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Tucker: Yeah, I did. I took a shower earlier, but in between, I grabbed a workout. The gym here is unbelievable. Have you seen it?

Ashley: No, I haven’t had the pleasure.

Tucker: Yeah, sometimes i take multiple showers in a day. Please don’t tell my, uh, water-conservationist friends.

Ashley: Yeah. Okay. Your secret is safe with me.

Tucker: You know what I love? You remembered that intimate detail from our conversation. Did it spark any memories?

Ashley: Of what?

Tucker: Uh, maybe you and me in the shower years ago?

Ashley: No.


Audra: You know, it’s not exactly in my job description to hide in bathrooms. But I guess neither is our “colleagues with benefits” arrangement.

Tucker: I appreciate your discretion. Thank you. So, uh, before we… you were talking about striking out on your own.

Audra: I was. But after seeing how you handled Ashley Abbott, maybe you’re not so far from, you know, achieving your personal goal, which means that you’re one step closer to getting what you want on the business front, too. Perhaps I underestimated you.

Tucker: Wouldn’t be the first time, would it? Hey. Stick with me. If you do, I promise you I’ll get you that reward you dese

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