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Happy Valentine’s Day with love Stephanie.

Chloe, it’s, it’s me again. Listen, I know. Left you about 20 messages since you checked out of the Salem end, but here’s the deal. I’m worried about you. I have no idea where you are and, and everyone I’ve talked to hasn’t seen you or heard from you. I have

Nicole. We have been trying for months to close that Italian deal with Basic Black, and by God she. ej? Yes. I was just saying Nicole was on fire in that meeting. Hmm. Unlike me, you were a bit, uh, off your game more than a bit. I, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. You kept losing your train of thought in that meeting.

I thought those execs were gonna walk, but Nicole, thank God she was there to save us and bring us home.

You all right, brother? I’m just a bit foggy again. It’ll pause since I know what you need. A good stiff drink. ? Huh? Can I pour it for you? Sure. Thank you, Stephen. My pleasure.

What is taking so long? Hello to you too, Gabby. No, the, when I left here yesterday, Jada said that she’d called me when you were ready to release Ralf. And why haven’t I heard from anybody? Because he hasn’t been released yet. Well, you need to do that right now so we can finish fixing Stephan. As I told you before, I am more than happy to do that as soon as the good doctor comes through with the goods on your husband.

Just spoke to Rolf and he wrote a long statement detailing everything you’ve done to Stephan Damira. But as his attorney and as yours, I convinced him not to sign. It made him see that it was his best chance to avoid being charged. Good. Speaking of charges, I got your first bill. No. No, honey. I may be easy, but I ain’t cheap.

What’s the matter, Lee? I just made the Roth problem go away. Yet you still don’t seem happy. No, I am. But now I just want to know what you’re gonna do about my Gabby problem,

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Not a fan of roses.

Oh, uh uh Stefan needs. , go back to Gabby. Yeah, I, I’m, I’m pretty sure that was the idea behind the deprogramming that she forced him to do yesterday. Did you hear about that? Yeah. Anna told me, did Gabby really take Stephan prisoner and put him in the demerit basement? Yeah. Ralph showed up to zap his brain and the machine he was using, well, it broke halfway through the procedure.

So Stephan does love Gabby now, but he also still loves Chloe. Poor guy. Poor guy. You, you feel sorry for him? Yeah, really? I do. I do. I feel a little sorry for him. I mean, he was brainwashed and in the middle of getting it undone. All’s equipment craps out. That, that, that, that’s just it. I don’t think a guy needs to be, be getting his brain undone or un zapped or whatever you want to call it, in order to understand that he should be with Gabby.

Well, yeah. Then you should be with Chloe and I even, I even told stiff that after the procedure. I told him that I believe that you and Chloe together, and I was, I was glad that he decided to let her go, except he. Yeah. Well, okay. Hold on. Hold on. You, you spoke to Chloe, is she okay? Kind of, yeah. What does that mean,

Brady? She’s freaked out and, and why shouldn’t she be? I, I mean, for the last few weeks she’s been on this insane rollercoaster ride. Caught between you and S Stephan. Yeah, but Anna told me that she went to the Demer mansion specifically to tell Stephan. She didn’t want them to see each other anymore.

Well, yeah, because she wasn’t sure if his feelings for her were real or manufactured by, by Ralf. And of course, she gets there and finds out that his feelings for Gabby are back and it’s just, it was just too much for her. She just had to get out of there. Dad, get out. Okay. Okay. Okay. Tell you know what, just, just tell me where she is.

Oh, Nick Brady. Tell me where she is. I, I, I can’t. Come on, just, just tell me where she is. I can’t, why?

Because she doesn’t wanna see you either.

Brady. Brady, listen to me. She is still upset that you dumped her out of the blue and moved Kristen in. Oh my God. Your place. Oh my God. But now she knows why I had to do it. Yeah, but she doesn’t understand why you didn’t confide in her first. I couldn’t. I couldn’t. Kristen was blackmailing. Still, Chloe wishes that you told her what was going on so she could help you.

She wishes that you trusted her. I, I do trust her. Nick, of course, I trust her. Kristen was threatening me. She told me that if anybody found out that she would destroy the work. Okay, and then, then the three women would die. Oh, but they, they did anyway, didn’t they?

You know, maybe you’re right. Maybe I should have said something. Only, I would’ve said something, told someone. Maybe my dad or Chloe, maybe. Maybe they would’ve been saved. Hmm. Brady, what happened to those women is not your fault.

