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Jeez. Can this guy take a hint?

Sorry, Chad, my man. You aren’t interrupting us this time. Uh, Steph, it’s Chad. You, um, you gotta get to the hospital right away. It’s your mom.

Come on Steph. You don’t have much.


How you? I just went 10 rounds with a Leo. Oh, you look very beautiful to me.

You know, nothing should surprise us about Kristen, but I can’t believe that she would knowingly put three people’s lives at risk because of her obsession with Brady. Don’t worry about Kristen. Okay. What I need you to do is focus all your energy on beating this thing, getting better. I wish I had your.

If we don’t get a hold of that orchid, Sue,

don’t say it. Look at me


You need to keep the faith we have.

So Breeze searching for the orchid. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, he’s out there right now with a couple of black patch investigators.

It’s already thought that maybe Kristen is lying. Is the A being stolen? I wouldn’t put that pastor, you know, doc, as a general rule, I don’t put anything past Kristen, but I think she’s on the time.

Have to hope to find it before it’s too late.

You’s got, you’ve done everything medically possible Do. She’s gone. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. She’s God. The hope

like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

She looks like she’s,

we just founded a way back to each. We were gonna get a ride. We were gonna get a ride.

I’ll give you two. A moment alone.

Hey Dan. Yeah, I just wanna say that she, Mom told me many times how happy you made her. She loved you very much.


How many times have we overcome obstacles that we didn’t think were possible to overcome all these years? How did we do that? Huh? I’ll tell you our love.

Do I need to remind you the power of our love?

No, you don’t.


I need you to go take that. Kate baby. They have each other. I’m not gonna leave your side. Look, I’m fine. I’m, I’m, I’m really stable and I, I, I have my, uh, I have my trusty call button. Finding anything. No, but Kate, Kate, listen to me. Cake was worse than me. And I just, I just need you to go check on my brother and check on her and make sure they’re okay.

Please, please,

come on. Okay. If that’s what you.

This guy is relentless.

Sorry buddy. Not tonight.

Oh, worth the wait.


Doc, I have a theory. About who could have taken an or

who, who it, who. But the thing in.

You think Orpheus has the orchid, Doug? His reach goes far beyond prison bars. You could easily have had someone do it for him. Looks to me like it. Taking a trip to stay soon. No, no, no, no. I don’t feel comfortable believing you like this, . Come on. Eric is here if I need anything.

All right. I can take a quick run up there. Only if you’re sure that be okay till I him back. I will be fine. I will. Hang on. You

give strength.

I love you.

Forget it. I’ll come back later. Don’t leave on my account.

Was that your lovely mother I saw here earlier? I’d watch what you say about my mother. What? I’m just about to pay her a compliment. I gotta say Kate Usher looking well. No thanks to you. Excuse me. I know all about it. I know how you tried to kill my mom and her friends, Kayla and Marlena. Alright, take it easy.

You know there’s another way of looking at this. Even if I had, for the sake of argument, poisoned kitty cat, Kate, obviously it didn’t take, your mother is still alive. Like I say, well,

oh my love.

Oh, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time. When are you from far? I am so sorry, Katie. I am so sorry that

I waited so long. To tell you how I felt, and I am so sorry that I couldn’t protect you

from Morpheus and Kristen. I hope that they just suffer in help forever for they did to you.

Okay. I love you so much. I loved you so much, and I will, I will forever. You will be in my heart and in my soul every minute of every day for the rest of my life. Oh my God, I, I will miss you so much. I will miss you so much.

Hey, man. Um, it’s my, it’s my mom. She, uh, She’s gone.

What’s wrong? Oh. If you’re worried about protection, don’t be Is this time, oh, I came prepared. Wow. Mm-hmm. . Well then that makes two of us. So it’s not the protection. What’s the problem?

I just really wanna make sure that you’re ready. I am definitely, are you Stephanie Johnson? I have been ready since the first moment I set eyes on you in the square.

I guess that’s. I guess so

a good check on Roman. I gotta go give my brothers and sisters a call, so thanks. Just take care of dad.

Chad, I’m so sorry, buddy. I know Kate loved you, loved you so much. She was always there for me. Were you able to reach Stephanie? I called her several times. I left messages. I, I haven’t been able to, to, to, she hasn’t called me back. No. I need her here. You go be with Roman and um, I’ll go find her. Do you even know where she is?

I think I have an idea. Yeah. Like, don’t worry, I’ll get her here.

Come in.

Hey, I had a puppy send over some chicken noodle soup for you. Thanks. I’ll try to get some down a little later on.

How are you feeling?

I’m better now that you’re here. But I’m worried.

Riley, I know you took Kristen’s daughter

and we all know how volatile she can be when she’s provoked, and wondering if you thought about that.

