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Gwen works at home while on a call until Jack returns home. Gwen is surprised and hugs him, saying she’s glad to see him but Jack responds that he’s not sure she will feel that way when she finds out why he’s there. Jack informs Gwen that he spoke to Rafe and he knows what she did.

Xander lays in bed drinking while watching TV until Leo shows up at his door.

Li comes out of the shower as Gabi was trying to leave the room and questions where she’s going. Gabi says she can explain. Li tells her to go ahead since she sent him off to shower so they could consummate their marriage, only to find her sneaking out like a cat burglar. Li asks Gabi what is going on here.

Stefan struggles with being tied up and having tape over his mouth in the secret room in the DiMera Tunnels.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie tells Justin that Bonnie is a very understanding person. Sarah then walks in. Maggie informs her that Justin was just telling her about how Bonnie convinced Sarah to give Xander another chance. Sarah responds that she did, but it didn’t stick. Sarah says she’s sorry to get her hopes up, but saving her marriage to Xander is not in the cards. Maggie is shocked as Justin asks what changed Sarah’s mind. Sarah then reveals that she found Xander half naked with Gwen.

Gwen can’t believe Rafe called Jack to disparage her. Jack asks if it’s true that Gwen helped Xander cover up a kidnapping spree. Gwen complains about Rafe just trying to cover the police department. Jack explains that Rafe thought he could talk some sense into her if that’s still possible. Gwen questions what Rafe told him. Jack says enough to let him know that Gwen could be in serious trouble if she does not cooperate with the police. Jack questions what Gwen is thinking when Xander kidnapped two women and one ended up dead. Jack asks why she is trying to help Xander.

Leo reminds Xander that he saved him by putting on the clown suit while Xander tells him to keep his voice down and brings him inside. Xander questions what he wants. Leo wants Xander to acknowledge what he did for him. Xander guesses he did owe him one and offers him a drink. Xander questions what Leo is doing here. Leo wanted to give him a heads up that he’s going to be testifying against him to a grand jury.

Gabi tells Li that she’s obviously leaving because she changed her mind which Li questions. Li doesn’t believe she wanted to get back together or make love to him, so he questions why she really came. Gabi responds that she doesn’t have to explain anything to him after everything he did to her and Stefan. Li asks again why she is here. Gabi declares that she will never be able to get past what he did to the only man she ever loved. Gabi says goodbye to Li but Li grabs her and says she’s not walking out of here until she tells him what she’s doing here. Li then lets her go and grabs the burner phone from his drawer, asking if that’s why she came to his room.

Stefan struggles to try to reach his phone which rings with a call from Statesville Prison. Stefan manages to answer the phone with his foot and tries to say he accepts the charges but has tape over his mouth.

Jack asks Gwen to help him understand why she would cover for Xander’s crimes. Gwen explains that Xander was in terrible debt and didn’t have enough money for a place to stay so he took a job with Ava Vitali that was meant to be a simple transaction and he never meant for Susan to get hurt. Jack argues that it doesn’t matter to EJ or Johnny. Gwen points out that Xander did let Susan go. Jack asks what about Bonnie, who is in his family. Gwen argues that Bonnie’s not some saint, reminding him of what she did to Adrienne. Jack questions if that makes what Xander did okay. Gwen says she didn’t say that. Jack asks what she is saying then. Jack questions why Gwen is still defending Xander after everything he’s done.

Xander asks Leo if this is a joke. Leo explains that his lawyer thinks testifying is the only way to keep himself out of prison. Leo says he didn’t want to testify and hoped he could do it anonymously. Xander asks if this is because he was worried about Sonny would react if he found out. Leo says that Sonny believed he changed. Xander asks why Leo decided to rat him out. Leo responds that Will Horton overheard him talking to his lawyer and told Sonny everything, so now it’s every man for himself.

Li asks Gabi if she was after his burner phone. Gabi claims to have no idea what he’s talking about and that she’s never seen the phone. Gabi remarks that he probably uses it for shady deals. Li then admits to her that he used it only to communicate with Dr. Rolf. Li suspects she already knew that and then sees that a call was made to Rolf while he was in the shower. Li asks if Gabi still wants to pretend she’s never seen the phone.

