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 hi. Ava: Hey. Thanks for letting me stop by. I know it’s late. No, come on in. You said it’s important. Yeah. Oh, I hope I’m not disturbing nina. No. She’s with sonny. What’s up? I’m worried, ava. I have got to find a way to help nikolas. And you came to me?

[ Chuckles ] Well, because you know him, you know. Y-you probably know him better than anyone else now. And I just was hoping maybe you could shed some light on why he seems so afraid. What does victor have on my son? Dante: Ms. Prince. Ms. Prince. Hi. I’m detective falconeri. We’ve met before. Can you tell me what happened to you?

[ Monitor beeping ] What happened? Well, you’re being treated for hypothermia. Hypothermia? Why? I was hoping you could tell me. That, and also, uh, where you’ve been hiding out the last six months? I’d like to believe that you’re here out of concern for me, but I know that you always have an ulterior motive, so what is it? My motive is my family. Right. If you’ll excuse me, I need a moment alone with my father. Yikes. That’s seemed, um, intense. Esme showing up like that must have been a shock for — will you just level with me for once? What do you want to know? If my psycho ex-girlfriend is carrying your kid. Hey, what are you doing here? I work here. Well, why are you not out doing what young people do on new year’s eve? Well, technically, it’s january 1st, so… my point exactly. Why are you not with that beautiful girlfriend bringing the new year in with a bang? How are you?

[ Chuckles ] On a scale from 1 to 10? 11.

[ Chuckles ] Me, too.

[ Smooches ] But I meant about what happened on the docks. Someone tried to kill you tonight. Oh, that.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] I feel… lucky and uneasy. But somehow here with you, I feel safe. You are. Your dress is torn. Are you bleeding?

[ Breathing heavily ] Britta, what’s wrong? I guess I… had more to drink than I realized. I’m calling for help. No. No, don’T. But something is obviously wrong. No. It’s too late.

This wasn’t the plan. No, but I can’t say I never thought of it. You?

[ Sighs heavily ] Well, I would just try to push those thoughts down. Why? Dex, you work for sonny, and I’m never going to be okay with that. All of those lies that I used to tell myself — that sonny was actually an honorable man and his behavior was justified — I’m never going to tell myself those lies again.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Alright. It is your lucky day. This is the last one. Ohh, look at that, huh? Look at that brownie. You know what? I-I’m not going to touch it yet. I-I texted my schnitzel to come join me. You didn’t ring in the new year with dr. Obrecht? Well, yes, I-I was at the — the — britt’s birthday party, but then I got a call from a client, and I-I had to go. What, did someone spill champagne, fall, and break their hip? Collarbone. Ah, and you’re suing? Yeah. Keep me in brownies ’til 2024. Mm, sounds like I should go work for you. Oh, yeah. Listen, if you ever need any money or anything — scotty, I’m — I’m fine. Okay, listen to me. You got to squeeze in some fun because it’s — it’s true what they say. Life is short. Liesl: Don’t be defeatist, britta.

[ Coughs ] It isn’t a good look on anyone, but especially not on you. It’s only a scratch. How did it happen?

[ Breathing heavily ] You know me — two left feet. The huntington’s? Definitely doesn’t help. Let’s get you home, cleaned up, and in bed. No metro court, I want you to stay with me. Come on. Oh. You — you ne– you never made a toast. I think you’ve had enough for tonight. You can barely keep your eyes open. Humor me.

[ Sighs ] Come on. It’s my birthday.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Laughs ] To many more nights like this, hmm. I’ve been thinking a lot about wasted time lately. Me, too. I wasn’t affectionate enough. Too focused on molding you. Unable to simply appreciate you were unable to see the plain truth. Your life was a miracle. I was a fool, britta. I robbed us both. I never held you enough. I — I never held your brother at all because I gave him up. I didn’t even get to hold him at the end.

[ Coughing ] Britta?

[ Gasps ] Britta, darling? You are not drunk. This isn’t huntington’S. Britta, darling, what’s happened to you?

