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What secrets do you hold? Golden. There’s only one way to find out through that. Through that.

What the hell?

What were you and Joey talking about? He asked You were coming out with me, didn’t he? What? No. Okay. Yes, that’s exactly what he did. But don’t be mad at your brother. He just sees how much you’re hurting over what happened with your mom. And he didn’t want you to be alone. Yeah. Yeah. Except that’s not why he called you.

What do you mean? I mean that he wants us to spend some time together cuz he wants us to be a couple.

Did you want the strawberry shortcake ode or the Flowerless chocolate cake? Sounds lovely. Which one? Whatever you want. I want both. Obviously

I will call room service. You decide which cast of housewives you wanna watch. I was feeling Beverly Hills, but if you’re more in a New York state of mind, whatever. Stop it. Quinny. What am I doing? You’re doing nothing. That’s the point. We are supposed to be having a fun night of sugar, gossip, trashy tv, and you are lying there like a sad sack waiting for your Scottish beef cake to call.

I am not. Why hasn’t he phoned me yet?

Excuse me, Jack Wave.

Is this it? I don’t understand the question. Brent told me about the ultimatum you gave him. Sell me out or lose you forever. So, so should I assume that you and I were not me?

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Were we ever really mates, Sandra, I’d like to think we were. I. Friendship goes both ways. It’s not just one person cleaning up another one’s messes. Now I screwed up. You didn’t screw up. You didn’t screw up. You kidnapped Susan and Bonnie. You’re just showing your true colors. I was desperate. I was trying to save my marriage.

And when they even made the don’t, don’t, don’t say that. Don’t gimme another excuse. You not only abducted those two women, you used my daughter to cover up your crimes, never intended to pull greed into that, but you did. You knew that Gwen’s still in love with you, and you took advantage of her feelings.

She was trying to better herself, trying to turn her life around, and you just dragged her down into your muck. I am truly sorry. I bet you are. But what you did was unforgivable. I’ve done bad things before. Jack, worse than this, but now you know.

The man I called my friend and learned and realized the difference between right and wrong. I watched you grow a conscience, and yet when it gets desperate, you’re aver to the same. Selfish losing, he’d always been. Turn you back on me. You want Jack? Please? Give quiet another chance.

Get outta bed. What the hell? I’ll command you to get out of bed. You command me Uhhuh. Go out at a girl now gimme your phone. No. What if he texts me? I don’t care. Just be careful of that. My God. You be careful. You are the one who is slipping into dangerous territory. My friend. What are you talking about? I am talking about you doing the big nasty.

With the big nasty. Now that you’ve slept with him, you have all these expectations. It’s a good way to get. We don’t even know what Zander’s thinking. He’s not thinking. He never does. Leaving you to stew in your own juices. Believe me, I’ve been there when we’re not talking about me. Look, I know that you’re playing the long game here.

Is that supposed to be some quip about, about Zander’s manhood? No, I was being sincere. Although when we were living in the same house, I did get a peek or two,

Matt. Oh, right. Uh, that’s neither here nor there. My point is for tonight, just let it go. Be in the moment and have some fun with your old girlfriend, Leo. Yeah, you’re right. Why am I mooning over Zander when obviously his sun rises in sets with s h.

Re Hi. Hi. I’m so sorry about your mom. Thank you. It all through be Kayla and Marlena too. I wish we could have done more. So do I. So why are you here? I’m here to deliver this to. You wrote Victor a letter? No, not me, my brother. You brother. You don’t mean it’s a letter from Philip

Tequila. Oh, this is funny to. I walk in here and I find your mouth on this boy, and you think it’s funny. Okay. My mouth was on the lemon, which just happened to be in Alex’s mouth. Right, right. I know how it looked like. I’m talking to my girlfriend. Okay. I understand it’s not, but it’s not like we were, we’re we were kissing.

Right? Like that. Hey Alex, maybe just keep quiet for a minute. I’m just trying to help you. Wanna help. Then maybe you should check yourself and you should start by checking to make sure you have your underwear. Um, Allie told me how you found my boxes in your apartment, but I’m telling you E no, I swear to you it is innocent.

Yeah, but there’s nothing innocent about what I just walked in on. Okay. You’re making way too big. Who am I? Am I then why does it seem like every time I turn around I find you two together? Oh. Oh. Like how every time I turn around I find you with Johnny.

