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 Uh, the spectator is so boring. Who cares about politics, wars, the economy. I’ve fallen asleep three times. I’m still on the front page. I can’t wait for you and Xander to take over this rag. Shock it back to life. Sanders said he was gonna be here first thing in the morning to talk strategy. He’s probably just at the gym.

Remember I told you last night working out that bodacious body of his is a full-time job here, have a chocolate stop stressing. What’d you do at those? They were giving them away at the front desk. I love a Valentine’s Day free beef. Thank you for the lovely night in front of the fire missing you, Les.

Who’s Les? Mattie? I think you’ve stolen somebody’s chocolates. Oopsy here. Just enjoy one. Oh wait, not that one. None of those Here. You can have one of those two. Relax Quinny. He’ll be here. What if you are wrong? I mean, what if he’s changed his mind and he is gone back to Sarah

been watching me sleep. I’ve been asking myself a question. A question. Is there. A more beautiful sight anywhere in the world than a sleeping Sarah Horton , and the answer, the indisputable answer is no.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Hey, I want to talk to you. Trying to me, what could you and I possibly have to discuss? Oh, I don’t know about the fact that you murdered my grandmother.

Good morning, sleep. Oh, something smells incredible. Is this what I think it is? , my famous heart-shaped waffles, . Happy Valentine’s Day baby.

He used to make these every Valentine’s morning back in Florida. . Well, I thought it might be nice to revive the tradition since you’re staying here with me until you and Ally work things out. Oh, um, about that after last night, I. Maybe staying here longer than expected. Why? What happened last night? I almost cheated on Allie.

Oh, my head.

Wait, where’s a few weeks ago you said that I was hot. One of the hot women you’ve ever been with, so were you lying?

Not even a little bit.

Maybe it was just a dream. Oh, you have any aspirin?

Oh God, what have I done?

Like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Blackmail by my own daughter and my best mate. What’s this world coming to?

I didn’t think I’d been gone long enough for you to start talking to yourself. Jennifer, miss mc. God, yes,

Why didn’t you call me? Let me, let me pick up the airport. You were coming home. I wanted to be a surprise for Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of a better idea. I can’t wait to celebrate. Mm, same here. But before we do, I want you to tell me why you were so upset when I first walked in.

Okay. Now, I’m not a kid. I’m a man and a Dara. You’d be wise to remember that. Look, clearly you’re upset. You need to get your facts straight. Had nothing to do with your grandmother’s untimely demise. David Vitale killed Susan. Yeah, after you helped David kidnap her. And Bonnie too. Don’t forget, Bonnie, your cousin’s wife, you know your own family.

You grabbed her two and for what? A cut of some ransom money from my dad that you never even saw. I hope it was worth it. Clearly you’re very angry, but rather than blaming me, oh, of course I blame you. I blame you. You could have turned Ava down, but you didn’t because you’re greedy, worthless, scum. And frankly, I don’t know how a woman like Sarah Horton stays married to someone like you.

She can’t what? Sarah’s Divo. You happy there?

Franks? Um, about last night. Oh, not it? No, don’t look at me like that. . Like what? Like you’re upset. No, no. I’m not upset. I just, I’m sensing some regret from you. No, no, no, no, no. Last night was, It reminded me of, of what it felt like when we first fell in love. But, but I am just coming out of my marriage and I just, I really am not ready to.

Do anything with anyone anytime soon as far as jumping into things. Can you understand that? Sure. I can Really? Yeah. You use me to get over Xander.

Oh my God. I can’t believe this. You can’t believe what? What do you mean? Can’t believe what you know, that you and I? Yeah, we did more than once. Don’t remind me. Was it really that bad? No, it was fine. Fine. Okay. You were amazing. Thank you. Did you wanna do it again? No one. Okay. I’m just asking. Chill. Chill.

