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hot stone massage was exactly what I needed.

I think it was a good idea coming to the end for New Year’s E.

Something wrong. I’m reading a very disturbing message from Gray. You’re not even gonna believe what Kristen has done now,

my God. How can this be happening? Kristin? Just come and sit. I can’t sit Brady. I can barely breathe. I mean, whoever took her, why? Why haven’t they made a a ransom demand? Why haven’t they, why haven’t they told us what they need from us? We were told to wait for further instructions. We just need to be patient.


Our daughter has been kidnapped to Brady. Okay? She should be hurt or worse after what we went through to be a family. Like we can’t lose her. And Brady we won’t. We won’t. Why are you so calm when you wait? How can you be so sure? How come Uncle Jar didn’t make me a try? Sarah, top sandwich. He didn’t even cut off my crust.

Are you not hungry, sweetheart? I don’t like chunky peanut butter. I can make you something else. After all, it’s not like I didn’t already aid in a bed enough. Felony against my will. What’d she say? I couldn’t. I just said, um, how about a grilled cheese sandwich? Would you like that? No. Thank you. Um, well, how about we watch Jurassic World?

I wanna go home.

I, I thought you were having. Well, I’m not now, but you the kid. Yeah. You and Sloan though. You were supposed to do a makeover. I don’t want a makeover. Come on. It’ll be so much fun. I wanna go. You hurt the kid, you know, like you can’t. Why not? Yes. Eric, why? Please explain to Rachel why she can’t go home.

You know, my New Year’s resolution is one of them anyway. What’s that? I’m to stop at the first bottle of champagne. Okay. We did have a lot to celebrate this year. No, I know that my look. Hey there. Hey, guess what? Good news, the prison is taking visitors again. So I’m going to go see Lucas this afternoon. Do you wanna come?

I, I would love to, but we have something very important we need to discuss. First,

I have your test results.

Like Sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

So, uh, I can see that I have elevated liver enzymes. Again, low uric acid. Mm-hmm. . And you remember last fall, those levels return to normal after you received the serum.

So does that mean that you think I’m relapsing? No. No, not necessarily. How are you feeling? Well, I mean, I feel fine except for a little hangover. So is there anything else that could cause abnormal results for teeth? Well, if you’ve been overindulging on eggnog, that would certainly affect your liver function , but I assume you do wanna run more tests.

You’re gonna show antibodies for this virus for the rest of your life, so we can’t test for reinfection. So what can we do? I wanna run identical tests on Kayla and Marlena and see if we get similar results.

Okay. What did Kristen do now? Oh, I’m not sure. Doc Brady says he thinks we ought to hang out here a little bit longer. Oh, well did he say. No, all he said was he had a pretty rough night because Kristen has been arrested for brainwashing her own brother.

I’m calm because I have to be. All right. Rachel needs us to keep clear heads here. Okay. But what, what, what can we do to find her? I, I mean, I know that we’re not supposed to get the cops involved, but there’s gotta be something that we can do expressing Chris and my dad is on the case. I’m in constant contact with him.

He’s chasing leads as we speak and, and Eric is looking for her as well. Sweet, sweet baby. I mean, she’s gotta be so scared. Kristen. What you are is exhausted. Okay. I think if you lied down for a couple minutes, you would wake up. We have some, no, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t even sit still. I know this is, I know it’s, I just, I love her.

I love that little girl so much. No, I really just couldn’t believe that this is happening again.

Well, you can’t go home right now, sweetheart, because. Well, because your mommy is sick and she doesn’t want you to get sick, then why can’t my daddy pick me up? Yes, Eric. Why can’t he? Because your daddy, he’s sick too. No, of course. Yay. Yay. That means they must have kissed on midnight. That’s how you attract germs.

You now. Yes, we do know that. Why don’t you take this plate and bring it into the kitchen now? Okay. I can. And grab a cookie while you’re in there. There’s some on the counter. I can,

I would. She’d be transmitting germs to me right now, but instead I’m stuck babysitting a stir crazy kid. Not that you gave me much choice in the matter. I’m sorry. I promise I’m gonna make it up to you. Yeah, you’d better if I get caught. I could be disbarred for this. Something. You’re not gonna get caught.

Well, I’m not as sure as you are. I mean, I need this to be over it today, Eric. Otherwise, you gotta come up with a new plan.

So, I mean, this isn’t really an emergency though, right? Because you, you took the blood samples on Christmas Eve and I still feel fine. Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s definitely a reason to be optimistic. No doubt. But given what you went through, I just, I just wanna know what we’re dealing with. Yeah, we’d like to know that too, son.

