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What you doing here? Signed it on papers, didn’t I? With divorce? You got what you wanted. What I thought I wanted.

That’s what I think of these four figures.

Baby. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry. Ending things with us was the biggest mistake I have ever, ever made. I love you so much, and I always, always will.

Oh, there you are. Pour yourself some orange juice. Uh, how do you want your eggs? I got some leftover asparagus. How about an outlet? Thanks, pba. I don’t really have an appetite. Not relevant. You’re going to need your strength to get through this grilling. I’m about to give you grilling. That’s right. You are too upset to talk when you got in here last night, but, huh?

Give your space but breaks over child and you are going to eat and then you’ll talk and you’ll tell me exactly what’s going on between.

Are you as hungover as I am? I think I’m worse. Hey, I’m, I’m sorry that your underwear went missing. Ah, you don’t have to shout. I’ll text you if I find them. Don’t worry about it. There’s plenty more where that came from. Okay. Ali, maybe doing all that drinking last night wasn’t the best idea in the world, but I’m really glad we got to hang out.

Me too. Bye bye.

Sounds like you two had quite a night.

Hey, good morning. Good morning, buddy. Uh, coffee’s on. Let me get you some breakfast. Uh, no, I think I’ll wait for Stephanie and Joe to get up. Uh, Joey just went for a run. What about s. I guess she’s sleeping in.

Is that Look what I think.

What do you think it is? Regret

like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.


I’m glad Stephanie’s sleeping in. She’s been pretty ragged lately. Yeah, no, we had a talk last night, and this isn’t easy for any of us, but because she wasn’t there with her, When she passed, she’s having a really hard time.

Oh man. More flowers. So we’re done with that.

Yeah, they were outside the door last night. Son of a bitch. What? They’re from that jerk. Alex, you’re kidding me. She didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother because this guy’s playing God with her life and he just thinks flowers are gonna get her to forgive him. Yeah. Well, at least now she knows what a self-centered creepy is.

Pamela, let’s hope she does better next time. Her

regret, I’m the one that showed up at your doorstep asking if you were still interested. Yeah, but I brought you in here. Maybe that was too fast for you. Last night was amazing. I hope so. But in the way you were looking up at the ceiling, you looked Yeah. It’s just a strange to wake up next to someone who’s not Abby.

I get that. It’s been a long time since you did.

It’s not as long as you think.

Everything’s fine. Why? Why? Why’d you ask? I don’t look like everything’s fine. Oh, wow. Just a bit hung over. Alright. How did you sleep like a baby until you started tossing and turning? Sorry about that. You look like you were having an intense dream. Really, I, I don’t remember anything. You were mumbling something about, um, signing papers.

Weird. Oh. Just gonna see if we have any coffee.

You were dreaming about Sarah, weren’t you?



You are kidding me, right? Nope. So, Allie, your girlfriend, your partner, your lover, comes to the hospital where her grandmother is dying and finds you making eyes at her brother. I wasn’t making eyes at him. Where that means, man, wait for it. It happened again at home. Her home, she comes in and finds you there with him again.

Whoa. No wonder you don’t have an appetite. I’m feeling a bit bilious myself. I told you nothing happened. Johnny was just in pain and he, he needed someone to, to, you know, out with. But what about Allie? She was in pain too. And you offered her brother doing God knows. Well, in the first place, I would’ve been there for Allie, but she sent me away.

Her grandmother died. She told me to go home, and then she, in her pain, turned to Alex, Kiki for comfort. How is that any d. The difference is I don’t give a damn about Alice Kiki, whereas you are my daughter and I care mightly about how you were behaving. Okay? And since you are my mother, I don’t understand why you won’t believe me.

Johnny was my husband and I loved him and I still care about him very much. And he was just so, so sad. And. Alone and, and lost. And he just, he needed someone to talk to. I do believe that, but that’s not the whole story is it? And what is that supposed to mean? It means that’s how this mess got started. But I still don’t know how it would’ve ended if Ali hadn’t walked in on you.

Do you?

Thank you.

Okay, so, um, about last night, it’s none of my business. I shouldn’t have asked. No, I I want you to know that, um, Alex and I, we did go out drinking and we did not drink responsibly, and neither one of us was in any shape to drive home. So he just came over and he crashed here in the office. Nothing happened.

Oh, like I said, none of my business, but, but what? Well, if nothing happened, then how did he lose his underwear?

Sorry. It’s just been my experience since, you know. Preschool. That’s pretty hard to lose your underwear. I mean, look, I don’t know what happened. He was sleeping in the office and I was sleeping in my own room. Sorry. And I, I like, sorry, I, I, I, I don’t know. You know, the man sleeps in the nude, so he did sleep alone.