How am I supposed to chill? What happened last night was like, monumentally bad. Epically bad. Allie, why are you freaking out right now? I mean, you were all about it last night, at least from what I could tell. I know we were also both hammered, but Oh my God. Please don’t tell me I misread this. No, no. Alex, you didn’t misread anything.

I, I did wanna sleep with you. It’s. What I can’t believe that I did this. I completely betrayed my girlfriend.

Chanel, how many times do I have to say this? You alcohol and cute boys or girls donuts? Johnny and I weren’t drunk. Someone polished off my wine. Report it, but we didn’t drink it. Wait, back up. Now you left here last night. You and I. Space and I went for a walk, and then I ran into Johnny, and then he asked me if I wanted to go watch a horror movie.

And so I told him no, but I told him that I would buy him a drink instead. Mm-hmm. . I was just killing time. And so we walked into the bar and we walked in on the worst thing I could have seen, which was. And Alex Kikis. First I cheated on trip with Chanel and now I have cheated on Chanel with you. Do you know what this means?

This means I’m a serial cheater. Allie, relax. It’s not that big of a deal. Of course it is. I know sex doesn’t mean anything to you, but uh, it means a ton to me. Why else would I have so much of it? You have one time, no strings attached. Meaningless sex. I cannot do that because I’m in a committed relationship, or at least I was until last night.

I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this. It’s not what you’d understand. Oh, I understand Ellie, and look, I like hooking up. But to say that it’s meaningless, that’s not fair.

Look, this whole Stephanie thing falling for her, screwing things up with. It taught me a lot, and yes, I may still have casual sex, but I’m not casual about sex anymore for the first time in my life, I understand that there can be real feelings involved. Even love. Sorry Alex. I’m just furious with myself, but I’m taking it out.

It’s okay. How give anything to go back in time and change the way I behaved last night. I mean, seeing Chanel with my brother, why did I get so upset? I mean, she was pretty upset too. Yeah, but she wanted to fix things. She wanted to take me home, have me sleep it off, and I was just such an image to her unreasonable bitch that she ended up leaving with Johnny.

Look on the bright side, maybe they cheated.

I, I, I never meant to make you feel used at all. I’m, why are you smiling ? Because I, it’s actually okay. Really? I knew all along last night was just about rebound sex for you. You did? Mm-hmm. . Look, I would have to be a complete idiot to think that you suddenly fell back in love with me after all this. But hey, if being with me helps you forget about Xander, then I’m happy to be of service.

There is no way Xander is with Sarah. How do you not? First of all, she wants nothing to do with him. Second, he’s totally into you. Now I give it one month, two months tops before your re-engagement announcement runs in the Spectator. And of course you will give Lady Whistleblower the exclusive on all the wedding details.

Yeah. I wouldn’t buy your bridesmaid dress just yet. What are you waiting for? You and Zander are sleeping together, right? It happened one time and um, he made it pretty clear to me the next morning that he wasn’t ready to jump into something with me. Why? Well, lots of reasons, Mattie. But

the big one, I think I scared him off a bit because I told him I loved him. That was your first mistake, and that was before we slept together. That was your second mistake. So there you have it. The sad tale of my marriage coming to an end. Well, I don’t think it’s. I think it’s fantastic. She finally got the sense to dump you.

Oh, I’m glad that my misery can bring you so much joy, Johnny. I’m sure it’ll bring Sarah some joy too. You know, when she moves on somewhat new. Someone who’s not a heartless animal. It’s been lovely talk Kim Johnny. But I really have to go. Oh, we’re not finished. I believe we are. This conversation started with your role in my grandmother’s death, and it won’t be finished until you’ve paid.

Sandra and Gwen are blackmailing you. It’s awful, Jennifer. It is. It is. So h it doesn’t even seem real, but it is. It’s really happening. They can’t expect us to just hand over the. It’s our life’s work. What choice do we have? Let’s not end to go to the police and tell them that you hit Gwen with your car and drove away while you were high on drugs.

