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 So there’s a question on the table. Do you give us a spectator or does your wife spend the foreseeable future as a guest of the state?

Come on. You’ve had all night to think about it. Actually, it didn’t take that long to decide. The answer is no. What? You heard me the answers? No. Wait, wait, Jennifer. No, no. There’s nothing. Don’t talk about, there’s nothing to talk about. We are not giving those two vultures. Now since neither one of you have ever produced anything worthwhile in your life, I’m sure that you cannot comprehend the amount of work and pain that this man, your friend, your father, put into this paper, Jennifer, and I know that you don’t care that it’s a good paper and it does something important in this town, but it is and it does.

So I am not gonna let the two of you slither in here and take it from him. Well, that was a very pretty speech, Ms. Ste. It’s funny. You’ve always been so good at sneering at me and judging me, but hang on. I believe it was you who got high and hit somebody with their car, and what a coincidence that somebody was me and then you drove off.

Not only is that wanton and coward, It’s illegal and that means prison time, which as your victim, I think you richly deserve. Well, there is something we both can agree on. What? Go ahead. Tough cops. I have it coming.

Was it Hemingway who said writing is easy, just open a vein and start. So I must, so I must, I’ve got the grubby headline, but where do I start? Ah, light bulb small barflies were a buzz When Alex Kikis and Ally Horton started sucking lemons and swapping spit. You didn’t hear this from lady Whistleblower, but it would appear as though those Kiki brothers have a pension for breaking hearts.

Can’t wait till you read that. Jackson K. What are you babbling about now you.

Oh, hi. Hi. Yourself. Aren’t you supposed to be at work? Took a gnarly lunch. Things are pretty slow at the office. Is that the only reason he looked like he just lost your best friend? He wasn’t my best friend. We’ve actually known each other for a couple of. Okay, I’m gonna go on the limb here. You’re talking about John and Damara, right?

So like I said, I mean, if you’re worried about anybody coming in between Ally and Chanel, it’s Alex. So he’s the problem. Yes. I mean, Chanel is always finding them together. You know, she even found Alex’s underwear at Allie’s house. Yes, I know, I know. Chanel told me all about the underwear. Okay. So then, you know, it’s stuff like that that’s messing things up between Allie and Chanel.

If. Is to blame for their problems. It’s Alex

Chanel cannot know that you’re here. Maybe if we just ignore her, she’ll just go away.

That took me long enough. Why now? Genius.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So after spending all that time together, you know, pretending we were a couple. I realized I was feeling things for him. And then on New Year’s Eve, we kissed, you faked something for so long and turned real, right? Well, that’s what it seemed like. So we decided to start dating. But, but what, what? What’s the problem?

The problem. He’s still hung up on Chanel. Look, I know Alex is a bit of a loose cannon, . That’s a nice way to put it, but he also makes for a pretty convincing scapegoat. Now I wanna talk about you and Chanel, and you keep making this conversation about Alex. So you think I’m trying to blame him. For something that you did.

That’s exactly what I think. Alex May have a habit of showing up in places where he is unwanted, but as far as Chanel and Allie’s problems go, there’s more than enough blame to go around, so, so , so it’s my fault. That Chanel and I walked into a bar and saw he and Allie together. No, but it’s your fault for almost kissing Chanel in the hospital.

You are the one who’s got Chanel all turned around so you can swear until you’re blue in the face that this is all Alex’s fault, but don’t get a kid. Or Johnny, it’s yours too.

Uh, sorry, I, I didn’t let you in. I was on the phone. Oh, it’s, it’s okay. I, I found my keys finally in the bottom of your purse. Yeah. How would they be? So, uh, what are you doing here? I wanted to talk to you about Alex.

Look. Okay. I get it right. You’re protective of Chanel, but I promise you, I, I, I respect the fact that she is with Allie. I do. And nearly kissing her. Does that how you’re right. You’re right. I went too far. Right, but that’s over now. I mean, nothing happened between us, but Chanel told me that you nearly both did something that she regret, but we didn’t.

