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Oh, you’re definitely in good hands. Hey, you too. And keep me updated. Okay, thanks. Thought I saw you through the window, . Hey. Yeah, no, I just was. Calling the Seattle Hospital Head Consult. Nice. Yeah, I was just on my way to dad’s, but I saw you and thought, why not have a beer with my bro first? Ah, well, great minds indeed.

Uh, you haven’t been here working all day, have you? No, no, no, no. I, I went to see my mom earlier and, uh, that does not have been pretty much hanging out with Wendy Shin.

This is a surprise. What’s going on? Well, I know it’s last minute, but the Revival Theater is playing a great movie tonight. Wanna come with me?

Thanks for coming. Yeah.

So, um, I got your text. Is everything okay? Yeah. Sorry, I didn’t, um, I didn’t mean to alarm you. Uh, and I promise you the next time I text you, it’ll be to set up a proper date. . So why did you ask me to come over? Oh, um, I just wanted to tell you in person that, uh, I ran into Alex and he knows that I spent the night with.

Missing something. Ah, thank you for bringing us by. Got your text about finding them. Yeah. You know who else found them? Chanel. And she threw a freaking fit.

Oh, and she’s here . Oh, well what is all this ? Oh, elaborate mirror romantic table set for two. Wow. Mr. Abraham Carver, you must be looking to get a lucky tonight. Oh, now you know, I use up all my luck the day you entered my life. Oh, whom? I love . Oh. But seriously, what have you been? Well, you know, you, uh, you told me that Chanel was going home to make up with Allie.

Mm-hmm. and. I said, well, I made an executive decision. Oh, well, just what did my handsome executive decide? That you should be wh and dine like the queen. You are . And since we have the place all to ourselves, . Oh yeah. Oh, okay. Oh, remember, your cooking smells amazing. I am famished.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Oof. Oh, hey darling. I didn’t realize you were here. I was napping. Um, you know, I am hungry. But it looks like you were planning a dinner for just the two of yous. Well, I, it’s, it’s okay. We’re, we’re happy to have you join us. It’s just that your mom told me that you and you and Ali had gotten back together.

Yeah, I was hoping that would be the case. I did what you said. I went over there and I put aside how hurt I was, and I tried to tell her how sorry I was and, and what happened? Well, I realized she had a hell of a lot more to be sorry for than I did.

When Chanel saw those, she assumed the worst. The worst, huh? Really? Well, I’ll have you know that my Rotten tomato score is very high, and if I remember correctly, you and Chanel were among those who gave me rave reviews. Yeah. Well, it’s about a tank. If you keep making little jokes about my love life. Sorry.

Hey, I’m sorry. This is so stupid. And as much as I try and tell Chanel that nothing happened and that you spent the night in the office, I I, I might as well have been speaking another language. Wait, so all this over my missing underwear. Okay. You know what? I’ll fix this. I’ll fix it. I’m gonna call Chanel right now and I’m going to explain to her how I sleep in the nude, which happens to be true.

Yeah, I already tried that didn’t work.

Thanks for the heads up. But, um, it wasn’t necessary. I was actually gonna text you, but you beat me. . You saw Alex too? Yeah, uh, at Titan when I went to go see Sonny, he told me he knew about us. He wasn’t a jerk to you though, was he? No, it wasn’t like that. Chad, I don’t know if you noticed the flowers at my dad’s place this morning.

I did. They were from Alex, huh? Okay. He, he came by. Dropped them off last night along with an apology note that he wrote me. The door was open and he saw us together, so he just left it all behind. I wasn’t gonna read the note, I just threw it away. But then I was curious, so I fished it out of the trash and it was really genuine.

He, he knew how badly he messed up. He owned up to all of his mistakes. He said he never meant to hurt me, and so I told, That I appreciated him saying all of that. Well, good. I mean, it sounds like you were able to hopefully get some closure.

It was closure, right? Yeah, it was because I told him that he and I would not be getting back together because you. Chad are the one I wanna be with.

