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 Happy. Happy New Year.

Ah. Yeah,

come on, Gabby. Pick up.

It’s me again. Your groom, Jing Gwen told me you’ve gone to Miami to find Stephan. Please call me back as soon as you get this, Gabby, I know how hurt and angry you must be, but if, if you, if you just give me a chance, I can explain everything, so please call me. I love you so much.

Oh man, really? What the hell are you doing in here? Apparently I’m a little too late. How did you get in? Oh, the front desk was very nice to give me this after I showed them that my, it says Gabby Damara, and that’s good. My husband.

What do you mean Rachel’s gone well? Well, she’s not in her bed and, and it’s after midnight and I don’t know where she is. Brady, what are you doing? I’m calling Eric. Who do you think?

It’s his voicemail. Oh my God. I mean, he’s not here. He’s not picking up his phone. He’s supposed to stay with Rachel until we get home. Holidays are passed. Now it’s time to put that plan into motion. Right. My own daughter. Listen, it’s the only way we can force Kristen’s hand. I’m I, I un, I understand. We just have to make sure that we find the right time to.

Tonight. It has to be tonight. Look, he’s the most responsible guy. I know. There’s gotta be some kind of explanation. A donor is missing Brady,

like sands through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

I know it’s traditional for people to kiss someone at midnight.

So was this just a New Year’s kiss? It seems to me this kiss could mean whatever, want to.

Hey, hey, where are you going? I dunno.

That was, uh, totally unexpected.

You know, you know this Z we came up with. You don’t make everybody think we’re a couple, so they cut you. Guess what we’re really up to? Well,

I don’t know. Now it’s starting to feel more like mob. We’re really up to instead of an act that I don’t think that made any sense. This is New Year’s. A kissing could just be like, you know, going with the flow felt pretty real to me.

You mean that

felt pretty real to me too.

She’ll call sh sh. She’ll gimme a chance to explain

a message from Rolf. He’s got some explaining to do

your husband’s room. Are you in Lee Honeymooning in this hotel? If so, go find him and leave the two of us alone. I Salem and I don’t want any part of him. You’re not making any sense at the wedding. I remembered something. So, so Rolf did brainwash you, he wipe out your feelings for me. Okay. That is ridiculous.

You told me yourself, you went and saw Wolf, told him your crazy theory, he denied it and you believed. Yes. At first I did, but then I remembered that while I was arguing with him, he all of a sudden had a needle in his hand. He injected me with some kind of drug that made me forget that at first. He admitted I was right.

Well, how do you remember now? I don’t know. I don’t know. But as soon as, as Lee and I were pronounced man and wife, it all came back to me. Stefan, you still love me? If I remember that, then so can you.

Why are you doing this? What do you get out of it? The truth. Everyone in Salem knows that Rolf is devoted to the Deras. So why would he brainwash Stephan? Because it wasn’t Rolf’s decision. Somebody else forced him to do it. Who would do such a thing to me? Huh? Le, my brand new husband.

How the hell could you do this to me? I couldn’t answer when you called me before. I was getting married to the love of my life, but it doesn’t matter. Your warning came too late. The shot were off about five seconds after Gabby and I were married. She’s on her way to Miami right now to find Stefan.

You’re sorry that’s all you’ve got. I guess. You’re not the genius you thought you were and now, now you’ve ruined my life.

It is. Uh, After midnight. , wanna go for a walk?

I know I told my brother I was done with him, but his whole world flew up tonight. Fuck you. You, you’ve warned the guy that that might happen, but I’m not the kind of person who said, I told you so. I feel so bad for him and it kind of makes it hard to focus on how happy I am with you right now. I’m happy too.

D’s lovely. He, he will probably lose his job at Jamira. He might even go to prison. I get it. You’re his sister. He needs. You want to be there for, will I see you tomorrow? I think the chances of that are excellent. I’m gonna ask you on a real date, not one that’s just for appearances. I like that very much.


Happy New Year. Happy New Year,

Chris. Hey, Eric’s not here. Rachel’s not here. You know they have New Year’s Eve fireworks down by the river. I’m sure that’s where he took her. Right? But he is not picking up his phone. You’re talking about me. I turned my phone off. Where is Rachel? Uh, she calmed down around 11. You have to put her in bed and tucked her in.

Okay. I was just there. She’s not in her room. It’s impossible. I just checked on her 10 minutes ago. Well, she’s not there now. What happened to my baby girl, Eric?

Thank you.

