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Hey, Steph. It’s me, a k, a, the jackass. Look, I know I don’t have the right to ask you for anything, but could you maybe just give me a chance to make this up to you? I’m talking groveling here. You and I had something so great going and I don’t want to give up on that. That’s all I wanted to say.

You’re right, Alex. There’s nothing left to say.

Hello, Alex. Hey, this price. Something I can do for you. I was looking for your father. My defense team could use another lawyer and I, I know he’s one of the very best. He is one of the best. Unfortunately he’s not here right now. No. I see. Um, as long as I’m here, um, put those man toys down and put on a shirt.

I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind.

Jack, you’re home. Hi. Hello. We’ve missed you. The kids are gonna be so happy to see you. What’s up? Is everything okay? No, I just cut Gwen outta my life for good. So if I understand you correctly, you chose Xander over your job, your home, and your relationship with your father.

You understand correctly? I don’t get me wrong, as you know, I find the man highly pleasurable to look at in that accent to die for. But is he really worth sacrificing everything else that matters to you? Especially when he’s still very much in love with his wife force papers. Just sign them, Xander. No, I will sir.

I still love. I love you. It’s all my heart. And don’t fight me on this. Just do the right thing for once. Let me go.

Voila. Our one and only genius Deprogrammer, doctor Roe, I told you I would find him stuff in and now he can put you back to the way you were before. When I was the only woman you loved

like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You asked her to do the right thing. She just refused. No. Jen, I told her that she didn’t testify against Sandra. I not only kick her out of this house, fire her from the spectator, but I’d essentially sonner and she still chose to cover for Xander. I never thought she’d define me like that, but she did.

She walked out the door

and now I’ve lost both my daughters. But you and your dad, you’ve gotten so close. We have and yet, and yeah.

Well, you very well known. When I first came to Salem, I, I wanted to destroy his family.

I was so angry at him for throwing me away. I devoted myself to getting revenge and I did terrible things to Jennifer advocate.

Yet my father, he was so guilty when he learned that Laura had sent my mother away without telling him that I existed, that he still, he still found in his heart to try and have a relationship with me. So it was all out of guilt, you mean? Of course. I mean, that’s how he was able to be so kind. So forgiving and how did I reward him By giving him trouble.

At every turn, you are being awfully hard on yourself. Connie, come on, Matt know it’s true now. I can’t seem to break that pattern. How hurting him, disappointing him.

You know, this last time he was so upset with me that I just accepted the fact that he would probably be better without me in his life because I love him

so much.

I decided to just do the unselfish thing and let him go,

which is what I ultimately had to do with Santa Sarah, please just. Just gimme a chance to try and explain to you what you thought you walked in on the other, what I thought I walked in on. I know what I saw. You were here with Gwen and you were both half naked. Yeah, but that was only cuz I was trying to drown my sorrows and cheap scotch and I got so sashed that Gwen had to shove me under the shower to sober me up and we both got a little wet and had to change clothes and, and nothing.

So there’s absolutely nothing romantic going on. So God’s honest truth. I’m begging you to believe. Please. Okay. I don’t understand. I thought Dr. Rolf was Mia that no one had seen or heard from him since he left Jakarta. Well, turns out Lee new is another thing he lied to me about. He’s been bankrolling Rolf the entire time.

Not completely. I never seize a Petri dishes. I specifically requested how, which is why our genie brainwashing slash. De programmer over here was headed to Salem to make sure that Lee followed through on his promises. Okay, and just how is it that you’re privy to all this information? Well, I figured that I would find something incriminating in Lee’s hotel room, so I made up a story that I wanted to get back together with him.

He let me in the room and I was able to find his burner phone, which then gave me Dr. Ball’s number, but Rolf is already on the way over here. It seems that fate wants us to be together.

It doesn’t matter if, I believe you are not

we’re here. When you came here the other night and you saw I’m going night together, you said it was a mistake coming here, but you never said why you came here in the first place. I came because,

nevermind, forget it.

It wasn’t to bring the divorce papers, was it?

No, it wasn’t.

Justin and Bonnie convinced me to give you another chance. But then you changed your mind because you saw Gwen now together. But as you know, that was all just a huge misunderstanding. There’s, there’s absolutely no reason not to give me another shot.

Let’s be real Gwe. You didn’t walk away from your father out of love and concern for him. You did it because you can’t quit Xander. You know? That’s the reason. Yes. Okay. That did enter my decision. Oh, Mattie, I know that you want me to testify against Sander and cut a deal and get us both off. And believe me, I was quite tempted when my father urged me to do so.