Stefan manages to get the tape off of his mouth so that he can answer the call from prison which turns out to be from his mother, Vivian Alamain! Stefan tells her how happy he is to hear her voice. Vivian questions that. Stefan tells her that Gabi totally snapped and locked him up in the DiMera tunnels secret room, so she has to send help. Vivian questions why she should lift a finger to help such an ungrateful son.

Li tells Gabi to admit that she sent him to the shower so that she could snoop around and then call Dr. Rolf. Gabi asks so what if she did. Li admits he almost believed her but he should’ve known that she will never give up her obsession with Stefan. Gabi confirms that she won’t give up until she undoes everything that Li did to him. Gabi then reveals that Dr. Rolf agreed to help and he’s on his way to Salem.

Maggie can’t believe that Xander would take up with Gwen again. Justin brings up that Gwen put her through. Sarah says she should’ve seen it coming but just didn’t think it would be this soon. Maggie asks if she’s sure she didn’t misunderstand the situation. Sarah notes that Xander did insist that he could explain why they were in a state of undress, but she questions if it even matters when it’s just going to be more excuses. Maggie points out that Xander could be telling the truth. Sarah remarks that maybe he is, this time, but seeing him like that with Gwen just proved to her that she’ll never be able to trust him again. Maggie thinks she’s being a little rash. Sarah argues that she’s given Xander so many chances, so she knows what she’s doing. Maggie points out that if even Bonnie was willing to give Xander another chance, surely Sarah can too.

Gwen tells Jack that Xander was about to lose everything; his relationship with Justin, his freedom, and his marriage to Sarah. Jack brings up Gwen creating a fake company for Xander to pretend to work at. Gwen argues that Xander just wanted to prove to his family that he wasn’t a screw up. Jack remarks that he certainly failed at that. Gwen knows he’s disappointed in her. Jack shouts that he’s graduated from disappointed to disgusted. Gwen argues that this is different because she had nothing to do with the kidnappings. Jack calls her an accessory after the fact while Gwen insists that she was just helping a friend. Jack complains that she was helping him cover up multiple felonies. Gwen admits it wasn’t the best judgment. Jack adds that it’s happened over and over again but she has a chance to salvage it and make it right for him and all the people she’s hurt by telling the police everything she knows. Gwen responds that she can’t do that to Xander because turning him in would mean losing him. Jack then asks if she’d rather lose him.

Xander questions what Leo was thinking. Leo asks how he was supposed to know Will was eavesdropping. Xander worries that Will could write an expose about him or turn his tragic downfall into his next flick for Peacock. Leo tells Xander that he doesn’t have to worry about Will because he wasn’t snooping for a story, but to get him out of Sonny’s life and it worked as now Sonny wants nothing to do with him. Xander questions Leo selling him out because his love triangle blew up in his face. Leo says it’s nothing personal and he just has to look out for his own interests. Xander asks what if he offered him another incentive which Leo questions. Xander puts his arm around him and says he’s open to negotiation. Leo asks what he’s proposing. Xander then puts Leo’s hand on his body and asks what he thinks.

Li tells Gabi that she’s making a mistake. Gabi says her only mistake was trusting him and says she’s out of here. Gabi tells Li that he can’t keep her here against her will and warns that Rafe is itching for a reason to lock him up. Li responds that he would never do that and says he doesn’t think she wants to leave. Gabi assures that she does. Li feels part of her must know she’s wasting her time with Stefan DiMera and how much better it is to be with a man who actually wants her and understands what they can be together. Gabi questions thinking it’s a waste of time to want her husband back. Li calls it a waste because Stefan doesn’t want to love her and keeps telling her that she makes him sick. Li says Stefan has no interest in being deprogrammed. Gabi then asks who says she’s giving him a choice.

Stefan tells Vivian that this is not the time for her sense of humor and repeats that he’s been abducted by a crazy person. Vivian questions where his concern was when he rose from the dead months ago and never came to visit her. Stefan apologizes and says he’s been busy. Vivian points out that he wasn’t too busy to have his attorneys sent to her to have her sign over Jake’s voting proxy for DiMera Enterprises.