Hey, I, I think I know what’s going on. Well, why don’t you tell me that? Alright. Listen, listen, listen, Rachel, sometimes she sleepwalk, right? She hasn’t done that since I’ve been here. No, she’s done it. She’s done it once or twice before. So maybe she’s, she’s probably ConEd out one of the other bedrooms. She better be.

She better be or you are in a lot of trouble. Hey Rachel, sweetheart, it’s mommy. Come on out, honey. The hell are you doing? Where is my kid?

Some people think ice cream is just summer. Those people are nuts. That’s what I say. Good. Thanks for letting me stay up past midnight. Yeah, no problem. Oh, he is the best girlfriend uncle Eric ever had.

Oh, wait, wait, wait. What? What is it?

You and I have been here before and we keep coming back here because there’s an undeniable attraction between. Yes, but it doesn’t mean we should give into it. Why not be be? Because look, the, we use this as a distraction for what we really want and can’t have. I mean, look at last time I was trying to forget about Rafe and you were trying to get over Sammy, and we did both of those things.

Isn’t that something we should celebrate for you baby? Eugene, stop please. For me, it’s, it’s the same tactic. Different guy. Eric, again, do I need to remind you that he’s not having a moment or whatever other jargon you used? He’s moved on. No, he’s not. Bloody hell, Nicole, while you are here mooning over him, he’s probably making passionate love to Sloane Peterson.

Sloan Peterson. You left my kid with Sloane Peterson. What? Are you nuts? Rachel was fine. She and Sloan hit it off immediately. Dude, you did not tell me that you were gonna bring Sloan into this. How do you know that you can trust your lawyer? She’s my lawyer. We have attorney client privilege. Oh, that’s reassuring.

Don’t you understand that? That doesn’t mean a damn thing because she aided and abetted you in a crime.

All right, so tell me why. Why do you think Lee would do this to me? Because he found out that Rolf was keeping you alive. That, that he transplanted Jake’s heart into your chest. How, how did he find out? I don’t know. All I know is that he thought that having a damer on ice would be good leverage in a family business.

But then he fell for me and things got complicated for him. Okay. I, I, I can’t believe this Now, I don’t know Lee that well, but I cannot believe that he would go this. He changed when he met me. He was scared to death of you waking up. He thought that if you did, I’d forget all about him. So he made sure that didn’t happen.

How I pulling the plug on the machines that we’re keeping you alive.

I thought it was her. Right. What are you doing here, Jing? When I thought you said I was on my own. I know.

I thought you might not wanna be alone right now.

Come in.

You said you and Johnny drove Gabby to the airport. I thought maybe she, she didn’t get on the plane. I don’t think there was any chance of that. When we left her, she was totally determined to get this stuff.

You are saying that Lee tried to murder Stephan? Yeah. Ray arrested him tonight for it. He dragged him out of our wedding and street to headquarters. Turns out I didn’t know the man I married at all. Okay? And I am sorry about that. I am, but what do you expect me to do about it? I expect you to go get your stuff and help me go find Ralph.

Undo what he did to you. Forget it. What? I’m not going anywhere with you, Gabby. I’m staying right here with Chloe.

I had to think Va Brady, the important thing is that Rachel is happy. She’s safe and you know where she is? Yeah. She’s with a woman who has zero school. She’s not there. I, I’ve been looking everywhere. Where are you looking for her? I’m, no, I’m about to. I um, who are you calling? Brady. Our daughter is missing.

I’m calling the cops.

Eric is just using Sloan to get over. But that doesn’t mean I should use you to get over him. I use me. I’m at your disposal. I would love nothing more than to lose myself in this bed. Well then, but I okay , but it wouldn’t hurt to try restraint for once in my life. Like I, I, I’m not close to being over Eric and I’m not even divorced from ra.

I suppose I understand, and one of my top New Year’s resolutions is to stop making decisions that I will regret. You call what you do, making decisions. See, even, you know, I’m right

and if you ever. Result back to acting on the instinct. I very much hope that I’ll be there.

Oh, and by the way, when I told you that I was aware of what Lee did to dear to Stephan, I assumed you would keep that to yourself.

You’ve assumed, right. Thank you. Don’t mention it.

Goodnight, Nicole.

I know I’ve made a total mess of things.

You’re always ruthless. We’re going after something you.

I learned that at our father’s knee,

not that he’s to blame for what I’ve done. Can I ask you something?

I don’t have any more secrets Left. Let’s go for it. Did truly try to kill Stephan?