So yield to temptation. So what? Isand Falls’ heels in prison for a couple of years. You’ll still have your relationship with your father, Mattie. It could be so much more than just a few years. If they charged Sandra for Susan’s death, he could go to prison for the rest of his life. And the thought of that just, it was too painful for me.

I just couldn’t do it. And I realized that as, as much as I tried to tell myself to just let him go, as much as I told myself that we are just,

you’re right.

I just. I can’t give up on him,

and that’s because I’m still in love with him. Even if he doesn’t love me back.

I gave GU so many chances because God knows my family gave them to me. But Abigail went through such hell because of her. I blame myself for that.

Blame myself too. I believed Gwen’s lives. I doubted Abby’s commitment to our marriage, and then I betrayed her. No, you worked through all that. Chad, you and Aga worked through all that, and when you did, after you did, I’m telling you, you made her so happy.

I wish I could keep doing that. Make her happy. She made me happier than I could have ever dreamed. I think I, um, I’ve persuaded myself that Abby would want me to live my life without her. She wouldn’t want me to wallow when God knows I, I, uh, I did. I I do. But

for the kids’ sake, you know, I just have to be strong at least in front of them. You have been strong, Chad. You’ve been strong and you’ve helped keep your mother’s memory alive and you’re letting them experience joy, just daily joy. I gotta tell you, Charlotte was so excited talking about going skating with you and, and Stephanie.

It was, that was a good thing.

Chad, you deserve to have more good days. I don’t want to, I don’t wanna be presumptuous or overstepping or anything, but

you have a lot more to give. You do. You’re a good man. You’re a good person. You’re kind. And I, and I hope, I hope you find love again. And I think, I think Abi going through the same way.

We are gathered here today in the memory of my precious mother, Dr. Kayla Brady Johnson,

so that together we may acknowledge and share both our joy in the gift that her life was to us and the pain that are passing springs.

If I’d had the chance to say goodbye to her,

I would’ve told her that.

I didn’t expect you to get back home so soon. Yeah.

Joe and Trip are still at the hospital. They’re talking to somebody about, um, donating your mom’s,

your mom’s body is science. You know, she always wanted to be an organ donor, but now thanks to Kristen, we can’t even grant her her last wish.

I was, um, I was just writing her eulogy and most of what I type, I just end up deleting.

Well, I think, uh, the right words will come to you at the right time. Yeah. I just keep thinking about what I. Would’ve said if I’d been there, if I’d been at the hospital in time. Listen to me. You have to let go of that. Stephanie, your mother knew how much you loved her. I know, but I just, I wanted to say goodbye to her.

I sh I should have been there with her. No. Listen, baby. Please stop blaming yourself for that. It was not your fault. No. It was someone else’s. You want to give me a piece of your mind about Stephanie Johnson? I should have known that one. Look, I, I, I just want to let you know that I, she told me that you turned off her phone while you two were doing the, the whatever it is that you were doing, and so she lost her chance to give her final goodbye.

Say, Hadai Mama, I know. And Ms. Price, there is nothing you could say to me right now that Stephanie hasn’t already said. Oh. Oh, good. Good. You deserve every insult that she threw at you, cuz if she had no way to get you to the curb, I’ve got plenty of my own kicking to do that. And trust me, as much as you could possibly beat me up right now, I’m beating myself up more.

Okay. I know my brain was a bit scrambled at the time, but Ralph, I recall at your lab there was a ton of equipment. When you programmed me, there’s nothing down here, but cobwebs, wine and psychosis. That won’t be a problem. I stashed some of my equipment in the lab of tunnels, so set up may be a bit makeshift, but I will make it, uh, make it work.

I don’t want you to make it work. And what the hell? Why are you going along with this anyway? Because it’s what Stefano would want. You’re loving father and the boss of Dr. Rolf worshiped and adored. So the good doctor knows that the man that he was completely devoted to would never want his son just walking around.

Brainwash, get what you need. No foot raw.

I hate you. Not for long. And you know, once your real feelings from me, come back. You’re gonna thank me. I promise. I promise I won’t.

Uh, I can’t think about finding love again, Jack. Oh, and Abby still has my heart.

The showers will, you know,

I went to her grave site on Christmas Eve and I thought that she appeared to me. Just talk to me about how I should move on with my life. So you haven’t been thinking about the idea? No, I wouldn’t say that. You just did. When you said that Abi talk to you, I believe that was your subconscious trying to give you permission to move on.

