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 It’s a beautiful service, man.

So was Marlene’s. And Kates three funerals. Man, what this just overwhelming. Yeah.

You know, I think half the town showed up. They sure did touch a lot of people’s lives.

I lost count how many times. Someone put a hand on my shoulder, told me how much Kayla meant to them

and how it doesn’t make sense. She’s gone. I’m right there with them. Just can my head around the fact that I’ll never see Doc on this planet earth again,

just like you’ll never see.

I saw her last night.

You know you’re gonna wear a hole in the cloud if you keep pacing like that. Oh, ha, ha ha. What else else am I supposed to do while we wait for Nick Fallon? If he ever shows up? Oh, he’s coming back. How do we know that? Because the devil went to a lot of trouble to trick us into signing away our souls.

Well, he owes us an opportunity to plead our case. Hello? Hello? Hello, ladies. All right. What’s happening? A meeting with the devil. Uh, you know, they say patience is a virtue, not that virtue’s gonna matter that much where the three of you are headed. Oh, okay. What’s that supposed to mean? It means that it’s not easy booking a face-to-face with Satan.

Okay. I mean, why should he care about three arrogant women,

three funerals. Three, both my grandmothers and Michael.

Sorry. Thanks. But hey, you know, got to paint around family today. Yeah. I’m, I’m about to leave him right in the middle of all this suffering. And you don’t have to leave you in. I do. I gotta go to New Zealand for the shoot. I can’t put it off any longer. I hate that. I gotta say goodbye to you already.

Well, you don’t have to say goodbye

because I’m coming with you. I really sorry. You couldn’t say goodbye to your. It was, uh, it was a beautiful service. Being stuck here has made the whole thing a lot harder. Okay, look, I know the time stinks here, but, uh, we need to talk about, or well, you wanna put things into motion today? Look, if this’s gonna work, dude.

No better time for you to fall off the wagon in the day of your mother’s funeral.

Are you telling us that he denied our request? Oh, maybe because it’s your funeral day and he is feeling charitable, but he actually said yes. Yes. Congratulations. You’ve been granted an audience with the devil himself. Oh, excellent.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

You. You’re kidding. You, you’re kidding, right? No, sunny. You can’t come to New Zealand. What I can’t do is spend another minute away from you. Will I? Don’t you think we’ve been separated long enough? Of course. Do you remember what happened the last time we were apart for too long? How Leo nearly sunk our marriage.

I, I remember, but sunny. But, but no, but nothing.

I’m sorry, will I just, I can’t spend another six months away from you. It’s not what I signed up for and I don’t think it’s what you signed up for either.

So I’m, I’m sorry, but I’m along for the ride. There’s nothing you can do to stop.

You saw Kayla.

I know how it sounds. Okay, but last night I was on the couch drifting off

and suddenly she came through the door.

My sweet. As beautiful as ever. Wow. That’s a, that’s a really nice vision. It wasn’t a vision. She was flushing blood. I touched her. We kissed. Oh, how’d you do that? I don’t know,

but she said she needed my help. What kind of help? She told me that she and Marlena and Kate had been tricked into giving their souls away to the devil. Come on partner. I know, I know. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. And then Trip came home. Kayla disappeared.

I’d had a few beers, so he tried to convince me that it wasn’t real, that it was just a. But no, John, it was real. It was so real. Look, I know you’re the one carrying a burden here. I wish there was another way. No, I, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I, I want to do it for my mom. All three of them deserve justice and we are gonna get it for ’em.


El, I. Didn’t hear you come in. Is that my dad on the phone? I thought you weren’t speaking to him after what he did to mom.

How do we do this? Is this, is this like a regular trial? Do we get a lawyer or do we represent ourselves? Well, you didn’t let me finish before. Um, Kate Kayla, you’re not going anywhere. What do you mean? I mean that the boss man has agreed to see one person and only one person, and that one person is you.


Sonny, I I love that you want to come with me, but I, I can’t let you pack up and leave stm

you saying No, I’m saying it’s not up to me. Victor’s not gonna let you run Titan from New Zealand. And you, and you think Gabby’s gonna let us take Ari to the other side of the world. I actually already talked to Gabby and you know, after some persuading she agreed to let Ari come with us. Apparently.

That’s actually what Ari wants. And, and you know, of course she’ll come for frequent visits

when he is, are you saying, I’m saying that you’re what matters to me. Okay. Whatever happens with, with. Whatever. I don’t care. We’ll figure it out. Okay. I love you. Will. I never want to be separated from you ever again.

I know it’s easy to explain this away, but it was not a dream, John. I swear.

I see how you’re looking at me. Just come on, man. Don’t worry, you’re a little too late for that.