Okay. Ali, I’m sorry, it was none of my business. No, sorry. You just, I understand that you probably thought I was sneaking him out, but I wasn’t, we were only being quiet because we didn’t wanna wake him up. Get it all now. So, uh, so Chanel’s still asleep? Um, I don’t know. She moved out.

Why are you even asking me that? Because I, I want to know the answer. I wanna know what’s going on with you. Okay. Well, if you wanna know the truth, I’m feeling pretty shoved around right now. I was with Johnny in the hospital and, and he was in really bad shape. And yes, you’ve established that Johnny was in bad shape, but does that justify you?

Please, would you let me finish? Allie, she gets out of the elevator and just like that, Johnny and I were judged and found guilty. She, she wouldn’t listen to anything that we had to say. I didn’t even get a chance to tell her I was sorry about her grandmother, because from that second on, she just shut me out.

And then when the news came out, I tried to hug her and she just walked away from me. My, my, my, she didn’t handle things well. She had just lost her second grandmother that week. Oh, damn. The girl. Why does it feel like you’re taking her side? Speak. I remember when she took up your side when you were rock bottom facing murder charges, she was fierce for you.

I know all that. Mom, you’re acting like I don’t love her, but I do. What do you keep pushing back? Every time I try to make you see how much you hurt her,

and so I can tell myself that it was because of Gwen’s lies and, and that she got me crazy and drunk. The truth is, is I, I cheated on my wife with her sister, and it’s just, there’s no excuse for that.

That must have been horrible. But you, you got past it. Yeah, because she forgave me. I mean, I have no idea how she did. Oh, maybe it has something to do with how much you two loved each other.

This morning I was thinking about Gwen and how that was a mistake. This, this, this is not a. At least not for me. I mean, I hope the, the same is true for you. Meaning, meaning it wasn’t that long ago that Alex hurt you the way that he did, and

you know your mom. It’s just, I know everything is. This is sudden and I just hope that my timing wasn’t off.

You look like I feel Did you tie one on last night too? No, but I would’ve been justified if I did. Were you party? More like trying to forget it’ll work. Not at all. In fact, I should get my money back, but I will, uh, I will leave you alone. No sit misery loves company.

Okay? So. You had a dream about Sarah or was it a nightmare? Did you relive her, dumping you? No, it wasn’t like that. I dreamed she showed up at the door and told me she made a terrible mistake. She tore up the divorce papers and we started.

It’s just a dream. Gwen, Sarah and I are done. She made that crystal clear last night. You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Why am I here then? Exactly. If you’re over Sarah, I mean, why did you sleep with me?

It’s okay. You can’t tell the truth. You can tell me if it was a drunken mistake.

So, yeah, she went stay with her mother for a while.

I knew you two were fighting after I left yesterday, but I didn’t know it was that, that bad. Yeah, it was that.

Well, you said she went to stay with her mother for a while, so, but it’s just a break. I don’t know. I mean, she left pretty abruptly. We didn’t really negotiate terms. I only have one. I just want her to own up to what almost happened with Johnny said That doesn’t happen again. Wouldn’t mind that. Did he, um, did he find you after you ran out yesterday?

I’m really sorry that you found out like that. I, it’s just me and my big mouth. No, it’s not your fault. You, you didn’t know I was there. Well, it doesn’t feel like that. So tell me, did I really screw things up between you and my brother?

Uh, boy, that was, What I just had to text Roman. He just lost his wife, Marlena, the mother of his kids, and now I’m texting him about his sister’s funeral arrangements. I can, I can do things like that, you know, letting people know, make arrangements, and, sorry.

Dr. Johnson?

Uh, yes, I’m sure. No. Uh, okay. Okay. Well, we, uh, we can talk about it when I get there. Thanks.

What was that about? Nothing. Don’t do that, man. I heard you say talk about it when I get there. Was that Bayview gonna go see your mom? Yeah. Did they see how she’s doing it? Don’t change. And look, you don’t have to. Uh, the last thing you need to be worrying about right now is her. All right. After everything she did to Kayla is, listen, listen.

Come on. You’re my son. Your mom matters to you. So that means she matters to me too. You got it? Yes sir. And another thing, new rule. No secrets in this house.

I hope that takes care of any doubts you may have about your timing or regrets or anything else for that matter. Well, you sure have a way of making a point. I do understand why you asked though. I am on the rebound, but just technically. Alex May not have meant to do what he did, but I knew he was arrogant, entitled, self-absorbed from the start.

See, that’s, that’s me. Chad, purposely not chatting you in . Your, um, restraint is admirable. But I do wanna say one thing though, that you and I can take things slowly if we decide that’s what’s best for us. But you should just put Alex outta your mind.

So I wrote this card to go with the flowers and really, I.