Maybe not, maybe. I don’t know. What I do know is they’re gone and I. Matter what you say. I just, I, I j I just, I just, it’s too much. This, this, this tragic set of circumstances. Losing Chloe. I mean, what is next? Huh? You haven’t lost Chloe. Okay. She’s, you haven’t lost her. She’s just overwhelmed and she needed some space.

Brady, listen to me. I told you that I am on your side and you know that I want you and Chloe to be together. What if we’re stuck and this, this, this love limbo indefinitely? No. No. Nobody, nobody wants that. Even Stephan admitted it’s untenable. Look, sooner or later, hopefully sooner, Ralph will finish the procedure and everything will go back to the way it.

You with Chloe and Stephan, with Gabby.

Brave. This waiting is his torture. Okay? You need a release for and you need to chill. Chill. How the hell do you want me to chill? My God. You know what it feels like to have the love of your life? Finally, remember, he loves you only to announce that he also loves another woman. Look, if that quack doesn’t finish this job, it could stay this way forever.

I am sorry sis. I really am. I feel for you, which is why I am trying to get the information on your husband. Oh, please, can you stop calling him that? Cause I don’t wanna be reminded that I’m still married to that snake. Yes, I am sorry. I know how much Lee hurt you, which is why I am trying to get the evidence so that I can charge him.

Well, last time I was here, Roe was ready to write a statement. Yes. And he wrote it. And then Sloane Peterson walked in. Why? Well, apparently she is his attorney now and she, uh, somehow kept him from signing on the dotted line.

As you know, my wife is infatuated with s Stephan Damara and hates my guts. She’s hell bound on to forcing me. If I told you we can fight. How there’s ways I can drag out your divorce in court for months, maybe even years. And granted, I could get expensive. Money won’t be an issue. You just keep me out of prison.

And in my marriage I’ll find a way to get Gabby to forgive me and forget all about Stephan America.

Here you go. Hopefully this will help you shake off the cobwebs. To always looking after each other. And of course it’s a family. Whoa. Hey, I wanna get in on this. No. Why are you, uh, I, uh, heard about your impromptu session with Dr. Rolf and Na Geo. Got your feelings from Gabby back? I did. . Yeah. Well, glad that you’re, uh, back in the right state of mind.

But I do have some reservations about Gabby, as do I, but their reunion isn’t a done deal yet, since Stephan still has feelings for Chloe Lane. Yes, there are worse fates than being in love with two beautiful women. Right? I am not sure I agree with that one, but, uh, since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll drink to your fate.

first. I need a drink. Here. Take, take my

nick. Come on. Can. Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. I know, I know Brady, but I, I, I promised Chloe that I wouldn’t tell anyone where she is. I just, I just want to, I want to talk to her, but she’s not answering her. I, I just wanna, I just wanna know how she’s doing. I want to be able to say, Hey, clo, it’s Valentine’s Day.

I really miss you. I really hope you’re okay. And by the way, I love you as well. I wanna tell her that Nick, love. She knows Brady. I promise you she knows. Listen, tomorrow is Marlene’s funeral. Okay? So I think that you should just let this go for now. And focus on helping your family get through that.

You’re probably right. That is what I should do. I’ll try. As a matter of fact, I don’t wanna talk about myself anymore. How, how are you? Uh, I’m fine. I, I’m great actually. I mean, we close the. Italian deal. Yes, we did. . I know. I’m very happy about that. That’s good. But uh, what I’m not so happy about is the fact that you called in sick yesterday because of what was, I told a weird hangover.

It was awful. I strange. Really? Because I only had two drinks and I felt like I got hit by a truck. Uhhuh . Ugh. Well, you’re not the only one out there drinking right now. Um, Eric is drinking. Yeah, I know. I ran into him yesterday and I, and his breasts went like beer. Mm. He invited me to join him. What? Yeah.

Yeah. I declined of course, but I’m worried about him. He’s not in a good place. Molly did just lose his mom. It’s definitely part of it. I think there is a little more to it though. Like what you, he misses you. You miss him. I think the two of you miss each other more than you’ll ever. Look, I doubt Eric’s drinking has anything to do with me.

He’s moved on. He prefers hanging out with Sloane Peterson. Yeah, come on. What about you? Speaking of hanging out, I hear that you’ve been hanging out with ej. What’s going on there? Have you moved on? I don’t think I need this right now. You okay? Just a bit of a headache. It’s all yours. Yeah. Let me get you a fresh one.

No, that’s fine. I didn’t, I didn’t touch it.

