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I love you, and the longer I stayed quiet, the worse the consequences if I finally spoke up. So I lived with it. I lived with the constant anxiety a-and the guilt. And I-I didn’t want to risk — I-I didn’t want to risk the life that we were building together over something that might — I-it might not even be true. What kind of life could we have had with that kind of lie between us? Curtis…

[Voice breaking] …We love each other. And isn’t our love unconditional? Honesty is not a condition.

[ Sobs ] It’s fundamental. I thought you knew that. I — you saw how important honesty and transparency was to me, and I thought you felt the same way. I do.

[ Scoffs ] I-I-I swear to you, I do. Right. Well, what happened today and what’s been happening for the past 20 years would suggest otherwise. So, clearly, I do not know the woman I just pledged my life to.

[ Breathing deeply ] What are

we doingat ava’s art gallery? Hiding out. I get that. Why here? It’s a place I like, a place I’ve been mostly happy. You don’t have to stick around. No, I’m — I’m not going anywhere. Especially now that I know that esme has escaped from spring ridge. What’s the problem, ryan? There’s not enough room on the boat for all of us. So one of you is coming with me, and the other is never leaving this room. Now… who’s ready to say goodbye? You should be saying goodbye, ryan. By now, mac has figured out where we are.

[ Laughs ] I doubt he has the wherewithal to pinpoint your whereabouts. And you’ve never underestimated anybody before — is that it? Tell me, do you still feel it? Where I stuck the knife in your back? A sign of your passion for me. You’ve trapped yourself, ryan. You’re on this island, and mac is going to stop you. Unless, of course, someone else stops you first. Is there someone else here on this island? Someone…

someones… that’s for me to know and you to worry about. Hey, I need your help. Meet me at pier 55 as soon as possible. How’s the head? I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about felicia. Ryan must have turned off her phone. I can’t access the app we use for tracking it. I haven’t been able to reach ava, either. I sent detective bennet to the pier. He reported the launch

is on the island, so it stands to reason ava’s home. And I bet she has company. They also found mac’s car in the parking lot near pier 55. Then you were right, laura. Ryan, heather, and esme must have headed to wyndemere after they ambushed me. Yeah, well, it just makes sense, since ava is ryan’s current obsession. But at least now we know where felicia is. We can get over on that island, and we can bring her back. Mm-hmm. I just hope we’re not too late. Let’s go.

[ Gasps ] Sorry, doc. Wrong time, wrong place.

[ Screams ]

Tell me the good news. What’s this? Sparkling apple cider, ’cause we are going to celebrate your joining

the invader’s editorial board. Before you open that, you should hear what I have to say.

[ Police radio chatter ] Okay, what are we waiting for? Ryan has felicia and ava. We can only assume heather is with them, which makes the situation even more dangerous. We need to go in there and get those hostages. And we will. But you heard what ryan said. If we go in there guns blazing, then we’re putting felicia’s life at risk. Felicia’s life is already at risk! As is ava’s, and presumably esme’s, if she’s a hostage. Exactly. We need to take immediate action. Mac — acting in haste without a concrete plan will only put the hostages in more danger. She’s right. And if it were anyone other than your wife over there, you would be saying the same thing. So come on, now. Let’s come up with a plan of action. We have eyes on the island from air and water. Wyndemere is surrounded. Now all I’m waiting on is for — commissioner, I have that cellphone report for you. The last hit was on a cell tower near spoon island. That puts ryan a wyndemere. Mayor collins, your husband is waiting outside the cordon. Oh, please, please tell them to let him in. Right away. Laura, I’m sorry I went off like that. It’s okay. You’re worried about your wife. I understand. I know you’re worried, too. Esme’s carrying your grandchild. And we’re not the only ones with family on that island.

[ Sighs ] I got here as soon as I could. What’s happening? I just don’t understand. You said you trusted me. More than anyone, curtis, I do. Just… you don’t trust me with the possibility we share a daughter.

[ Breathes sharply ] Because it wasn’t about trust. It was about trina. In her eyes and in her heart, marcus was her father. And what about the past two years? When it became increasingly clear that I was going to be a big part of trina’s life, didn’t you think that we both should know?

[ Voice breaking ] Was I afraid that I was going to lose you if I told you the truth? Yes, obviously. But choosing between telling you that trina might be yours and hurting my baby girl? It wasn’t a choice to make. But now she knows. She knows everything. And she’s out there right now, and her heart is breaking.