Gwen asks if Jack is saying he can’t forgive her for helping Xander. Jack responds that he’s lost track of all the things he’s forgiven her for; almost destroying his marriage to Jennifer, tormenting Abigail, and the whole Sarah debacle. Gwen tells him that she’s truly sorry for all that she’s done. Jack states that she says that over and over again. Jack says he accepted that because he wanted to believe in her. Jack adds that he’s risked his relationship with his entire family because of her. Jack declares that if Gwen was truly grateful for his love and support, she would stop doing the things she does. Jack asks if she understands the position she has put him in by helping Xander. Gwen questions how he is involved. Jack shouts that she is living in his wife’s family home and working at his newspaper. Jack accuses her of using the paper to launch an attack on the police department. Gwen says she never meant for any of that to blow back on him. Jack then questions how Gwen can go to such lengths for a man who is in love with another woman. Gwen responds that Xander is still her friend and asks if Jack forgot that he was his friend too. Jack acknowledges that Xander is his friend but he will not throw his life away for him. Jack declares that Gwen has given him no choice. Jack then orders Gwen to go to the police department now to swear out a statement against Xander, or else…

Sarah knows Maggie means well but her mind is made up that it’s over between her and Xander. Sarah states that once the trust is gone, there’s nothing left. Maggie is very sorry to hear that. Sarah knows Maggie was rooting for them but says they were never going to make it work as they are too incompatible. Justin notes that Sarah made Xander want to be a better man like Maggie does for Victor. Sarah remarks that even Victor has lines he won’t cross while she can’t say the same for Xander.

Leo questions what is happening. Xander tells him that he knows he wants it and remembers when getting him in bed was on the top of Leo’s agenda. Xander asks if he doesn’t find him attractive anymore. Leo admits that he does. Xander points out that Leo said he had nothing to lose by testifying against him, so he wants to show him what he has to gain by keeping his mouth shut.

Stefan admits that he has failed Vivian miserably as a son but he’s been so distracted by everything and he didn’t take the time to think about her. Stefan promises that if she gets him out, he will do everything in his power to get her out of prison and back home with him where she belongs. Vivian responds that she’s just thinking about how he’d say anything to get her help. Stefan admits that he’s desperate but insists that he’s telling the truth and asks her to get him out of here. Vivian declares that she will take it under consideration.

Li questions what Gabi means by not giving Stefan a choice about the deprogramming. Gabi claims it was just a figure of speech and that she just meant she’s never going to give up on him. Li argues that’s not what it sounded like. Gabi says unlike Li, EJ, and Kristen, she would never take away Stefan’s freedom. Li says Stefan has told her over and over that he’s not interested. Gabi says she’ll never stop fighting for the life they had together and Dr. Rolf is going to help her accomplish that. Gabi then storms out. Li says not to be so sure about that as he pulls out his phone and makes a call.

Gwen questions Jack ordering her to go to the police and asks if he’s going to send her to her room if she doesn’t comply. Gwen argues that Jack can’t force her to do anything. Jack admits that he can’t. Jack says sometimes he wonders if he could’ve been a father to her when she was little, if he could’ve taught her the difference between right and wrong because it’s obvious that she doesn’t know the difference. Jack acknowledges that Gwen is a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions, so the choice is her. Jack then orders Gwen to either go to the police and tell them everything she knows to help them in Xander’s prosecution or she is out of his life for good.

Leo asks if Xander would really have sex with him just to stop him from testifying against him. Xander points out that they almost did it before. Leo complains that was when Xander tricked him and hooked up with Sarah instead. Xander points out that Sarah is gone now, so it’s just them. Leo asks if this is real. Xander assures this time he doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve. Xander asks Leo if they have a deal. Leo says they definitely do and tells Xander to take him now. Xander then takes Leo to the bed and begins choking him. Xander lets him go and calls him a nasty little bottom feeder. Xander asks what made Leo think he could just walk in and threaten him with no reprecussions. Leo argues that he wasn’t threatening. Xander asks if he’s forgotten who he is and what’s to stop him from snapping his neck. Leo says maybe he doesn’t want to add murder charges to his list of offenses. Xander doesn’t care since he’s already lost Sarah and she was his conscience. Xander says there’s nothing to stop him from turning in to the worst version of himself as he has nothing to lose. Leo tells Xander to stay away. Xander warns that if he tells the cops that he helped him, he will make sure he joins Susan Banks in the afterlife. Leo says he understands and runs out of the room.