Well let them, better yet, I’ll go down to the station myself and make a full confession

for what you gonna kidnap. Me too. Susan was never supposed to go her. That was never part of the plan. She admit taking her. I let her go. Oh yeah, you let her go. You let her go right to her. Eva held her at gunpoint, it forced her into that hill, and I bet when they were speeding down that dark road, I bet my grandmother started to pray.

Not just for herself, but for you two, for God to have mercy on your soul, because that’s the kind of woman she was. My grandmother was kind and generous and loving. She deserved a long life with a peaceful ending, but that’s not what she got, is it? Now, when that car went crashing through that guard, All she felt was sheer terror.

That’s how she got to spend the last moments of her life. And then you can deny it, you can blame, maybe vitali all you want, but you know damn well the parts you played in her death. I can’t tell you how much I regret what I’ve done of it. I was sick when heard what happened to Susan. I don’t want to hear it.

But my ex stepdad, the police commissioner, I’m sure he’d be very interested to know that you just confessed. Maybe I’ll give him a call right now. You can tell RA whatever you want. I’ll just deny it. It’s hearsay. It’s not admissible in court. I recently learned there are loopholes around those kinds of things.

Like I said, it’s been nice chatting. For what it’s worth, I am truly sorry about Susan. People like you, you don’t feel remorse. You’re not sorry Sandra, but you will be.

You’re telling me. Almost slept with Johnny because you saw Allie doing shots with some guy, not some guy. Alex, what? What if that was more innocent than you think? I know what I saw Mama. She was into him. Well, they were throwing back to kill shots. Do enough of those and you’ll be into just about anything.

But I am sure that all that Ali was doing was indulging in a little, uh, alcohol-induced flirt. There you go again, making excuses for her. Just like when I found his underwear, all I said was that her story made. She lets him sleep over naked, gets wasted with him at the bar, sends out all kinds of signals as she wants him, and you want me to think that I have nothing to worry about.

It’s all just innocent fun. Is that what you’re telling me? No, baby, baby. All I’m telling you is I like Ali. I like the two of you together and I just don’t want you giving up on her until you are absolutely sure she has given you a damn good reason to.

And whenever I ask him, who do you love the most? He always says, and we all know . Right. Yeah. Um, okay, well I’m gonna be by to pick Henry up later, so thank you Will Allie about what I said before, just drop it. I did not mean to upset you. How did you think I was going to react to you suggesting that my girlfriend slept with my brother?

I knew you were feeling guilty and I just wanted to try to make you feel better. You know, you’d be even, or whatever

the logic of Alex Cian. I know, I know. I admit I am not a relationship expert, but I do know you and Shail have something very special, and I do care about you both and I’d hate to think that I played any messing things up for you boys. No, you didn’t. You’re not responsible for the problems you’ve been having and, um, you did not betray anyone last.

This is all on me and, uh, it’s my mistake to fix. So what are you gonna do? Offer starters. I’m going to tell Chanel the truth that you and I slept together. Um,

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. What the last thing you need to do is tell Chanel about us. Really? Should I let her find out from someone else? Allie, how the hell would that happen? It’s just you and I, who know? I would never say anything, so as long as you don’t, everything will be fine. No, everything’s not going to be fine.

Alex, I’ve been in this situation. I did not tell Trip when I cheated on him with Chanel and then Johnny went and blabbed about it and Trip was devastated. Yeah. But your brother was like possessed or something? Yes. Yes. And, and I don’t think that you are going to be taken over by the devil anytime soon, but this is Salem and Secrets have a way of getting out.

Okay. Well Allie, as you know, I used to be a player at one time. I used to crush a lot, and as such I found myself in, um, let’s just call them. Potentially dangerous, disastrous situations. I know how to keep my mouth shut and else do you think I should do lie to my girlfriend every day? Hmm. Ignore the guilt that’s already eating me alive.

Pray that every time I look her in the eyes, she doesn’t see the truth that I slept with you behind her back. Alex, I can’t do that. It’s not right and I won’t do it. I need to.