So this is Joey playing matchmaker. Yep. Why is he trying to push us together? Uh, he’s seeing someone now and so I guess he figured at least one of us should win win. Like I’m some video games. Yeah. I’m sorry. Came out wrong. Um, what I meant to say was that, uh, I like you Mindy, for real, but I know that you’re dating giant Damara and I’m not looking to take someone else’s girl.


Alex, why don’t, uh, why don’t you and I give these two little time alone, huh? No, no, it’s fine. I’m fine if everybody hears this because Chanel is the one who lied to me. How did I lie? You said that you were spending time at your mother’s, and yet here you are with my very own twin brother. Okay. All right.

We came to get a drink. All right. Seems like you and Alex are way ahead of us on that front. How, how many have you had, by the way? Uh, I mean,

They’re gonna, they’re gonna, they’re gonna run outta grass. Yeah. I, I’m glad this is amusing to you. It looks like I got my answer. Oh my God. Whatever you the drinking police, because if you are, you’re gonna have to arrest yourself. What does that, what does that even mean? It means why aren’t you here with Wendy instead of my girlfriend?

Phillip is in a mental hospital. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. He faked his own death and then tried to frame Brady for his murder. I clearly he needed help. Uh, did Brady and Chloe know he’s alive? No. No. I haven’t had a chance to tell him yet, but I will until then. Can you do me a favor? Can you just keep. Quiet. I know it’s not cool to ask you to keep secrets from your husband, but like you mean from, from Xander?

Yeah. Obviously. You mean Xander? Um, yeah. You don’t have to worry. Xander isn’t my husband anymore.

Look at me. No worry. That loser talking here. Did you just call me a lose? No, you’re not a loser. Quite the opposite. Gwe, you won, did I? Yes. Xander is no longer married to Sarah and with whom did he sleep last night? Me. What was that? I can’t hear you. Me. He slept with me. Yes, he did. And he’s a better man for it.

Then. Why hasn’t he fun me yet? I don’t know. Maybe he’s busy. Busy. I mean, what’s he doing? It’s not like he’s got a job. Still man, with a body like that, he’s gotta work out what, six, seven hours a day. Maybe they’ll call you in between his next set of squad AKs, maybe. But like you said, I, I fought for him.

You know, is it wrong that I want him to fight for me too?

I’m aware of that. You can’t just cut her out of your life. I can’t debate this. Last cuz you know you don’t have any ground to stand on. Gwen’s hurting Jack. Don’t punish her for something I did. You, you mean the world to her. She’s moving on and so am I just like that. What? Because she, she disappointed you Because I can’t have this in my life anymore.

Gwen is a threat to me and my family. That’s the kind of man you want to be, the kind that disowns his daughter because she didn’t live up to his standards. You couldn’t understand why. I think I understand quite. . That’s how Victor treated me. Everything was conditional. Tow the line or you’re out. Oh, IRA was just a little responsibility.

Oh, that’s a bunch of crap. And you know it. This was never just about Gwen. The truth is Gwen was not and was never going to be. Abigail, please. This olden girl do not bring Abigail into this. She’s always been in this, hasn’t she? I mean, Gwen’s always lived in her shadow. Sure. She tried to better herself to fix the things that were broken in her childhood.

She tried to change herself to make you happy, to make you proud. Did she? Yes. She twisted herself into for you because she needed your love jack. But instead, what did she. Your judgment. You tried to make a turn on me and when she didn’t, you turned on her. She made her choice and I made mine the hell with that.

Gwen got tired of trying to prove herself to you, Matt. She couldn’t have a father that loves her unconditionally. Why have a father at all? You talk a lot about the kind of man I am. What kind of man are you? I think I’m fine with us not being mace anymore. I don’t want to be friends with someone like you.

Johnny and I have started dating, or at least we’re trying to, meaning what? Nothing. I thought you could said we’d be honest with each. Meaning we were supposed to go to the movies tonight. We Joey called. So you skipped on your date for me. There’ll be other dates. Having a nice time with you. No. No. Uhuh.

No. I’m not being someone else’s. Pity date. Pity date. Yeah. Is that a thing? No. Call him What? Call Johnny right now. He remember this whole time to catch the.

Wow. Forgot how fun it is. Arguing with you when you’re drunk. Why are you trying to change the subject? What are you afraid of? The truth. The truth. The truth is you’re making a big deal outta me. Being here with Chanel when really it’s nothing. Oh, it’s nothing. Yes. Look, I was supposed to go out with Wendy tonight.

