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Oh, oh no. Oh my God. No. Please don’t believe us. I’m so dying.

I didn’t get to tell her how much in loved. I don’t wanna die. I’m not here.

Yes, skip. Of course. I want you to hold the front page, this new expose on the sale and police department’s gonna send our online subscription. Soaring. Yes, I’m talking rampant corruption, gross incompetence, and personal benefits.

Skip. I’m gonna have to call you back. Yeah, right. Bye Dad. , I didn’t know you were coming in. It’s um, that’s really lovely to see you. Hi. I don’t suppose that you’ll feel that way when you find out why I’m here. Okay. I spoke to ra. I know what you did.

Oh, come on Nate. Well, you’re gluten for punishment. We all know you’re never gonna be good enough for Meg Ryan, so all you do is all a favor and just stop trying. We’ve never watched a romcom before.

Who is it?

This very bloody important.

Going somewhere I can explain. Uh, please do, because I’m having trouble falling along. You send me off to take a shower so we can consummate our marriage and when I come out, I find you sneaking outta my suite like a cat burglar. What’s going on here, Gabby?


Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I must say Bonnie is a very understanding person. that she is Sarah, honey. Justin was just telling me that Bonnie convinced you to give Xandra another chance. Mm-hmm. , she did. Unfortunately, it didn’t stick. What? Yeah. I’m sorry to get your hopes up, mom, but stating my marriage to Xander is not in the cards.

Oh, no. What changed your mind? Oh man, I don’t know. I was probably finding my husband half naked with Gwen Rizk.

Can’t believe the police commissioner had to call you in Boston to disparage your daughter. Is it true? Did you help Sandra cover up some kidnapping spree? Is just trying to create cover for himself. I mean, is there any wonder why the Salem Police Department’s reputation is in the bloody toilet? If you ask me, Hey, I think he’s doing his both a favor, how do you figure he thought maybe your father could speak to you, took some sense into you, if that’s still possible.

What did the Fair Commissioner have to tell you then? Enough for me to know that you could be in serious trouble for not cooperating with the police? Is that what you told you, Gwen? What are you thinking? Sandra kidnapped two women when who ended up dead. Why are you trying to help him cover up his crimes?

Is that any way to treat the guy who saved your magnificent? Or have you forgotten how I dawned on that muscle bound clown suit? Oh, I thank you, Mr. Cook. I’d love to come in for a visit. Looks like I interrupted quite the party. What do you want? Well, for starters, I’d like for you to acknowledge what I did for you.

I guess you, you do, I do. Can owe you one, uh, more than one. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t rub it in. Yeah. Start with a drink. Have we given up on glasses? It’s come to that. Just trying to cut out the middle man. How? How the mighty have fallen to think that gorgeous temple of yours used to luxuriate on Egyptian cotton at Curios Mansion.

Sheets are overrated. So is my family. What are you doing? I wanted to give you a heads up concerning, I’m kind of, sort of testifying against you to a grand jury.

Well, isn’t it obvious why I’m leaving? Uh, no, it isn’t. Well, I’ve changed my mind in case you weren’t aware. It’s a woman’s prerogative to do so. You changed your mind about being with. That’s right. I don’t believe you. You don’t believe that I’ve changed my mind. I don’t believe that you had any intention of getting back together with me, let alone making love to me today.

That’s why’d you really come here. I don’t have to explain anything to you. Not after everything you did to me and Stephan, why the hell are you here, Gabby? I thought for a second that. Then I could forgive you, but after I was in this room waiting for you to get outta the shower, I realized how wrong I was.

I, I never could have been able to get past what you did to the only man I’ve ever loved. Goodbye. Hey, hey. You’re not walking outta here until you tell me what you’re up to. Let go with me. Pick none. Whatcha you doing? I’m get out. Go. Hey,

this why you came to my room.

This is a collect call from Statesville Prison. Do you accept?

Please help me understand why on earth would you cover for crimes?

Van was desperate. He is always desperate. Look, he was in terrible debt and he didn’t have enough money for a place to stay, so he took a job with Ava Vitali just to get back on his. And by job you mean kidnapping Susan Banks and ransoming her to EJ Damira. It was meant to be a simple transactions. Zer never meant for Susan to get hurt.