Wendy Shin. You don’t waste any time, do you? ? Oh, you think Wendy and I? No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, see, I, I came back to Salem for your mom’s funeral and then things have been pretty rough with my mom lately. And Wendy’s been a, a really good listener and a good friend besides, she’s already sort of seen someone.

Anyway, Johnny Damira sort of.

Something wrong. Well, I thought we said you were going to wait. What was everything that’s going on with your family and Afu was going on with mine. Ah, we did say that, didn’t we? We agreed it was a good idea, Tawny. I know we did, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw the movie Marqui. Look, this is such a classic thriller and it’s playing for one night only.

All right, look, I know I should have called and asked first, but I You were being impulsive. I get that. It’s just that we talked about waiting just yesterday, so this feels kind of sudden. No. Is that what this is about? How sudden it is? Or is this about what happened with Chanel?

So Johnny Dara is trying to play both sides of the fence. Huh? He wants Wendy and Chanel Dupree. Hey, well that’s not at all what I said. No. I said that Wendy told me that Johnny almost kissed Chanel, excuse me, vulnerable place. You know his grandmother was dying. Something that we both can relate. Sure Ming on Your Ex is a well-known remedy for stress and grief, but in my book, that forfeits his right to go after Wendy.

Oh, well, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know that you made the decision for her. All I’m saying is Wendy has options and yeah, Johnny’s cool, but he’s not a hot shot doctor like my brother. Look, I already told you. All right. She and Johnny are playing her step things up soon. As soon as not now. All right.

Wendy’s available and Johnny’s already given her enough reasons to doubt him, so stop making excuses no more. If you want, Wendy. I say go for it.

Is that why you’re hesitating? Cause it still bugs you that I almost kissed Chanel. It’s not like I’ve forgotten about her. Look, Wendy, we’ve talked through all this. Yeah, I know, but, but, but. What allie’s filling your head with doubts. She is, isn’t she? You know what, we’re gonna fix this right now. Chanel, will you come out here and talk to Wendy, Johnny?

No. You know what? We are going to fix this. Chanel’s gonna come out. She’s gonna tell you there’s nothing going on between us and we can move on from this. Chanel Johnny, stop. Chanel’s not here. She moved out.

Chanel, you and Ellie agreed to take a break and then you walked out. It shouldn’t matter what happened between then and when you went back to apologize. Now go back there and make things right. Make things right. How? By apologizing again, begging her to take me back groveling. Did I say you had to beg or grovel?

No. Explain to my daughter what I meant. Come on back, me up here. Well, your mother just wants you to be happy. That’s all. and, and we’ve both seen how, how happy Ali makes you. The point is, darling, sometimes you have to be humble and go the extra mile, not by groveling day gang, just by reassuring the person that you love, that they mean more to you than anyone else in the world.

Yeah, I get your point. Yeah. I’ll, I’ll go with the extra mile and I’ll just try to forget all about. Sleeping with Alex, Kiki.

I hope we can put this Alex stuff behind us. Just concentrate on us. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Damn kids are sleeping, right? We’re alone. Actually, no, they are not sleeping. I told you I heard a voice. What?

Do you need tell us, Stephanie was coming over. What are we doing? What? What are we we’re doing nothing. It’s, you guys are both going back to bed, but nothing. It’s late, but we wanna hang out with Stephanie. You know what, I’ll, I’ll make you guys a deal. How about I read you something from your favorite book and then you have to listen to your dad in post sleepy time.

Deal great. Then why ain’t go pick out a book?

I will take the L on this one. If I had spent a few more minutes hunting from my underwear this morning instead of going commando. You and Chanel would be back at your place right now having magical makeup sex. Has anyone ever told you you have a one track mind? Well, it’s just kind of hard not to dwell on the possibilities, you know?

I mean, not everybody would be like us and not end up in bed together. We deserve like medals of honor for having that kind of restraint. Seriously, Allie, seriously, is that all we got is an angry ex-girlfriend on a couple world class hangovers. Yeah. You weren’t looking too good when I came in. Are you still nursing your.