She had to go help a friend. Oh, same thing with me and Allie. Two friends being there for each other. Oh, hold on, hold on. So Wendy cancels on you and, and what? You just call up Chanel as you’re Fillin date. It’s not a date. No, no, it is. And I, I can see you guys are getting two drinks and you’re reminiscing about when you were married and you’re like, oh, remember our really romantic Italian.

So stop. Stop. At Horton. This isn’t about me and Johnny. It always, always about you and Johnny. No, you’re just using this as an excuse so that you can be with Alex. I don’t need an excuse. We have fun together. Is there a problem with that valley? Why don’t you just come home with me and then you can sober up and we can talk about this later.

We can set things straight. straight. That’s an interesting choice of words. Important. Maybe I don’t want a sober duck. I’m having too much fun. I can see that. No, you don’t get to judge me. You walked out and honestly, you’re really killing my buzz right now. I’m so sorry about that. Yeah, so unless you two buzz killers, wanna join us for a shot?

Hard pass. Come on. Can we get a drink somewhere else? Sure.

You warned me about Xander, in fairness. Of course everyone did. No, I’m actually sorry that he hurt you like that. Look, I never thought he was wordy of a woman of your caliber, although I’m not really one to judge now, am I ? No. ? I suppose not. I was a really terrible partner to you. On the other hand, you never kidnapped anyone as long as far as I know.

No . No. It’s just the cheating. Ah, yes. It’s just. But I did forgive you. You did. It meant the world to me, even though I didn’t deserve it. Holding grudges can just ruin your life. So does that mean. There’s a chance you might forgive Xander as well.

Oh good. Yeah, just carry on texting somebody else. Not like I’m having an existential crisis over here. Didn’t you just tell me that Xander stood up for you when he ran into Sarah? He did. Once she found out you guys had slept together and she was really letting you have it. It’s a critical bitch. I’ll tell you.

He really shut her down though. See? Yeah, but Matty, who we kidding? I mean, that’s all fleeting. What is Zander choosing me in the moment? It’s all part of the dance. He’s willing to take me into bed, but he’ll never fully be willing to take me in his heart. First of all, that is very poetic. But you don’t know that.

Oh, I do know that. His heart still belongs with Sarah Horton. You don’t know unless you tried. Yes, I have tried for years and look where it’s landed me. It’s better to have loved and lost something. Something Shakespeare said that actually Tenson said that, but I appreciate your reference. Really? Huh? And I was a theater queen in high school.

I guess I was too distracted trying to turn all the boys who didn’t know they were gay. Come here, it’s gonna be okay.

Who suck? I don’t know. Who could it be? Who could it be?

Is the question, can I forgive Xander, or is it, can I forgive him enough to be with him again? I guess both. I mean, , we signed divorce papers. Does that answer it? So it’s officially over. The papers are filed with the courts. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m no longer married. Shit, I’m surprised Zana gave up so easily.

Oh yes. Not only did he give up easily, he went straight back to sleeping with Gwen Resk.

Just had the misfortune of bumpy into your father while he was a stride’s high horse. Oh, he ran into Jack Told him what I thought of the ultimatum he gave you didn’t need to do that. Yes, I did. Man. There’s nothing, a loyalty the way sits in judgment of me, but more, I just can’t stand the way he treats you his own daughter.

Yeah. Well, less him down, haven’t I? Again and again. Screw that. I mean, you’ve done your best and well. He disowns you because you stood up for someone you care. He took away your, your job, your family, your home. You’ve lost everything. Well, maybe not everything. Just wish there was something I could do about it.

There is something you can do. Excuse me. Neither of you has to take this lying down, although if you did wanna lie down together, that is totally cool with. In fact, just thinking about it is getting me unbothered. Anyway, I know exactly how you can put Jack DeVere in his place.

Sorry you’re going through this. Me too. I really want things to be okay with me and Allie, but your sister is so stuff irrational, frustrating. Keep going. She gets it from her mom. I’ve heard stories about Sammy Barbie. I love her. I love her to death, but sometimes she’s just hard to have a relationship with.

You know who? Your mom or your sister? Well, neither of ’em ever wants to admit when they’re wrong, but what Ali’s doing right now, pushing you away? It’s the biggest mistake she’s ever made. Come on.