Maybe give us, uh, some peace of mind. Hey. Hi. Hey, you too. Welcome home. Thank you. It’s good to be back. Yeah. Good to be back. Happy New Year everybody. Good to see you, Rex. Same here. Steve. Why does everybody look so serious? We have some news and it’s not good.

Drugging and, and brainwashing people. Will it ever stop? No one can only hope. You know what surprises me is that he was taking his odors from, from, from Lee and Christian. Yeah. Lee was at the helm of Dira and he and Kristen kind of share the same goal. Yes. But what was Kristen’s Motivat? Well, apparently she figures if Stephan pursues Chloe, that opens up a path for her and Brady as it cleans out.

She was right, Brady. It’s always about Brady. Everything she does ends up going back to her obsession with him.

Hey. Stop, stop. Stop. Kristen. Kristen, look at me. Look at me. Take a deep breath. No, I’m sorry. No, no, no, no, no. This is, this is a parent’s worst nightmare. No, it’s worse because I keep blaming myself. What? Why, what? Why about what you said last night. Maybe sh someone took her because they wanted to get back at me.

Do you think that’s the truth course? No, it was, it was a theory. All right. I, I shouldn’t have said anything. Oh my god. What? Sarah Horton? Sarah? Yes, yes, yes. She, she made that house call when Rachel was sick a few weeks ago and, and, and it was obvious that she felt a connection with our daughter. Still. No, never.

You’re grasping. No, it just makes sense, Brady. It makes total sense. And I bet you Xander helped. I’m gonna go over there right now. No, no. Hey, let’s look, look, leave me. No, you don’t need to do that. I will make some calls, I’ll make some inquiries. All right. But right now you need to get some rest. All right.

Please just go to bed, get under the covers and try to relax. No, buddy. No, no. I, I, I wanna be here. When you make those calls, I listen. You don’t need to be, you don’t need. As soon as I get some information that’s helpful, I will give it to you immediately, but right now you need to get some rest. I can see that Rachel would not want you getting sick over this.

Okay? Okay. I’m gonna try, try it. Go.

I know I’m asking a lot of you, but it won’t last much longer, the better not.

There she is. Did you take a cookie? Yes, I did. I took two . Great. I’m Lyric. Yeah. Can I please call mommy and daddy now? Well, they’re resting right now. Wait, I promise you can talk to him soon. In the meantime, how about that makeover? Hmm. gonna be fun, I promise. Should we? Okay. , why don’t you run to my bathroom, get my makeup bag, and you can pick out your three top favorite eyeshadow colors.

Okay. I hope you have purple. I’m sure I do.

You’re welcome. Thank you. Listen, I know I kind of tricked you into this. Tricked me. You lied to my face. You’re right. I’m, I can’t believe what a skilled liar had become. Well, you’re lucky that I’m madly attracted to you otherwise, that had turned you in already. Yeah. Well, you break client and attorney privileges.

Mm. Don’t push it. Promise I wont. I will. Call my brother and tell him that Rachel is homesick and we kind of need you to move to the next phase. Good idea. Hey, it’s Brady right here. Okay? Remember next face. Okay. Hey, Brady. Hey, how’s Rachel? Um, well, she is missing you. She’s a bit homesick. So I told her that mommy and daddy had colds.

Right. Hey, listen man, I know you wanted to, uh, keep this thing going a little longer to make sure the Kristen was desperate enough to fold, but to tell you the truth, I think sh I don’t think she’s gonna get any more d. She is right now. She’s coming up with these wacky theories that I have to pretend to investigate.

John and Marlena, they’re trying to stall them, but they’re gonna come home any second. That’s gonna complicate everything. I think we should pull the trigger on this and make the demand of Kristen. Now, I was about to say the same thing. Good. I’m glad we’re on the same page because the sooner we get this orchid, the sooner I can get my daughter back and we can put an end to this whole thing.

I assumed that one dose of the serum would keep the illness at bay forever, and it was a reasonable assumptions the way the virus acted with me all those years ago. Kind of a dad, your cure was different. It was derived from a rare species of orchid that’s now extinct. And a cure for Kayla and Mom and Marlena.

It was mysteriously dropped off at the police station in a vial. Damn. I should have tried harder to find out who our anonymous benefactor was. Oh, now look, we, we don’t need to panic. We don’t even know if anyone’s sick. Right. I think the first thing we do is I go to the hospital with Rex, we drop my blood and see what we find.

Okay. Um, we’ll put a rush on the labs. No, you know, better yet, let’s just do it ourselves. All right. Well, how long will that take? Uh, later today. Tomorrow, with the latest we’re about in my. You know what? Let’s just, let’s just give her a little time with John. You know, I mean, I mean, why worry her until we actually know what’s up?