No. Maybe I should have, I guess. You know, was anybody that, that’s like playing with fire. I know. Okay. You know what? You’re right as always, and I know I should have be, especially since you have more experience dealing with psychopaths than anyone in this town. Hmm, you bet. And speaking of people that are unbalanced, John went to Statesville.

See? Yeah, he told me. Hopefully he has better luck getting through that am bastard about telling us where the orchid is than I had with Kristen.

You better be glad they found that serum in time to save my mom and her friends. And what was the drunken black sheep of the Horton family gonna do if they hadn? Pee on my shoes, like the pathetic wino. You are wino. Hey, knock it off. Just relax. Just having a bit of fun with Bill Horton’s bastard. Screw you.

En relax. Not with not worth it. John, what are you doing here? Well, isn’t it obvious he came to see his ex son-in-law, the Booz Hound, who kidnapped his stepdaughter? You know, John, I, I get that you’re applying for sainthood, but I gotta figure the man upstairs will cut you some slack if you let the village idiot rot in here.

Figure you got it wrong again, Mylo not here for Lucas, in your view.

Hey Roman, buddy. Hey, I’m so sorry.

You know, Kate and I had our differences. I know one thing we had in common was our love and respect for you. I know how good you two were for each other. I know how happy she made you. She did. Yeah, she did. I hope I made her happy too. Of course she’s okay. She’s hanging in there. Steve, she’s gotta make it.

I’m praying for her. And Mar and I know Katie would be doing the very same.

You’re here for me. Well hot. Color me both surprised and flattered to what do I owe this unexpected? Cut the crap. Well, you got the orchid. Where is it? The orchid. I don’t have it, John. Nor do I have the foggiest idea where it might be. You need another orchid? Why? What’s going on? Your mother, Kayla, and doctor sick again.

Apparently they needed additional shots from the original antigo, but the organ needed for the serum has come up missing. I gotta go to the corner. Wow. Well, I guess Christmas came late around here because you, John Black are definitely the bearer of good tidings.

You feeling any better? Hmm, that’s enough. I’m, I’m feeling about the same as the last. 10 times you asked me in the last 20 times, John asked me,

I wanna talk about you and your life. I wanna know what’s happened since, since the love of my life convinced the mother of my unborn child to have an abortion. Oh, Eric, I know. I know. That’s not exactly the trees. Jane insists that not going through the pregnancy was her decision, and somehow you’re blaming Nicole.

I just wish she hadn’t gotten involved after all. Well, and then what you’ve been doing is getting involved with. Bar room bras and planning kid nuggets. No crawling. I know how much you wanna have a family, and I, I know that you will have, I promise you, I just, I don’t want what’s happening with these two women in your life.

To that beautiful golden heart of yours,


hello. Yeah. Alex have the charges. Rex Lucas. I just saw John Lucas. Hey, um, I was just gonna call you Ja. John told me Mom’s sick again. What’s going on, Lucas? Stop. Listen please. I wish that I had better news and I wish to, I didn’t have to tell you this over the phone. Tell me what, over the phone, what’s going on?

It’s mom.


Ask Kate.

What? I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry. Oh, oh my, my brother and uh, and he children and Steve. Yeah. I need to see our kids we’re, Stephanie, Chad went to find, he’s pretty


Steph, look, it’s Chad. I’m, I’m at the square right now. I’m at, and uh, I thought that you and Alex would be at the bistro.

Look, I, I, I didn’t wanna have to leave this voicemail, but I, I, I can’t find you anywhere and you’re not picking up the phone.

Kate’s dead. Oh. Just a little while ago. And your mom is really sick. So I need you to call me back, or I need you to get to the hospital right away. Okay.

My beautiful sister.

I am so sorry about it. Listen, I’m gonna go outside and make some calls, see if I can reach Jill and Trip, okay?

I asked Stu, Steve call her kids. I need to see them. I’ll see my brother. I’m so glad you’re here. So my heart just goes out for you. Lucy, Kate, I, I know how much you loved her. She made it easy. Not always. You’ve heard about that? Not always, but you know what, sis? Just time around. Let’s time around. Katie and I, we were able.

To appreciate each other more than ever, not take each other God. And I’m so grateful for that. And that our son was there with us, has been just been such a comfort. He’s gotta get through this because he has you as.

Well, I know about that, but what I do know, Kay, you couldn’t beat us,

Kay. I just lost my wife. I’ll be to him if I lose my baby sister too.

Do you understand him?

So let me get this straight. Kristen used the orchid to blackmail your dimmed son into playing house with her under your roof. And then she couldn’t even produce the damn thing because you saw from the Dard mansion where she had it hidden bastar. What is your problem? I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna kill you.