[ Coughs ] You know, nikolas led me to believe that he was in some pretty deep trouble. Um, he wouldn’t say what it was, but he did say that his uncle victor could either save him or ruin him. Do you have any idea what he was referring to?

[ Grunting ]

[ Screaming ] I wish I could tell you. But as we both know, nikolas does not tell me everything. I’m sorry he hurt you, ava. I mean, what he did — it was unforgivable. But I also remember a time when the two of you shared everything. Yeah, I thought so, too. But now I’m — I’m questioning everything. Even the happy moments. Well, I know for a fact that he regrets his choices. And, well, if I’m being perfectly honest, I have a few regrets, too. Keep your voice down. You think you can keep this a secret? Esme will wake up, and when she does, she is going to blow you out of the water. I don’t know how pregnant she is, but I definitely know that it’s not mine, which leaves you. Does that mean esme is awake? I’ve paged the doctor. He should be in soon. Water. You haven’t been cleared for that yet, I’m sorry. Let’s stop stalling. I’m not stalling. I’m freezing. I’ll get you another blanket. Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping ] Do you want me to repeat the question, ms. Prince? Why do you keep calling me that?

Dr. Ashford, how’s esme? That’s what I’m about to find out. This is unacceptable. What is the point of being on a board if no one will tell you anything? Come with me. Wow. Your dad is really invested in esme. You have no idea. What did you talk about? Nothing important. Really? Didn’t look that way. That’s the thing with cassadines — our conversations always appear fraught. It’s part of the mystique. Hey, we should be celebrating. Our plan worked. We lured the hook out of hiding by pretending to be together. Yeah…I’m not so sure we did. Any nausea or headache?

[ Shivering ] How about any tenderness? No.

[ Shivering continues ] Get me a fetal heart monitor and order an O.B. Consult with an ultrasound. Wait. Why would — why would you need that? When was the last time you felt the baby move? Baby? Oh, my god. I’m pregnant? What regrets could you have? I hate that my son couldn’t be a better husband to you. That’s his fault, not yours. Yeah, maybe you’re right, but, I don’t know, looking back on it, I, um, I repeatedly encouraged you to work things out with nikolas, and [Sighs] I shouldn’t have done that. W-why not? You couldn’t have known where we’d end up. No, no. Nikolas, and nikolas alone, is at fault for the demise of our marriage. So I don’t want to hear about regrets, okay? Not — not yours, anyway. I don’t usually think of myself as naive, but I guess I had hoped that his relationship with you would make him a better man. I thought so, too. And for a while there, I — I thought it did. I guess we’re both naive, then, huh? Dex: Would you slow down?

[ Sighs ] I can’T. I need to talk to cameron. It’s the middle of the night. I can’t let him go into the new year thinking we’re something we’re not. It’s not fair. Do you regret it? This? No. But it was wrong to give in to my feelings for you when I’m still with somebody else. I owe cam the respect of a conversation. He’s not just my boyfriend, dex. He’s — he’s your best friend. I get it. I’m about to break his heart. What are you doing? There’s a killer on the loose, and she’s hunting you. I’m not letting you go by yourself. No, no, you can’t come with me. Cam can’t see you. I will stay out of sight, I promise. Look, you almost died tonight, joss. You’re not going anywhere alone. So, um, did you happen to see josslyn at britt’s party? I didn’T. But I told you I had to leave early for a client. Right, yeah. It’s just [Scoffs] I texted her, and I haven’t heard anything back yet. Yeah, but you two are good, right? Yeah, yeah. We’ve just been super busy. Me with soccer, her with volleyball. But now that it’s winter break, we’ll be spending a lot of time together. Once I’m done here, I’m gonna go and do a new year’s do-over. Okay, then what are you waiting for? Go grab her.

[ Coughs ] Please hurry. She’s having an anaphylactic reaction of some kind. Because of the holiday, the closest ambulance is 10 minutes out. But they’ll be here, hmm.