John, you don’t suppose that Kristen had Ralph Brady, do you? No, no, no. Now, if Brady were brainwashed, he would be a lot more enthusiastic about having Kristen in our house. Like he’d be, uh, sleeping with her instead of like walking around with this dark cloud over his head. You have a point there. Yeah. He made it clear he broke up with Chloe, move Chris into our house because she didn’t give him a choice.

She’s holding something over his head.

You know, I almost feel bad about putting Kristen through all this. Hell, but I gotta keep reminding myself of why we’re doing it. Well, there couldn’t be any better reason than saving three women’s lives, right? If Kristen’s telling the truth about they’re needing another dose of that serum, and look, Eric, look, once we make the demand, For the orchid.

Kristen’s gonna know that it’s coming from me because I told her that I would never tell another soul. So I’m gonna have to be really careful about the way I break the news to her so she doesn’t go off the deep end. Isn’t she already there? Yeah. Yeah. But she can always go further. She can always get a little more cruel, a little more vindictive.

She’s gonna go nuts when she finds out that I was the one behind the kidnapping of Rachel. I gotta be really, really careful about finding the right moment to just drop the bomb on her. I think you just did.

Okay. I’m going to go see Lucas now and Rex can just go another time. I’ll drive you. No, you don’t need to drive me. I’m just, I’m fine. I’ll, I’ll call you as soon as I. Please do. Okay, Katie. I love you. I love you too. See you later. See? See ya.

So can I get you? No, I’ve kind of lost my appetite. Yeah. Sorry you had to come back to this. Yeah. Now Roman, I hate to think the. Good for these women to suffer through that horrible illness again. I mean, can’t let that happen, Steve. No, we can’t. Yeah.

You think you could do that for me? Yes. Yes, of course. You know, I’m just curious, what made you decide to run the test on your mom when she wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms? Honestly, I’m just checking boxes, submitting data to the FDA to show that the treatment’s still working. And how are you? Me? Yeah, you.

I hope that I didn’t fail my mom. Hope I didn’t fail. All three of you.

The only, we could figure out what Kristen is holding over Bray’s head. Mm-hmm. . And then we could get him out of this situation. We could get her out of our hole. Oh, please. Yeah. But you know, the, the real mystery is why we’ve been asked to stay here, you know, a little while longer to accommodate Christian.

What is that? Mm. Uh, you know, it’s not like it’s real hardship though. I mean, being alone with you like this on our little. Staycation. Mm. Yeah. A hardship at all. You know what I was thinking? Maybe you and I can make some real productive use of this time together. What do you think? I think that’s a idea. I love the way you think

she’s right here. I gotta go. I was hoping you’d be able to get some sleep. Yeah, I bet you were. Look, I don’t know what you overheard, Kristin. Oh no. Let me fill you in. What I heard was that my suffering, my being sick to death with worry about Rachel is all on your head. What the hell did you do with my daughter Brady?

So, Way on to the next phase. Brady’s telling Kristen as we speak and I’m sure she’ll be ever so understanding. She’ll undoubtedly understand that she’s been tricked and she’s living in the hell. We just need to hope that there’s no weapons in close proximity and all this will be worth it. Rachel time for the big reveal.

Wow. You look beautiful. Look at me. I am. You look gorgeous. I’s gonna get a Sloan a makeover. But she had a better idea. Yeah. And what’s that like? It’s your turn.

Answer me, damnit. Where is Rachel? Where is she? Rachel is fine. And where is she? I’m not telling you why. Why are you doing this? Brady? You really gave me no choice. I gave you no choice. I don’t know what the hell you talking about. Come on your devious little mind. Can’t figure this one out. I needed leverage on you, so I took Rachel and you are not gonna get her back until you hand over the.

Oh, baby. Oh my gosh. . Bless you. I’m so sorry, . It’s a real mood breaker. Isn it, I’m sorry. It’s a, it’s a, but Julia gets me every time. Oh, oh, oh, wait, wait, wait. You know what? Hold on. Hold on.

Here. I got that from the, what is it? Ba

Aphrodisia Paradise. . Come on. Let’s see. It’s up to its name. Oh, so what are you already angling for? Another massage. Is that it? Have you met me? Yeah. . Yeah. We roll over

A little there a little bit. No, no, no. Don’t look. Okay. You look kind of, you look kind of edgy and beautiful. Hmm. What do you think?

It’s not, not bad , but now it’s time for the lips. What are you gonna do with my lips? Oh, None these colors really suits you in Glas. No. Oops. Um, you know, listen, I’m really starting to agree with Rachel here. Oh no, don’t worry. It’s just gonna be a nice ENT slip. Balm. We got a little chap there. We just can’t have that.

