Days Short Recap Thursday, December 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan answered the door at the DiMera mansion. It was Wendy. She said she was there to check on Johnny. Stefan asked her about Jakarta. He said he didn’t understand why she put her career on the line. He asked if there was another reason why she was there. Johnny showed up and said he was being impulsive for why they went to Jakarta. He said he wanted to impress her. Stefan told him not to let it happen again. Stefan left them alone. They were upset that they have to keep lying. One of the lies they mentioned was that they are dating. He said they could pretend to break up. She said it would be better to keep the lie going. He agreed to keep dating. He gave her a gift. Kristen and Rachel saw Chloe in the Square. Rachel was rude to Chloe. Kristen told Rachel that they should be kind even to people who stole things that don’t belong to them. Rachel apologized to Chloe. Rachel asked when she was going to get her wish of her parents getting back together. Rachel said they don’t sleep in the same room. Kristen sent her to get hot chocolate. While Rachel was gone, Kristen and Chloe get into an argument.

At John and Marlena’s apartment, Brady told Eric that his suggestion to kidnap Rachel was crazy. Eric said it was crazy that Kristen had his mother’s life in her hands. He said she had too much power and had to be stopped. Brady said that was true, but he wasn’t going to put Rachel through the trauma of being kidnapped. Eric said she would never know. He said she would think that she was going on vacation with him. He said Kristen would lose her mind while Rachel was having fun in the sun. He said Brady could get the orchid. Brady said he didn’t know Eric could be so ruthless. Eric said he was tired of being the victim. He said Kristen drugged and raped him, so he didn’t want to show her mercy. He said he would only go through with the plan if Brady was okay with it. Kristen showed with Rachel. Kristen told him Stefan and Chloe were going to Miami for New Years. Brady and Kristen argued with each other. When they were finished, Kristen took Rachel to her room. Eric told Brady that Kristen would keep them under her thumb if they didn’t do something. Brady said he hated to admit it, but Rachel was the best leverage he had over Kristen. Eric said she would be safe the entire time. Brady agreed to do it.

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