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 If you’d prefer to go somewhere else. Oh, I’m, I’m fine. Really? Yes. Valentine’s Day. Every place is gonna be busy and I’m starving. You don’t mind spending the evening in the same room with them please? If he can take it. I can. As you wish. Uh, table for two under the name of tj, the math.

This should be fun. Could we possibly have another table? Not tonight, I’m afraid.

Usually I think of Valentine’s Day as like a commercial rip off. But this just got far more interesting.

Whoa. Sorry. Oh, oh, that, that’s, uh, it’s okay. Yeah. I hope it didn’t mess up. Chanel’s flowers. Oh, um, these are actually not for Chanel. They’re for.

Guess you changed your mind.

It’s you let me. You were hoping it was Gabby

Lee. You have to face reality. Okay? You totally blew it with her silver.

I love you, Stephen. I love you too. Chloe did. Did you just hear what you said? Yeah. You don’t want me to tell you I love you. Oh, I know. I, I can’t believe you just said that. You, you said that you love me, but then you called me Chloe.

You came back to me, girls, would I be on our anniversary?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.


Why are they recruiting at each other? Like a couple of idiots? I thought she was just rebound sex. No, he’s. Staring at her like she hung the damn moon, Nicole, and they’re having Valentine’s Day dinner together. Hey Nicole, so are we.

Yeah, but it’s just to celebrate the Italian deal. It’s also the proper dinner date I promised you. And it can be as romantic as you want it to be.

What’s wrong,

Nicole? She let on. Her and EJ were, something was going on between them. I thought she was just trying to get to me and now she’s holding hands with him. She’s probably sleeping with him too, and sadly that’s tail bothers you.

And I know you think there’s something going on between Chanel and me and that I’m, Hey, look, you owe me no explanation, man. All right. If you and Mindy work things out, I think that’s great. Thanks. Uh, so you got big plans tonight? Uh, yeah. Yeah. I’m supposed to meet her in a couple minutes. We’re gonna go see a movie.

Cool. And look, I wanted to say that I’m, uh, I’m sorry if I screwed up your date with her last night. I don’t know if anybody told you, but Yeah, my brother Joey called her and told her that I needed her. Does he do that a lot? Yeah. I don’t know what’s gotten into him. Uh, he wants to play Max Maker, I guess, and for some reason he’s decided that I was interested in Wendy.

Hmm. Is he right?

Okay. What happened now? I asked Gabby if she’d have dinner with me and she’d turned me down flat. I’m sorry, Lee. What are you doing here on Valentine’s today? I was just checking up on me. Right. I can see. I am lonely, unemployed, possibly about to go to prison. Yeah. Can I offer a suggestion? Sure.

Okay. What you did behind Gabby’s back was big. I know what I did. I don’t need a Lexus. So if you want her back, you have to start small. Ask her if she’ll go for coffee, try to be her friend. Don’t invite her to Valentine’s Day dinner. I don’t want to be Gabby’s. She’s still my wife legally, but the only man she wants is her last husband, Stephan, the guy you had brainwashed.

I know Jane One. No.

I did not call you Chloe. I I wouldn’t do that. I heard you clearly. You said, I love you too, Chloe. Okay. If, if I called you Chloe, it’s only because I’ve been worried about her. You’re worried about her. You’re about to take me upstairs to bed. Why? Why are you even worried about Chloe? Because, Right. She ran outta here last night after Wolf was taken into custody, and I even heard from her since I’ve left her three messages, she’s ignored all of them.

Even when I called her earlier, she, wait, hold on a second. You, you called her earlier tonight on Valentine’s Day? Yeah. Before or after you called me.

I don’t underst. How can you be here? I had to see you on our anniversary tonight. I had to tell you much. I love you and I love you with all my heart.

No, this, this isn’t real. It. I had too much to drink. This is not real. I think I resent that. Weird. This isn’t some, it’s real. I’m.

I am not bothered.

I’m just tired of people telling me that I’m not over.

I have to admit maybe I’m not,

and now you’re afraid that she’s over. I was the one who divorced her. She has every right to move on. I just wish she wasn’t with that jackass.

You know, Eric could have any woman he wants. I don’t know why he’s settling for that trampy. Trouble making ambulance chasing.

I am sorry. No, uh, do, do, go on. No, I I don’t wanna spend the rest of the evening talking about him.

Okay. I’m gonna make a toast

to our first proper dinner.

