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[ Dramatic music ]

[ Dramatic music ]

Steffy: I heard what you said, bill, and I can see it in your eyes. The two women you care about most in the world hurt you, rejected you. And along comes sheila because that’s what she does. She senses vulnerability and she preys on it. Sheila is a dangerous psychopath who should never see the light of day again. Thank god you finally realized it.

Sheila: I don’t understand. Why am I here?

Officer: The visitation room? Gee, I wonder.

Sheila: Is he tall, dark and handsome?

Officer: Maybe in his dreams.

[ Buzzer sounding ]

Mike: Of all the gin joints in all the towns.

Sheila: Mike, what are you doing here?

[ Knocking on door ]

Li: How are you on this fabulous day?

Finn: Hey, mom.

Li: I came over as soon as I heard the wonderful news. Sheila carter’s been captured.

Li: I saw the news online and couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Finn: Yeah, it’s true. Sheila’s back in custody.

Li: Thank god. The thought of that woman on the loose, unhinged and desperate? After everything, being locked up behind bars is exactly what she deserves.

Sheila: How’d you get in here to see me?

Mike: I made some friends, I pulled some strings so I could see you face to beautiful face.

[ Sheila chuckling ] So, it finally caught up with you, huh?

Sheila: It’s only temporary. I am not gonna be in here very long.

Steffy: Last night really worried me, that you would even think of turning my mother in for shooting you to keep sheila out of prison. Blackmail finn and me. I didn’t understand why and I– I still don’T. But thankfully, you reconsidered. You called 9-1-1 and now sheila is behind bars where she belongs. I just wanna make sure we’re good. That you’re no longer threatening my mother and you never will again. Okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.

Li: It’s such a relief to know that sheila’s not out in the world stalking her next victim. That woman should never walk free. I’ve seen how evil she is.

Finn: I hate to think how terrified you must have been when she found us.

Li: It wasn’t a good night.

[ Li grunting ] Let go! Ah! Like you love finn. Not like his real mother does. No, get off!

[ Car honking ] Back off, you crazy bitch!

[ Crashing ]

[ Li shouting ]

Finn: I’ll never forgive her. Sheila shot my wife, she forced your car off a bridge where it bursts into flames. If she had it her way, you’d both be dead.

Li: Thankfully, bill spencer found me. He saved me. Flew you to monaco so you could reunite with steffy, and now he’s done another wonderful thing. Bill’s responsible for sheila being back in custody.

Mike: What did you mean when– when you said you wouldn’t be staying here that long.

Sheila: It’s true.

Mike: I wouldn’t recommend a breakout on your own. Prison officials will be watching you. They still have egg on their face from the last time you escaped, with my help, I might add.

Sheila: I remember that. Don’t worry, I will take your advice. I won’t try to escape. I won’t have to.

Mike: So, what are you going to do? Flash that beautiful smile at some other guard as you just sail out the door? Hell, it’d probably work. Aim it at me, you can have anything I got.

Sheila: Oh, and what exactly would that be?

Mike: Well, unfortunately, not much at the moment.

Sheila: Yeah, but your heart is in the right place, mike.

Mike: I’m sorry you ended up back here, but I’m happy for me. It’s no secret that I love you, sheila. Now, we’re finally together, sort of.

Sheila: And well, enjoy it while you can because my days in this hellhole are numbered.

Steffy: I’m not trying to justify what my mother did, but there were extenuating circumstances back then. My mom wasn’t in her right mind. We both know why. Look, I don’t wanna rehash all of that. That’s a night I’m always gonna regret. Right now, I need to focus on my mother and the extreme way she reacted.

Bill: By putting a bullet in my back.

Steffy: You said you were going to stay quiet.

Bill: And I have.

Steffy: I just wanna make sure that you intend to keep your word. My mother is not like sheila. She came here to confront you about me unarmed. She shot you with your own gun in a spontaneous moment. You know my mother. She is a good person, she helps people. She tried to help sheila. She saved her life.

Bill: Sheila did the same for taylor.

Steffy: Are you kidding? My mom was dangling off a side of a roof so she could stop sheila from jumping! My mom tried to help a woman who is beyond it! Maybe that was what you were trying to do last night. You were trying to help her, you were trying to defend her. I don’t know and I– I– I don’T. I don’t want to know, but bill, think about all the people she’s hurt. The people you care about. Sheila belongs behind bars and she should never be free again.

Bill: I hear what you’re saying.

Steffy: You do?

Bill: Yes, I do.

Music (“I swear”) plays

Li: The news said sheila was at bill’s house when she was arrested. What was she doing there?

Finn: Well, it seems like she’s got some kind of history with everyone we know.