Hi. If you want to ruin your relationship, Alex, it’s the only way. What do you mean? It’s not the only way? Al you, you believe it’s the only way right now because you are in this like hole, the truth will set me free mode. But please let me give you a friendly reminder of how she reacted when she found my underwear in here the other morning.

It was innocent. You told her nothing happened between us. She didn’t believe. She freaked out, she left. So please just try and imagine how furious this girl would be if you tell her that we actually did sleep together.

You’re worried about trying to get her to move back in here. You might not ever see her again. Trust me. It is better for everybody involved if Chanel does not find out about what happened last night.

That was delicious. Mm, thank you baby. Uh, more coffee? Yes, please. Ah, so, ah, now, now finish telling me about how Sing Ali Sucked. Alex’s Lemon almost led you to almost do whatever you almost did. Can we just talk about something else like the weather, anything? Chanel fine. Okay, so Johnny and I, we came back here and we poured the wine and we started reminiscing about our time together in Italy.

And then one thing led to another and we almost kissed, oh Lord, gimme strength a. I said almost, Hey, Johnny, realize that it would be a mistake. Oh, woo. Well, once in his life, cast Nova showed some common sense. He’s a decent guy. Mama, huh? And he’s been a really good friend to me through all of this. Chanel, I know the past few months have been very difficult.

Oh, between your arrest and now this civil suit, it’s been a lot. And you know, I’m here for you. I will always be here for you. But Allie is your girlfriend and you need her support too. I wish I had it and I wish I could be there to support her too. Well, it’s time to stop wishing and start acting now. You need to move back in with Allie.

You’re kicking me out. No, no, of course not. My home will always be your home. But if you wanna fix things up with the woman that you love, you can’t do it by sitting around my kitchen or sitting at the bar with your ex-husband. You need to go handle your business,

okay? It’s just a business. Let’s not be rash here, Jack, just a business. That paper is a part of who we are to, to zander and gweneth means nothing, nothing. It’s just another way for them to take from our family. Well, you know what? I’m not gonna let them, it means too much. I know. You mean more, look, if they go to the cops, you could go to prison.

I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. It might not come to that. I mean, you know, it it, it was an accident after all. I, I could get fined. Maybe they’ll put me on probation. They could suspend my license. I’m not willing, willing to risk it. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you. I, I’m even handing over the paper to the daughter.

I disowned to the son of a bitch. I was foolish enough to befriend. Well, thank you Mattie, for pointing out all the numerous mistakes I’ve made with Xandra. I feel much better now. Pudding Pop. I didn’t mean to be discouraging, you know, I’m rooting for you in the X-Men. When I told him I loved him, I did call him a nor.

That’s good. It means you didn’t go full. Would you like me to do something unpleasant with these chocolates? Ah, don’t you dare. There’s only one trumpet covered. Cherry left. Well, I can’t eat anymore and I can’t wait anymore either. Patience is a virtue, my darling. Take some deep breaths. Push those negative thoughts away.

I’m not gonna let you give up. Who said anything about giving up? Sandra and I were gonna take over the newspaper. I’m hoping that all those long days and late nights are gonna bring us closer, you know, in every possible way. After all at work for my father and Jennifer. Isn’t that cute? Romantically idolizing your dad and your stepmom have ripping away their most prized possession


Hello, boss Man. Come again. Oh, do you prefer Citizen Cook? I need to know what to call you in front of the copy Boys and Muck Rikers. When I show up at the Spectator to drop off my gossip column, you won’t be calling me. I didn’t say because we’re not taking the paper away from Jack.

Alex, can you help me do this class? Yes. Yes. You never could do this without my help. , there we go. Thank you. So Ms. Horton. if you’re not too busy saving lives at the moment. Mm-hmm. , would you be open to having a nice Valentine’s Day breakfast with me? Okay. Yeah. I mean, he is just as friends, I promise, right?