We stopped. I don’t think that’s quite the merit badge You think it is? Why you so focus on Chanel anyway? If you really wanted to make sure that nothing happens, you’d steer clear of her all together. Now you do are divorce you. You a good looking boy. Don’t you have another girl you could chase after?

So you’re just gonna give up on Johnny. I’m not giving up facing reality. Meaning? Meaning. Johnny’s still very attracted to Chanel. . He’s not in love with her. Okay. First of all, that’s not reality. That’s a a nagging doubt. And you don’t get, you don’t throw the towel in over a doubt. I mean, you were the one that told me not to give up on Stephan.

That was different. He was being brainwashed stuff. Johnny isn’t being programmed to go after Chanel. He wants to, but I was in the same kind of situation. No, you weren’t. Yeah. Sefa was in love with Chloe. I thought there was no hope that it was a lost cause. And you reminded me that I’m not somebody who gives up.

Yeah. Cuz you’re not someone who gives. If you want something, you go after it. There’s nothing stopping you. No one would ever say that about me. I would , when I first met you, you bared into my hotel room demanding tickets to the to Mera Gala, and then you showed up here and demanded a promotion. No, that wasn’t such a big deal.

Of course I was. You wanted something, you went after it and you got it. I mean, what’s the difference between fighting for a man and fighting for a job? The job still isn’t in love with his ex-wife. Alex, what, what about Alex? Last night when I saw you two together, I am so sorry about what I said. I, I just, I overreacted.

No. Look, I, I know how must have looked, you know, me taking the lemon from his mouth and into your. Yeah, that did not look great. And it was actually kind of gross, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. And God knows I’ve done my fair share of stupid stuff. Hey, uh, how about we, how about we go on a walk and talk about this?

Oh, okay. Yeah. Um, but first I, I just, I have to tell you this. Last night I got so upset and I, I realize now that the reason why I got that upset was because of all the crap that’s been going on between us, and that is on me. No. Okay. No. Yes, yes. When I found Alex’s underwear, I just, I. I just jumped to the wrong conclusion and my totally reasonable explanation and I should have just listened to you.

You’re my girlfriend and I trust you, and I wanted to come here and tell you face to face that I believe you. I know nothing happened between you and Alex Jackson. You’ve interrupted my dictation. I gathered so what are you writing your memoirs? No, I’m working on my new gossip column. Oh my gosh. I should have figured after all the dirt you’ve given them.

It’s just a matter of time until the intruder put you on their payroll. Excuse me. A respected journalist, Kawa wouldn’t stoop to work for a rag like the intruder. Okay. And since when are you a respected journalist? Since I got hired at The Spectator.

What are you talking about? I’m talking about finally paying the crime that I committed. Jennifer. This is also giving into blackmail. What about the fact that she deserves to go to prison? She just admitted it herself, you know? You think somebody who went around dosing people with psychosis inducing drugs like there was baby aspirin, should maybe not be the one who’s talking about who deserves to be punished.

How is Sarah by the way? You know Sarah, the beautiful, brilliant doctor you were gonna marry until this one turned her into a vegetable. He’s right. Sander, you didn’t exactly trade up. Come on quick. Hey, didn’t expect him to make his tea, did you? It doesn’t hate you, us and I reason.

You’re right. You’re right. She says she’s ready to face the music. I’m ready to call the tune.

Yes. May I speak to Commissioner Hernandez, please? This is Gwen Rusche. It’s quite urgent.

That doesn’t, that doesn’t make sense. The Spectator is a real newspaper. They write objectively about real issues, not Cher’s birthday, May 20th, and they use more than two syllable words. Oh. How humorous are you? How du Oh, and how delusional you are. Did you actually get a contract or did, did your psychic just see it in your future?

No, I don’t have a contract yet. Okay, well don’t hold your breath. Jack DeVere wouldn’t hire you in a million years. Oh wait, he already turned you down? Proving he doesn’t know the first thing about running a newspaper. You know, it was inevitable that something like this would happen. He should have been forced out ages ago.