That’s so strong. What did you put in this? Too much of something. Yeah, I think I’m good. I’m gonna just gonna, I’m gonna, I’ll take a club soda. I’m gonna dump this out. Disgusting.

We’re actually lucky the Ralph isn’t on some Demira island. What’s an umbrella drink? Fortunately the judge saw Ross a flight risk, can deny his. The only place I want wolf to fly to is Seth’s house. So he can fix him. Well, he is not leaving here until he signs that statement, which he just said he won’t do because his lawyer won’t let him.

Yeah. Five minutes with Melinda Trask and he’ll be begging for a pen. She’ll make it clear that he either flips or he’s going away for life. Okay, great. Well, she can put the screws to Ralph after he wipes that Inci Femba from Stephan’s mind. Yeah. Wow. Linda’s gone for the day. So first thing tomorrow. No, I Look, now you’re not hearing me.

I need a sun today. This is Valentine’s Day. Stephan and I should be together. Abby. Abby, why don’t, why don’t you do this? Okay. Why don’t you just take a breath and try and look at things a little bit differently? Right. Okay. You said to me that a few days ago Stefan couldn’t even stand the side of you, and now he is in love with you.

It’s huge. Now, did you miss the part about Chloe? You missed it now. No, but. I bet it’s temporary. Hmm. Okay. It’s temporary. How? You know, what, how do you know that? I mean, he’s not banging my door down or standing, uh, outside my window with a boombox playing our song. What’s your song? Wait, how, how the hell is that relevant?

I was just curious. A good song? Nobody, you don’t have a song? We don’t have a song. Okay. But you know when baby Chloe and, and Stephan do. I bet they do. I bet they had some, some stupid aria from some boring opera. All, all Forget. Look song or no song. Stephan said to you many times that you were the love of his life.

Right? Okay. Well, if I’m the love of his life, then why isn’t he with me? Why are we not together on this idiotic holiday? Hmm. Maybe beat me. Stephan is Mia because he wants Chloe and her giant arias more than he wants me.

Gabby hates you. You’ve told me that multiple times because it’s. And she has good reason too. I can’t deny. Well, as somebody who comes up with winning strategies for a living, I’m curious, what’s your plan to turn that hate back into love?

Stephanie Jada. Hi. Thank you so much for the flowers. That was so thought. I have been meaning to call. Oh, don’t, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. I know you’re dealing with a lot. How are you? How’s your dad? Uh, a mess. We all are. I honestly don’t know how we’re gonna get through my mom’s funeral tomorrow.

Listen, we’re here for you, everyone that loves you and your family, not just tomorrow, but always. I can’t tell you how much I appreci. So how are you? I’m fine. Um, you know, just focus on work. I, um, I heard you and my cousin Eric, broke up a while ago. I mean, it’s, it’s fine. It just wasn’t meant to be more.

Are you still living here? Above the pub? Yeah, I’ve been so busy with work. I haven’t had time to look for a new place, but Eric and I seem to be on different schedules, so that’s cool. You know, we haven’t run into each other much. Hi.

Hmm. What’s going on with you and e. I dunno what you mean. Hmm. Well you haven’t married twice and now you’re living in the guy’s house. So I just was curious as to whether there’s anything romantic going on or am I right and you just can’t seem to get Eric out of your head? You know what? I have a meeting to get to really?

So I want you to hang in there. And I’m sure you and Chloe will get back together before you know it. Mm-hmm.

Well, I should get going. Call me if you need anything. I will, Eric. I’ll see you tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Hi.

I’m sorry about your mom and your aunt and your still mom. Thank you. I know you and Kate got close. We did. She was there for me during that time and I’m glad. Nice to see you moved on. And you have two. I heard you’re dating Sloan Peterson.

When we first spoke, you said you didn’t want to get the divorce, but you felt like you had no choice, that there was no way to turn this thing around. Remember what I told you to think outside the box and given your new renewed confidence about letting Gabby back, I’m assuming you took my advice. So what’s the plan?

it’s not, um, fully formed yet. I, I’m certainly open to ideas. Ah-huh . Yeah. Well, uh, the legal side of the divorce that I can handle, but the, um, personal issues, you know, like love and all that stuff. Yeah. That’s not my back. Valentine’s Day for me is just 24 more potentially billable hours. Well, I’ve got the cash.

What’s your take? I love Gabby. She despises me. What’s. Again, I’m no expert, but I can offer my observations, please. I see a man sitting in his hotel room who’s careful and deliberate complete waste of time. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in his life. If you wanna get anything, you have to be aggressive.