No, the only hangover I’m nursing right now is at rejection one. You think things were bad on the Stephanie front last night? It ain’t hurt nothing yet. No. What happened? Ah, it’s better if I don’t talk about it, to be honest. If I gotta relive those feelings again, I’m, I’m gonna need something to wash it down with,

unless, of course you have any interest in washing down, bitter, angry, heartbroken feelings together. I actually have a lot of interest in doing that, although it sounds like we may be giving ourselves another hangover. True. But it’s not like anybody’s gonna have to take care of us. Stephanie’s definitely not gonna give a damn.

I’m sure they’re not gonna be seeing her while I am. Nursing said hangover. Mm-hmm. . And it doesn’t really seem like Chanel’s gonna care all that much either. Now, she wouldn’t even know considering we do not live together anymore. So then why are we still here? He’s me. Let’s go nurse that hangover. Ya

Chanel baby. Um, there could be a million reasons why that boy left his underwear behind a million. Really? Give me one. Maybe he sleeps in the buff. Yeah, that’s what Allie said, that supposedly he forgot them or misplaced them when he slept in the office. Well, you know, it makes sense to. I mean, it seems for Alex Caras that would apparently be on brand.

Absolutely. The way I see it. Those two got overserved at the bar, slept separately, and then he stumbled out of the place without his underwear. Okay. Can, can we just change the subject please? Sure, sure. So, well, you know, maybe we should eat before the food gets cold. Oh, you were obviously planning a romantic dinner for two, and now it’s for three.

Come on, baby. Oh, no, no, no, no. I am not going to ruin your evening. Oh, have fun. Hi, Chanel. Chanel. Oh, Abraham. Poor girl. I mean, she’s, she’s really going through it, huh? Oh, and how. You know what I think, I think Mars must be in retrograde. You know, I’ve heard of Mercury being in retrograde, but Mars, oh, Mars is much worse.

Relationships go on the rocks except for ours, of course. Oh. Of course , but seriously, seriously. Oh, you know, and if there were already existing problems, you know, like jealousy and misunderstandings, well then they tend to just multiply like crazy

trip. There’s no rule that says you have to step aside just because damara is in the mix. All right. You’re just as legitimate choice for Wendy as he is better if you ask me. Okay. I spent hours with her today. And if she was interested, I think I might know, maybe you need to open your eyes. I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time that you’ve been clueless about a woman’s feelings for you.

Okay. I am going to get us a round of beers and, uh, let’s talk about anything else but Wendy and me when I get back. Okay? Sure. No problem.

Ah. Why is this getting so out of control? I mean, Chanel and I didn’t even do anything, but you two have history, Johnny. Yeah, history that implies past tense. I’m trying to be here with you now in the present. Look, I know that we agreed that we’re not gonna go on any dates, but hey, it’s just a movie. Zero pressure.

Scott’s Honor.

Maybe I am being overly cautious. It shouldn’t be a problem with me in certain regards anyway. And it is just a movie like you said. So let’s a yes. Sure. Yes. Okay. Tossum, if we leave now we have time to catch a bite. Oh, hold on. I should take this. Joey. Hi. I was gonna call you about your mom. I’m so sorry.

It’s just so sad and awful. Yeah, it is. But right now it’s trip. I’m worried about, he’s kind of in a bad way about his mom. I heard Trip talked to me about how hard it’s been, right? Yeah. He said having you as a soundboard helps so much. I’m with him at the Brady Pub right now, but I’ve gotta go meet up with my dad regarding my mom’s funeral arrangements.

Would you mind, um, coming by and keeping ’em company for a while? Oh, you want me to come to the pub now? Yeah, if you don’t mind. No, no, no, no. I wouldn’t mind. Uh, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thank you. That’s great. See you soon.