Okay, well, like I said, don’t hold your breath. He owns the company for now. What do you mean from now? Oh, I didn’t tell you. He’s giving it to my best friend, g Guinevere. She’s gonna be the new editor in. What? No, no, that’s, that’s, you know, as a journalist, I’m always searching for the perfect words. You know, the if you will.

I shouldn’t have said he’s giving it to her. It’s more like she’s prying it from his cold, cold hands.

I’m on hold. You sure you don’t wanna change your mind? Last chance. Do your worst? I’ll try. Yes. Uh, commissioner Hernandez, this is Gwen Ruzek. It’s urgent. I was just, um, calling you because I wanted to ra Rafu Jack. Sorry. Uh, To bother you. Yes. Look, uh, Gwen just wanted to tell you that she thinks she’s doing a good job, right?

Talk to you later.

You could have the paper.

Sounds like that Wendy is a very nice girl. Yeah, she is. And understanding too, considering all that foolishness you’ve put her through with Chanel. Yeah, I really liked her. You know, I still, I still really like her. Um, yeah, for, for a minute, I, I definitely thought there was a chance for, I dunno, a shot between us, but, uh, that was before I blew it all to hell.

So. One thing I learned here in Salem, there is no such thing as blowing it all to hell, , because there was, believe me, I’d be single right now, . So you know, if you think you and this girl have a future, you need to stop moping around and do something about it. Wait what? Find her and tell. You made a huge mistake.

I’m not just worried that Johnny still hung up on Chanel. I mean, the truth is I don’t know him very well. Well, it’s getting to know each other. That’s the fun part. What if I find things out about him and aren’t so great? Well, I, I call that a negative attitude. I think you’re expecting the worst, maybe.

But it’s for a good. Okay. The other day I was talking to Allie and she said some pretty scary things about him, especially about the way he treats women. It was, it was like she was trying to warm me off. I don’t think that was about you. What do you mean? Well, Johnny’s ex, the one you think he’s hung up on, considering allie’s, her girlfriend.

I think she’s probably worried that her brother still has feelings for Chanel too. So you think call. Just cell, she’s mad at her brother or she wants to run him down. And obviously she’s not gonna have an objective opinion on him, but it doesn’t even matter what she feels. It matters what you feel. If you like Johnny, right?

Yeah. Okay. I do. And it’s simple. If you want Johnny, you gotta Okay. For him.

You’re right. Nothing happened that night. I know, and I’m so sorry that I thought it did, and I want you to know that nothing happened between Johnny and me, but full disclosure, Johnny did drive me home that night. For a second, I thought that something might happen. You did. Well. I was just so upset when I saw you and Alex together that I was convinced that you had cheated on me with him, and I thought that maybe if I slept with Johnny, I could pay you back, but.

God am I glad I didn’t, because you mean way too much to me to risk losing you, which is why I just wanna put all of this behind us and just stop all this fighting and work this out. I love you Horton. I love you too, Dupree.

Jack. No. You can’t let her do this. It’s wrong. No, when it’s wrong is you going to prison. But you’ve spent your whole life building that paper. No, no. We built it built past tense. We did what we set out to do. That’s why we went to Boston. That’s why we gave paper the spectator to Abigail. That’s why it’d be her legacy.

Well, Abigail’s gone. She’s gone. And if giving Gwen the paper means you get to keep your freedom, that’s, that’s an even trade to.

Thank you.

Well, are you finally satisfied? Excuse me. This is why you came to Salem in the first place, isn’t it? To pay him back. To make him suffer. I just wanted, what was mine? really bull. It was never enough, never enough having what you wanted. You had to make everybody else suffer. You did everything that you could to, to, to, to damage and to destroy his family.

And when that wasn’t enough, you, you took his life’s work, he said. Finally, finally, enough. Are you finally, finally satisfied.