[ Weakly ] I was coming back for you. The swelling. Are you in pain? I wanted more time with all of you. You’ll have more time. You’re just having some sort of immune response. I didn’t want to die alone, so I came back. And now I’m close. You’re not making any sense.

[ Coughs ] Come on, I’ll take you to the hospital. I’ll drive you myself, come on. We — we won’t make it. What do you mean we won’t make it? The hospital is just a few blocks away. I am an excellent driver. Come on. The scratch is from…a hook.

[ Coughs ]

[ Whispers ] No. I’ve been poisoned. You can’t save me. No.

I’ll be out here if you need me. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. Okay. Seize the day. You know what? I’m going to do it. You are. Seize the day. That’s right. Hi, cam. Hey. I was literally just about to go look for you. Um… we need to talk.

[ Laughing ] What? I’m just… oh, I’m just thinking about how horrified you were when you discovered that I was your new [Laughs] Daughter-in-law.

[ Laughs ] Well, come on, now. I mean, you wouldn’t be my first choice, which — oh, who could blame you? You’re his mom. Nikolas doesn’t see it that way. He thinks I overstep. I judge too harshly. Maybe he’s right. I wish that I’d been the kind of mother you are, laura. If I had been able to set aside my anger and my sadness, if I could have been there for kiki — no, ava. Don’t do this to yourself. Really. Look how much you’re there for avery right now. You’re setting a great example for her by not accepting anything less than what you deserve. Thank you. And not just for saying that, but… for always being so kind to me, despite all the bumps on this very tumultuous road. Well, being with you is the happiest I’d ever seen nikolas. Yeah. The fact that it fell apart, well — I know. Just feels like such a failure. Divorce always does. It feels like a death. How are you dealing with that, ava? Vodka helps.

[ Laughs ] And I’m not going to lie, I am mad as hell at your son. And what do you intend to do about that? I should have put the cassadine island plan in motion earlier. We wouldn’t be in this position. Nikolas, stop. That ship has sailed. Esme could be in there right now telling the police where she’s been all this time. Now, do we need to call scott? Should I call my boys and tell them I’m about to be arrested? I won’t let that happen. How? You’ll be in the police van right next to me. I need to make a call. Can you tell me what day it is? What is happening to me? You’re safe. It’s okay. And everything is going to be fine. Do you know where you are? He said this was a hospital. Yeah, so it’s — it’s normal to be confused after a medical event. So why don’t, um, why don’t you start by telling me your name. I can’T. I thought you’d be thrilled we don’t have to pretend anymore. Assuming esme is the hook. Oh, not this ryan chamberlain theory again. Okay, look. Listen, think about it, spencer. Esme is pregnant. Like, pregnant pregnant. Can you really see her out there attacking people, getting the best of someone, like rory or ava? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m not going to stand here while esme ruins both of our lives. How’s esme? What’s the update? Is she talking? Is she awake? Yes, esme is awake. What did she say? Did she confess? She’s not saying much of anything. Of course not, she’s probably already lawyered up. I don’t think that’s it. Why isn’t esme talking? She claims she doesn’t remember anything. On your feet. We have to move. I can’T. Try, britta. You have to try. The hospital will have an antidote.

[ Weakly ] No time. I need to tell you.

[ Coughs ] I’m glad I came back. I’m glad I’m with you. In the beginning…

[ Coughs ] …And in the end. This is not the end, do you hear me?

[ Sobbing ] There must be something I can do.

[ Sobbing ] Hold me… like you wanted to hold nathan.

[ Both sobbing ]

Did I ever tell you, britta… you could talk before you could walk.

[ Weakly ] Mnh-mnh. So intelligent. So brave. Into everything.

[ Whimpering ] I remember one evening, I-I-I looked away for two minutes…

[ Groaning ] …And you’d managed to open my briefcase and pull out the contents.