I’m sure that’s a comfort to ej who lost his mother and Johnny who lost his grandmother. Zander lets Susan go. Well that’s really swell of him, isn’t it? Tell me about Bonnie. She’s in his family. Oh God, dad, come on. It’s not like Bonnie’s some sort of a saint or she to your sister, and that’s supposed to make it what Sandra did.

Okay. I didn’t say that then. What are you saying after everything he’s done, Gwen, why are you still defending?

Is this some kind of junk? I’m afraid not. Butter. My lawyer thinks, telling the police what I know is my only chance of staying outta prison. You told a lawyer what I did. Well, yes, but it’s nothing to worry about. I, it’s privileged or whatever. Nothing to worry about. He says, after his barrister advises him to throw me under the bus and back repeatedly over the body, she thinks she can get me a generous plea deal.

Oh, bully for you. Well, look, I didn’t wanna testify against you, at least not at first, especially since I couldn’t do it anonymously. So you were hoping that you could ruin my life with without anyone discovering your planet. Yes. I’m trying to go a jet. Hey, this is because of my cousin Sonny, isn’t it? You were worried how he’d react if he learned that you helped me kidnap his stepmom.

He believed I’d changed. Huh? Why did you decide to wrap me up? Will Horton. If that messy little queen overheard me talking to my lawyer and told Sonny everything, so now it’s every man for himself.

This is what you were after, isn’t it? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never seen that phone before. It’s my burner. Why would you need a burner phone? You know what? Don’t even answer that. It’s probably to make all your untraceable shading deals. I use it only to communicate with Dr. But I suspect you already knew that.

Oh, and looks like someone made an outgoing call to him while I was in the shower. Still wanna pretend like you’ve never seen this before?

I’m sorry, sir. I’m having trouble hearing you. You have a collect call from Statesville Prison. Will you accept? Hello? Yes, yes. Hello? Hello. Accept. I’ll accept. Hello. Who is this? Hello, son. It’s your mother.

Mother, you have no idea how happy I am to hear your voice . Is that so? Yes. My ex-wife, Gabby, she totally snapped. She locks me up in the secret room, in the Demer mansion. You need to send help. You have to. I don’t have to do anything. And why should I lift a finger to such an ungrateful son?

Admit a cab. You send me into the shower so you could snoop around and then you called Rolf on this phone. What if I did, you know? For a second. I actually started to believe you, but I should have known, you’ll never give up this obsession you have with Stephan. Never. Not until he’s back to himself. Not until I undo every single thing that you have done to him.

I talk to Ralph. Not only has he agreed to get Stephan back to how he was, but he’s on the way to Salem as we speak.

I can’t believe that Zander would take up with that awful Gwen again. Especially after what she put you through. I should have seen it coming. I just, I didn’t think it was gonna happen this soon. Are you sure that you didn’t misunderstand the situation? I look, Xander insisted that he could explain why they were in a state of undress.

But does it really matter? Of course it does. He’s just gonna be more excuses mom. And maybe he’s telling you the truth this time. Maybe he is telling me the. This time

seeing him like that with that woman, it, it just proved to me that I’m never going to be able to trust him again. You don’t think, you don’t think you’re being a little rash, rash, mom. I have given him so many chances. I know what I’m doing. Of course you do. But if even Bonnie was willing to give Xander another chance.

Surely you can too.

Dad, Sando was about to lose everything. His relationship with Justin, his freedom, his marriage to Sarah. So you created a fake company where he could pretend to work to cover his tracks.

Yes, that was dodgy. Yes, but Zander had told me that he was done working for Ava. He just wanted to prove to his family that he wasn’t a complete screw up. He certainly failed in that attempt, didn’t he? I know you’re disappointed in me, sweetheart. We have graduated from disappointed to disgusted about three schemes ago.