Yeah. Yeah. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I just need to let Wendy know how I feel about her. Mm-hmm. , that’s the spirit. But after everything that’s happened, I, I, I don’t even know what I’d say. . Are you kidding? That’s the easy part. You pull out your phone and call her, tell her it’s Valentine’s Day and you wanna see her.

Simple as that. . Well, it seems my work here is done. , stay away from Chanel.

Don’t you wanna get that? No, I, oh well, uh, I think I hung up. good. Yeah, we can let voice milk at it. I actually have it on the setting of like one to two rings, cuz I keep getting these robo calls and they’re just driving me crazy. All right. Okay, well let’s go. Uh, did you change your ring tone? Yeah. Yeah, I changed it yesterday.

I, yeah, I, I, but why are we talking about this? I mean, you’re back. Who cares about my damn phone?

What are you doing? Uh, you know, I just have to make a quick call. You have to make a call right now? Yeah. Just checking something. Are you calling my phone serious? It’s really not a big deal. I just changed my ringtone. I

really Horton. Nice try, Alex. You can come out now.

Fancy meeting you.

Wait, what do you mean that Gwen pried the paper away from Jack? I’m sorry, sweets, but I am in the middle of something, as you can tell. We should catch up later. Nope, that’s not gonna happen. Tell me what happened. Can you just forget I said anything? No, no. Like I said, that’s not gonna happen. What is gonna happen is you’re gonna tell me exactly what went down between Jack and Gwen.

I think that’s between Gwen and her dad, don’t you? Oh, and this is between you and me. What did Gwen do? No, you’re not dissatisfied. And I don’t think you ever will be in footing. Kane is your raison de.

You can even be snotty in French. Oh. Oh, okay. And this conversation has stopped being constructed. Well, whoa, whoa, wait. The conversation stops being constructive as soon as you got what you want. Oh, you’re just trying to shield Gwen of being so frail and fragile and everything. Maybe I’m trying to shield your wife.

She doesn’t stop cataloging Gwen’s sins. Gwen might be forced to point out that none of this could possibly be happening if your precious Jennifer hadn’t gotten behind a wheel of a car while she was high as a kite. Gwen might also point out that not only could she have been killed, but many other innocent bystanders as well, is she’s sorry for that profoundly, sorry.

And like my daughter whose idea of atonement is to go up and do something even more vile and less obscenity. Again, not constructive Jack. That kind of talk might make me want to point out that you wouldn’t even have the paper if you hadn’t blackmailed it from Leo’s mother. And then you could point out one of my many crimes, Gwen would counter attack and on and on and on.

A truth is I don’t think the four of us are enjoying each other’s company. So we’ll be going, I hope you can see there’s not as a door closing, but as a window opening.

Dad, don’t, don’t ever call me that.

No, you still think I’m hung up on Chanel? Ah, real smooth Tamera lead with your ex-wife. Okay. Um. Wendy, I know we have gotten wires crossed as of late. Oh God, wires. Am I writing an office memo? And the reason it sounds stupid is because you know that she doesn’t wanna see or hear from you. Just face facts, man.

You blew it.

Wendy. Hey, I, I was just wondering if you’re not doing anything right now, would you like to meet me in the park?

You changed your ring town, huh? It Chanel. This is. , what you think? . Elliot and I got drunk last night. I mean, you saw us. I was wasted. Yeah. I try not to judge. Anyway, we just came back here and I was in bad shape, so I just, I crashed in the office again, just like last time. Mm-hmm. , right? Is that true?

No. No, it’s not true. Alex and I lept.

I asked you a question. I can’t reveal my sources. Jim, tell me what Gwen the hell you were tracking down a story. You are going to find out Mr. Kakkis, that it’s not wise to attack one of my spectator. Oh, he’s one of your journalists. Who else did you hire? Beavers and Butthead. And what’s your job? Are you in charge of like the gardening column?

I’m more like the hide muscle.