I wish I could tell you I’m fine, but I’m not.

I’m gonna carry this grief with me for the rest of my life now that I underst. And that’s why we’re going after ort, isn’t it? Yeah. And killing him. He’s not gonna put a dent in what we’ve lost, but our wives need to be avenged. I mean, after last night, I believe that more than ever,

It is time to hook up with Roman.

Now that we have the women, we love to, it’s

your dad called to ask about the funeral. I’m sure. Love to talk to you if you’re up to. Yeah.

Hey dad. Hey sweetheart. It’s really good to hear your voice. Are you okay? Yeah. Grandma Kate’s service was beautiful. I wish they’d let you be there. Yeah, me too. I keep thinking how hard it must be for you to be stuck in there with your grief and have no outlet for it.

Hey, uh, listen, d don’t you worry about me, okay? You just don’t, you just lean on the people who love you and take care of yourself and Henry. I will. Thanks. Oh, listen, the guard is telling me that I, I gotta cut it short, so I gotta go. Okay. Um, I’ll talk to you soon. I hope so. Hey, listen, tell Grandpa Roman then.

I’m glad we talked. I will. I. I love you more than you’ll ever know

you are. All right. Yeah. But I was just wondering something, what is it? When I came in, I heard you telling my dad something about. Grandma Kate, grandma Marlena, and Aunt Kayla deserved justice and that you were going to get it for them. What did you mean by that?

We should have known there’d be a catch look, I don’t like this anymore than you do, but I think if we have one option, we’ve gotta take it. I agree. And, and I, I, I’ve beaten the devil twice. That’s one way of looking. So if I can do this, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll meet with them and then I’ll just get all of our souls back.

Can we stop wasting time already? Because this discussion is moot. No one here gets a vote. It’s, it’s Doc Evans or no one? No.

Okay. Okay. I’ll go with you. Just your.

I, I, I know how much running Titan means to you, and my brother is more than willing to step up. He already did when I was in the hospital. Remember, it’s all under. And I’ll be working remotely. And as for me and Ari, we could do whatever we want. Yo, we could hike from one end of the country to the other.

See everything there is to see. There’s just one thing stopping us. What


I’ve got everything Figure. All of our ducks are in a row for some reason, you still seem to be against us, and don’t you wanna be able to do this

well, everybody’s having a rough time of it these days. Doubly worst for your dad. So when you were talking about justice, yeah, we all want justice for your grandmother’s friend, Kayla, but your dad being in prison, he feels helpless. I was just trying to reassure Well that’s very kind of you considering your feelings about him.

Oh, I still have issues with Lucas, but we’re family and uh, case death reminded me of. Really important. Thank you.

And I really hope that what you said to my dad comes true that justice is served, we’re working.

Okay, it’s time. Yes it is.

Where is he? Where is he? Where’s Orpheus? I’m not his keeper. No, but I know he’s got you in his back pocket. So why don’t you find him for me? You find him and you tell him I want to talk to him asap.

We heard you with Ali. Sorry you had to lie to her. Yeah. Well we’re just lucky she didn’t come in a minute earlier. I’m glad I could keep her Octa Sun. So are we good? Not having any second thoughts? No, no. I’m still all in. Good. Because when the day comes and I see Doc again, I want to tell her that her.

Did not go veed. Okay. Well you can go ahead Marlena. He’s uh, right down there. He’s anxious to meet with you again. I don’t see anything. Trust me. You don’t want me to ruin this for you? Well, how are you?

Well, I guess I’m on my. From now on.




Hello, Marlene and Darling

Tell me, did you miss me? I certainly have missed you,

This is really happening, isn’t it? You, you’re, you’re really coming to New Zealand. Yeah. I mean, don’t you think we deserve it after everything we’ve been through together? , I, I, I, I couldn’t be Lumina pitch it. I mean, I’m always the one leaving and, and putting pressure on us. Look, we’ve both put our fair share of stress on this relationship, but we.

Also make things right when we have to because what we have is worth it.

It’s worth everything. You’re making a bigger sacrifice though. Okay. Sure. Maybe this time, but if history is any guide, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to step up to the plane in the future. I will. I will. I. I have no doubt. I love you. Funny. I love you too. I, I can’t wait to tell you that every day in person, and not over stupid video.


Well, I, I, I, I guess we have a, a bunch of people to share the news with buttons.

God, I just keep on thinking that what if this isn’t real? Which part? Well, all of it. You mean what if instead of meeting with the devil, I wish Marlena away. Do you know? No, no, no, no, no, no. I, you know what? I, I, I can’t go there. I have to believe that this is not a trick. I, I have to, I have to believe that we are going to have a chance to change our fate, and I need you to believe that too.