Why aren’t you chasing after Chanel? I’m good. Are you sure? I promise you I’ll not be offended. Hey, like I said to her, I’ve got nothing enough to say.

Johnny loves movie. He’s probably already sitting in a theater with his giant popcorn. You think he went by himself? You said he was going to, he was super excited to see this worm movie. You only playing one night. Apparently. Text him. He probably already has this fun on airplane though. Stop making excuses and just text the guy.

Okay, can we, uh, not talk about my sister anymore? Gladly. Let’s get that drink.

Hey. Hi. How’s it going guys? I didn’t know this was where you were going to the. Yeah, well, I, I changed my plans after you bow out, so I can see that. Would you mind if we talked for a minute? Sure. Of course.

Hey, uh, everything okay? You tell me. I don’t understand. We were supposed to be on a date and you said you couldn’t. What is it? The minute I get pulled away to help a friend? You call Chanel as a backup. You too. Me? Me too. What? That’s just your, uh, thought. You’re not the first person to accuse me of this tonight.

Let me guess your sister. Yeah. Yeah. We ran into her and Alex at another. We’re both pretty drunk and pretty cozy. Look, I’m just trying to be a good friend. Is Chanel the same way you are for Tripp, but is it really the same? What’s that mean? Trip and I weren’t married. Okay. Fair. All right. I I Okay that.

Yeah. It probably looks sketchy. Okay. But I, I, look, I just, I saw Chanel, I invited her to the movie only. She doesn’t like thrillers. We decided to get a drink instead. And, and Wendy, I wanted to go with you, but clearly Trip needed you more. No, I’m actually okay. I mean, if you guys want to rest the movie, Chanel and I can hang out.

See, fuck. Everything’s working out. Actually, I don’t think it is. What do you mean? I mean, yeah, we, we might miss the trailers, but that’s fine. I’m not talking about the movie. I’m talking about us seeing each other. What do you mean? Do I have to say it? There’s still something going on between you and your ex.

Okay. I told you. We are just friends. This is not the way it looks to me. It looks complicated and messy and full of drama. I don’t need, Wendy, you and I both agreed we, we have an opportunity here to build something really special. Can’t say. I’m feeling that right now.

I like you, Johnny. I don’t think we have a chance to build anything as long as whatever’s between you and Chanel is lingering. That’s it. You just wanna break it off. I don’t wanna hurt you. But even more than that, I don’t wanna get hurt. So I’ll see you around, okay.

What the hell are you doing here with me? Tequila shooter. Do you know what I mean? Why aren’t you chasing after Chanel? Why aren’t you chasing after Stephanie? Because she doesn’t want to be with me because I screwed up royally. But you and Chanel have so much love for each other. Elliot, I think you’re gonna have to swallow your pride on this one.

Why would I swallow my pride? Because she already made the offer some offer. The only thing I feel like squalling more of is these tequila shots. So you gonna leave me hanging or what?

Okay. Okay. So how do we get back at somebody like Jack Deveau when he is acting all holier than them? No guesses anyone. Okay. Just tell us. You throw his own sins back in his face. More sins. Oh, correct me if I’m wrong, Gwenny, but it wasn’t too long ago that Jack’s beloved wife Jennifer ran you down with her car and left you in the street to die.

We dunno that for sure. Do we actually, we do. You got confirmation that Jennifer was driving the car? I did. After which you took the high road, protected her for your father’s sake. Well, I’m here to say it is not too late to reverse course and make that sanctimonious bastard pay.

I am so sorry for jumping all this on you. What? No, no, no, no. Don’t be. Yeah. I’m sitting here talking about Xander and you’ve lost your mother. I won’t say anything about Philip. You have my word. Thank you. Really. Look, we’ve, we’ve been through a lot, but I’d like to think that we’re still friends. We are must have really hurt to see Xander with that woman, given all that she did to hurt.

Yeah. Honestly, I haven’t had time to process it, you know? Um, I ran into him and Gwen and they made it very clear that they were sleeping together and then I had to go back to work. So Nice. You have always been like that. I mean, no matter what was going on in your life, and you could just always be there for your patie.

It helps having a distraction. No, no, no. It does. It does. But I don’t need to tell you that, that keeping that anger and that that pain inside, it’s not good for you. It’s not healthy. You gotta let it out. You know what I mean? And

I think I have a pretty damn good idea to help you do that.