Li: Oh, thank you. Not that it matters. The only thing that matters is that she’s finally back in custody. No longer a threat to you, steffy or my precious grandson.

Finn: Well, if there’s anyone who should never see the light of day again, it’s sheila.

Li: She’s out of your life, son. You don’t have to think about sheila again.

Finn: I hope not.

Li: I get it. She’s a criminal mastermind. It’s hard to believe someone like that can be stopped. I still have nightmares about what she did to you, not knowing if you survived. Seeing you in that hospital bed so far from me, all I could do was keep your body alive and pray you come back. Then suddenly, sheila’s there.

Finn: I’m so sorry, mom.

Li: It’s all right. It’s okay. I’m just so grateful you’re here. You’re alive, strong, brave and beautiful. Evil does not get to triumph.

Mike: Oh, sheila, sheila, sheila. Take it from somebody who knows, the sooner you accept your fate, the better off you’ll be.

Guard: Hey, mike. Wrap it up. I can’t get into trouble.

Mike: Yeah, yeah. Look, I’ll be thinking of you in my cell. Think of me too. I know this isn’t what you would’ve chosen, but I’m all you got. We’re finally together. Maybe for the rest of our lives.

Sheila: I– I hate to disappoint you again, but that’s not gonna happen. You see, I’ve got connections of my own.

Steffy: You’re actually hearing me.

Bill: I am.

Steffy: Sheila is dangerous. She belongs in jail, not my mom.

Bill: I hear what you’re saying loud and clear, and you’re right about all of it. Everything she’s done in the past. She’s hurt so many people, destroyed so many lives.

Steffy: Yes. Yes. You don’t know the enormous relief it is to hear you say that. So, we agree? Sheila will pay for her crimes and you won’t say anything about my mother shooting you.

Bill: Well, here’s the thing. I’ve hurt people too, only to be filled with remorse after the fact, once I– once I realized all the thoughtless damage that I’d done. That’s why I understand sheila. That’s why I know that no matter what I do, I could never hurt her.

Steffy: Wait, bill. What are you saying? Overactive bladder? I’ve been there.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Sheila: Why am I still here?

Officer: We keeping you from something?

Sheila: Well, you’re normally in such a rush to get me back to my luxury accommodations.

Officer: You’re popular today. You got another visitor.

Sheila: Did they give you a name?

Officer: I’m not your assistant.

Sheila: Are you always this grumpy? Well, isn’t this a delightful surprise?

Li: Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see you in your natural habitat. Blue isn’t your color, by the way.

Sheila: Your timing is excellent, li. I was starting to get lonely.

Li: Get used to it. You’re going to be very lonely here for the rest of your miserable life.

Sheila: You’re so confident.

Li: I am. You may have escaped once with the help of your partner in crime, but mike guthrie is behind bars too. There’s no way out this time, sheila. And no one’s happier about it than me.

Sheila: Oh, I think steffy might be enjoying the moment as well.

Li: Yeah, well, finn’s pretty thrilled too, now that you’re no longer a threat to his wife and son. We’ve all been waiting for this day.

Sheila: And what day is that, li?

Li: Judgement day. Where you will finally be held accountable for your crimes. Evil never triumphs. You shot my son.

Sheila: Our son.

Li: That just makes it more despicable, doesn’t it? You shot steffy, ran me off the road and almost killed me, so you bet I had to come feast my eyes on this glorious sight. Sheila carter behind bars, where you’re going to be for the rest of your life.

[ Sheila laughing ]

Steffy: What is happening, bill? You told me I was right about sheila, that you heard me.

Bill: I do hear you. And you’re right. But there’s one very important thing you’re not taking into account. And that is the… the emptiness in my heart. I’ve somehow managed to hurt every woman that I have ever loved. I need someone who can handle me. A woman I can’t hurt. A woman who will stay, like sheila.

Steffy: Bill, what is wrong with you? You are talking crazy right now. I get that you’re hurting. I get that you feel rejected by katie and by brooke. You feel lonely and misunderstood, but for god’s sake, bill, sheila is not the answer.

Bill: Yes, she is.

Steffy: No, she’s not! Are you kidding? A– are you kidding right now? That you would even entertain the thought of turning my mother in for shooting you in favor of sheila! You consider being with that woman? I need you to assure me that my mother is safe. That I have your word that you are not going to say anything to anyone, especially the police. Bill. Bill, please. Please do not do this. She is going to use you. She’ll use you and move on to her next victim.

Sheila: And don’t forget what this represents to you. The power. I love you so much, bill.

[ Bill sniffling ]

Bill: I will not let sheila spend the rest of her life in prison. If you and finn press charges, taylor pays for her crime. Sheila’s life for your mother’s freedom. That is my deal.

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