[ Crying ] I don’t know if esme’s memory came back or if she never lost it in the first place. If she w as faking all this time,that means right now, she’s not only free, she’s dangerous. Which is exactly why I had to find you and make sure that you were safe. Esme just escaped from prison. If she was trying to go for me, it would be a good way to get caught. That is a fair point, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take every precaution that we can. Never mind me. I know you’re worried about esme’s baby. That’s your little brother or sister.

[ Esme screaming ]

[ Gasps ] Oh…

[ Whimpering ]

[ Hyperventilating ] Oh, my god. I thought I told you to wait on the launch!

What’s wrong? What happened to her? Esme? You two, stay where you are. Esme? Esme? Heather. Heather. What? Take this. Cover them. She just fainted. She’ll be fine.

[ Scoffs ] Why did she faint? Is it the baby? Blood pressure? I’m imagining it was witnessing your dexterity with a hook. You’re the lunatic that’s been killing people with a hook?

[ Scoffs ] Guilty as charged, your highness. Why? Why? Why is your husband a cop? To protect and serve. Exactly. Same here. Give me that. It’s time to go. No, I’m not going anywhere. I have to help austin, okay? Ava, don’t make me shoot you. Ryan, if you don’t want to shoot me, then don’t shoot me. It’s up to you.

[ Austin groaning ] Okay, he’s alive. Now get away from him. I have to stop the bleeding. Regular florence nightingale you got here. Alright, we’ve had enough fun here. As soon as I bid farewell to mrs. Scorpio, we’ll board the launch. What, just in time for the harbor patrol to board us? Or a police helicopter just pin us with one of their spotlights? Wake up, ryan. By now, the cops know that we broke out of spring ridge. They know we’ve got esme with us. They know she’s your girlfriend, so it’s just a matter of time before they realize we came here.

[ Breathes sharply ] I wish I could say I’m surprised ryan was faking. Do you think he ever had locked-in syndrome? I think it was real to begin with. But clearly, he’s made a full recovery. His obsession with ava — it would make sense that he would go straight to wyndemere. But how did he end up with felicia? We think that felicia went to visit ava and she was just there when he arrived. Wrong place, wrong time? Yeah, pretty much. What I’d like to know is how do esme and heather figure in? Now, heather is an escape artist. It would make sense that ryan would try to recruit her to get him out. But why would she agree? Heather’s connection is still a mystery. But esme… well, uh, dante and sam did some digging, and they uncovered some new information, and it explains why ryan wants to keep esme near him. And what would that be? Esme is ryan’s daughter. Thank you. Okay, harbor patrol just arrived for backup.

[ Sighs ] So do we breach the island by water or air? An open assault means chamberlain will see us coming. Taking time to negotiate gives chamberlain time to plan an escape. But it keeps the hostages safe. At least safer. An open assault could be our only chance to get felicia and the others back. God only knows what ryan and heather would do if they manage to buy themselves more time. Well, then, we need another option. What if there is none? Where does that leave us? The university won’t allow me to accept the position on the invader’s editorial board. Why not? The pcu administration views it as a potential conflict of interest. For a journalism professor to actually work in the field of journalism?

[ Telephone ringing ] Only something that stupid would happen in academia. We’re not done with this.

[ Ringing stops ] Yes, smoltz? H-hold on. I already know that two people escaped from spring ridge, but we just don’t have the names yet. So when you get the names, we’ll discuss it, okay?

[ Receiver clicks ] A scoop? According to smoltz. He’s been reliable before, right? He’s a reliable scandal monger. That’s when he gets the facts straight.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ooh. Did smoltz come through? My, my, my. Yes, he did, actually. I underestimated my little friend. Apparently, he’s going to get his first byline on the front page. When I saw esme, she really seemed to care about the child. But…maybe that was a con, too. I don’t know. I hope it wasn’T. Anyway, there’s nothing that I can do about that situation right now. But what I can do is be there for you the way that you’re always there for me. So please, trina, tell me. What went down tonight? I don’t even know where to start. I just found out that… my mother lied to me my entire life. About what? My dad… might not be my biological father. Look, I know you’re worried about trina. If you want to go after her, I understand.

[ Crying ] Right now, I’m the last person that she wants to see, believe me.

[ Crying, sniffles ] I care what happens to trina, too.

[ Sighs ] I know you do. You always have.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ] It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with you again. You see, that’s what I’m talking about. You watched as my love for that young lady grew. You witnessed all the challenges we had and all the obstacles we had to overcome and the many, many times she and taggert felt the need to remind me that I’m not her real father, when all the while you knew that I might be! I wasn’t sure. I…

[ Sighs ] You weren’t sure because — because you didn’t want to be. So tell me, what were you thinking during all those long conversations we had about having our own children, knowing that I had been longing for the very thing you were denying me? Look me in my eyes. Look at me, portia, dead in my eyes, and tell me how you could do that to me?