I don’t think grovel would be too strong a word. And how did Stephanie take it? She didn’t take it. I was too late by the time I got there. Chad, the mayor already slithered his way in and let’s just say it was quite obvious that she moved on. So I left my little flowers and my card outside of the door.

And I’m guessing they’re in the trash by now. Well, I’m not gonna lie. , you really messed up. Maybe not as bad as Zander, but Stephanie does have every right to, I hate my guts. I am, yeah, I know. I also know now that all the liquor and Salem isn’t gonna help me forget that. The difference you and Zander have is that you always find a way to get past it.

I mean, you always. Not this time though,

these are divorce papers. Your dad drew them up for me once they’re filed and I are over for good.


I think last night it probably was a mistake,

right on your part.

You slept with a, a drunken, messed up loser, guness. It’s pretty dumb. Whereas I, I slept with someone who gave up a job, a home, a father. Someone who stayed with me when stood by me when no one else did. Kby company during one of the worst nights of my life. Someone who’s given me so much, I’m just not sure I can often return.

My card’s on the table. Eh, I’m not over. Sarah and I, I dunno when I will be, if ever, don’t worry about it. I mean, I’m not stupid. I didn’t, um, expect anything to come out of this. Even though you told me you love me,

that’s my problem, isn’t it? If I think it is a problem, Gwen, your father made you choose between me and him, and you chose, okay, look, what, what can I say? I, um, don’t like ultimatums. Do I? I have that, um, opposition defiant disorder thing. Don’t make your joke outta it. Qu when I think about what you did, what you gave up for me and I look.

You didn’t ask me to do this, did you? You didn’t even know about it. It was my choice, my decision, and I don’t expect a thing from you in return. And if you want to pretend like last night didn’t happen, well.

Believe me, that is fine by me.

I should have known you to be like this. You did know that’s why you came home. What inside, you know, you don’t need sympathy and hugs. You needed a place to figure out what the hell just happened and. You know, Allie is at sea and you need to do the thinking for the both of you. She’s like, I’ve never seen her.

It, it’s like, she’s not Allie. I, I, I can’t talk to her. I, it, it’s like, I, hell, I don’t even know what it’s like. It’s, it’s grief baby. Books and movies lie. Grief isn’t throwing yourself onto the casket and sobbing. It’s a cold icle pissing your heart. It’s it’s despair and anger and emptiness and no faith that you’ll ever get past it.

And until you go through it, you don’t have any idea how strong it’s. Now the way Ali treated you was so unfair and you love her, so watch it hurt like hell. I’m just so sorry. Yeah, I had to go through it, but I’m the one that has to get over it. The aha moment

hall, she, she doesn’t know if her mother will be at the funeral and her father’s in prison and she and her brother can’t even. Same room. I have you and, and, and Allie. She just, she has no one. No, no, honey. No, no, no. That is not true. She has you, she has you.

I don’t think you need to be worried about me and.

But just so you know, he told me that what happened at the hospital with Chanel was just a weird moment and I’m the one he’s interested in. Of course he said that.

Okay. Um, maybe I’m going a little bit too far here, but you and Johnny, both of you have been hit by a truck. And maybe you both do say things you usually wouldn’t. Right. But that’s the thing going after Chanel is not, um, out of character for Johnny. So if it was a weird moment, then he’s been having weird moments since puberty.

And, uh, you know what I, I just, I think you should know this. Johnny has always had trouble with boundaries, impulse. Especially with women. I mean, for example, he was so, so upset when Chanel chose me over him, and yet he wasted no time rebounding with Tripp’s mother. Okay? I, I don’t blame him for that. They were both in a bad place and he knows it was a mistake, right?

And as soon as he admitted it was a mistake, it was right back to going after my girlfriend. Look, I’m not telling you that you should find somebody else. But if I were you, I would at least see who else is out there.

Sure. I can’t get you something to eat before you go. Nah. I’ll get something on the way. Well, I hope it goes better than the last time, buddy. Me too. Love you. Love you too. I’ll see you later. Okay.

Good morning, baby girl. Good morning. Yeah, I was just about to scramble some eggs. Yeah. Um, before you do, uh, Chad’s here. So I see. Morning, Mr. Johnson. Morning, Mr. Damara.

I am gonna, uh, leave you guys. Two, it. Um, I’ll call you. Hey, I was just telling Stephanie I’m gonna scramble some eggs. Okay. Why don’t you stick around, get him a cup of coffee.

So, um, milk sugar.

Call me if there’s anything I could do. I will. Uh, Steve, thank you for the eggs. They were very delicious. Glad you liked them. Okay. Um, I’ll see you soon. Call me if you want to talk. I will.

Hey Steve.

I’m sorry, Kayla. She, um, everybody loved her. Yeah. Well, thanks. We’ll see you. Okay.