Something wrong. Um, kinda this trip’s been going through something and I’ve been sort of an ear for him so we can vent. So, so Joey just asked me if I could go to the pub and hang with him for a while with trip mean like, I can’t it. Wait, I don’t think so. I mean, it must be pretty urgent for Joey to have called me.

You know everything that’s going on with Tripp’s mom. Yeah, sure I do. She killed my grandmother. Maybe I could choose some comfort tonight too. Except our plan wasn’t for me to give you comfort, Johnny. We were going to watch a horror movie. Remember. Fine. You’re right. You’re right. And you’re being a good friend, which I respect.

So Go ahead. He’s for understanding. We’ll go to a movie another time. Sure. I’ll uh, see you later.

What happened to those beers? Dad called right before I got them and I, I think we should go be with him. Like, do you mean now? Yeah. He, it sounded like he could really use the company and maybe some help with the funeral arrangements. Oh. Um, yeah. Can you gimme a sec? I have to use the restroom. Yeah, yeah.

Okay. Okay. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere. Okay. Alright.

So that the boy thought to himself why he looks just like my old bunny that was lost when I had Scarlet Fever. But he never knew that it was really his own bunny. Come back to look at the child who he had first helped him to be real. The end. Such a sweet book, huh? We love that book. Mom used to read it too.

My mommy used to read it to me too.

Celine Rabbit’s been around for a while. What did we say to Stephanie? Thank you. You’re very welcome. Now that I’ve jumped up my end of the deal, but we’re not as hard, can we stay up a little longer please? That wasn’t part of the deal, please. No. What is this puppy, dog? It’s not gonna work. Fine. All right.

Yes. Okay. Can stay up for a few extra minutes, but no more books cause it’ll take too long. What’s so fine? ? Okay. Then what do you, what do you wanna talk about? Any, uh, any ideas? No, but I have a question for Stephanie. Oh, sure. What is it?

My dad painting,

would it be okay with you guys? If we were,

we may have slept in separate rooms last. But as soon as I ran into Chad wearing the same clothes yesterday, pretty obvious that him and Stephanie didn’t hold back. Okay. But you’re assuming, and if Stephanie and Chad didn’t go to bed together last night, then you still have a chance. I love how you have my back yelling.

I really do. But uh, that’s not the whole story. It gets worse. I’m just getting started. Hey, find by me. I’ve got all. And you know what they say? Misery loves company

Chan. Oh, Johnny. Hi. Hey. I was, uh, which is at your place, which apparently isn’t your place anymore. You really moved out. Allie and I decided to take a break, and then she decided to extend it. It’s about us, isn’t it? The kiss that never was, tell me about it, but no, it’s, it’s not just, , unless you’re like my mom and you think that Alex Kiya is spending the night and losing his underwear in Allie’s place is no big deal.

What? What? Mm-hmm. . She, she turned your threesome into a twosome. Yeah. I, I don’t know. She, she denies it, but I, I, I don’t know anymore and it’s bad. Either way. You look at it. Yeah, it is. So now you’re what? Just wandering the streets? Well, I went home for a while, but then he, even my mom, they were having this romantic dinner and so I just, I told them I would give them some space, which means you have some time to kill and there’s no sense in just standing out here in the cold.

So come to the movies with me, tickets and popcorn on me. What do. Johnny, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, for one thing, what about Wendy?

Ah, there you are. Let’s go dude. What’s the rush? You said you wanted to talk. Okay. I never said that and plus I’ve been here for like a while. I want to get moving. Okay. I wanna go be with Dad. Let’s go. Hey Brandy. Hey. What a nice surprise. Get over here. Don’t tell Trip I asked you to come.

Okay. First of all, I want you both to know that I will always love your mother, just like I know both of you. And, and I was gonna tell you about Stephanie and me, but I just wanted to wait for the right time. So here we are. What’s the, uh, what’s the expression that, uh, that I always say? No time, like the present.