Cuz deep in your heart, you know that that’s what Abigail wanted to. So you and Stephanie have been growing closer? No. No, Stephanie, me. No, there’s nothing going on between me and Stephanie. It’s not in the way that, you mean.

I mean, there might have been,

but I, I put a stop to it cuz I, I realized I wasn’t ready and I didn’t know if I ever would be Stephanie. Understood. You know, she, she loved Abby too. So, so Stephanie’s willing to wait No. Until you’re ready. She’s willing. No, I told her that wouldn’t be fair. I’m not gonna hold her back. No. So she moved on with, uh, with, um, Alex Carus.

Alex, it’s funny. Doesn’t seem like her type. Wow. You might not be after all they broke up. Well, maybe it is indeed the time for you to make your move.

I, I can’t believe I ever thought I loved that. Sure. I mean, Sarah Verman, anyone as self-consumed and narcissistic as Alex Kiki. Hey, I’m just so angry at him and I’m just as angry at myself forever trusting him. Baby, listen, I’m so sorry that happened to you, but I’m gonna say it again. Your mom knew how much you loved her, okay?

And at the end, she was at peace. She would want you to be at peace too

falling. It could be, if I had any idea why Chad was trying to reach share, my God, this price, I would’ve never turned her phone off. I just thought this guy was looking for another reason to interrupt us. Not that that’s any excuse, because it’s not. It’s not. And that’s not what I’m trying to do. What I did was wrong.

I did it for the wrong reason. And I admit that, and I can’t take that back now, obviously. And honestly, I don’t think there’s even a way I can fix this. I don’t know if Stephanie would even let me. And I don’t expect you to understand what it’s like to make a mistake. This’s terrible one that just causes so much damn hurt.

Oh, I know exactly what it’s like. Look, you know, I wish you would turn on Xander. I mean, how could I not? Since it would get both of us out of this pickle. But I get that you still love him, which makes it impossible for you to Well, you’d pretty much be ruining his life. Yeah, I would be. And like you said, I just can’t, it’s impossible.

Even if I know that it won’t work out for the two of us, why not? I know he still loves you too. He just loves Sarah more, but she wants nothing to do with him. And if we’re being totally honest here, based on what he told me while he was threatening my life, um, I think he might be giving up on Sarah.

Every time I give you another chance, you make me a regret it, and then you ask me for another one. I Right. Next time I promise. No, you won’t because I’m done.

Maybe nothing happened between you and Gwen, but you two have a connection that you and I don’t. What are you talking about? You woman? I love loved Gwen too.

And even after she helped

having kidnapped, and even though she fried my brain, you went out and did capers with her. I mean, I know. I shouldn’t be surprised because if you need help kidnapping someone who, who else would you turn to? But then, and you lied. Oh my God, you lied and you lied. I’m just so sorry, sir.

Sorry. Won. Cut it. Not this time.

Look, I know that you didn’t mean for anybody to get hurt, but

you kidnap people. Xander,

Susan is dead. Bonnie is traumatized for life.

So please don’t make me say this again. It’s the last time I’m gonna say it.

You are not the man that I fell in love with. And I don’t wanna be married to you anymore.

I remember our life together, Gabby. It wasn’t all flowers and hearts. It was far from it. It was at the end. It’s just before I lost you. That’s, that’s what makes this so devastating. Things are wonderful between us before and, and I know that you’ve had these feelings come back to you. I know that you have those feelings can’t stay buried forever.

Okay? If you really believe that, then why not just let the feelings resurface on their own? Huh? Why make me be a Guinea pig in another one of roll stupid experiments?

Oh, good God. Does this guy even know what he’s doing? There will be a bit of improvisation involved. And I have to warn you, there are always risks for anybody expanding the course of science. I’m sorry. Risks. Risks. Did you hear that? Huh? You let this lunatic poke around in my brain knowing that there are risks involved.

You just admitted it. Calm down. R Ralph. Risks. What kind of risk can we talk about here? Oh, so usual. Amnesia, aphasia, ag, agnosia, death. What? What? I sense some doubt. Hmm. Um, so it’s up to you. Mr. Hernandez. Do you still want me to go through with the procedure?

What exactly did Zander say about Sarah? He was a drunken mess. He probably won’t remember much himself, but in vodka veritas, technically it was scotch, but you get the idea. Anyway, once he was done almost throttling me to death, he told me he pretty much lost Sarah. Well, that doesn’t mean that he’s ready to give up on Ha Guinevere.