Stellacouldn’t tell us when we went in to check on her. Somehow she learned that curtis could be my biological father. Trina, I am so sorry. Yeah.

[ Scoffs ] So am I. Well, this is not how I thought today was going to go. Stella did make it sound like curtis didn’t know. Well, my mom didn’t tell anyone. And where’s your mom now? With curtis, I guess. I-I don’t know, and I really don’t care. I just… had to get out of that room. She must be going through hell. Who cares what my mother is going through? She deserves it. How could I? Because I was thinking about marcus and trina… and how they’ve been each other’s world trina’s whole life.

[ Sniffles ] And I thought about the damage that it could possibly cause their relationship.

[ Crying ] And whether you want to believe it or not, curtis, I thought about you, too. I pictured over and over again telling you and how this news would hit you, and I knew that you would be counting up all the years that you had missed.

[ Breathes sharply ] Every birthday, every holiday, every milestone.

[ Crying, sniffles ] And how miserable you all would be if I even raised the possibility. You know what? That — that is not even the same argument you used when my father came back into my life. You urged me to move on from the past, to think about a future that he and I can share. And because I listened to you, I now have a relationship with a man that I thought was dead and gone. I have the privilege of getting to know my father. Yes. Yes, you’re right. And I think that the situations are a little bit different, but… if trina does turn out to be yours, I wish the same for the two of you.

[ Breathes sharply ] But that was never your intention. Look, tell me — be real with me, portia. Were you ever gonna find out the truth? Or was your plan to die with your lie? There weren’t two people that escaped from spring ridge — there were three — esme prince, heather webber, and… and the third? Ryan chamberlain. I thought he had locked-in syndrome. Yeah, so did everyone else, including the guard that he killed. He killed a guard? Well [Sighs] Esme prince hasn’t even been convicted of anything. She’s in custody awaiting trial. Did she… stumble across the escape and decide to make a break for it herself, you know, opportunistically? She probably orchestrated the whole thing. She volunteered at spring ridge. She knows her way around the facility. I thought her memory was impaired. Or she’s faking it. All I know is that she and ryan were cozying up together at spring ridge. So between esme’s knowledge of the facility and heather’s gift for escaping custody… right. The van crash. Oh, that’s nothing. I mean, that woman has — has broken in as much as she’s broken out. And after the van crash, she was apprehended almost immediately, right? Well, she stopped for a blt first at kelly’s, and then she asked to be taken into custody. So instead of making a run for it, she asked to go back to prison. But they don’t take her back to max at d’archam — they put her in spring ridge. A minimum security prison. And if she gets captured again, she’s going back to max. So [Sighs] Why take the risk? Why go back into prison just to escape again with two strangers? Do you think esme was in on this with ryan? I think she knew about her connection to ryan before she lost her memory. Which explains why she couldn’t stay away from him when she was working at spring ridge.

[ Police radio chatter, indistinct conversations ] Which would also mean that she’d know if ryan was faking. Absolutely. But now… I think her memory loss is genuine. Which would make her every bit as much a victim as felicia and ava. Mac and I have been strategizing about how best to apprehend the escapees without bringing harm to the hostages. We’re not liking our options, but since you’re more familiar with the property than anyone… right, um… I don’t think ryan would know about the tunnel from wyndemere to the mainland. Uh…valentin used it a couple of years ago when he was fleeing with charlotte. If it was passable then, I’m sure it is now. Good job, lover boy. You have managed to trap us in the one place the police are guaranteed to search for us. Esme!

[ Gasps ] Please… don’T. He — he’s losing too much blood! Esme, there’s one thing you have to understand. You belong to me. You and that baby. Heather: Look out, ryan!

[ Gasping ] Esme! Oh, my god.

All three of them havea propensity to kill — esme, heather,

and ryan. The pcpd no longer considers esme the prime suspect in the hook killings. For one thing, none of the recent victims remember the attacker being pregnant. Well, it certainly seems like they were both involved. They just didn’t do it alone. Remember this? The letter the killer wrote you. The killer said she had a designated hit list. And all the victims were people that had wronged esme. “I’m no deranged lunatic, striking at random. Only those who wrong me and mine will meet with my venom.” That doesn’t sound like a hired killer taking direction. It sounds personal. “Only me and my mine.” Yeah, well, they — they didn’t pay for someone. They recruited someone who had a vested interest in esme’s well-being. Do you have anyone in mind? Sam and dante are in england. They’re looking for her nanny, this maggie fitzgerald. She was close to esme. You think this maggie may be the culprit? I have no idea, but I’m going to call sam and dante, because maybe they found out something. I’m not making excuses for your mom. But I do know what it’s like to hurt the people who you love. I have to admit… …I really tried to sympathize with what you are going through with your father. But I never truly related to it. But now… …now I get it. I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault. This time. This time, right.