That’s it. And, I just want you guys to know that it makes me very happy that you guys like Stephanie so much because I really like Stephanie too, and I just want to make sure that the more and more time I spend with her and and date her that it doesn’t confuse. Or make you feel bad? Not me. Not you either, right?


I’m glad. Are you two gonna get married? Mary

Um, uh, . That’s a, that’s a, uh, Mary. No. That’s a very big step and, um, that’s probably too big of a step for, uh, for us to talk about right now. So right now we’re just gonna talk about the very, very, very small step and, um, is it okay? Is it okay? Do you guys wanna spend some more time with Stephanie?

I guess that’s a yes.

I, I just saw you, so I don’t think that reads a hug. You always read a hug, , you know, we, uh, we’re just talking about you actually. It’s a, it’s quite the coincidence that we’d run into you, right. Yeah. You know what? No one was at the apartment. I was kind of bored. So here I am. Yeah, it doesn’t really matter.

Why. Have a beer with us. Please. Trip was, uh, just telling me all about how you helped him out. Yeah. How has your mom and he changed? Uh uh No, I still haven’t spoken to anyone in Bayview. Still doesn’t make it any easier though. Right? It’s great how you were there for him, um, when he needed you. You never know when those feelings are gonna come rushing back, and I’m always around Tripp whenever you need to talk.

Ugh. So I got a little hopeful when she told me that she read my apology. But then my hope Scott is dashed very fast. What is wrong with her? Like, doesn’t she realize you didn’t mean to hurt her? Oh, Stephanie’s not the bad guy here. I’m the one who messed up. I can’t be mad at her or even Chad, but I’m mad at, you know, it is what it is.

We ended as friends hasn’t. That’s as much as I’ll ever get. What a bummer. Yeah, to put it mildly. Whoa. Now I have heard your tale of, whoa, you’ve heard mine. Yep. Aren’t we? The pair? So what’s next?


isn’t it obvious? Keep him coming. Oh, yeah. , oh, I guess trip’s really upset, but with his mom being in the mental hospital and he needs Wendy’s shoulder to cry on or whatever, which means I’ve got this extra ticket just burning a hole in my pocket. Wendy’s loss could be your, Johnny, I, I really don’t think it’s a, a good idea.

I know you already said that, but I disagree. I I know you’re worried Allie will find out, but it’s, but what, I don’t think either of us needs that headache and it’s already just, it’s so messy. It’s not our fault. Hey, how about this? We’ll put an empty seat in between us and I will put the largest tub of popcorn they sell in that seat.

Allie never has to know. So what do you say?

Well, that was unexpected. Oh, I thought you did great. Yeah. Well, it helps that they’re, uh, they’re crazy about you. You should have seen your face when Thomas asked if we were gonna get married. . My, my fa What do you mean you look startled? Uh, I, I didn’t know what to say either. I’m just, I’m glad you took the reins.

I’m, um, I’m very flattered and relieved that I got the thumbs up from your wonderful kids. Two very enthusiastic. Right . Well, you know what that means, right? What? As many of these as

you don’t like, Oh, sorry, Abraham. Oh this. This truly is a feast for a queen and I love you for making a special meal just for the two of us, but I need to go and get Chanel and bring her back here, Paulina. . Well, it’s partially my fault that she and Allie things didn’t work out with them. I was the one who told her to go back and apologize.

Now look, everything is just spiraled outta control. You gave Chanel sound advice and didn’t work out the way we hope. But you’re not the blame for that. Well, what the fucking stand my baby heard Paulina. Paulina honey. She knows a grown woman, and she’s wise and compassionate just like her mama. So just trust her.

Trust her. To find the right fix and then you and I can concentrate on us for a change.

We’ll wear sunglasses. Brilliant. Then no one will recognize us. Yeah, you didn’t let me finish. I’ll wear my father’s trench coat. We’ll enter separately and we’ll work out a series of complex hand signals to communicate with, or we could. Text. No. A spy these days. No. Too risky. You, you do know Morse code, right?