This is different how? Because I had nothing to do with Bonnie or Susan’s kidnapper. You are an accessory after the fact. I was helping a friend. No. Helping a friend is giving them a truck to move, not enabling them to cover multiple felonies. Okay? So it wasn’t the best judgment, it was the worst judgment.

And this happened over and over again. But you have a chance to salvage all of this. To make it right for me and all the people you’ve heard,

wow. Go to the police and tell them everything, you know, I can’t. I can’t do that to Zander. If I turn him in, I would lose him. Would you rather lose me?

Little Horton knows what I did. What the hell are you thinking? How was I supposed to know that little sneak was eavesdropping? What if he writes one of his exposes about me? Worse shit turns my tragic downfall into his next flick. For peacock, I could think of worse faces. I could see a Hemsworth doing you justice, which.

Not Chris. What are we even talking about? I don’t know. Hot Aussies, she was just trying to distract me from the situation at hand. Uh, relaxed cookie. You don’t have to worry about Wilhelmina. She wasn’t snooping in my life for a story then what was Will snooping about for? She wanted to get me out of Sunny’s life and you know what?

It worked. He wants nothing more to do with me. It’s because your shabby little love triangle blew up in your face. You’re gonna sell me out. Well, it’s nothing personal, big guy. I just have to look out for my own interests.

What if I offered you another incentive? What incentive?

I dunno. By opens negotiation. What are you proposing?

You’re making a mistake, Gabby. The only mistake I ever made was trusting a man like you and I’m out of here. You think you can keep me here against my will? I would never do something like that. Gabby. Smart man. And my brother’s just itching for a solid reason to lock your ass up. I don’t need to keep you here by force because I don’t think you really wanna leave.

Really? No, I really do wanna leave. But see, there’s a little part of you that must know you’re wasting your time with Stephan Damir. Part of you that knows how much better it is to be with a man who actually wants you, who understands what we can be together, you think it’s a waste of time to want my husband back.

Back to the way he was before you and your mad scientists were playing in his. It’s a waste because Stephan doesn’t want to love you. He keeps telling you over and over that you make him sick. He has no interest in being Deprogrammed who says I’m giving him a choice.

Mother, this is not the time for your macab sense of humor. Please do. I sound like I’m joking. I, I tell you that your son has been abducted by a crazy person and you’re not even the least bit concerned. Where was your concern for your grieving mother when you rose from the dead? How many months now? And you haven’t visited me even once.

Mother, I died. You’re right. I am sorry. It’s just that I’ve been busy. Yes. And yet you send your attorneys to have me sign your late brother Jake’s Tamira Enterprise’s proxy. Over to you. Plenty of time for that. Am I right?

Dad, what are you saying? Are you saying that you can’t forgive me for helping Zander?

I’ve lost track of all the things that I have given you for four, almost assuring I’m marriage to. Tormenting Abigail, the whole Sarah debacle.

I truly, truly am sorry for all of that. So you always say over and over and over again, I have accepted that I’ve believed in because I have wanted to believe so deeply in. I have risked my whole relationship with my family, my wife, my other kids. Because of you, you know how grateful I have to have you in my life.

If you are truly grateful for my love and support, you will stop doing the things that you’re doing. Do you have any idea the position that you have put me in by helping Xander? How are you involved? You are living in my wife’s family home. You are working at my newspaper. You have weaponized a spectator launching an attack on the Salem pd.

I swear I never meant for any of this to blow back at you, and yet it has, and this is what I don’t understand. Tommy, how can you go to such desperate lengths for a guy who’s in love with another? Because he’s still my friend, whether he loves Sarah or not. And actually he’s your friend too. Did you forget that?

No. No. I have not forgotten. He is my friend too, but I will not throw my life away for him.

When you gimme no choice,

what does that mean? That means.

I am ordering you to go down to the Salem PD right now, and you swear out a statement against Sandra or else

Mom. I know that you mean well, but my mind is made up. It’s over between Sandra. , once the trust is gone, there’s just, there’s nothing left. I’m very sorry to hear that. I know that you care about Tanner and I know that you were, you were rooting for us, but we were never gonna make it work. We’re just, we’re too incompatible.

