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Update written by Suzanne

In Steffy and Finn’s beachhouse, Steffy can’t believe that Bill is siding with Sheila and is blackmailing her. She keeps railing at him about how awful Sheila is. Bill lets them know that if they don’t drop the charges against Sheila (for her shooting them), then he will press charges against Taylor for shooting him. Nothing Steffy and Finn say gets through to Bill; not even mentioning what she did to Li. He and Sheila hold hands and talk about their feelings for each other and how alike they are. They also mention that they’ve been living together. Bill warns them not to tell anyone about their deal, and then he and Sheila leave Steffy and Finn alone.

Finn and Steffy can’t believe that Bill and Sheila are together or why Sheila would even trust Bill, since he turned her in before. They’re shocked that they’ve been living together. Finn wants to know why Taylor shot Bill, so Steffy is forced to confess that she and Bill slept together one night when she was having a fight with Liam. Taylor thought that Bill took advantage of her, so that’s why she shot him. She makes sure to tell him that Taylor is a different person now. Finn gets very angry at Bill, but Steffy assures him that their night together was consensual. Finn still thinks that Bill manipulated her. She just wants to focus on their future. He thanks her for telling him the truth. He wants to phone the police, but Steffy can’t do that to her mom.

Meanwhile, Wyatt and Liam are at Bill’s house, freaking out that Bill seems to be missing and that Sheila’s wig and earring are there. They’re worried that Sheila kidnapped or murdered Bill. After checking around some more, they discover that Bill’s car is missing and that all of the video surveillance, including backup, is gone (supposedly from the storm). They find this to be very suspicious, so they phone Detective Baker about what happened. He asks about Bill’s jet, which they hadn’t thought of. He orders them to leave Bill’s house because it might be dangerous. Baker hopes that they get Sheila in custody tonight.

Later, Bill and Sheila arrive at his house. She is very grateful for all he’s done for her. As they planned, he phones the police to say Sheila is there and that they need to hurry. He promises Sheila that once she goes back to jail, he’ll make sure to get her out, and then she’ll be free, and they can be together. Sheila grabs his sword and tells him to remember what it stands for. She says that she loves him and that she’s his for life because he takes what he wants at all costs. He doesn’t tell her that he loves her, but they kiss.

The police arrive, guns drawn, so Bill hands her over to them, pretending to be relieved that they’re there. Baker says that this is the end for Sheila, but she gives Bill a smoldering look as they lead her out.

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