I just don’t understand, Gabby, why would a woman like her waste her time on a man who loves someone else? Oh, if she said anything like me. She’s trying to believe that he loves her more. I wasn’t talking about you and Johnny. Can I pour you some wine? I better not. I have plans tonight

with Johnny. Last time we talked to you said you two were over. Turns out there was a misunder. I talked to Gabby and she encouraged me to not give up so easily. She said that Johnny’s a good guy, that I should fight for him. Sounds like something she’d say. Go, have a wonderful time. You sure you’ll be okay?

I’m just glad one of us. Have a happy Valentine’s Day.

All right. Look, Gabby, I, I’ll say it.

I called Chloe before I called you. Wow. Just wow. Look, it’s only because C comes before G in my contact list. Oh, hey Hernandez comes before L. You idiot. Cut you. Unbelievable. You know, I’ve been through a lot, so have I. I lost the love of my life and I thought you were gone forever. And then you invite me here tonight on Valentine’s Day.

I thought you’d made a decision that you realize that I’m the one you want. Well, maybe you just assumed that’s what I wanted. Oh my God. Your brain. Your brain is really scrambled. Okay. So what you, you hit the wrong button. Is that what it is? No, that is not true. I knew exactly what I was doing when I called you.

So you, you didn’t hit the wrong button. You meant to call me. That’s right. But only after Chloe didn’t pick up. What if, what if she had pick. Would I even be here tonight?

I mean, Wendy and I met last summer and uh, and Joy was there and what he, he thought you to hit it off. I mean, yeah. She and I are friends and, uh, and can’t what, sorry. I’m late. I stopped to check on my brother you YouTube talking about. Uh, no, we actually just ran into each other, or I, I did. Yeah. Literally, literally.

And, uh, Johnny here was telling me that you two work things out and I was about to say that. I’m really happy for you. Have fun tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day. Yeah, same to you.

Uh, these are for.

My God, that’s so sweet of you.

How can this be happening? How can you even be here? I guess I was able to, because. I really need your help. Why The good place Heaven? It’s.

So how long do you think we have to stay out? You mean to give Stephan space? Yes. For whatever the hell he’s planning. I have no idea what he has in mind. Well, he’s streaming if he thinks he. Stringing Chloe and Gabby along. How do you believe I heard that uh, Chloe was not returning his calls. She left town haw.

She’s had it. Brady lied to her about why Kristen moved in and now they’re a mess. And she thought she had something with Stefan until she found out that he was programmed a fall for her. Are you ready to order? Um, yeah, you know, I’ll have, uh, what she’s having. Oh, she needs a little steak off of law, I think.

Sorry, she got the last order, wouldn’t she? Just, um, I’m, let me need a few minutes.

That steak is so good.

Why don’t they just take it back to her place? I’m sure they will eventually.

I am not lying. I really was gonna call you. Okay. Really? So you were gonna invite me and Chloe to dinner and then what you were hoping for? A threesome? No. I mean, unless you’re into that sort of thing, I’m not you, pig.

Look what you’ve gone and done. Well, you deserve it. I, I can’t believe I was actually gonna sleep with you tonight. Please don’t be upset. Oh, I’m way past upset. My brother had to give me a pep pack tonight. He told me to focus on the fact that you realize that you love me. But it’s hard to focus on that when you love Chloe.

Hi. Wait. Are you seriously leaving right now? Oh, can’t believe it. Well, that’s not just Stephan, Gabby. Wait, I, your brother was right. I really do love you. Okay, well, when you decide I’m the only woman you love, call me. Then.

If heaven’s not working out, then stay here with. . I can’t, you know that, but, but, but strange up there. At first I was, I was in some sort of locked room. A vox room in heaven. Yeah. And then all of a sudden Adrian was there with me. Adrian, you saw her? Yeah. It, it, it was wonderful. She said she was going to be my guide on the next part of my journey, baby.

I’m so glad she was there with you. Except implicit. Really, Adrian. In fact, it was Nick Fallon pretending to be Adrian, Nick Fallon. Yeah. And when I thought that he was Adrian, he got me to sign a paper there. Papers to sign a paper. Yeah, I know, I know. And I was surprised too, but Nick tricked me into signing away my.

Is there something wrong with the chicken? No. No, not at all. It’s. PDA at the next table has killed my appetite. What’s your. I just have a bit of a headache again here. Oh, yeah. You know, you don’t, you don’t feel like you have a fever. I, I just feel a bit off. Oh, maybe my hangover from hell was really a bug that I passed on.