Okay. Well, you know, I’m more of a, the soul’s half empty kind of gal, so Yeah. Yeah. I understand. But now is the time to have faith. We are in this together. God, I have to be in the afterlife. I am grateful that I’m here with you and Marlena. Oh, come on. This is what I hate about this place. What’s your problem?

Ah, it’s just so much peace and understanding, man. And by the way, I thought your funerals were sappy. Oh, you were there. You saw a family. How? Oh, not great. Yeah, they were really, really sad. Especially your husband, Steve. What about him? Oh, just he was a rack, you know, tears streaming down his will from his eye.

But this isn’t news to you, right? Because. You paid him a little visit last night, didn’t you?

So is Lucas all set on his end? Yeah, I went through everything with him. He’s till on board. Oh. Bringing booze back into his life. That’s a dangerous game. Yeah, he knows that he gets it, but uh, we can count on him. How about you? Ready. You’re born ready. Orpheus won’t know what hit him.

I hear you. Want to talk to me. What took you so long? What’s matter with you? Nothing. I are you drunk? Not drunk enough. That’s the problem.

Empty, huh? Yeah. I need more. You drank this awful way fast. Considering you didn’t want it

easy. What you gonna do? You gonna make me say it? I gotta beg you. You of all people. Say what? Today’s my mother’s funeral and I missed it. Sorry to hear that. No you’re not. No you’re not. Cuz you killed her, you bastard. But if I’m gonna make it through today, I’m gonna need more of that right now. I see. You gonna help me or not

Doug? Long time. No sea dear. I, I don’t understand. Has Doug passed away? Doug is very much alive. He’ll probably live forever. But how? Why? I thought assuming a familiar face might make you feel more comfortable. Besides if you saw my real face, yours would just absolutely melt away. , I’m glad you so amused by all.

Can we stop wasting time? Let’s get down to business. How may I help you?

So you guys are just leaving today, just like. Um, I mean that was basically my reaction when Sonny said it, but now I, I see how much sense it makes. Wow. I mean, I’m go ahead and miss you both so much, but I’m happy for you. This is exciting, . Yeah, thanks. I’m pretty excited too, . Thank you. Have so much going on here.

This couldn’t have been easy for you. Yeah, but you know, I’m not thinking life ever. I mean, when I, I first came up with this whole thing, I kept worrying about all the details and then I don’t know what just kind of hit me. Yeah. Being happy is all that really matters, and once I accepted that fact, everything else just falls into place.

Yeah. You okay Ellie? I was just thinking.

What if Henry and I come along,

it must hurt missing your mother’s funeral knowing it’s because you kidnapped your ex-wife. Consequences.

You stay put. I’ll be back in a few.

Oh, and I thought I made it clear I didn’t kill your mother. So stop saying it. Oh, we’re done

now. You did kill her. You sick bastard. Hey, today you’re gonna pay for it.

What is he talking? What is he ever talking about? No, no, no, no, no. Nice try. KK seems your pal went solo last night and didn’t tell you so much for the all For one and one for all bit. Um, Kate, Kayla, you naughty, naughty girl. What did you do? Tell you what she did. She went off and she made unauthorized contact with her husband.

Thought he could get her outta here. You saw Steve. How? How indeed? Yeah, sure. We’ll all admit, Steve’s a miracle worker, but even he’s not gonna get you out of this one.

I hope our wives are looking down on us right now and they understand that we’re doing this for them. Yeah, I wish I was going with you. Nah, it’s better to have someone on the outside in case this whole thing goes sideways. Well, they won’t because it can’t. This has to work. We got justice on our side and we got those three angels up in heaven looking out for us.

Good luck.

All right, come on Lucas. Please don’t fail us.

You have it? Where is it? Take it easy. Take it easy. Uh, not so fast. This being a sad, sad day. I think it’s only fitting and, and proper that we honor your mother by drinking a toast to her together.

Uh, I drink alone. I don’t share. Oh, don’t worry about. There’s plenty more where this came from. You first

Orpheus Ola for group therapy. Am I, I must have lost track of time.

All right. Let’s do this.

You know exactly why I’m here. I came to challenge those bogus contracts that your minion tripped us into signing. These contracts.

Look, we’ve known each other long enough for you to know that I am not impressed by those parlor games. Sit around. Are these not your signatures? Well, yes, yes, yes. But they were gotten under false pretenses, so they’re, they’re not enforce. On Earth maybe, but this is hell different down here. Here we encourage, uh, a certain lawlessness know why.