He, he’s sitting in his room drunk, vulnerable, half naked. If it were me, I would skedaddle on over there and let him know about the sacrifice you have made to save his fine, fine ass. And if you play cards right, you may have a piece of that ass before the night is over.

I have to hire a lawyer of my own. Look these over it’s boiler plate, Xander. It’s basically a form. There’s no assets to divide up. You don’t have anything of value. And unless you’re planning to ask for alimony from my meager salary, of course not. And quit stalling and just, and just sign the papers, please.

Oh God. I tried so hard not to let you down. Don’t do that. Don’t you dare try to put this on me. I wasn’t, none of this had to happen. None of it. I am a doctor for God’s sake. My mom was offering to give us money to tie us over until I was off probation and making my full salary. But you, you wouldn’t take her support because of your ego.

I never once made you feel inadequate. I never once asked for you to support me. You could work at Buddy’s Burger Barn for all I care. All I ever wanted was to be with the man that I love. And who is that? The man I thought you were. Well, don’t give me that. She knew exactly who I was when you married me.

I mean, sure. Yeah. Every now and then I’d try and turn over a new leaf, but it never worked, did it? I always failed. As you keep reminding me and you, you admitted part of what drew you to me in the first place was that was a bad boy, that you were drawn to the side of me. That breaks the rules. That is the man you fell in love with.

You know? It’s true. Can you find Yes.

When I was around your age, I gave up my baby girl, Milani. I sent her to my sister to raise her own. I did it to protect her. I thought it was the only choice I had at the time, and when it was done, oh, I realized that I had changed the lives of everyone I loved. I couldn’t undo it. My daughter and I, we had lost so much time together.

I’m sorry.

Lonnie was a grown woman by the time the truth came out and when it did it, it was ever a bit as ugly and traumatic as you’d imagine. But in the end, much to my amazement and with profound gratitude, I, my precious daughter, she was able to forgive me. Wow, that’s really good to hear. It makes me happy.

actually gives me a little bit of hope. Maybe one day Stephanie will amaze me too.

I know you’re probably not hungry, but Mom would be so mad if she knew you weren’t taking care of yourself. You see, I’m just like her. Isn’t that why you call me a little sweetness? Yeah. As much as I know you hate it, . Yeah. Well my feelings about that have changed.

I wanna be like her now. Just like her. I wanna help people like she did. I wanna, I wanna lift people’s spirits like she did. You do baby girl. Just by being, you sure do lift my spirits and I am so proud of you.

I can’t make a move right now. That wouldn’t be fair to Stephanie or anyone else. I, I’m, nah, I can’t get involved in a relationship. You miss out, Miguel. Of course you do. You always will.


There’s never gonna be a right time.

There’s never gonna be the, the time when you say, I am ready to take that next step. And maybe I’m, I’m overstepping here, but

you have to take it. And it doesn’t mean the memories of Abigail are gonna be any less, any less important. It doesn’t mean that you’re gonna love her any less. It just means that you’re gonna find room in your heart. It’s gonna grow. So there’s space for you to live the full life that you deserve,

that Abigail would want you to have.

God Rolfe, you didn’t tell me that deprogramming could kill him. You didn’t ask. That’s a risk of him suffering. A severe side effect is approximately 0.12%. Negligible ne, my life is not negligible, Rolf, and I am not willing to risk. Okay, well you just went out in the tunnels and you found a bunch of tubes and wires and put ’em together on your little train and wheeled it back in here to poke around in my brain.

Not I elbow, not I ear. Not my little pinky in my brain. And face it. You don’t know what the hell you’re doing. , are you questioning my genius? I’m questioning your sanity, which is why I’m not letting you lay a finger on me, Gabby. Come on. I like the odds. Just do it wrong. You psychotic. Selfish bitch. How somebody in?

We’re gonna need to. Alright, we are ready to begin.

Alex, I see you’re suffering. Mm-hmm. I sure know what that feels like too. But I don’t have a crystal ball, honey. It’s not for me to say if Stephanie might ever forgive you. Right. I guess that would be a rhetorical question. And really the whole thing is just moot right now because I can’t even get her to talk to me.