You. You know what, um, I’m gonna see if they have any extra as friend line. Really? It’s not necessary. Well, if you. Headache. You should take something for it. We need another bottle of wine.

You want me to read it for you? Yeah. I left my glass in the car. What? I’ll be right back.

My keys.

We have servants for that. You know, I can take care of it.

Looks like your evening didn’t go very well. Actually, it sucked. Gabby walked out on me.

This is Mr. Shin. I’d like to order dinner for. Someone’s out the door. I’ll call you back. If you cut your day short because of me. Hi Gabby. I, I was just wondering if that dinner invitation was still open. Oh, of course it is. Please come in.

I thought people only sold their souls to the devil in books and movies. Well, I, I didn’t sell my soul. I, I signed it away not knowing, and, and so did Marlena and Kate. So now you have to read the fine print in heaven. Somebody needs to help us, baby. You know, I would do anything to help you. You know that, but I don’t get this.

Heaven is not supposed to be a place of corruption. Well, maybe we’re not at heaven. Maybe we, maybe we get sidetracked somehow. How? I don’t know exactly, but I, whenever I’m in trouble, you’re the one I turn to. I mean, how many times have you rescued me? I wish I could have saved you this time. Well, I mean, not a, it’s not a loss.

I mean, I don’t know. Please, please. I’m just asking this last time. Please just help me. Just tell me what to do.

Dad, are you okay?

Who? Who are you talking to?

Kayla. Kayla. She was here. Yeah. That’s not. No, she, she was here. She, she told me she needed my help. She said, Nick Fallon tricked her into selling her soul to the devil. I, it was a dream. I, I, I heard you talking in your team. No, no. I swear she was right here. I know, I know. You, you’ve, you’ve, that’s been thinking about her all day nonstop.

I mean, today’s your wedding anniversary. Tomorrow’s your funeral. And it looks like you’ve had a certain amount of beer, which, which I, I totally get.

Maybe you’re right.

It felt so real.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

You know, I was worried about you after you’ve fainted, but you seem fine today. Oh, I, I told you it was nothing. How are you doing? I’m fine. Well, it’s seems hard to believe being at your mother’s funeral is tomorrow. I’m Kate and ca. I’m driving her not talk about that right now. Well, I just wanted to say that I was thinking about you and your family, but forget it.

Oh, I forgot about your,

I forgot my glasses. Just forget about it. I’ve had about enough of this for tonight. Can we just go home?

Why don’t I take you home? We’ll go out on a proper, proper dinner. Dates another matter.

I am curious why you’re here. You made it clear on the phone, you had no interest in seeing me. You said we should talk about the divorce, and I realized you were right. There’s ways I can drag out your divorce in court for months, maybe even years. And granted, I could get expensive. I don’t want a divorce, but I know you do and I love you enough to want you to be happy.

So I’m gonna talk to my lawyer and ask her to get the ball. Are you serious? You’re not me. I’m always serious by you. Anyway, well, um, thank you. I need to thank me. It’s the least I could do,

dude. You really called her Chloe. I didn’t mean. Obviously I’m still not thinking straight. So my brother’s fault and my Aunt Kristen’s. And my dad’s, yeah. It was everybody’s pet project. Well, I hear Dr. Rolf’s gonna be released on bail. Maybe you can finish undoing what he did to you. Yeah. But you scroll back to being the guy you were before all this happened.

Right. I mean, the way I hear it, you were totally in love with Gabby back then, and was this links that you have for Chloe. Wolf’s idea, so he should be able to make them disappear. Weird thing is

I not sure I,

Hey, Hey. What are you doing? Cleaning up after. It’s Valentine’s Day. You should be out with some nice girl. Ah, no. The nice girls I know already have a day. What about, um, Wendy, why’d you what her? I don’t know. I heard you and Joe talking about her. Why don’t you give her a call? What have you got to lose? I self, self-respect.

She already has plans. How can anybody want to stay brainwashed? Yeah, that’s what I’d like to know. Like what Ralph did. It only made me show up at Chloe’s door. Okay. That’s it. The rest was me. I started talking to Chloe and I remembered how much I liked her and this was well before Gabby and I were anything serious.

And I, Chloe and I, we were getting somewhere and that was not Rolf’s idea. And then the truth came out and yeah, I remembered how much I love Gabby.