I’m sorry if I messed things up with you and Johnny. Uh, but honestly it’s Joey’s fault for trying to play matchmaker. Oh, this is nothing to do with Joey or you, Bonnie and I are just wrong place, wrong time. He seems a little fused. Yeah, that’s a good word for it. I’m sorry. Don’t feed. It is what it is. It is what it is.

Well, anyway, you showed up here because you thought I was hurting and now I get to be here for you.

So, but I totally screw up what you have going on with Wendy. Ah, nah. Just, uh, one big misunderstanding. I’ll fix it tomorrow somehow. Thank you, . No way. What. Uh, it’s nothing. It’s just this is the, uh, this is the same bottle of wine that we drank that night on the beach in Italy, on the Amul coast. Did you, uh, did you tell your mom about it?

I don’t think so. Oh, oh, no. What. . We’re doing exactly what my sister accused us of doing right now. You know, reminiscing about our romantic times in Italy. Well, I don’t care because when I drink this wine, I can just feel the breeze and Pieter. Raine. Yeah. Okay. Okay, now you’re laying in on a bit thick. Do you remember when we went to go see the sunrise or we fell asleep at four in the morning?

And woke up with our faces in the sand and those guys, they were taking out the fishing boats and singing in Italian. Yeah, it was much better than my sorry attempt at karaoke. You did your thing and I appreciate it. She wanted to make you smile. You always make me smile.

Oh, okay. Alright. All right. All right. Yeah, all we got this

home. Sweet home, sweet home. Sweet home. Sweet home. Oh, and by the way, My honey Penny is staying with his babysitter at her place because she has the five year old who loves him, and she asked me if he could sleep over. Isn’t she swell? Are you sure you’re okay? Do I look like I’m in pain right now? No. No, you don’t.

But. My gut tells me that tomorrow morning’s gonna be a much different story. Oh, well you only live once. That’s what I say. Mm. Okay. Come on.

Thank you for tonight. You’re buying drinks next time. No, I mean, thank you for being so. Oh, nice. Yeah, that’s me. All right. You think it’s cool if I crash on the couch in the office again? I promise you I will keep my underwear on my body this time. Yeah, you could crash in the office. Thank you. Are you kidding?

Crash crashing my bed.

Underwear optional.

Nice. All right. Again. All right. Now tell me how you’re feeling. I’m feeling pissed off. Okay, good, good. I can’t believe Andrew slept with a bitch. He promise he would never break the law again, and I was stupid enough to believe it. Okay. Are you feeling feel better? No, not really. Okay. I hate you. I hate you.

Zander. I hate you for making me book. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Okay. It’s just this is a little bit more intense than I expected you. Okay. I mean, did it, did it work?

My key still works. Guessing you want it back. I do. Isn’t that all? There’s another reason I’m here. It’s about the spectator, Gwen. If you’re here to ask for your job back, you’re not here about her job,

we’re here to,

who was that?

Why shouldn’t I? You still want me right now? Of course I do. But you’re upset. Yeah. And you help me get out some of that anger. No. I need to get out the rest, but that’s not gonna happen from getting a pillow. Sarah, you said that you never got over me. Another chance.

You wanna stand around talking or do you wanna take me up to my room?

It’s been a long day and I think I’ve made it clear. I have nothing more to say to either of you. Oh, you don’t have to say anything. You can just listen. You are gonna sign over Ownership of the spectator to. And your daughter, and why the hell would I do that? Because if you don’t Daddy dearest. I’m going to send Jennifer to prison for running me over.

Dear readers, due to these spectators imminent change in owner. Your old friend, lady Whistleblower will finally be able to bring you the news you really care about. Check back in on this face soon to have your bassist appetites indulged. No gossip is too Deb botched. No one in Salem will be spared. So be ready for your daily dish of betrayal and of course to find out the latest on who.

Is sleeping. With whom?

Ah, I think I should probably go. I’m the one leaning in this time, Johnny. It’s okay. You shouldn’t, I know. We should look, uh, as. As I am with my sister right now, I, I don’t wanna do this to her. I don’t think you do either.

I, I think you’re right. I have to be loyal to Allie even if she doesn’t.

It wouldn’t be the first time he stayed in my bed and this time there’d be more room. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Ellie. Come on. Come on. Stephanie is sleeping with Chad and Chanel is probably sleeping with my brother right now. And a few weeks ago he said that I was hot. One of the hottest women you’ve ever been with.

So are you lying?

Not even a little bit, prove.

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