No, but I’m a quick learner. Is that a yes? You wore me down? Yes. I will go. We can go, but I, I need one of those elaborate disguises. Oh yeah. By all. Okay, but I’m thinking like a little less Clark Kent and a little more Charlie’s Angels. Maybe a blonde wig or some red box sprays or something. Sure, sure. I dig it.

But wait, I, I forgot to ask you what movie it is. I don’t wanna look like one of those, uh, fanatic overzealous cosplay. No offense. Yeah, not taken. It’s a total classic. What movie is it? Evil Dead too. Ge. No, no. Thank you. But no. Come on, come on, come on, come on. I watched Exorcist with you last time and that was enough for me.

Okay. I had nightmares for weeks. You know what, I’m not doing that again. No. Yeah. I can’t believe it. It, it will nobody go see this movie with me. Well, I won’t, but I will buy you a drink to make up for it. Okay? Okay. Where do you wanna go? No one could believe it. Trip hadn’t even been in Seattle all that long, and you know, he already made a lifesaving diagnosis that no one else caught.

Everyone else missed. I mean, this guy is a, he’s a hero. Then there was this one time, okay, you know enough about me, uh, , Hey, did you actually know that Joe here helped save the planet? He did. Mm-hmm. just last week, he took the recycling to the curb all by him. No one even had to ask him. That’s funny. You’re funny.

Yeah. Well, I try to do what I can. It’s late. Uh, I’m gonna head back to Dad’s place and see if he needs any help with the funeral stuff. Yeah, yeah, sure. Let’s go. No, dad and I can handle it. You too. Hang out. Good to see you. He just wants I to ask Joey something real quick. Hey Joe. You calls, didn’t you? Huh?

What are you? Okay. First she just shows up, uh, right after you pushed me to ask her about and then why you talking me up? Like you’re major or something. You heard her? She said she wanted to get outta the house and I can’t brag about my brother. No, you can’t. When you’re insulting my intelligence.

Alright. Okay. Yeah. I called her when you were supposed to be getting those beers that you never actually got. Okay. Why would you do that? I was trying to do you a favor. I know you wanna hang. You welcome.

You did outdo yourself tonight, Abraham Dinner was sublime. Well, I am glad you think so. Are you still still worried about Chanel? No, I am not. Thanks to you. You’re a very wise man. Mm-hmm. , and I am. I’m so grateful to you for always giving me perspective, not just on my children, on everything, you know. I am.

Surely you would do the same for me, . Yes, I would. Yeah. We make a pretty good team, don’t we? Mm-hmm. . Yeah, we do. Well, you know what? I think it’s time for a dessert. Well, if you, you mean this kind is a.

I am definitely ready.

Okay, you guys, come on. It’s time for bed. Hey, come on. Gimme your phone, but I’m in the middle of my game. You can finish it tomorrow. Okay. Okay. One more book please. , please. What about you? You want another book? Okay, fine. But only after you guys are tucked in for the night. Okay. Um, and before, um, before we go upstairs and, uh, I tuck you in for the night, I wanted to, um, I wanted to tell you guys something.

I’m mom. I’m very grateful that you have both. So sweet and so welcoming to Stephanie. Okay? It means it means a lot to me, and I want to tell you something very, very important. Hey, look at me. I wanna tell you something very important. I love both of you more than anything. You are the most important thing in the world to me.

And there is no one, there is nothing that is more important to me than you guys. So even though I like Stephanie a a lot, and I know you guys do too,

no one will ever replace your mother, okay? Okay. Not for me and not for you. Okay,

Joey. Steph, Hey, where are you headed off to? I’m headed home to see Dad. That’s where I’m headed to. How’s trip coming? Uh, probably not for a. No, I think he’s tied up, or at least I hope he is.

Okay, so where were we? Well, you were brushing off to tell Joey something over by the door, so I wouldn’t hear you. What was that all about?

What secrets do you hold? Golden Elixir. There’s only one way to find out. True that true that.

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