And they really messed with your head. They did, but I don’t feel brainwashed. It must be pretty confusing though. It is. You know what? Who says it’s not possible to have deep feelings for two different people? I can only imagine what that’s like. Yeah. You know the thing is, I mean, stringing two women along like that, it doesn’t seem very,

Oh, uh, mine, if we join the party, actually it’s more of a wake. Have you had dinner? Uh, no. I was just about to order room service. I can order for two. Gabby, I’m sorry. What? I just realized that. You’re not with Stephan tonight and it’s Valentine’s dish. Well, I was with him and we were gonna make love for the first time in forever.

Hmm. What happened? Nothing. You’ve been obsessing over him since you found out he was alive. What stopped you tonight?

We, um, he called me Chloe. He called me Chloe

Oh, um, that Valentine’s Day was a bus. I’m sorry. He didn’t even get the dessert. Oh, I still think we can manage to salvage the evening. Assuming you still wanna do that. I know tonight was awkward, and tomorrow’s gonna be one of the worst days of your life. So if you wanna just call it an evening, I’ll understand.

But on the other hand, if you wanna rip off all my clothes, unfor, forget about everything else in the world. Come up for that.

I don’t know what was going on downstairs with your brother, but I, I didn’t wanna hang around and find out, nor did I se there’s enough awkwardness for this evening, huh? Hmm. On that subject, I heard what Eric said to you tonight. About what about you Fainting in the park. Why didn’t you tell me? It’s just a couple of seconds.

This is no big. Well, it is to me why? Well, you’ve said that you changed your mind about us, you know, sleeping together. Hmm. And if it had happened and you weren’t feeling well, I would’ve felt like a.

How gentleman Lee, how I mentioned how lovely and desirable you look this evening. Huh? We’ve been taking one day at a time for exactly one day now. And you didn’t seem so reluctant yesterday.

I suppose that was the alcohol talking. I dunno why I’m, I mean, only had two drinks.

How about a kiss night?

Well, that sounds like an excellent next step. Mm-hmm.

Stop laughing. This is not funny. , come on. You have to admit it’s a little bit funny. I don’t have to admit anything to you. Why don’t you admit that this whole nightmare is all your fault? If you hadn’t gone and played God with Stephan’s life and mine, I did that because I was am crazy about. And I’ll tell you something else.

Rolf could do whatever he wanted to me. He could brainwash me, he could pump me full of whatever drugs he wanted to and that would not change. I would still be crazy in love with you and it makes me sick that Stephan’s playing both ends against the middle when he could have you all to himself, Gabby, cuz that’s all I ever wanted.

And if I ever went a little overboard, that’s why

a little law report, okay, maybe.

Stay for dinner.

Why not? Girls gotta eat, right?

No. If you’re hungry. My kitchen’s waiting to serve oysters and Chateau Breon for too. I hate to see you go to waste. Wow. We were just gonna have popcorn for dinner. Well, we’re gonna stream evil dead too, so you really know how to treat a woman on Valentine’s Day. Seem to be doing better than you did.

Touche, nephew, enjoy your night.

I don’t know, maybe he’s right. If, if you wanna watch something else, you know, I don’t care what we watch. I just wanna be with you.

I think I want to go to bed. Oh, okay. I, I understand with you. I want just what you said. I want to forget about everything else in the world be with you.

Well, I, uh, I guess this is good night,


Oh, what the hell?

Are you sure? Yes. I mean, unless. Unless you’re not

here, this will restore your electrolyte balance. Electrolytes, huh? Yeah, you’ll feel better. Thanks Dr. Johnson.

You’re a good son. You know that. I love you, dad. I love you too, buddy.

Are you gonna, are you gonna get some sleep? Yeah, I will eventually. Uh, you, you, go ahead now. Tomorrow’s gonna be a long, hard day. Yeah. Hi, dear.

From the very first minute I laid eyes on you, you had my heart through everyth. All the years, even the times we were apart, my heart belonged to you. Only you

I, I love you with all of my be and I always will. And that is a valve that can never be broken. I know I could never love another man the way I love you.

I just, I love you. I love your courage and your, your kindness, your passion, your smart and funny and so sexy.

I love your devotion to your.

I will never get tired of looking at your handsome face for the rest of my life. But I’m gonna tell you right now, this is the last time I am doing this . Okay? It’s the last time, okay? I’m never, never letting you go again. Do you understand me?

God, how am I supposed to let you go? Sweetness

seeing you here. Boy, it’s just so real.

Where are you baby? You know that I would go anywhere to the ends of the earth and beyond to help.

My vow to you is the same as it’s always been the same as it was on our wedding day.

I will love you till the end of time.

Happy anniversary Sweden

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