Did you not hear a word? I just said, Gabby. I heard every word of it. None of it matters to me. Part of your brain that loves me was wiped out. And you’re okay with that. Maybe you didn’t notice when you broke into this room, Gabby, but Chloe and I were kind of in the middle of something. You’d rather have sex than find out what happened to you.

We just made love for the first time, and that is a very big deal to me. That only happened because you’re not in your right mind. He’s only here with you because he doesn’t remember the part of his brain that, that, that still loves me. Is that good enough for you?

Hey, you’re, you’re not on good terms with the police right now, Chris. I don’t care. Our baby is Missy Brady. I, and why is you so damn about it? No, no, no, no. I’m just, he was here. There’s no way someone could have broken in. Oh my God. What if, what if she woke up and, and she wanted to see New Year’s Eve and she, she sleep and walked out that door?

Oh my God, yes. Yes. I wanna report

what happened,

Chris, out. I trusted you. It. I trusted you when you were in there feeding your bed. I don’t understand.

My baby girl. No, just stand by there.

I’m gonna go find Rachel. I’m gonna get her back for you. Yeah, I’m going with, I have two. Put my damn phone. What happened? It was somebody, somebody should stay here in case they contact us again. Ready? I can take my phone. I can, and I mean, I’m not gonna just sit here while a monster has our daughter.

See, lemme see,

man. Okay. Okay. We, we need, we, we need to do what, what, what they want all. We’ll do what they want. And you, I need you to stay here, okay? Short. Okay. Alright. Find her. I’m gonna find her and we’re gonna bring her home safely. Okay.

Hate this. I don’t like it either. I prefer to watch my mom get sick of we die this time. She could do something crazy right now. Hey, I know what she’s capable of. You said Kristen got arrested for what I found out at the wedding. That Kristen and Lee Shin got Rolf to brainwash Stephan into wanting Chloe and hating Gabby.

Are you kidding me? And that’s why he is with Chloe now. She wanted Chloe out of my life. She found a way to make it happen. And the police know now. Yeah, everyone at the wedding knows now. Kristin, you go back to prison. I don’t know what she’s gonna do next, man. Listen, I’m gonna go check on Rachel and make sure she’s okay.

You should check on her because I don’t like the fact that she’s with Sloane Peterson right now. Okay. You go back inside and keep an eye on Kristen. What am I gonna tell her? Why did I come back so quick? I don’t know. Go get for a support. Be United Front. I don’t know. Some balone like that. Plea guilty or desperate?

Not guilty and desperate. Okay. Yeah, it’s not a stretch for me right now. Okay. I’ll go down to the garage with you and I’ll come right back up. All right, good. Because you need to convince Kristen that this is for. I’m gonna do whatever I have to do. I want that bitch out of all of our lives.

Oh, I was just about to, uh, have a toast with your grandfather’s ghost, but you’re a much better company. If you’d care to join me, why not? Your usual. Sure.

Thank you.

Happy New Year. Same to you.

Hi. So did you get Gabby to the airport on time? Yeah. Yep. She, uh, just barely made her flight. She’s. I’s probably in Miami right now. Could even be with Stephan telling him everything. Well, I’m more concerned with what Lee is telling the police. I hope he’s upset over Gabby than causing to spill his guts.

Yeah. And uh, tell Rafe that you knew your brother was brainwashed and did nothing about it. Yes. That, yeah. Well, you are in luck, Lee’s not with the police. They had to let him and on Kristin.

Yep. The only person with him now is Wendy.

I went to Rolf’s lab to get a look at

the love of Gabby’s life.

Ste was just lying there. Help. For all intents and purposes, he’d been dead four years.

I wanted him to stay that way because I was so in love with Gabby, and I knew if Stefan came back, I’d loser to it

and I saw the plug. To the machine that was technically keeping me on alive.

It was all that stood in between me and what I wanted more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

You think I’m a monster, don’t you?

Anything that you think is real between you and Stefan isn’t. He was programmed to be repulsed by me and attracted to you. Do not listen to her. Chloe. No. And aren’t you still on the rebound from Brady? I mean, come on, do yourself a favor. Just get dressed and get out of here. You what? The only one who’s leaving here, Gabby, is you.

What the hell are you doing? Chloe and I came here to spend New Year’s Eve together alone, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. That is not gonna make a difference though, because I know the truth and so to you.

Oh my God, you’re back so fast. Did you find something out? Oh, Eric is out there looking. I decided to stay with you. You know, just in case there’s a ransom. Oh my God. I was, Kristen. I was worried. I was worried about you. I don’t, I don’t think you should be alone right now. Thank you.

