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Update written by Barbara

At the Abbott House, Kyle and Summer affirm their love and Summer adheres to the necessity of taking Harrison with her to Paris for the textile show.

Phyllis goes to Crimson Lights, runs into Tucker there and asks him if he meant what he told her about “burning it all down.” Tucker says that he was “deadly serious” about it, but since Phyllis blew him off when he mentioned it to her, “the deal is off the table”.

She proceeds to tell Tucker that he needs a reality check, mentioning how he came to Genoa City, throwing money around, including the use of private jets, but people are onto him. She mentions that the people in Genoa City are smart and he will never be one of them.

Phyllis presents three options to Tucker – fix things that are broken with his family, leave Genoa City, or “burn it all down” like he mentioned – and she says that the choice is up to him.

Later on, Phyllis stops by the Abbott house and asks to speak with Summer in private. Kyle is resistant at first, then agrees to go upstairs and pack Harrison’s things for the Paris trip.

Phyllis tells Summer that she wants to make amends.  In the course of their conversation, Phyllis realizes that Daniel had spoken with Summer about the tension between the two women and suggested that Phyllis reach out to Summer.

As the conversation continues, Phyllis brings up the idea of going to Paris with Summer and Harrison. However, Summer tells her that in light of what’s been transpiring in Genoa City, she just needs to get out of Genoa City for awhile with Harrison.

Diane bumps into Jeremy at Society and comes onto him very strongly. Jeremy is pleased, but reminds her of the loyalty test and gives her a deadline of committing a crime by tomorrow.

At Jabot, Ashley fills Jack in on how Tucker had a master plan to go after Chancellor-Winters and Jabot. She tells him that she found paperwork for a cosmetics company in her name and Jabot’s financial information in his desk at his suite.

Later, when Tucker shows up at Jabot looking for Ashley, he and Jack get into a heated argument about her. Tucker tells Jack he was just trying to help Ashley have the control and independence she deserves. More specifically, Tucker mentions that he would fund Ashley’s cosmetics company. Jack isn’t have any of it and throws Tucker out of the office.

Abby stops by Devon’s penthouse, where he tells her all about how Audra was a plant for Chancellor-Winters. Devon makes mention of how Audra was obtaining secret information to pass along to Tucker. He also say that Tucker was going to take over Chancellor-Winters.

After Abby leaves and Dominic and the nanny are out where he’s having a play date, Devon contacts Jill on a video call.  Having heard from Lily what transpired, Jill says that she is furoius with herself for bringing Audra on board with Chancellor-Winters. She also mentions how bad this will look in the public eye because they were conned by her. She also that they have to put the IPO on hold again, to thoroughly check out Audra’s prep for the IPO to be sure they weren’t sabotaged by her.

In no uncertain terms, Devon lets Jill know that the merger between Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters was a mistake and has been a disaster.  She asks him what he is getting at and he tells her that he wants to buy Hamilton-Winters back. Jill says that he’s having an extreme reaction to the current situation and would be making a huge mistake.

Devon counters that he thinks it’s a very logical solution to the issues they’ve been having.  He adds that there’s actually truth to some of the things Nate said to him, such as Devon being protective of what he and Neil created, and how Devon doesn’t want outsiders to influence his legacy. Jill urges him to change Devon to change his mind, but he is unwavering in his decision. It’s final.

At Newman Media, Nate and Victoria are discussing Audra’s impending interview for the COO position with the company. Nate asks Victoria to sit in on their meeting, but she is hesitant since Nate is in charge of that division of Newman Enterprises. Eventually, she agrees to sit in.

Both Nate and Victoria are very impressed with Audra and the kinds of hard hitting questions she is asking them about the company. Victoria smiles as she notes that with the boldness of Audra’s approach, it seems as though Audra is interviewing them rather than the other way around. After the interview is finished, Victoria tells Nate the hiring decision is up to him and leaves. Nate then hires Audra and they shake on her coming aboard as COO of Newman Media.

Over at Society, Ashley meets up with Abby. Ashley opens up and lets Abby know all about Tucker’s betrayal and how much his manipulation got to her.  She says she was stupid to have been taken in by Tucker, also mentioning that her brain kept telling her not to trust him, but her heart just couldn’t help giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Ashley says that in light of what has happened with her and Tucker, it’s best if she leaves Genoa City for awhile. She also mentions that she understands how Abby is going through some major upheaval in her life, but is firm in needing to get out of town. Abby is taken off guard by what Ashley has told her, and looks like she does not want her mother to leave.

In light of Jeremy’s looming deadline for Diane’s loyalty test, she finds Jack and lets him know about it.  Jack tells her that he has an idea that’s best suited to the situation. He mentions how he knows that Victor and Nikki have a pied-à-terre in Chicago since he used to go there with Nikki.  He also tells her that he knows the alarm entry code if it hasn’t changed and that he’s aware of the secret compartment where Nikki keeps her prize jewelry. He adds that since he knows the building and the staff there are familiar with him from years ago, it makes sense for him to be the one to steal something from Nikki’s jewelry there.

Diane is aghast, but Jack points out how the deadline for Jeremy’s loyalty test is very soon. Jack tells her that after he steals something of especially high vale from mething from Nikki’s secret compartment, he will give it to Diane to bring to Jeremy and let him believe that she had stolen it. Jack says that by doing things this way, Jeremy will have what he wants in regard to Diane going to great lengths to get together with him.

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