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[ gentle instrumental]

Hope: You doing all right now that we’re here?

Douglas: Yeah.

Hope: Remember what we talked about. You are the one making the decision. It’s not me, not your dad. Not even the judge. And it’s okay if at any point, you feel uncomfortable. That’s fine, and we will put an end to it.

Douglas: Okay.

Thomas: Well, hey, guys.

Douglas: Hi, dad.

Hope: Steffy?

Thomas: That’s my, uh, witness. Yours, I’m guessing?

Steffy: Hey, bud, how you doin’?

Douglas: Good, aunt steffy. What’s a witness?

Steffy: It mostly means, I’m– I’m here to be your supportive aunt.

Douglas: Cool.

Thomas: So, did your mom and liam explain exactly what we’re doin’ here today?

Hope: Uh, we did, and he knows that nothing needs to be settled on today, and if he wants to stop at any point, he can.

Thomas: That’s right. Even if that’s right now. You sure you’re okay with this? Deciding where you’re going to live, permanently?

Douglas: Sure. I don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings, though.

Hope: You don’t have to worry about that. Your dad and I– we just want to do what’s best for you.

Thomas: You got that right. No matter what you decide.

Douglas: Okay. Good. Then, yeah. I’m ready.

[ Knocking on door ]

Deacon: Sheila?

Sheila: Hey.

Deacon: It’s just so strange, seein’ you walk around free.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: No, what’s really strange is being back in this apartment. You know, it was a safe harbor for me for a long time, I– I haven’t been here since I fled.

Deacon: Must seem like a shoebox to you now, compared to spencer’s estate.

Sheila: Yeah, it’s a good thing I love shoes.

Deacon: So, what brings you here?

Sheila: I, um– I realized I forgot a few things.

Deacon: Mmm. You sure it’s not an excuse to come see me?

Liam: Hey, so, douglas. Just reminding you, uh, the– the decision’s a little more complicated than just who you live with. Right?

Hope: Yeah. The papers that your dad and I signed, they’re about parental rights.

Liam: Right. Look, uh, both of us will still be actively involved in your life, right? But whoever you choose will be more involved on the day-to-day things.

Douglas: Okay. How will I tell the judge?

Hope: Well, she’ll probably ask you what your decision is, and then you’ll tell her, and then it will be official.

Douglas: And then I go to their house?

Hope: Exactly.

Judge: Hello, all. Apologies for my delay. Thomas, hope, good to see you again. I assume these are your witnesses?

Hope: Uh, yes. Thank you, judge gomez. My husband, liam.

Thomas: And this is my sister, steffy.

Judge: Nice to meet you both. And you must be douglas. The man of the hour. Do you understand that you’re being asked to make a very big decision today?

Douglas: Yes.

Judge: And are you ready?

Douglas: Yes, your honor. (Vo) red lobster’s finer points of fun dining:

Deacon: It is truly impressive, seeing you out and about. You know, you not only landed on your feet, and stuck that landing, and you roped in spencer? I mean, gettin’ that guy to chuck his entire life for your defense? I don’t think anyone else could have done it. I don’t think anyone else would’ve tried.

Sheila: You know, it’s really funny, because bill used to have one just like this.

Deacon: Oops.

[ Both giggling ]

Sheila: Very cute. Very cute. And you know what? I didn’t pull off anything. We really have a connection.

Deacon: Yeah, okay.

Sheila: I mean it. We understand each other.

Deacon: I think… I understand you better than anyone. All that time, cooped up here together. All those nights in each other’s arms. I miss you. And I think you miss me, too.

Judge: I just need a moment to review.

[ Liam murmuring to douglas ]

Hope: Steffy?

Steffy: Mmm.

Hope: Thank you for being here.

Steffy: Of course. I’m happy to be thomas’s witness.

Hope: Honestly, I’m– I’m happy, too. I know that he’s missed you, and he might need some sisterly support after today.

Judge: Thank you for your patience. If everyone can take their seats? Uh, douglas, why don’t you sit here by me? As you know, we are here to decide parental rights for douglas. Or rather, douglas is. Now, your parents have already signed the paperwork, and they have reassured me that you are a very wise young man, capable of choosing what’s best for yourself.

Thomas: He certainly is.

Hope: We trust him.

Judge: Though unusual, it’s not unheard of to let a child decide, especially in a case like this when shared custody doesn’t appear to be working. This room is filled with people who love you, douglas. In fact, mom and dad love you so much, they’re putting aside their own wishes and letting you decide where you’re most comfortable. That says a lot about them, and you. You are in charge of your own destiny. But I think it only fair to let each of your parents talk to you, for a moment, before we finalize this. Because, after today, only one parent will have custody of you. Does that make sense?

Douglas: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Okay. Let’s hear what mom and dad have to say. Thomas? You’re up.