Oh no. How crap. Oh yeah. Oh, this is beautiful. Uncle Eric. Oh, you can’t do this? Mm, I already have. She don’t give a damn, do you? The hell? You put me through the hell you put your daughter on. Rachel is fine and she’s in very good hands. Okay, well, whose hands? Who’s the other accomplice and who, who is on that phone?

Just. You’ll never know. Oh, you are never gonna get away with this. You think I put you through hell do you? What about the hell that you’ve been putting me through? Hmm. What about Chloe? Oh god, please. Chloe. Oh, I’m, she sure she is having a grand old time basking in the afterglow with her new adoring lover.

Watch it. Yeah, I’m sure they’re both undoubtedly on cloud nine right now. But you, Brady, you have screwed yourself big time because not only. Has your little slutty girlfriend moved on, but you’ve effectively lost your daughter? What? Yes. You think a judge is gonna let you have custody AF of Rachel after this stunt?

Except no judge is ever gonna know about this. The fact is, Chris in the bottom line is screwed yourself. When you decided to play with those three women’s lives, you put this all on yourself and you pushed me to do this. And if you wanna see Rachel ever get oh kiss. It’s very simple. You hand over the orchid to me, she comes home in a heartbeat.

But if you don’t, I promise you, you will never see her again.

I could stay like this with you forever. Nothing. I’d like more. Do you know what doc? My alarm’s going off. It’s time to go home. No. Can we, can we push back our checkout time? I already did that by an. Well, maybe we could do it for another hour.

That’s very tempting. But you and I, we need to get home and see if we can find a way to help out

back to the real world.

Sweetness, how you feeling? Uh, the same as I was 30 minutes ago. Rex is in the lab. He said that the test results should be back in minutes. I’m on my way. No, you, you don’t need to do that. I’ll be right there. Thank you.

Link and they give you a heart touch. AWS so nice. I’m gonna give daddy one minute. Get home. Your daddy will love it too. And I can give mommy a matching one. Your mommy could definitely use a heart. I’m excited about mommy and daddy. Well, we, we really don’t know what happened between them last night. I do.

They kissed for sure. And soon they’ll get married. Yeah. Well, I know that’s what you want, but Rachel, honey, why don’t you go wash the makeup off your hands, okay?

Really? You wanna get the kids hopes up about her parents? Yeah, I know that’s what you want, Rachel. I didn’t know what else to say. Well, I’m sure you could have come up with something. I mean, she’s gonna be in a world of heartbreaking when she finds out the. That her daddy hates her mommy, and they’ll never get married.

Look, my mother’s life is at stake, so is my stepmom’s and my aunt. So if this is what it takes to save them, not to mention getting Brady out from underneath her thumb that it’s all gonna be worth it. You won’t do it. You wouldn’t dare. It would break Rachel’s heart if you keep her from me. Then why don’t we just do this the easy way.

Just give me the orchid. Oh, right, right, right. And then you can just kick me out of the house. Go running back to Chloe if she’ll have you, which I doubt. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we? No, no. Brady, we won’t. You bring Rachel back to me or I’ll let those women die. Is that a chance you’re willing to do?

You don’t want to threaten me. I will threaten you right back. You go ahead and withhold that orchid, but you are never gonna see your kid again.

Is that a chance that you wanted to?

Let’s go.

Any chance to come up for air? Baby, I’ve been gone for weeks. I’ve, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do it. And, and if, if I’m gonna be outta commission again, I, if that’s even a possib. Is this how you want to be spending your time?

No. Come here.

Well, it’s the same abnormalities that were in Kate’s blood work. But you’re still feeling fine, aren’t you? Yeah, I feel fine right now, but

oh dear God. Oh, come on. So you sneeze. So, That doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Right? Um, that’s how the illness presented itself the first time in all three cases. What do you say in Rex? I hope that I’m wrong, but I But you’re not. We both know. You’re not. We both knowing it.

Hey, you. Hey. Any news? Kayla called Steve. What did she have to say? Well, she uh, said they should have the results soon. So Steve went to be with her and, uh, we should all know something sent. How’s Lucas? Wow. He.

Hopefully quiet in here. Well, maybe Brady persuaded Kristen to leave. He, uh, if only all, let me take these up. Sit right back. Thanks him.

Oh, oh darn. Massage oil. Okay. Where is everybody?

You kept the orchid here. Yeah. I mean, where else would I. I’ve heard of hiding things in plain sight, Kristen, but this is ridiculous. Who else is in on this? No one?

Well, where is it? Follow me.

Is that from. Did something happen? It is from Brady. You’ll be happy to hear. The Christian is apparently taking him to get the organ. So this is gonna be over today? Yes.

I believe I didn’t figure this one out. Figure what out. Anything. Everyone is always hidden in the Demara Secret room.

The orchid is right here,

right where, oh my God, it’s.

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