[ Chuckles ] Fine motor skills that should have been beyond you. You’d gotten ahold of a pen and drawn all over yourself. And I was annoyed. I should have kissed you and smiled at how — how silly and wonderful you looked. I should have picked you up and — and kissed you and kissed you. Instead of scrubbing you off and putting you to bed. All those kisses I never gave you. All those nights… I put you to bed, and never once did I rock you to sleep. My precious girl. My schone tochter.

[ Smooches ]

[ Sobbing ] I love you, sweetheart. Mama loves you.

[ Sobbing continues ] Alright, you kids have a good new year’S. Yeah, you, too.

[ Sniffles ] Um, can we sit? Yeah, of course. Please. Joss, what’s — what’s going on?

[ Sobs ] I really don’t want to do this. Do what?

[ Sniffles ] Things have changed between us. And I can’t ignore it anymore. Here. I’ll take that. Thanks. You know, ava, just for the record… I know that you owe nikolas nothing. Oh, less than that. Okay, but if you do think of something that could help him to get out from under victor’s thumb, could you just tell me?

[ Cellphone rings ] Ohh. Your son has impeccable timing. What do you want, nikolas? What you want — not to be implicated in a crime. I’m not sure what this is about.

Esme’s at

general hospital. Does anyone know she’s there?

[ Scoffs ] Pcpd, for starters. They’re questioning her as we speak. We need to get our story straight about what happened that night on the parapet. I’m leaving right now. What happened? Esme prince has been apprehended. This is crazy. Esme’s suffering from memory loss? That is what she’s saying. That is a load of…crap. She’s lying. Okay. I have to go, update the station. What did dante say? I’ll fill you in. Esme claims she doesn’t remember anything. Anything about the last few weeks? It sounds like… anything at all. What the hell is her angle now? Trina: Could esme really not know who she is? No way. This is just the latest in esme’s long line of tricks. But what if it’s not? Believe me, it is.

[ Monitor beeping ] I’m scared. I-I don’t understand. We’re growing apart, cam. Okay, I-I know that I haven’t been around a lot. I’ve just been very busy with soccer and my brothers and work. It’s not that. Alright, well, then w-we spend some more time together. It’s not about physical distance. It’s about me… and what I feel. And that’s changed? Yes. Relationships evolve. Right? They grow. And we have been through so much this — this last year. Yeah. Yeah. And I-I kept telling myself that, too… and that if we cared about each other enough, we can, um, recapture what we used to have. Haven’t we? I-I’m sorry. I’m just a little bit confused right now. Because I thought we did. I thought things were fine. Things aren’t fine, cam! We’ve been struggling. You know this. We’ve talked about this. I know we talked about this, but then we — we had sex. I know. And I thought that it would fix things. But it didn’T. Okay. I just — I think we need to talk about this, okay? Really think this through and then — and then we can figure out a way that we can get back to where we were. No. We can’T. That sounds final. It is. Ohh… I see. You — you didn’t come here to fix things. You came here to break up with me.

I haven’t figured out yetwhere esme prince was when britt westbourne was attacked, but I have her personal belongings. I’ll bring them into the lab to be analyzed. It’s a bag of clothes, mostly, and — and a christmas ornament. See if csi can do something with it. I’ll call you back with any other updates. Yeah. Please tell me that you’re not falling for this. Trina: Oh. Ava! Hey. Is there any news on esme? I heard she’s in with the cops. Esme claims that she doesn’t remember anything. Nothing? Apparently. I’m surprised to see you here. Nikolas called me. Yeah. I thought he would. But if you suspect that esme isn’t the hook, why come? There is no way that esme has amnesia. After everything she pulled. I don’t think she’s faking it. How can you say that? Because. Her best defense against the hook allegations is to say that she’s been held captive at wyndemere this whole time, right? Right. She could send the police there right now. There’s evidence all over the north tower. Telling the truth provides her with an alibi. What’s this about an alibi? So that’s it? We’re done? I get zero say in the matter? I’m trying to be fair, cam. I want both of us to be happy. I am happy! I-I thought you were, too, but clearly I was wrong. God, I’m such an idiot! No, you’re not. I’m just going through life thinking everything is fine. Meanwhile my girlfriend’s miserable? I was never miserable! I could just feel us going in different directions without that same connection that we used to have. And I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I should have come to you sooner. But I’m so scared. I — cam, the thought of losing you terrifies me. And the thought of staying with me was worse? Josslyn, do you still love me?

