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Tucker: Ho, ho, ho.

Ashley: Well, you’re kind of late, aren’t you, Santa?

Tucker: [Sighs]

[Feet stomping] Hello.

[Door closes]

Ashley: Don’t you think this is a little much?

Tucker: Well, you know I like to go big.

Jack: Well, thank you for sparing us the helicopter this time.

Tucker: Oh, well, my sleigh is out front.

[Laughing] Hope you don’t mind my dropping by. I got presents for everyone in the family.

Ashley: Aww, that’s very generous of you.

Jack: And quite unnecessary.

Tucker: I realize that.

Jack: Well, we don’t have anything for you under our tree.

Tucker: I wouldn’t expect that. Uh, no, I just got a little caught up in the spirit of the season, you know, the joy in giving and not receiving and all that.

Traci: Well, thank you so much, Tucker, for the gifts. If you had hoped to hand-deliver something to Dominic, I’m sorry — [Chuckles] I’m sorry, but they’ve already gone.

Tucker: Oh, no, that’s okay. I’m gonna see Dominic later at DeVon’s. Um, which means my day is free. And I was hoping maybe you would agree to have lunch with me? Although I don’t want to impose on any Abbott family time here.

Ashley: Not at all. I mean, well, we’re having a very quiet Christmas, so… yeah, I would actually really like to get out of the house. Let’s go. Bye, you guys.

Tucker: Okay. See ya. Merry Christmas.


Tucker: I guess we should have called ahead.

Ashley: I should have known it was closed today, considering my daughter owns the place. I just assumed Abby was leaving the staff in charge, though.

Tucker: Let’s just go somewhere else.

Ashley: All the good places are probably booked, don’t you think? Uh, there might be another way, though, that we can have lunch here.

Tucker: Should we break in?

Ashley: Oh, good idea. No. I think —

[Keys jangle] I think I’ve got a key. Abby gave it to me in case of an emergency, and I don’t think she’d mind if we use the kitchen if we promise to clean up.

Tucker: Aren’t you full of surprises.

Ashley: Yes. I keep you on your toes.

Tucker: Yes, you do.

[Keys jangling]

Ashley: [Gasps] Yay! My most important kitchen tool?

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