I, I never expected any of this to happen. I don’t, nothing. Of course she didn’t. I mean, neither did I. We do this. Who would take your sweet baby? Girl?

Good. You gotta just sleep. Finally. God, I spent my New Years watching cartoons. Do you know how boring and stupid those things are? I’m sorry. I thought we were gonna ring in the new year together. And instead I spent my New Year’s emergency babysitting. Hmm. At least it’s over. Actually. It wasn’t a babysitting emergency.

What do you mean something I didn’t tell you?

You think I’m going anywhere? You, you better think. If she doesn’t stop, I will call the front desk and have them send security out here.

Okay. I guess,

come on, where were we?

A message from me. This on will be good.

You hungry? I’m starving. We could order some more room service. Stephan, your ex-wife just showed up here and told you that Ralph literally got inside your head and turned off your feelings for her, and then he brainwashed you into wanting to be with me and you’re talking about food. Okay. I’m actually trying to forget that she was even here.

Are you not even a bit curious about what happened to you? I have heard so many versions of the same damn story and I don’t care. Look, Gabby just married Lee, maybe she’s realizing what a terrible mistake she made. She seemed pretty sure about you. I don’t care how she feels about me, I can’t stand the side of her.

You and I just made love for the first. And that is what is important to me tonight.

I know that you’re the one I wanna be with, and I’m praying you feel the same way.

I asked you a question, do you think I’m a monster? Stephan’s still alive, so I’m hoping that means you plucked him back. Actually, the alarm went off right when Kristen got there. She did the re plugging. So you would’ve let him die. I, I, I don’t know. In retrospect, I’m, I’m glad she showed up. I think I was alone in a room with Stephan and I temporarily lost my mind.

What is that? What your lawyer’s gonna tell the cops?

I am not the nicest guy in the world, jingly, but I’m no killer.

So what happens now,

the police Gabby’s brother, he’s out to get me. If Ray Fernandez figures out that you and Johnny knew about. He’ll want you to corroborate Gabby’s account. It sounds like you’re asking me to lie for you. I dunno if I can do that.

This is Gabby,

Gabby. Thank you so much for calling me back. Well, I was hoping you wouldn’t answer because you’ve been locked up. Your brother let Kristen AMI go. He doesn’t have any proof that I did anything wrong. Well, I don’t need proof cuz I know what you did and I hate you for it. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m gonna make you pay.

Okay. How can I convince you? And I got over Gabby on my own. Huh? I don’t know. But I am going to have to be convinced. Then I will do just that.

What, well, you said before that you would get your own room and I think that right now is a good idea.

That’s what you want. That’s what I’ll do.

Oh, I’m one more thing before I hang up on you forever. I’m in Miami right now and I talk to Stephan. Does does he? Does he remember how he felt about you? No, not yet. But he’ll come around. All your tricks, all your efforts to make and forget. It’s all for nothing because seven will love me again. Damnit. He will.

If we don’t find her, Brady, I don’t wanna go on living. I know. No stuff done. We’re gonna get her back. Rachel’s fine.

How do you know that? I just know. Will you keep telling me that please.

Yeah. Yeah.

Kristen’s kid. How can you, my Christy, in my mother’s life in her hand, what vulnerable spot in her life is Rachel. I’m just hoping she won’t take very long to give. How do I get the sense that you’re enjoying this? Kristen ruined my life a few years ago, and if I told you some of the things that she did to people I care about, you wouldn’t even believe me.

So I really don’t care if she suffers one moment, especially if it makes her do the right thing.

As far as I know, Lee kept you out of this. RA won’t let this one go. He’ll come sniffing around here eventually. Yeah. Well I’m not gonna tell him anything. Or Uncle Stephan. I very much appreciate that. Yeah. I know how much you and Wendy didn’t like keeping this secret. Yeah, yeah. We are both glad that that’s over.

So what is going on between you and Wendy? Oh, that is, None of your business. So there is something. Ah, we’ll, uh, we’ll see what happens in the new year. What about you and Nicole? We’ll see what happens in the new year.

You can take off. I wouldn’t want you to hang around with a guy who’s ruined everything for himself

at least. Do you see that? Now? That’s something

I have nothing left.

What? My chopped liver.

You my big brother. You drive me crazy.

No matter what you do. I will always love you.

You sure about this?

After tonight? I’m, I don’t know. I’m not sure about anything. Well, except that I did have a really nice. New Year’s Eve with you, so thank you. What’s the best night I can.

Thank God you believe me. Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on wall’s face. Get the hell outta my way.

It’ll. It’s just gonna take some time. It’ll.

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