Maggie points out that Justin said that Sarah makes Xander a better man. Sarah remarks that not good enough to stop him from kidnapping Justin’s wife. Justin states that he went along with Bonnie’s decision to give Xander a second chance, but he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to overlook what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan. Maggie points out that Xander is not a bad person while Justin states that he does bad things and at a certain point, you just have to accept that’s who he is. Sarah is glad to hear him say that and asks Justin to draw up the divorce papers. Maggie questions doing that so soon but Sarah assures that she’s ready to move on from this marriage. Justin agrees to get the paperwork started right away as it should be pretty straightforward. Justin asks how soon she wants them. Sarah says as soon as possible.

Gwen questions if Jack really means that he would cut her out of his life if she doesn’t flip on Xander. Jack understands why she’s skeptical after all the times that he’s threatened to disown her, only to bring her back in to his life and his heart but he has to be dead serious this time. Gwen argues that they can fix this and asks how it’s different than any other time. Jack responds that losing Abigail has changed everything for him. Jack wants to spend the time he has left, making Jennifer as happy as he can, honoring the legacy of Abigail, and spending time with JJ and his grandkids. Jack doesn’t want to lose Gwen but he can’t keep dealing with the negativity and drama that she brings. Jack tells Gwen to do the right thing and go to Rafe to tell him everything she knows about Xander, or else she will lose the roof over her head, her job at the Spectator, and him as a father. Jack declares that the choice is hers and asks what it’s going to be.

Stefan tells Vivian that there’s no time for her to think it over as she has to get him out of here before Gabi comes back. Stefan continues pleading with Vivian until Gabi comes back. Gabi takes Stefan’s phone and tells Vivian that Stefan was just being dramatic. Gabi remarks that she knows Vivian is upset that Stefan hasn’t visited her, but he had plenty of time to take Chloe to New York and Miami over Christmas and New Year’s. Stefan tries shouting to get through to Vivian. Gabi tells Vivian that the Stefan they know and love would never treat her this way. Stefan argues that Gabi never liked Vivian. Gabi suggests that Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing affected his feelings towards Vivian as well. Stefan calls that a lie. Gabi puts tape back over Stefan’s mouth and then tells Vivian that they are on the same page in wanting Stefan to be in his right mind and no longer under DiMera mind control. Gabi states that once Stefan is deprogrammed, she’ll see to it that he visits her once a week. Gabi then hangs up and tells Stefan nice try.

Li calls someone and says he has an assignment for them to keep Dr. Rolf out of Salem, permanently.

Justin hopes Maggie’s not upset with him for agreeing to represent Sarah in her divorce. Maggie understands it’s what Sarah wants. Justin knows it’s not what Maggie wants. Maggie says she learned long ago that you can give advice and be there for your children, but in the end you have to support their decisions. Justin guesses Sarah is at the motel as they speak, breaking the news to Xander. Maggie cries that Xander loves her so much, so he’s not going to take this well.

Xander lays in bed and continues drinking until Sarah shows up at the door. Xander says he wasn’t expecting her. Sarah comes in and says she won’t be long. Sarah then serves Xander with their divorce papers and declares their marriage is over.

Leo finds Gwen sitting alone in the town square. Leo informs Gwen that he has decided not to testify against Xander because telling the truth might be hazardous to his health. Gwen responds that it makes two of them who have decided not to turn on Xander today. Leo thought Gwen already made her decision to not cooperate with the police. Gwen explains that she did until Jack showed up and gave her an ultimatum which Leo questions. Gwen reveals she either testifies against Xander or Jack will disown her. Leo questions her choosing Xander. Gwen looks to her packed bag and declares that she’s on her own again as Jack made good on his threat and kicked her out of the house, fired her from the Spectator, and said she no longer has a father.

Jack picks up a framed photo of he and Gwen from the mantle and then drops it in to the trash can.

Gabi removes the tape from Stefan’s mouth. Stefan calls her insane. Gabi says she’s determined and there’s a difference. Stefan argues that no matter what she does, he will not fall in love with her again. Gabi says they’ll see about that as Dr. Rolf then shows up at the door. Gabi asks who is down for a little deprogramming.

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