Just like you kill my mother. Kate Crisis Sock DirectX is gone. She’s gone. And I’m gonna make you bang. Look at dirty. Hey. Not, not here. You saw that right? This attacked me not lawn. You are lawn horn. You wanna spend time with solitary? Hey, just take it easy on me. Just find out he lost his mother. I’m sorry, Katie.

I’m sorry man. I’m sorry. Can’t It’s ok. You try to get a chance and get a chance to say goodbye. No, no, no. Listen to me. She knew how much you loved you and I know for a fact how much she loved you, her kids, her grandkids, most important element in her life. Hold onto that. Okay? Alright. Now listen, I hate to leave you like this, but I’ve gotta get the doc.

Tell, I’m praying for I will. We’ll take care of yourself. You’re getting stay away from him.

How you feeling? More relaxed than I felt in a long, long time. , how’s that ankle? Mm, it’s worth a risk of re-injury.

Seth, Alex. Whoa. Should do it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What the hell are you doing in here? He, Henderson. Henderson, let me in. I, uh, Stephanie, I’ve been calling you, you, you’re not answering your phone. I, I, I didn’t get any calls. Yeah, we’re a little busy doing something. Chad, what could be so urgent that you to track me down here?

It’s, um, your mom. She’s in the hospital. She relapsed. What? What do you mean she relapsed? It seems that, that she and Marlena and Kate all needed more than just the original dose of the cure. It’s bad. Kate didn’t make it. I, I have to go to my mouth.

I can’t believe this man. I’m, what’s terrible about Kate? Just hoping Kela can pull through. I hope to God she does. I just wish I could have reached Stephanie sooner. I’ll meet you guys downstairs.

Hey. Hey, Sean, did you get any information out of Morpheus? Uh, no. No, no, no. I’m sorry. He said he denies no anything about an missing award, but it’s, we’re not, we’re not giving up on that though. My investigators. Staying right on top of the duck.

Just hope that Ca can make it through the night.

What’s wrong, John? He didn’t. Oh, oh no. Oh my God, no. Oh, Lucas was on the phone with, with Rex at the hospital. I was talking to her fist when he came back and he told us she didn’t make it. I go check on my dad and Aunt Kayla, please.

Kate. Kate. I know baby.

Oh, please God, please. Okay. It’ll be okay.

We got the boys on the line. Oh, good. You know what, uh, I’m gonna let you talk to, uh, Joan in private. Okay? Don’t go too far. I won’t, I promise. All right. I love you sis.

Here’s your mom.

Thank guys. Oh, so good to hear your voices. No, I’m fine. I’m just, I’m just a bit woozy. I’m not my usual energetic self. I. But just talking to you is helping

Okay, Joey, you first.

I’m so proud of the man that you’ve become.

You were the gift that God gave your father and me when he brought us back together all those years ago. I just love him with all my heart. And, um, trip. I may not have given birth to you, but I love you in every way. A woman could love her baby boy,

and I’m so proud of all your accomplishments. I just love all my three precious children, thousand Life. I

see you later. Okay. The, uh, be good to yourself and to each other. Okay. And your dad. You’re a wonderful dad. Look after him. Okay.

Goodbye. My car.


I need to sleep. Oh, no, I Not yet. You have to wait for s. Can’t I have to go with my mom and my mom and No baby, please. No, we need you here. I need you, please. Sweet. This, please don’t leave us.

Step. I wanna see my daughter. I need to see her. Just hold, see her. Just hold on. She’s coming. Okay. Yeah, I’m so.

I’m so tired.

Where is my mom step?

I hope it’s not.

I’m here.

No, no.

I love you, Kate.

I’ll miss you Mars than you.

You’re a real son of a bitch. You know that? Calm down man. Calm down. You want me to calm down? My mom’s God, she’s dead. And it’s because of you. Listen to me. Listen to me. I came to apologize. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the way I behaved earlier. It was, it was insensitive. Given your loss, you’re sorry. I don’t need your bs.

Save it. All right. I don’t need your sympathy. I know all about you. I know. What a monster. You really.

Would a monster bring you this?

What are you doing? Huh? I know all too well the pain of losing a loved one. Just thought. This might take the edge off.

Consider it a bereavement gift.


Is there any news on Kayla?

I spoke to my dad and,

no, no, no.

Ta tell me this isn’t real. Please tell me she is not gone. I’m so sorry baby girl. She tried so hard to. For you?

Was she asking for me?

Well, she was very weak a dear. She asked for me, didn’t she? Dad, tell me the truth. She did. She asked for you and Joe and Trip and all her babies. You were the world to her. You.

But I wasn’t here. I didn’t get to say goodbye, didn’t get to tell her how much I loved her.


Stephanie, she was too.

I can’t believe her phone got turned off.

She never got to say goodbye. Damn.

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