Thomas: Okay. Um, well. Bud. I am, uh– I’m sorry that we’re here today. I’ve made some mistakes in the past, and– and… it’s kind of led to this whole situation, I wish you didn’t have to be in. Yeah, I have so much respect for you. I’m so proud of you. You’re the best kid, I mean– I have no idea, sometimes, how you come from me. You’re so good and kind and honest. And you’re gonna grow up, and I am so excited for that. I am so excited to watch you, and watch the things that you do, and– as many mistakes as I have made, I’m– I’m really hoping I get to be a witness to that and– and to be a guide for you. Now, I want you to know, no matter what you choose, it’s gonna be okay. Your mom and i will respect it, 100%. But I do have to say… I really, really hope that you choose me. Mckenzie: Being a first time parent is hard, you know?

Sheila: You know, you’re sweet. But you’re not hearing me. Bill is the man in my life now, and my god, what a man. He is handsome, he’s rich, he’s powerful, and he put everything on the line to save me.

Deacon: He’s also the biggest jackass in L.A., And that is saying a lot.

Sheila: I care about bill.

Deacon: Listen. That meathead was your ticket out, okay? I– look, I’m amazed you were even able to take advantage of him like that. It was impressive. You know, you’re a genius, you’re a– you’re a sexy, nine-toed genius, because you will do whatever it takes to get what you want, and you know what? I love that about you.

Thomas: You know, douglas, I, um… I totally understand if you choose to live with hope. She has been the most loving and supportive mother that you could have asked for. But it was never supposed to be this way. Caroline and I, we were building an amazing family, but after she passed… I didn’t know what to do. And hope came in and filled that role. And she did a wonderful job. But douglas, giving you a mother… that was never meant to mean me giving up as a father. I am your father. You’re my blood. I love you. And every fiber of my being is here to protect you. And to look after you, and to guide you. And I wanna keep doing that.

Thomas: I’ve been looking at, uh, homes for us. I wanna build a future for you. Both of us together. And I know I have made a lot of mistakes in the past, but douglas… you’re like an angel, you– you’ve always seen who I truly am. And you’ve seen past my mistakes. I just– I really hope you can keep doin’ that. I love you, bud. And I really, really hope you choose me.

Judge: Thank you, thomas. Let’s hear from mom.

[ Hope clears throat]

Hope: Hi, douglas. Um, first and foremost, I want to say that I agree with your dad, and we will respect whatever decision you make today. And I’m really happy to hear that he’s looking at houses, because… your father deserves to have a place to call his own. A place for you to visit. But I hope that you consider your home to be with me, and liam, and beth. And it’s where you’ve been living now for most of your life. A place where you’re loved unconditionally, and supported, and where trust has already been earned. I love you. And I do hope… that after today, I will continue to see your smiling face coming in through those cabin doors when you get to tell me all about what you learned at school. Or even our silly little noodle dance we do before bed. Because you are a part of our family. And it would be incomplete without you. Now, I know… how important your father is to you. I know that because I didn’t get to have that growing up. And so I promise you, douglas, that I will always make sure that you have a healthy relationship with your dad, and that he is a part of your life. But you also can still do that while calling our house your home. So… I hope you choose to stay, and I love you. And it wouldn’t be the same without you.

Judge: Thank you both. I can see your words mean a lot to douglas, and he’s lucky to have such devoted and caring parents, one of whom he will choose to live with. What do you say, douglas? Have you made your decision? Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Sheila: Seems like I earned your respect.

Deacon: Aww, come on. I always admired you, but this? Mad respect. But it’s curious, though. I mean, you– you got what you wanted. Why keep up this charade with spencer?

Sheila: You know, this is almost cute. You not accepting that I’ve– I’ve moved on. Almost.

Deacon: Sheila, you’re free, okay? There’s no charges against you. This could be it. This could be our time together, to have an actual relationship. Out in the open. And I know I’d be risking a lot, I get it, that– that brooke and hope wouldn’t be thrilled about it, but you know what? They’d come around. Once they see how happy I am. You make me happy. Let’s show them. Hell, let’s show the whole damn world. I want you, sheila. Tell me you want me as much as I want you.

Judge: All right, douglas. Do you know where you’d like to live?

Douglas: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Come up here and join me. Your parents’ signatures are already on this official document, you see? And steffy and liam are here as witnesses. This’ll be official and binding. Your custodian moving forward, who will care for you until you come of age. Now, you see this pad right here? That’s where I want you to write your decision down.

Douglas: Okay.

Judge: You’re a very brave young man, douglas, and I sense you’re gonna be fine with whichever place you’ve picked. And let’s remember, whatever douglas has chosen is final. You have pledged to be supportive and understanding, and I expect you to honor that. So… the custodian in douglas’s life will be…

Judge: Oh.

Thomas: Who is it? Douglas.

Hope: What’s going on?

Douglas: I wrote your name, aunt steffy. I wanna live with you. Will you have me?

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