Namely, I have a moral compass and he does not well from what I have witnessed, you made my cousin want to be a better. It’s like Maggie, as for Victor. Yeah. And Victor has done some truly terrible things in his lifetime, but even he has lines he won’t cross. I can’t say the same for Xander. I’m sorry. What is happening?

I go shy now. You know you want it. It, I can remember a timer getting means bed was at the very top of your. That was a long time ago. You don’t find me attractive anymore.

I do. You’re definitely still attractive. You told me that you have nothing to lose by testifying against me, so why don’t you let me show you what you have to gain by keeping that pretty little man shut.

Okay, mother, you are right. Okay. I have failed you miserably as a son. I’ve just been so distracted by everything I. I didn’t take the time out to think about the one person who loves me most in this world. And I am sorry, but look, I promise you, I promise if you get me outta here, I will do everything in my power to get you out of that hell of a prison you’re in and back here at home with me.

Where you belong, please, mother. Are you still there? Oh, I’m here. I’m just thinking about. About how you’d saved just about anything right now to get my help. Okay? Yes. I am desperate. I am, please. I am telling you the truth. Just please get me out of here. Mother, I’ll take it under consideration.

You aren’t giving stuff on a choice about the deprogramming. What do you mean by that? Uh, nothing. It’s just a figure of speech. A figure of speech. Yes. I was just trying to say that I’m never gonna give up on him. That’s not what it sounded like, Lee. I’m not like you and Kristen and ej. I would never take away Stefan’s free will, but you would hound and harass the guy despite him telling you over and over again that he’s not interested.

I’m never gonna try to stop convincing Stefan to fight for the life that we had together, and Dr. Rolf is gonna help me accomplish.

I’m be so sure about that. Gabby,

you are ordering me to go to the police. I mean, what are you gonna send me to my bedroom if I don’t comply? Take me in for a time. You can’t force me to do anything.

No, I can’t.

You know, sometimes I wonder if I could have been a father to you when you were a little girl. Perhaps I could have taught you the difference between right and wrong. Yeah. But you weren’t

all right. I wasn’t. And I will always regret that because it’s obvious that you don’t know the difference.

So here we are.

Here we are.

Like you say, Gwen, you’re a grown woman capable of making your own decisions, so the choice is yours.

Either you go to the police and tell them everything you know about Sandra to help in his prosecution, or oh,


You are outta my life this time for good.

You would really have sex with me to stop me from testifying against you. Well, it’s not like we didn’t almost do it before, huh? Yeah. But that time you tricked me and hooked up with Sarah Horton instead, and Sarah’s gone. It’s just you and me.

We’re doing this now. Okay? Is this real? Oh, it’s very real. And this time I don’t have any tricks on my sleeve. I thought you happened. These, please. Yeah, I know that, son. Do you have a deal?

Yeah, definitely. We have a deal. Take me. Take me now.

I like it. Rough but safe for. Safe word.

You nasty. Little bomb feeder. What made you think you wal in here and threatened me with no repercussions? How is it threatening? Oh, no, she was just casually informing me. Then you intend to testify against me in court if you’ve forgotten who I am. This a storm from snapping your neck. Right. Maybe not wanting to add murder charges to your list of offenses, baby, I don’t care.

Already lost Sarah. Most people would say that she was my conscience. Don’t only thing keeping me from turning into the worst version of myself. Is this the worst version of you? Like you said, what have I gotta lose?

You, you keep away. Make no mistakes, doc. If you tell the cops, then you help me and we’ll make sure that you join Susan Banks in the afterlife. You understand perfectly.

Justin, you said yourself, Sarah makes Xander a better. , well, not good enough to keep him from kidnapping his wife. I went along with Bonnie’s decision to give Xander a second chance, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to overlook what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan. I he, he’s not a bad person. No, but he does bad things at a certain point.

You just have to accept that that’s who he. I am really glad to hear you say that Maybe you could drop the divorce papers so soon. Mom, are you not listening to me? I am ready to move on from this marriage.

Justin, I can get the paperwork started right. Thank you. Uh, should be pretty straightforward. No kids. Not much in the way of marital assets. How soon do you want them? As soon as possible.