[ Exhales sharply ] I will always love you. I’m just not… …in love with you anymore. And I’m so sorry. And I know that this changes things, but… but I just — I really want us — no. Don’t say it. Don’t think for a second that we can be friends after this. But I want to, cam! I want to be friends! Please! How do we do that, joss?! ‘Cause I’m still in love with you. I can’t just go back. Not now. Maybe not ever. Liesl! Liesl, are you alright? I’m alone. I tried to protect them. But I’m still all alone. No, liesl, you’re — you’re not alone. I’m right here. Now, what happened? She said she came back for me. What does that mean? And if she hadn’t come back… who? W-who, liesl?! Liesl, look at me. Who? Who hadn’t come back? My britta. She’s gone, scott. My little girl is gone.

Wondering how esmewill talk her way out of this. Laura, nikolas told me that you two spoke about us. I-I’m sure that was a shock. Um… I’m actually mostly concerned about my grandchild. Well, all of my grandsons. Why are you here? What do you mean? Well, aside from being spencer’s ex-girlfriend, I didn’t think you knew esme all that well. Esme’s actions have affected so many people in port charles. We all just want her to pay for what she’s done. That girl terrorized me. She set my car on fire. She left kiki’s hospital I.D. Next to it. Not to mention what she did to you. How could i not be here?! I don’t think you’ll be as heated when you see her. What does that mean? Here’s the fetal heart monitor you wanted. And I ordered the neuro and O.B. Consults. Tj: Thank you. Fetal heart monitor? Esme’s pregnant. I have to get back to work. Cameron. No. Don’t make this harder than it already is. Good night, joss. Good night. You doing okay? Come on. I’ll take you home.

[ Shouts ] Esme is pregnant? And get this — spencer doesn’t think the baby’s his. Spencer’s right. Spencer, what I believe is irrelevant. Esme needs to go to prison for what she has done, whether she remembers it or not. Ava: Dante! How far along is esme prince? I cannot give you that information. Did tj say whether she’s capable of committing physical violence? That is also privileged information. I cannot give you that, either. Oh, I see. Okay. So a wanted criminal’s right to privacy is greater than the right of safety for the public. What do you want, ava? She’s being held and questioned. Okay? And I heard that she said that she doesn’t remember anything. Just — you better remember to take everything that girl says with a grain of salt! Do you hear me?! I-I think the whole hospital hears you. At best, esme is a conniving liar w-who drugs people and torches cars. And films people without their knowledge. And frames an innocent person for it. At worst, she’s a murderer, responsible for a spree of brutal attacks of which I am a victim. Okay, look, everybody, I get everyone’s concern and interest here. I do. Believe me. But I cannot give you any answers yet.

[ Clears throat ] Ava? Can we talk in private? When did esme conceive? Let’s go somewhere quiet. I’m fine where I am. And I asked you a question. What’s going on? Aren’t you gonna answer your mother? Elizabeth: Ava, now’s not the time. Haven’t you stood up for him enough? The baby that esme is carrying. It’s yours, isn’t it? Isn’t it?! Yes. That’s all I needed to know. Hey, nina. Um, it’s scott. I got some horrible news. Five years ago this month, I lost your brother. And now you’ve left me, too. I can’T. I can’t fathom it. A world without you — your brilliance, your humor. Your utter determination. A world without you,

liebchen… where does that energy go? It — it can’t just disappear. Our time together was far too short. But I am so proud to have been your mutter. To have witnessed the woman you grew up to be. Give nathan a message for me.

[ Whispering indistinctly ] Ohh… godspeed, britta. Until we are all reunited.

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