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Update written by Barbara

At Crimson Lights, Sally is on the phone making an Obstetrician doctor’s appointment when Adam comes in. Sally is concerned that he overheard her conversation, but he tells her that he did not and just wants to make sure she’s okay. He mentions that she was huddled over and it looked like she was hiding from someone.

In a sullen mood, Sally tells Adam to mind his own business and continues to snap at him while he is trying to be supportive. Adam realizes that Sally is not going to open up to him so he gets up and starts to leave the coffeehouse. At the same time, Sally realizes that she’s taking out her stress on him so she tells him to wait so she can apologize for taking out her bad mood on him. She mentions that she is overwhelmed by things with work.

When she gets back to her suite after her doctor’s appointment, she plops onto the couch and asks herself “what am I going to do now” and looks at the paper she got that has information on the first trimester of pregnancy.

At Devon’s penthouse, he is in the living room having coffee when Abby comes down the stairs from the bedroom. Abby mentions that she knows she’s in the right place. She tells him she feels happier and lighter than she has in a long time.  Devon says that he feels the same way.

Abby and Devon hug, with her mentioning that she has to go home to change her clothes because she can’t be seen in the same outfit for two days.  She also opens up to Devon about how she no longer considers the Chancellor mansion to be home anymore since she’s no longer part of the Chancellor family. She says that she feels like an intruder.

Over at Chancellor-Winters, Lily finishes up a phone call with Jill, and Audra is in at the office. Lily is excited that Jill has pulled the trigger on the IPO, so it will be a done deal soon. When Devon arrives, he says that he feels like he’s being excluded from his family company. He reiterates that he does not support Lily and Audra’s decision to forge ahead with the IPO.

Audra’s phone makes a  chime for an incoming text, so she steps out of the office to give Devon and Lily some privacy.  Lily tells Devon that she and Jill are on the same side, which gives them the majority over Devon. She also mentions that unless Devon can find a valid reason why the IPO should not go forward, she considers it best for their company.

At the Glam Club, Daniel is sitting on a sofa, reading a text from Heather. She is letting him know that she is happy for him, but Lucy needs more time. Afterward, Abby comes into the club and chats with Daniel. She notes that his family isn’t with him in Genoa City, and he feigns uncertainty about when this will change.  Abby lets him know about her split with Chance.

Daniel leaves for a meeting and Abby sits alone, looking sad and pensive as she removes her wedding ring and looks at her bare finger.

Lily comes into Crimson Lights noting that Daniel seems troubled and down. He talks to her about Savannah and mistakes he made there, letting his jealousy and insecurity dominate. He admits that he shut Heather and Lucy out and hopes that his gaming venture will show that he is not a lost cause. Lily tells him that no one considers him a lost cause.

She gives him some encouragement, saying that there’s nothing in his contract that says he has to be in Genoa City. She adds that could go back to Savannah or to be with them in Portugal. She says that keeping his family together has to be his first priority. He’s concerned that if he splits his then he will do a “half ass” job on both fronts.

Lily tells him that she is here for him if he needs anything. Daniel says that he really appreciates it. When Lily glances down at her phone, he asks her if she has somewhere to be. She mentions that she has an appointment to go to or she would stay at the coffeehouse chatting with him all morning.  Daniel notices that she seems a litttle nervous. She dismisses it and says that she’s just a little anxious. As she heads to the coffeehouse door, she gets a text from Billy letting her know that he’s just parked at the “doc’s” office, and asking if she’s on her way.

Tucker has summoned Audra to his suite in the middle of her meeting with Lily so she arrives there angry at him. Tucker tells her that he needs the IPO to go through because he wants to have enough shares in the company to be able to work alongside his son. Audra lets him know that she is not sure she can convince Devon to accept the IPO because he’s paranoid, due to the situation with Nate. Tucker remains adamant about his plan to become a colleague with Devon.

Audra urges Tucker to consider Devon’s point of view and come up with another way to make the IPO happen. Then she beats a hasty retreat back to return to Chancellor-Winters so as not to raise any suspicions among Lily and Devon, slamming the door as she leaves Tucker’s suite.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon and Lily argue about the financial merits of the company going public versus remaining the way it is.  She tells him that the company’s valuation will increase substantially by going public; Devon says that they’re making money with it being private and family-run.

At Jabot, Kyle and Diane are talking when she gets a call from Jeremy. She lets Kyle know that Jeremy wants to get together with her that night. Summer comes by asking to speak with Kyle, but seeing as how he is busy with his mother, Summer makes up an excuse to leave. She tells Kyle that she needs to talk to him later about Mariah’s brief leave of absence from Jabot to meet the potential birthmother.

Summer then says that she has to go into Jack’s office to get some files and while she’s in there she can hear Diane talking with Kyle about how Diane is as tough and wily as people have accused her of being. She assures Kyle that she still has her touch and she has everything under control.

When Kyle and Summer finally have some time together, he notes that Summer has been acting “frosty” to Diane. Summer tells him that the situation with Jeremy is scaring her and she wants to get a break from Genoa City by going to a textile show in Paris. Kyle is on board with this, and then Summer shocks him by announcing that she wants to take Harrison with her.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley are having another heated argument, even stronger than previous ones, about Diane. Ashley accuses Diane of putting on a “poor me” act and trying to get herself into Jack’s bed.  An irate Jack shouts that if Ashley is so concerned about who he entertains in his home, maybe she should stay elsewhere. Ashley counters that it is her home too, so Jack hastens to let her know that he is not throwing her out.

Ashley goes on, yelling at Jack about how she will not be forced out of her own home because of his “sick fixation” on Diane. Taking things one step further, Ashley angrily reminds Jack that she has not been on board with Diane working at Marchetti under the Jabot umbrella, and mentions that she was never consulted about it.

Ashley finishes her argument with Jack by telling him that as far as she’s concerned, Diane will never be welcome in the Abbott home or the family company … “not ever”!

Tucker is at Society having coffee when Devon walks in and Tucker picks up on his son being upset. He asks what the issue is and Devon mentions that it’s about the Chancellor-Winters IPO and his concerns about losing autonomy. Tucker notes that this seems unfair because he and Neil built it. He suggests that Devon should could take Hamilton-Winters back from Chancellor-Winters, and run the business on his own again.

Tucker mentions that Devon has the resources to re-aquire the company and run it on his own. Tucker urges Devon not to let other people control his destiny and tells Devon that he shouldn’t be restricted by what other people want.  He mentions that it is certainly okay for Devon to go after what he wants. He adds that he just might be the guy to help him do that.

Devon says he will think about it and consider what Tucker has said to him as Tucker’s phone rings. Devon comments that the phone has a unique chime and doesn’t let on to Tucker that he recognizes it.  Tucker blows this off by chuckling and telling Devon that it came with the phone.

Once Devon is outside Society, he calls someone and tells the person to find out out as much information as possible about a connection between Tucker McCall and Audra Charles.

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