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Adam: Victor’s plan du jour is to get me fired from Jabot after which he’ll dangle some irresistible position at Newman, and then he will follow it up with a hearty welcome home. I mean, only — only Victor Newman would view trying to tank my career as an act of paternal affection.

Chelsea: Is he succeeding? Is your job in jeopardy?

Adam: No, not yet. I mean, at least not that I know of. Do you wanna hear what the punch line is? I’M…not happy at Jabot.

Chelsea: Really? Why?

Adam: [Sighs] I don’t fit in there. As much as I try to, I just — I don’t connect to the work or the products that we sell there or the people…

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Adam: …That I supervise.

Chelsea: That’s frustrating.

Adam: Yeah. As much as I hate to admit it and as much as my father’s methods are infuriating and wildly inappropriate… his instincts are dead on.


Billy: Hey. Connor, it’s your fan club.

Connor: Where?

Chelsea: No, he means us, silly. How was skating?

Connor: Totally great.

Johnny: Except for all the times dad fell on his butt.

Billy: Alright, I was a little rusty.

Connor: I thought you were Billy.

Johnny: Good one.

Billy: Alright, who wants hot chocolate?

Johnny: Ooh, I do!

Connor: Me!

Billy: Okay, good. So, go order whatever you want. Grab me a small coffee, please. Anybody else want anything?

Chelsea: I’m good, thanks.

Johnny: I thought you were Chelsea.

Chelsea: Ohh!

Connor: You stole my joke.

Johnny: No, I didn’t.

Connor: Yeah, you did.

Johnny: It had to be funny to be a joke.

Connor: Ha ha.

Billy: Okay

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