Yeah. You do. You do. You, you feel, you look a little guilty. You, you don’t feel guilty, do you? Eh? Why should I? I mean, Zander and I are getting a divorce because, because he’s a bad person.

Yeah, I, I know. Yeah, I know. Um, I think I just hoped he’d change. I know people like Xander, they don’t change. I mean, it may seem like they do, but in the end, he’s never gonna do the right thing.

Did he just say, we’re not taking the paper from Jack? That’s exactly what I said. What’s happens Ando? Why the change of heart? He’s ran into giant Dara. He’s distraught at the loss of his grandmother, and he blames me. Why? Or if he has poisoned Dr. Evans. Not you. Not that grandmother. You idiots. His other grandmother, Susan Banks.

He says, I’m incapable of feeling remorse. That’s not true. Isn. I agreed to kidnap a sweet, gentle woman for a payday. Now, here I am conspiring to extort the one true friend I ever had. Oh, please, Jack DeVere does not deserve your pity. He blackmailed control of the spectator away from my mother. If anything, by putting me at the mast head, you’re helping karma come back around.

Sorry, Leo. I have to find some other way to live out your dream of becoming the next gossip Girl, Jack can keep his bloody paper.

It’s just, I always imagined Abigail taking over the paper. Someday. Spectator was her birth. And now the idea of your other daughter taking over where Abigail so clearly belonged. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve only ever had one daughter whom I’ve lost.

I’ll be damned if I lose you too.

You okay Jean? Just missing my grandmother’s God, I’m so sorry. Do you need anything? No, I’m good. Well, uh, I am off to try and hash things out with Allie. Really? Yeah, mama gave me another talking too, and she said that she thinks that I need to put on my big girl pants and glow and work things out, and I think she’s right.

I really do. I love Allie and I just, I really wanna be with her. I know. Thank you for being the voice of reason last night. I, I don’t know what I would’ve done, but I know I wouldn’t have been able to come back from that if I had cheated on Allie. And I probably would’ve ruined our entire relationship.

Well, good luck. Thanks.

I would offer you a pastry, but I’m taking some time off work, , and, uh, we don’t have any, well, I’ll grab something on my way to work, but before I go, can you tell me what you decided to do about Chanel? Yeah. Um, obviously I’ve thought about it and I think you’re right. Really? I didn’t expect that. Well, I was pretty adamant about coming clean.

Um, As much as I hate lying, the consequence of telling the truth, I, I just can’t risk it. So I agree with you. Think it will be better for everyone if what happened last night stays between the two of us

Oh, days. Rex, the x. I thought you were off working for Doctors Without Brains. I’m in town to support my family. If you haven’t heard, my mother and aunt just died. Right? I’m sorry. Well, I suppose Sarah’s playing the role of the supportive ex-wife suggesting that you, you yacht for B. Actually breakfast was Rex’s idea.

We woke up starving after we spent the night together.

Great. Xander picks now to grow a conscience when we’re this close to becoming media moguls. Ah, damn that Johnny Damira. He’s ruined everyth. I don’t think Sanders 180 was about Johnny your season then. What do you think brought it on?

I think he realized he doesn’t wanna be in bed with someone like me, both literally and figuratively. Oh, come on now. That’s not it. Yes, of course. What he was saying about being incapable of remorse. That’s my influence. He sees me as this sort of evil temptress. He keeps luring him back to the dark side, encouraging him and enabling him to do all the things that he’s worked so hard to stop doing.

The things that make him hate himself the most.

I bring out the worst in him, unlike his precious Sarah Gwen. Gwen. Johnny laid a guilt trip on Xander. That’s a hole. He’s gonna shake it off. Oh, that. Talk about not wanting to be judged and just wanting to be accepted for who he is. I mean, that’s, that’s all that is. It’s just, it’s talk what Sandra really wants.

It’s to be the man that Sarah Horton would be proud to be with. That’s why he killed our plan.

