Days Opinion Article 12/22/22

Opinion Article


by Marlene  12/22/22

Victor and Maggie in "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

This is another wonderful week ending for Days. The past year has shown many changes to the show, and many characters have left. First there were Ben and Ciara, who are sailing the world with their son. Then Abigail was killed off, which for some viewers was very sad, since many fans have grown up with Abigail. Then Jake was killed off, and his brother Stefan returned from the dead. Susan Banks was also killed off. Of course, the saddest is that John Aniston will not be back, due to his real-life death.

Relationships in Salem don’t last very long, and some of the characters are being blamed for their actions. Nicole is a very fickle character and forever changing her men, like some people change their toothbrush. Eric is into the blaming game and does not really want to take responsibility for his own actions. He chose to be with Jada, even though he was still in love with Nicole. He blamed Nicole for Jada’s choice in ending her pregnancy. Brady’s decision to break-up with Chole was due to Kristen blackmailing him because of the Orchid she has in her possession, which would save Marlena, Kate and Kayla. This leaves viewers to believe that he is passive and fearful of psycho Kristen (a woman he loved, not too long ago.

The only real love relationship in Days lately is with Alex and Stephanie (both fairly new actors/characters). They bring a new breath of fresh air to bloom. With the New Year, viewers would appreciate seeing more lasting love relationships that are stable, and more family involvement. Also, many old time viewers want Days to be brought back to NBC. With the rising prices and inflation, it’s very hard for many to pay for the long-time soap that they’ve been so loyal and devoted to. Either way, let’s hope for a great year for the show!


Alex and Stephanie in "Days of Our Lives" on Peacock

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