Here earth is desperately trying to catch up. , what do you know? Self, self-esteem. Look, I know you want our souls. I understand all that, but can, can’t you just get them in the normal way? Do you have to try to trick us? I am marette after all the devils. Yes, indeed you are. You’re not some cheap con man. You are the most powerful force of evil in the universe.

I’m flattered. You shouldn’t feel flattered. This, this tricking us, make you feel proud. You see, I think it makes you look weak, and I think you agree.

Do you? Do you want to leave Salem with us? Where is this all coming from? I know it may seem impulsive, which is exactly what I accuse my brother of being, but it makes sense to me. When I was sitting at those funerals today, I was thinking about the lives that our grandma sled and Kayla too, you know, they lived without fear.

No regrets. They took chances. Yeah, they did. What? But what about, you know, everything you’d be leaving behind? Well, um, Chanelle and I broke up, actually, she broke up with me. I’m sorry. I I didn’t know that. Hey, your loss, huh? No, this one’s on me. I, um, I slept with Alex. I thought that Chanel and Johnny were hooking up behind my back and I was wrong.

Okay. Well, did, did my brother take advantage of you? No, no, no. If anything, I was the aggressor. Well, I mean, are, are you sure it’s over between you and Chanel? I mean, you don’t want to stay and fight for her or, mm-hmm. I know Chanel, once she’s made up her mind about something, pushing her is just the worst thing I could possibly.

You know, I’ll always love her, but I think that we could both use the time and space to grow on our own. Cool. What about your job? You know, I’m gonna have to quit. Could you go to work every day if your boss was the person you cheated on? Okay. That’s that’s a fair point. Yeah. And I talked to dad today and he told me to lean on the people I love and to do whatever’s best for me and Henry.

Less good advice. Yeah, I’m a single mom. No job, no prospects. We buried our grandmothers today. I just, I really could use something positive in my life for Henry’s sake too, honestly. We may never get this opportunity again, you know, to, to recharge and reboot. We’re better than the most beautiful place in the world with two of my favorite people.

Are you sure? I can’t think of anywhere. I’d rather be. It sounds like heaven on earth. I can see in those glowing eyes of your. Nick and his games are beneath you that there’s no satisfaction in, in tricking silly mortals. It was a bitter experience losing du you twice. Yeah. Well that’s understandable.

What’s more, I hate losing and it’s not as though I. Morally opposed to cheating? Well, of course not. But don’t you wanna win without cheating? Don’t you wanna prove finally, once and for all that you are stronger than I am? It is difficult to know which path to take, but one path must be taken. It is this path or it is this path.

All right, I have made my decision.

So you actually contacted Steve, I’m not gonna lie to you. I, I believe I did. Well, you talked, you talked to him. Did he talk, did he talk back? I mean, did he see you? How, how No. I, I don’t know, but I was just, I was just so desperate. I was desperate to close to him and let him know that I’m okay. How could you do this?

I could have talked to Roman, I could have talked to Lucas. How could you not let me know?

Where is Ory is? Stay. Wait more? I need more. Why are you still standing here? I told you. Go get him today. Are you okay? Pardon’s Walters, you got an inmate down? Request assistance and send them to the infirmary set.


well, a little while ago I was headed back to New Zealand alone and cuz now we might as well charter our own flight cuz nothing would make me happier. Please come, Allie. It’ll be, it’ll be great for all of us. Okay. New Zealand. Very good.

You just tell me, tell me how I can reach my family. Sorry, but that had nothing to do with me. Okay. Kayla. Clever little devil that she is found a way around our firewall. The point is, it’s been plugged up. Right. It’s all gonna happen again. Damn you. Wow. You’re a little late on that front. You know? I’m gonna keep trying.

Go ahead. Keep. It’s not gonna happen again. Which is a shame because in reviewing our tapes, it looks like there’s gonna be some interesting developments today. What are you talking about

gema them? There’s murder in the air. Who’s murder? Okay. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Steve, John. They’re going to avenge your deaths. Bye killing Orpheus today. Oh my God.

Okay. Everything should be starting to come together right about now.

Hey, who’s in that booze? You gave that train? Wreck reporting. What do you mean he passed out? Trunk is a skunk. I just sent him to the infirmary. Huh. Well, maybe you can’t handle his liquor like a lot of drugs. A loser.

Mom. Mom, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, mom. Mr. Horton. Mr. Horton, can you hear me? I’m gonna find you a doctor.

Dr. Kayla Johnson,

Kate Roberts. Brady, I can’t believe that I’m saying this. I am willing to tear up these contract. Oh, thank God in exchange, Marlena, in exchange, you must stay by my side throughout all eternity. You still think I’m cheating?

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