Well, that’s not funny. Who’s laughing? Ah, I get it. You’re still tick D with Gwen and this is your LA way of getting back at me. But Sarah, this is beneath you. Actually, I was beneath her the first time. The second and third time. Oh, okay. In the shower. Yeah. That was incredible. Don’t even think about it.

You know what I actually think of Chris Knott’s Not gonna do it. I really did work up quite the appetite. Do you wanna go to the pup and get something a little more substantial? Sounds like a plan. See bud.

I can’t believe my career as a columnist is over before it even began. ZK

Z Everything. All right, never better. Are you ready Wayne? For what? To head to the Horton house. We have a newspaper to acquire, but I thought, ah, screw that. Nice guys finished last.

Well what are you waiting for? Go, go, go, go, go.

Yes. It is a strapping hunks prerogatives to change his mind.

Where’d you go? Up to the attic? I wanted to see if Graham had saved this. My first spectator byline.

I remember this story about a horse and my plucky cub reporter, Ms. H. Given the green light by my impossible to please editor Mr. De.

What a team Jack are you sure you’re ready to let the paper go?

Oh, hey, miss. Well, if it is at one half of the Salem Wonder Twins, the half that needs to steer clear of my daughter,

well, I should probably get going. Valentine’s Day is huge for Titan’s online publications. Any minute now Uncle Vic’s gonna be blowing up my phone asking about Adam impressions. Okay, well, um, have a good day and uh, thank you. For everything. I got you.

Allie. It’s me. I can’t find my keys. Oh my God. It’s Chanel. I know they’re in here somewhere.

So how did it feel? How did what feel giving Xander a taste of his own medicine?

It felt good, actually. , it felt really good

Seems we have company. Well, Jennifer didn’t know you were in town. Lovely to see you as always. Cut the crap. Gwen. I know what you’re here now. Take it. Jack filled you in on our proposal. If I proposal, you mean your plan to extort our paper from us then? Yes. Well, since we are skipping the pleasantries, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Dad, will you be handing over the spectator or will your wife be spending Valentine’s Day lock up?

Look, Ms. Price, nothing happened between Chanel and me. I promise. I know she. But there’s obviously unfinished business between you two, and I’m just afraid if you keep having these close encounters, my daughter and your sister are going to be in for a world of hurt. All right. Look, with all due respect, if I was you, I’d be more concerned about all the time Allie’s spending with Alex Kiya is okay.

That guy’s the problem, not me.

Allie, I know you’re in there. I saw your car outside. Are you a.

Open up. This cannot be happening. Baby shall go away. Oh, here they are.

First up, we have Mr. Turco who’s accused of attempted robbery. Your Honor, the security camera footage clearly places the defendant at the scene of the crime. So granny footage, that could be either my client or Bigfoot . Well, we don’t even need the camera footage because we have an eyewitness. Oh, sorry.

Your Honor, the, the witness could have seen anyone. My client has an undeniable every man look, he could be mistaken for anyone in this.

Council. Is your defense just finding people who look like your client? What do they Oh yes, my God. They do. Oh my. What are you doing here? I got caught robbing this lady’s store, . He’s joking. The only thing my client is guilty of is possession of a razor sharp wit . The defendant just confessed. Can we have the stenographer read that back?

Oh, did you guys start ? Your honor, I think we can wrap this up pretty quickly now. The prosecution is going to argue that the evidence is incontrovertible, and I will refute it point by point, successfully showing that it’s inadmissible. The bailiff is gonna drop her keys, , which, and since it is my client’s first offense, you’re obviously going to rule guilty

Damn, fine. Fine, fine. Well, you gotta. Key thing was pretty good, , especially the second time.

I don’t understand this new judge work is over. Why does she want us to stick? Well, maybe she got us a present. Maybe we can wear it. Oh, or eat it. Maybe we can wear it then Eat it. Chocolate jacket. . You know, if I were you, I get used to this.

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