[ Chuckles softly ] Hey, look at us. Both of us have had our lives ruined by the parents that we rely on the most.

[ Chuckles ] And on the bright side, I know that your mother made a huge mistake — that’s an understatement. Hey, but on the aforementioned bright side… she’s no nikolas cassadine.

[ Scoffs ] Well, yeah. That’s a low bar to clear. But she cleared it. Hey.

[ Laughs ] And, um… no matter how bad things get between you and your mom, she’s never gonna abandon you, you know? Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. As bad as she has screwed up…

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ] …I know she’ll always be here for me. So will I. So if aunt stella didn’t find out that trina could be my daughter, were you ever going to tell me?

[ Voice breaking ] Probably not.

[ Sighs ] Then there’s something else I don’t understand. How did aunt stella find out? Because I know you didn’t tell her.

[ Scoffs ] I most certainly did not tell her. Then how? I can’t say for sure. Portia, I’m sure you have some kind of idea. Would you please just tell me the truth? I am owed that! I think jordan must have told her. I haven’t set foot in those tunnels in years, but I think I might be able to lead you through. Well, these are the most recent plans mapping out the tunnels to spoon island.

[ Police radio chatter ] Where did you get these? After all the trouble the cassadines have caused over the years, did you not think the pcpd would have a map? Fair enough. Can you show us the best route? I’ll do my best. I know you will. Okay, everyone, huddle up. We’re going in.

[ Indistinct conversations ] What’s wrong? Mac: Ryan has… I can’t shake this feeling that I’m missing something, that there’s some other danger that we haven’t anticipated. There’s also… well, with ryan and heather both on that island, that’s a safe bet. Heather: That’s enough, princess! I don’t know who the hell you think you are! Ava! Don’t make me shoot you in the kneecap. I might miss and hit an artery. Or better yet, your friend who’s bleeding out on the floor over there. So maybe you should look after him. Go on.

[ Grunts ] Esme’s out there. I’ve got to go after her! No, I’ll go. She could hurt herself! I won’t let that happen, any more than you’ll let anything happen to ava while I’m gone. What about the aztec princess? Do whatever you want with her. You will, anyway.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. This sucker’s heavy. I prefer the hook. Any last words, ladies?

Jordan knew?

[ Voice breaking ] Jordan suspected…

[ Sighs ] …For a while now. So you’re trying to tell me all this time jordan knew and said nothing?

[ Crying ] Only to stella. Jordan told stella and not me? So that’s why aunt stella avoided officiating our ceremony — because she couldn’t preside over a wedding that she didn’t believe in. She probably didn’t even have to fake her own illness. Hell, I’m feeling a little ill myself. Curtis — curtis, I know that — that this is bad, but I believe in us. I believe that we can work through this. And I made a mistake. And I promise you, it won’t happen again. I promise. You know what, portia? That is exactly what you told me all those years ago when I found out that you were married. Now…

[ Sighs ] …I know it’s been a while, but it’s starting to seem like a pattern. It’s weird, isn’t it? That we’re in the same place that we met and it’s closed now. I know. Hopefully, ava will be back in business soon. Well, to the gallery and the many fond memories.

[ Both chuckle ] Cheers to that. And for the record, getting nostalgic about dousing me in fake blood is a little weird. In fairness, it was not meant for you.

[ Laughing ] You do know that doesn’t make it okay, right? Oh, no, I get that. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t trade it, not for the world. Sam, it’s me. Call me. Voicemail.

[ Cellphone thumps lightly ]

[ Breathes sharply ] Say this maggie fitzgerald is the hook killer. What does she have to do with the escape? I don’t know. I just know that esme and ryan are connected and they’re connected to each other. Well, I’ll leave you to your musings. I, uh, hope to get a sneak peek at the story before the morning edition?

[ Door closes ] Alright.

[ Sighs ] What’s the status? The team is briefed. Laura’s mapping out anything she can remember. There’s no more time to wait, commissioner. We need to move in. Now.