You would, you would cut me out of your life. If, if I don’t flip on. I couldn’t understand why you’d be skeptical after all the times that I have threatened to disown you only to to, to bring you right back into my life and into my heart for your dead time. I have to be No, no, you don’t, dad. No. We, we can, we can fix this.

I mean, h how is this different from an hit any other time? Losing Abigail has changed everything for me. Everything, my relationship to life, to family, to the preciousness of time. I wanna spend the time I have. Making Jennifer as happy as I can, honoring the legacy of my daughter, spending time with JJ and the grandkids.

I don’t want to lose you,

but I can’t keep dealing with the negativity and the drama that you bring.

I can’t. It’s too, it’s everything’s unsafe. So do the right thing. Go to Rafe, tell him everything you know, Alexander, or you will lose not only the roof of your head and your job at the Spectator, but me as a father, the choice is your.

What’s gonna be

No mother, please. There’s no time for you to think this over. You gotta get me out of this room. Okay. Before Gabby gets back, there’s no telling what she might do. Mother, please. I’m begging you. Just gimme mother. What did you just say mother? What the hell? Oh. Hi. Hi, Viv. Yes. This is your once and future daughter-in-law, Gabby Hernandez.

He said what? Always so dramatic. Yeah, no. I know that you’re upset that Stefan hasn’t come visit you, but you, he’s had plenty of time to take Chloe to, uh, New York for Christmas and Miami for New Year’s. Mother, can you hear me? Yes, exactly. Chloe Lane. No, I need to talk to, I know it’s really awful what she did to your beloved Philip.

It’s crazy because the Stephan that we both know and love would never treat us this way. She never liked you mother. You never liked her. You know, I’m just thinking that when Rolf brainwashed step to hate me and love Chloe, maybe he did something to make him stop caring for you too. It’s a lie. Mother.

You can’t believe her. No, no, no, no. Sleep. Okay. Sorry about that. Yeah. Oh, no, that was, um, no, that was nothing. Listen, you and I, we are on the same page. We want Stephan to be 100% in his right mind and no longer under Dara’s mind control. Yes. Once he’s deprogrammed, I, I will see to it myself that he visits you at least once a week.

Okay. Nice talking to you. What? Okay. Bye. In.

Nice try, but funny story. Mommy. Weirdest is team stabby. Ha, I’m telling you. Oh, that’s right, stabby live with it. Ha.

It’s leash shin. I have an assignment for you. I need you to make sure Dr. Wilhelm Rolf stays away from Salem permanently.

Thank you. I hope you’re not upset with me for agreeing to represent Sarah in this divorce. No, of course not. It’s what Sarah wants, but it’s not what you want. Oh, Justin, I learned a long time ago. You can give advice and you can be there for your tournament. In the end, you just have to. You have to step back and support their decisions.

Sarah is probably at the motel as we speak, breaking the news to Zander.

He loves her so much. You know, he’s not gonna take this well.

I swear to God, if that’s you, I am ready to commit murder. I am ready to. Sarah, I wasn’t expecting you. Uh, can I commit? Yeah, course. I just, I put some quotes. You don’t have to. I’ve seen it fall anyway. I won’t belong.

What’s this? Divorce papers. Our marriage is over. Zander.

Go here.

I thought you’d like to know. I’ve decided not to testify against Sander. Turns out telling the truth may be hazardous to my health. Hello? Well, that makes two of us. You decided not to turn on Zander today. I thought you’d already made up your mind not to cooperate with the police. Yeah, I did until my father turned up and gave me an ultimatum.

What kind? Ofum? The kind where I either testify against Sandra or he will disown me. Oh my God. And you chose Xander.

Looks like I’m on my own again. Jack made good on his threat. He kicked me out the house fired me from the spectator. He said I no longer have a father.

You trying to, if you scream, it goes back on

you’re insane. You know that. I’m determined there’s a difference. How many times do I need to tell you no matter what you do, I will not fall in love with you again. We’ll see about that. Oh, looks like we have a visitor.

All right. Now who’s down for a little deprogramming.

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