After everything Jack did for you? For her, you’re okay stealing his newspaper? He gave it to me. Actually. We’re gonna go celebrate. Would you like to join us? You can be Leo’s plus one. I think I’ll pass.

You don’t know what you’re missing.

Joseph Floater must be rolling over in his grave.

Hey, hey yourself. So what, what? Actually, I was wondering if you had any plans for tonight?

You, you slept together. It was not anything we planned. No. No. But you didn’t do anything to avoid it. Did you Go out drunk, come back here? How does that scenario usually play out? No. Listen, listen. Ali was just really upset about you. Mm-hmm. and I was a mess over Stephanie. And, and I, I, we thought that maybe we could go for a drink and it was my fault.

It was my fault. I just, just go away situation. Okay. Okay. Just please do not blame Allie. Just go. Okay. Alright.

I just wanna say that I think you two are really great together and I care about you both and I,

Alex was trying to cover for me, but he’s right, I was drunk. It was not at all what I intended to. At all. Honestly, I, I saw you with Johnny and I thought you were gonna hook up with him. No, I wasn’t because I wouldn’t betray you like that. But obviously you didn’t have the same concern. Hey, no, look, I meant everything that I said before.

Okay? I, I love you. I wanna be with you. You are the only one that I wanna be with. So can we just forget that this happened? Forget this ever happened. Please.

I’m. But I just can’t do that

tonight. . Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could do something. I mean, yes. I mean, I’d, I’d love to, but I thought you said you changed your mind about me. So I had, and then I changed.

You know it’s Valentine’s Day, right? I do. I also know it’s not exactly Valentine’s themed, but I was thinking maybe we could see that horror movie. Evil Dead too. Sorry, that was one night only. Wow. But I think it’s streaming, so if you want to, we could go to my place and watch it. What’s the date?

Okay. Okay.

I will, uh, call down for some champagne and caviar. So you pulled it off. You got the paper. Talk about everything coming up. Roses get the scene that way, doesn’t it? Yes. And this is just the beginning. By the time we’ve made our mark on the Spectator, you and Zander are going to be Salem’s hottest power couple.

Oh. We just have to wait and see room.

I am so sorry. What are you talking about? This is all my fault. They could only do this to you because of what I had done. Ah, look, the only people that I blame for this is Xander and my daughter. You tried so hard with her. Look, I, I, I don’t really want to talk about that anymore. I. Aim to spend Valentine’s Day with you.

Sounds lovely. Well, how about a romantic lunch at the bistro? I’d like that very much.

And for the record my giving, Gwen the paper. Was selfish on my part because I just couldn’t live without you.

Well, call me. As soon as you get this. You will not believe what I just found. What did you just find out? Oh, okay. So how do I put this succinctly? So Gwen, with the help of Xander is stealing the spectator from my uncle Jack. And then to add insult to injury, they’re hiring Leo to like take control of the gossip column or something.

Just what Salem needs more dirt. Okay. You seem to be in a foul mood. That would be an understatement, brother. I just got back from Allian Chan. Okay, well you guys usually have a lot of fun together, so Uhhuh, , what happened? What happened? I destroyed their relationship.

You can’t mean that this can’t be it. You know how much you mean to me. You know how much we, us being together means to. Being with you. It is, it is like nothing I have ever felt, and it’s nothing that I ever felt I could feel for a woman, let alone my best friend. Okay. And when you, when you kiss me for the first time, it.

Opened up a part of me that I didn’t even know I had. And I, I know it took me a long time to come to terms with it, but once I came out to my friends and, and family and to myself and I was able to actually finally be with you, I realized, I realized how special it was and how lucky I was.

We have been through so much together. We have. So much you opened up an entire new part of me and, and I love you so much. We love each other so much, so it can’t, they can’t be over between us.

I’m sorry, but it is, yes, everything you said is true. We did share everyth. And we did love each other and now we’re just hurting each other and the last thing that I ever wanna do is hurt you. So I think it’s best if we just end things now, be before we hurt each other even more.

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