Stop worrying about what other people, how they’re gonna feel about what you do, and just do. You sound a lot like Gabby, you know, be beneath her tough exterior. She’s actually a, a big softy, huge romantic. Don’t look Natalie, but I think you found your play. Yes. I shouldn’t try to win Gabby back with logic or reason.

I mean, forget trying to craft the perfect arguments. Change your mind. I. I go straight for her heart.

Ah, here are what shall we toast to next? How about your promising you beginning with Stephanie Johnson? Um, to Stephanie, Stephanie.

All right guys. Sorry to break up the party, but I promised the kids pizza for dinner. So, oh, well send Charlotte and Thomas hugs from their uncles. I will, uh, and, um, good luck with the, uh, situation. They’re gonna need it. See you, John. Thanks Later. Ej, let get you something besides water. Huh? We gotta celebrate our victory.

Thanks Stefan. But I think I’m going to go upstairs and take a shower. Hopefully that’ll clear my out. Thanks.

Relax. Father, I’m not gonna kill. I’m just gonna give him a few more doses. So he goes feeling off to going off the deep end and then he will be out at Damara. Huh? But I will return my attention to vengeance tomorrow, tonight. This is for love. You said after Ralph did his thing, the Stephan said he loved you with all of his.

Yes, he did. And, and we kissed and it was like we’ve never been apart. So that’s why I don’t understand. I mean, Valentine’s Day is almost over and he hasn’t called me yet. Okay, well, I’ll bet, I’ll bet that he’s planning a special surprise for you. You’ll see your phone’s gonna ring any minute.

Told you, well, you were wrong. It’s Lee, what the hell do you want, Gabby? I’m so glad you picked up. Well, I’m not, why are you calling me? It’s Valentine’s Day. Why else would a husband be calling his wife except to invite her over for a romantic dinner? I have already told you on more than one occasion that you nauseate me.

The thought of having a meal with you makes me gag. Okay, well, well we can discuss our divorce then. What If they’re not discussed? I sent you the papers. Just sign them so I can be done with you. Oh, and please do us a favor. Lose my number.

So you told me so, huh? Oh, sorry. I had a good feeling. Oh God. They. Oh my God. Having a missed call from Stephan. You know, he must have called me when I was on the phone with that jerk. Oh my God, he left me a voicemail. We’re on speaker

Gabriela, my love. It’s Valentine’s Day and I can’t stop thinking about you. Please come see me at the house counting the minutes until we’re together again.

Ye of little Faith

Sloan and I are a casual thing. What about you? Are you seeing anyone? No, I’m not really looking to get into anything right now. Judy, I know things didn’t work out, but I want you to know, I think you’re great. You choose to be with will be a lucky person.

Enjoy your night. I will. You too.

Ej. Hello. Are you in here? Ej.

Uh, I, I just wanted to check on you, visit the office earlier. You seemed a little out of it. Oh, I’m, I’m fine now. The shower seems, soo down the tree. What about you? Have you managed to shake off the last of that nasty hangover? Yes. Thank God. It’s, it’s, it’s all done now. Um, wow. I’m, I’m, I’m gonna go. Oh, uh, Nicole, we agreed that when you were feeling better, I’ll take you out to a proper dinner.

Yes. Yeah. Yes, we did. Mm. How you up for it tonight?

I got your message inviting me over, so here I am. You okay? Tomorrow’s wing on me, obviously, but I’m trying not to think.

I’m here. Anything you need. Thank you, Chad. That means a lot. Would you rather be home? No. No, I wouldn’t. I’m exactly where I wanna be. I’m so glad you called. Good. I’m glad you were free. Nice. I was scared that maybe you got a better offer for Valentine’s Day . Well, it could be better than pizza. With my new guy and his two adorable kids,

I guess Gabby’s not coming over. She said the thought of having dinner with me makes her physically ill. But I know beneath all that disgusted, her feelings from me are still there. The passion we shared that doesn’t just go away, so. No Valentine’s Day reunion. Nope. Guess I’ll just waste another night here alone, unless of course, um, you’d like to have dinner with me.

Can’t say I’m not tempted. Hold that thought. Oh, hey, hey. Do you have plans tonight? Possibly break ’em. I think we should have. Sounds good. My place, I’m 30. I was thinking about a restaurant and don’t worry, I won’t suggest the pub because I know how much you ate our clammed shower. Just thinking the bistro.

I’ll see you there.

Sorry. No plans tonight. Gonna have to eat dinner on your own.

