’s gonna be living with my sister, but then I thought, “you know what? That’s actually the next best thing. I’ll get to see him whenever I want,” but you’re saying no, just like at the office, you’re gonna call the shots. You’re gonna kick me out of the company and keep me away from my son.

Steffy: Because of your own actions. Look, I don’t want– I don’t want to focus on that right now. I’m just trying to do what’s best for douglas.

Thomas: By what? By isolating him? By isolating me from him? Treating me like a pariah? Come on, steff, I need you to be on my side. I need you to be my sister. I need you to welcome me back into the fold, to– to welcome me back at forrester and tell me that I can see my son whenever I want. Not to be the gatekeeper that keeps me away from him. You say you love me and I really, I want to believe that. Be the sister I need you to be. Help me here, steff, please. Don’t come between my son and me. I’m not a doctor.

Brooke: I think that everybody is still a bit in shock of our unexpected friendship.

Taylor: Yeah, they are. No one will ever understand the amount of darkness we had to go through to find this light.

Brooke: My offer still stands. You moving in with me, I’d really like that.

Taylor: I’m still noodling it around a little bit, you know. But I think I might just take you up on that offer.

Hollis: All right, so here’s your credit card back. But um, something glitchy kind of happened right after it went through. It didn’t print the receipt. So, if you want to give me your number, I can just text it to you if you want.

Brooke: Sure.

Hollis: All right. All right. Great. It’s a pleasure serving you.

Brooke: Thank you.

[ Taylor clearing her throat ]

Hollis: Both of you.

Taylor: Oh, thanks so much, thanks.

Hollis: Ciao.

Taylor: Honest to god.

Brooke: What?

Taylor: That was smooth.

Brooke: What?

Taylor: The way he got your number.

Brooke: He just did it so he could send me the receipt.

Taylor: Oh, my god, brooke, stop with this innocent act. Stop it.

[ Cell phone dings ]

Brooke: See, the receipt.

Taylor: That’s it?

Brooke: Ha ha!

Taylor: All right.

[ Cell phone dings ]

Taylor: Oh, what is this?

Brooke: Uh… it’s hollis. “Here’s my number if you ever need anything.” Then, there’s an emoji which I don’t know what it is.

Taylor: It’s not the um… oh no, it’s– it’s the smirky face.

Brooke: Smirky face?

Taylor: Yeah, you know uh, if you want an exact definition… “smirky face means read between the lines, an air of mystery, a perfect flirty emoji.” See. I’m right.

Brooke: What? A flirty emoji?

Taylor: A perfect flirty emoji.

Taylor: You seem a little flustered.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Finn: Hey, douglas okay?

Steffy: Yeah, he’s watching a movie.

Finn: He has no idea that his dad was just here?

Steffy: Mm-hmm. He had his headphones on, had no idea thomas stopped by.

Finn: Okay. It doesn’t matter that his son is living with us now. He can’t just barge in here whenever he wants.

Steffy: It’s about more than douglas.

Finn: You mean his resentment of you? Maybe. But I have to imagine that those feelings existed long before douglas had to live with us.

Steffy: Always sensed this jealousy, especially when I became co-ceo with my dad.

Finn: I’m sorry.

Steffy: Yeah. Well, douglas is my priority and the promise I made to hope. Like, I would never want to come between thomas and douglas. If douglas wanted to see his father, I’d be totally okay with that.

Finn: Yeah. We’re just gonna have to wait and see what douglas wants.

Steffy: Yeah. And liam and hope, they’ve done such a great job caring for him and we have to do the same.

Finn: We will.

Steffy: I know thomas hates not seeing his son, but that little boy is counting on us. We can’t let him down. Things are just so tough between thomas and me. I keep thinking I’m able to move past everything he’s done, but this whole douglas situation is making everything worse. I love thomas and I know he can be the best possible father to douglas. I just hope and pray that day will come soon.

Finn: Maybe it will.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: Ah, we’ll get back to the way we were, douglas. I’ll be the father I always should’ve been. Modest, caring. I’ll be the father you deserve. I promise.

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