[ Police radio chatter ] Looks like you remembered more than you thought you would. Yeah. I just hope it’s reliable intel. I’m sure whatever you gave them is better than the police going in blind.

[ Breathes sharply ] Something’s been nagging at me. What’s that? Ava said ryan insisted that esme was not the hook killer. Now, was that because ryan’s protecting his daughter? Or is it because ryan actually knows who hook killer is? This is alexis davis. Get me the warden. Bang!

[ Laughs ] Oh, I wish you could have seen your faces when I said, “any last words, ladies?” We were there. I remember. You two are a hoot. Really, you’re priceless. You know what? Go on, get out of here. I– s-so then, you’re — you’re — you’re not going to kill us? Meh. I mean, why should I? Fly away, girls. Be free.

[ Chuckles ] Live your lives. Why are you still here? Your offer of freedom would be a lot more believable if you weren’t holding a gun on us.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I mean, people call me unhinged, but I’ve never been accused of being a complete idiot. There’s two of you, and there’s a hook right over there. I got to hold the gun on you until you leave. Look, if I wanted to kill you, I would have done it already. I-I don’t actually want to be any part of ryan’s stupid little games. And what about esme? Why abduct her? You seem to really care about her. Okay, you know what? Now I’m officially getting bored with you. I’d just as soon set you free if it means that I’d never have to lay eyes on the two of you again. Ava, you know there’s an underground passageway leading off this island. You’re free to use it… any time. You know… before you found me, I was, um… I was talking to my dad. And he was telling me that nothing will change between us, even if we find out that I’m not his biological daughter. You don’t believe him? I believe that he believes it. I mean… how can things not change, spencer? They already have. Such as? Such as me. I’ve changed. I don’t know who I am anymore. I know who you are. And who’s that? You’re the girl who likes classic sitcoms… and, um, books about guerilla feminist artists. You’re the same trina who mocks my love of gingersnaps…

[ Chuckles ] …And who won’t rat me out when she’s on the stand, even though her freedom is on the line. You’re blunt. Good god, you’re blunt.

[ Chuckles softly ] But you’re big-hearted. You’re fair and you’re forgiving. You improve the life of everyone who knows you, trina. You’re the one who always told me that who I am is about a lot more than just my last name or my dna. So whoever’s child you are, trina robinson, you’re the sweetest, smartest, and bravest person who I know.

Well, curtis — what? Are you coming back?

[ Sighs ] I can’t answer that.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Crying ] Good luck. Thank you. And thank you for your guidance. I hope it’s accurate. We’ll figure it out. Be careful. What ryan feels for esme is as close as he’ll ever get to a real bond, and he’ll stop at nothing to protect that. And I’ll stop at nothing to protect my wife. We won’t come back without her, mac. Let’s go. I pray to god this works. Alexis: Commissioner jordan? Jordan! Ma’am, I’m going to need to ask you to step back. It– it’s okay. Alexis, what are you doing here? Come on in.

[ Sighs ] This is really urgent. I need to speak to commissioner ashford. Ah, well, she’s on her way to wyndemere right now. What’s at wyndemere?

[ Police radio chatter ] Off the record. Fine. A hostage situation. Does this have anything to do with the escapees from spring ridge? Why do you ask? Well, this is why I want to talk to the commissioner. All the victims were linked to trina robinson. We know that. And esme prince. That hit list was compiled to avenge esme. We suspected something like that, but we didn’t have any concrete proof. Do you? Do you know why the hook would avenge esme? I don’t know why, but I know who. I know who the hook is. Fine, we’ll go. Okay. No.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, god. What now? I won’t leave an injured man behind. Well, good luck dragging his body all the way through the tunnels to the mainland. Hey, felicia, I think the best idea is for us to go, and we can send help back for austin, okay? You know, actually, ava, now that I think about it, you might want to hang back. And why would I want to do that? To finally end this unholy obsession between you and ryan once and for all. The obsession is one-sided, thank you very much. I will let the authorities handle ryan — again. Let’s — let’s go, felicia. Yeah, I mean, are you sure that you’re not curious to just hear what ryan really did to try to win you back? Not particularly, no. How he was really the one responsible for destroying your life in the process? Because when you do, I assure you, ava, you’re going to want to handle ryan yourself. Ava, let’s go. Ryan: Esme! Esme, are you hurt? Get away from me! No, it’s okay. Daddy’s here. I know. It’s cold. Which means you can’t be on the ground like this. It’s not good for you or the baby. And you are? Well, right now, I’m the best chance for the both of you, so please let me help. My water broke. The baby’s coming.

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