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Nick: Thanks for meeting me. Sorry I could only fit in coffee today.

Sally: It’s no problem. I know it’s close to Christmas and you have a lot of family obligations.

Nick: Yeah, I got a lot going on. I’ll tell you, Christian is starting to ask me some pretty tough questions.

Sally: Uh-oh. Like, “what’s in the eggnog?” Or, “how do you make those little popcorn strings for the tree?” Actually, I want to know the answer to the eggnog question.

Nick: Egg yolk, milk, whipped cream, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. And then throw in some alcohol if you want the big-boy version.


Sally: You really are great at the whole dad thing. And your children obviously adore you.

Nick: Eh, it’s not always easy, but my kids are absolutely everything to me.: It’s Faith’s first Christmas away from the nest, isn’t it? How are you doing with that?

Nick: Miss her like crazy.

[Chuckles] But that’s the thing with parenting — you know, your job, if you do it well, is to send your kids out into the world, you know, help them be independent. And if they do that, success, sadly, is not having them around much.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, I could see how that could be hard.

Nick: Yeah. I’m happy for Faith, you know? Getting to spend the holidays in the Swiss alps with her roommate is awesome for her. But it means I don’t get to have her here with me, and I hate that.

Sally: Yeah, it makes perfect sense.

Nick: You got to let them go, you know? And if you get lucky, they come back, you know, for a while. Noah’s proof of that.

Sally: Yeah. I mean, you have one son who runs his own nightclub and another one who keeps pressing you on the logistics of Santa’s mission. It’s a — it’s a pretty big age range.

Nick: Yeah. You calling me out for that?

[Both laugh]

Sally: No, no, not at all. I-I’m calling you versatile. A man who can pal around with his adult kids, raise his young ones, and knows the recipe for eggnog? Geez, man. Sign me up.

Nick: That’s a good save. I’ll take it. Each of my kids is an incredible gift. You know, being a parent is the best thing I’ll ever do. You know, I have to admit, I’ve never actually seen it up close, a parent who actually loves being a parent.

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