I call her, I leave her messages. She doesn’t respond. Messages, huh? I guess you mean her. Texting and tweeting and tics and talks, and however the hell less that You young people now talk to each other. Yeah. You know, here’s what I think, and not that you ask now, I think you, you, the younger generation, y’all need to stop hiding behind a screen if you think that’s the way to get through through each other, because it’s not, you need to, you need to be with the person in the flesh so they can you see your face, look in your eyes.

Maybe even take them into your arms if you have something important to say. Especially if it’s an apology. Yeah.

Tell your father, you know, I said bye. Have him gimme a call. I will. Hey, thank you Ms. Press.

I’ll put it back in the fridge. Maybe we’ll have a little appetite later on. Yeah, I’ll, uh, I’ll take the container back to Roman. Okay. Well, before you do at least have a few bites of the pie on Maid. What dessert before dinner. Mm-hmm. , your mother would not approve. Woo. She says you When mom was in med school and it was just the two of us, we used to eat pie for dinner every Friday night.

You’re kidding me. I’m totally serious. And she was the first one to put a piece on her plate and ladle on the whipped cream. God, I wish I could have seen that.

You know, your mom didn’t talk too much to me about that time. But I’m pretty sure the two of you got along just fine. Without me. It wasn’t fine, but we managed because you had each other. Because we had each other.

And now without her, I just, I don’t know, dad, I just, I don’t know.

Yeah. Okay. I’ll just turn up at Zander’s door with a smile and all my worldly goods. Mm. It might be a bit much. Tell you what, you’ve been working out the paper. You got some bucks to rub together. Why don’t I go over to the Salem End book us a room. Better yet a suite? No. Sweet. I can afford a room. A small one.

Two queen size beds. Twin. Twin beds, fine. Cheap scape. Okay, while I take care of our lodgings, you go over to Xander’s motel room and you claim your prize. Bit of a crass way to put it, don’t you think? Crass smash. He is a major prize and you are gonna win now go get him, girl.

I meant there’s an element of danger being with you that part of me liked.

I said I liked it with reservations. I thought that I could soften your rough edges, but instead the other way around happened. We changed each other, Sarah. That’s how love’s supposed to work, isn’t it? Yeah, but not when one person keeps lying to the other and commits crimes and betrays your trust. That is not how love works.

Here we go again. I mean, you lecture me on how I’m not good enough for you. Then you leave, but then you come back. Sarah,

I’m not coming back this time,

so you might as well.


dears. Stephanie, I know you have no reason to forgive me. But

Dad, we are going to get through this. Mom would never forgive us if we didn’t. You’re right about that.

And Dad, I’m sorry. I’ve been so wrapped up in my personal problems that I haven’t appreciated how lucky I’ve been. Not just in having mom for as long as I did, but finding that pie and the note from her. It was like, it was like she got to say goodbye to me even if I didn’t have the chance to say it to her.

That’s a beautiful way to look at it.

We are going to be okay. Because we have each other.

Yes, we do.

Hey, yeah. I, I think, I think maybe you should at least go and talk to Stephanie. I don’t know. I, I, um, she, she just lost her, her mother. I can’t just show up at her door and bear my shoulder. I disagree. I disagree. I think, I think maybe this is the exact time that she needs to hear from people who care about her shrink.

Oh. Years of therapy will do that to you.

I’ve just said so much loss lately. Abigail, Arlene, Kate, Kayla, I, I just think maybe we’re, we’re forgotten. That we’ve, we’ve gotta live as well as grieve, which is just, I guess, a common way of saying that Maybe, maybe if there is a, a connection between the two of you, between you and Stephanie, and maybe you, you should, you should explore it.

I know, I know Abigail loves Stephanie, and I know, I just think that she, she wouldn’t be all right with, with you finding out, seeing if you could get close to her. Who knows?

I think that’s what you want. And listen, whatever you decide,

it’s your choice. I will support you.

It’s time for you to remember when you first realized you were in love with Gabriela Hernandez, when you were locked up together in the Secret Room. I should have admitted it before now, but my pride, my ego wouldn’t let me do it. I am done with all that now. If we never get outta here, I’m not leaving anything unfinished.

That’s why I’m laying it all out on the line. I care for you. Get me Hernandez, and I’m done pretending. I don’t

it’s worth

what’s going on. The equipment. He’s a bit older than his.

Hi. Ah, watch where you’re going. Oh, I see Zander finally signing the papers. It’s none of your damn business.

You go Gwenny.

I, Steve, I’m so sorry my Kayla. I’m so sorry.

Ready or not. Steph, you’re right. Come. Are you, can you.

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