Dad, I’m sorry. Why is your house two? I don’t think you needed a surprise this morning. And I’m sure you can guess that that wasn’t planned. I vaguely remember how those things can happen spontaneously.

By the way, those, uh, flowers are for you. There’s a card there. They’re from Alex.

Yeah. I’m sorry. Not much of an appetite. No. No surprise. You got a cure for a hangover. Yes. Don’t get drunk in the first place. Ah, . Uh, but maybe some fresh air will help you. Yeah. I walk out with you and leave for work. Okay. Hey Sarah, I’m really sorry about you and. Makes one of us.

I don’t want to pretend that last night never happened. Quinn, even if you don’t love me back, I care about you, Quinn. I know what you gave up to protect me. So if you need a place to stay, oh God, no. No, it’s, it’s all right. Leo has offered to share a room with me at the Salem end, so I am just peachy. Look, I’m gonna be out of your way here in just a minute.

No, you’re not in my way, Gwen. And I, I don’t want you to just take off. Look, why don’t I take you out for breakfast?

What? I spent the last of my money on Scotch. Wow. Happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? No. Sorry. Look. I’ll get you next time. I mean, I think I know what you mean. No, listen,

I’m putting some clothes. Don’t go anywhere. We need to talk. Let’s figure this out. Yeah. Yeah.

Somehow I don’t think there’s gonna be a next time.

Hey, are you okay? Yeah. Hey, sorry I didn’t, uh, I didn’t see you someplace. Is it about your mother? Yeah, I just came from. and, well, she wasn’t as manic this time, but somehow she was worse. Just catatonic, just stared off. Like I wasn’t even there, just stared off like, uh,

There’s nothing inside.

Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? I live. . I know, I, I’m, I meant I know what you meant.

I’m, I’m here because I’m sorry. I’m here because I know I hurt you and I’m here because I miss you. I miss you too. But Martin, are you. You love. I’m hungover. Alex and I, we went out drinking last night. We hit our limit and then we just kept right on going. Yeah. Well that makes sense considering everything you’re going through.

But you said that you came here because you hurt me, but I thought that you left because I hurt you. Well, the thing is, I’ve been thinking I was hurt. And then that kept me from saying how much I had hurt you. And then I kept making things worse by trying to tell you that you were overreacting. And it is not my place to tell you how to feel.

Do you really mean that? Okay. Well, I’m sorry too. . You screwed up. It happens. There’s just someone I saw you and Johnny together. I got like so crazy. Is that what you call it? What? So tell me with these belong to Alex.

Hey Chad. Hold up a second, Alex. It’s just that you and I haven’t had a chance to talk since. Well, you know what happened. Yep. Unfortunate. Yeah, it is unfortunate for me. Not for you.

You want me to give you some privacy?

No, no. Need

the couch first thing. What’s better than found money? I have just enough to get some breakfast and sweet bits, so I’ll be right back.

Come on. How desperate are you? It’s not like this is exactly breakfast. Tiffany’s,

I should have to go through what you’re going. I mean, now I should have to go through what my mom’s going through, right?

So I know your stepmom’s funeral is soon, but after that, I would like to say goodbye before you go back to Seattle. Actually, I’m not, uh, going back right away, really. You’ve given everything with my mom. I don’t think I can leave. Well, the reason sucks, but it’ll be nice to.

Damn it.

Dear Stephanie, I know you have no reason to forgive me, but.

Do you have a problem with me? I’m just more off the speed than you think. Chad, I saw you last night, Stephanie. I came by to drop something off and uh,

the door has left them. Yeah, yeah. But I’m sure it just slipped your mind in the heat of the moment right now. Here you are. Sam closes last. So I think it’s fair to say that you probably spent the night. Yeah, I did.

Guess there’s nothing really left to say then, except you’re a lucky man.

Yeah, they’re. Is he still here? No. No, but he left these behind. Yeah. Look. Okay. We got really drunk last night. He just crashed here. Okay. And he spent the night in the office. And where did you sleep? In my bed. Oh, and And then how did you wind up with his underwear? Okay. Look, Chanelle, nothing happened. Oh, I’m supposed to just take your word for it.

I’m supposed to trust you The way you trusted me when I told you that nothing happened between Johnny and me. Okay, where are you going? Back to? My mother’s. I never should have left.

Morning. Morning. Um, I heard about your divorce. I’m sorry. No, you’re not. You’re trying your very hardest not to do a happy. While you’re waiting to warm your way back in a Xander’s bed. But I didn’t have to worm my way back into his bed. Actually, Xander invited me.

What? When? Last night. I just came from there. You and Xander slept together last night and I’ll believe it. Don’t believe it

said there wasn’t much sleeping going on.

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