Great. Mines cheeseburger. Medium rare, you know it, but, uh, got mine to go better. Would taste better with a beer? I bet it would. Mind if I join you. Be my guest.

You wanna go to dinner tonight? I mean, you you are aware it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of hard not to be. Well, I mean a, a meal was you, I mean that’s, that’s kind of a. Big deal. What happened at the office today? That’s kind of a big deal. One we never would’ve closed if it wasn’t for you. Oh, I’m not so sure about that.

Oh, oh, I do. I was struggling hard today, and you came in with grace and confidence and carried us over the finish line. That is an achievement worth celebrating. That’s very nice of you to say. It is just with the holiday and I, um, this was an Italian deal, right? Mm-hmm. , mm-hmm. . So how about this? Let’s pretend we’re in Rome where it is currently, February 15th.

Just a regular day. Zero expectations when in Rome. Okay. Uh, why don’t you go get trust? And we’ll head out. Okay? Okay.

You. Look great, please. Okay, time out. What’s wrong? Like, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but I just wanna get one thing straight right off the bat. This is not a date I came for the by, so you can just, you know, get rid of the side order of romance.

You look beautiful.

I hear it. You what? Bas Carmen, the opera. I, I know it’s opera. Yeah. Well, in the Aria era, she sings

love. It’s a beautiful wild bird. That no one contained. And when I see you, when I think of you, I hear it in my head and also in my heart. I think of it as our song. Our song. Oh,

I am so happy that you accepted my invitation.

You had meet Dotson. Why did you go to all this trouble? Oh, no. No. It’s never any trouble to make the woman I love so special.

Your favorite wine. Our favorite wine. I can’t believe you remembered. I remember everything now.

Seven. There’s, there’s nothing I want more than for that to be true. It’s all I’ve ever wanted since you came back.

Trusting this is real. That we can recapture what we had. It isn’t just sex, it’s our, our love, our marriage. Our magic. This is the kind of magic you’re talking about.

Mm. White pizza. Nice thin crest. Perfect. Yeah, if you want, I can order you a whole nother pie, . No, no, it’s okay. I’m good. Good. Well, I hope you saved room for dessert. Thomas. Charlotte, you’re up.

Hey guys, what’s going on? Pull your eyes and hold up your. Okay.

You can open them though. We made two cookies Valentine. No way you guys made this. We’ve been, they have been baking all day long. Oh my God. This is so thoughtful and so beautiful and I’m sure super delicious. Thank you so much. Hey, and guess what? I brought you a Valentine’s Surprise. Same. Y’all, close your eyes.

Hands out,

no peeking Charlotte and open.

Put words on them. Mm-hmm. . You pace yourself now . I was just going to do one with Stephanie.

Oh, it says sweet. Watch us exactly what you are. But what about my cookie? Should I break it up to share? We already had our cookies. Yeah, we did. We ate about three or four of ’em, right? Yeah. Yeah, but you can share your heart death.

Very nice sharing a table with you. Thanks for letting me join anytime.

Hmm. I’ll be Valentine’s Day Detective Hunter. I catch commiss.

Ah, damn. Those, uh, those sugar crashes are just, uh, there’s something. Oh, one minute. The kids are running around here, 200 miles an hour in the next minute, boom. I like a light. Those you are just the cutest and this cookie so special. I almost didn’t wanna eat it.

Do you know how special that you are?

It means a lot to me that my kids.

I just, I was so happy around you. Well, I love being around them too, and their dad. I don’t mind being around him either. Tell me, blush him.

So we don’t have to call this a date. Hmm. All right. Then what are we gonna call it?

How about or play?

Chloe, Hey, it’s me. Listen, I wanted to let you know that I talked to Nicole. She told me you were okay. Very happy to hear that. Thank God. Um, she told me that you might need some space and I’m here to tell you that I’m gonna respect that, give that to you. I also wanted to let you know that, that I love you.

God, I miss you very, very much.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank you


I just wanna say how truly sorry I am for everything that I put you through, and I hope you know that everything I did, I did out of love. Of course. I knew that. And as bad as things got between us, I never lost hope that you come around. I just knew you would. Deep down, I knew I would too.

Here’s. First of many happy Valentine’s stays together as husband and wife.

Shall we sit? Huh? You have Harold service dinner? No. No. I don’t wanna waste another minute. Let’s go upstairs so we can spend the rest of the night there. Fine by me. Hi, love you, Stephan. I love you too, Chloe.

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