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Sharon: Thank you. You know, it’s been quiet around the house with Faith being away, but I know she is having the time of her life in Europe.

Noah: When did she get so old? I feel like just last week Faith was this little girl getting lost in the woods, needing to be rescued.

Nick: That’s what happens when you get older. Time moves very quickly.

Mariah: But seriously, when did she get so sophisticated? She’s like a jet-setter now.

Tessa: And by “sophisticated,” you mean more sophisticated than us?

Mariah: Yes. Yes. I would love to be skiing in the alps.

Tessa: Babe, you don’t ski.

Mariah: I would like to be doing something in the alps.


Mariah: Okay, I have to ask. How tough was it to get him to sleep tonight, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Nick: Christian’s a cakewalk compared to that dude.

Mariah: Wow!

Sharon: Oh, yeah, that is true. Noah, you were the worst.

Nick: The absolute worst. It took forever to get him to go to bed, and then at about 3:30, he’d come knocking on the door.

Tessa: 3:30?!

Nick: Yep. Some years I’d feel like I just got my head on the pillow, and he’d come in screaming and hollering, saying he was ready to open presents.

Mariah: So, how did you get Christian to sleep tonight?

Nick: Easy. Christian likes to know things. So, first we just kind of checked out, you know, online what reindeers prefer, oats to carrots.

Mariah: Mm.

Tessa: Carrots, obviously.

Noah: How is that obvious?

Nick: Well, you’ve done your own research. Then we checked out the Santa tracker. Christian realized Santa was still really far away, and he also knows that Santa doesn’t show up until he’s asleep, so he went right to bed.

Mariah: Well, hopefully he doesn’t wake up at 3:30 like his brother used to.

Nick: Oh, man, let’s hope. But as annoying as it was, it was also really fun. You know, it’s the joy of the holiday season. I’m sure Sharon can vouch for this, and you guys will all realize it someday, but there’s just nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

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